How the Geography of the US is Weirder Than You Think

  • Published on Jun 24, 2018
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Comments • 5 393

  • Matthew Nichols
    Matthew Nichols 3 hours ago

    Lol I'm from Dalheart TX.

  • Rikitikisovsky QWERTYfest

    Dalhart system: Other state capitals orbit city of Dalhart

  • Prunus Serrulata

    Where is the weird part? You just listed some useless facts that could be said about any country for that matter

  • razgrizraven
    razgrizraven 4 days ago

    Lives in Michigan. There's a god damn reason why people keep calling us Little or South Canada.

  • Smash Bros64
    Smash Bros64 6 days ago

    I heard about dalhart and i seen it

  • Brady Bevard
    Brady Bevard 7 days ago

    I've heard of Dalhart, TX prior to watching this. Actually have been through there a few time driving from AZ to WI. Not much there besides farming and cattle.

  • Louise Latham
    Louise Latham 8 days ago

    I’m confused, how does the equator work if most of South America is east of North America? Surely that’s not true

    • eggrollsoup
      eggrollsoup 6 days ago

      Louise Latham what are you saying?

  • Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness

    If you fly from JFK in NYC to Hong Kong you'll spend the first half of this flight flying through Canadian airspace until you reach the North Pole, and the second half of the flight flying across Siberia until you reach China. There is literally no cities towns or any signs of life on the ground from the 14 hours during your flight.

  • Hridaya Jamkatel
    Hridaya Jamkatel 13 days ago

    Ah yes. My favourite is city. Vancouver

  • Just Wens
    Just Wens 13 days ago


  • EyeEyeGamer
    EyeEyeGamer 15 days ago

    What I learned: a lot of the 8.3k people living in Dalhart are watching this video

  • Charles B
    Charles B 16 days ago

    So in Alaska you can have both the start of first new year and the last New Year

  • Karibe Madhura
    Karibe Madhura 17 days ago


  • kakarroto007
    kakarroto007 18 days ago

    3:22 Fun fact- The upper peninsula of Michigan is _not_ part of Canada: it's part of the United States!

  • Joseph Devivo
    Joseph Devivo 18 days ago

    It's got lower temps bc of oceanic currents.

  • Freddie Eidderf
    Freddie Eidderf 20 days ago +1

    🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 are friends and are the only countries that speak English

    • Freddie Eidderf
      Freddie Eidderf 20 days ago +1

      Was there any reason for me posting this on your video

  • Doctor Chaco
    Doctor Chaco 21 day ago

    This is inaccurate for Maine to Africa because this was done on a flat map, not a globe

  • Suzanne Young
    Suzanne Young 21 day ago

    To those complaining about how long it takes to drive across Texas, from east to west for example. . . that's nothing. The worst part is driving from north Texas south on I35 and trying to plan your trip to avoid going through Austin at rush hour. It's impossible to do, no matter when you leave. 😉

  • Swag Lord69
    Swag Lord69 22 days ago

    Dude I live in Dallas and have been through dalhart at least 12 times

  • McSqueelibob
    McSqueelibob 25 days ago +1

    Crazy geographic fact you missed: Phoenix looks like it's located in the center of Arizona but it's actually in the center Hell.

  • pharaohgames
    pharaohgames 25 days ago

    My college professor lived in point roberts and on his way to and from class every day, he had to cross the US/Canada border 4 times

  • Qam05
    Qam05 25 days ago +4

    Video: exists
    People who live in Dalhart: my time has come

  • Philip //Independant
    Philip //Independant 25 days ago +1

    The golf stream:
    North America:
    Hey th-
    Come with me if you wanna live.

    • Philip //Independant
      Philip //Independant 3 days ago

      Michael Deierhoi well the Gulf Stream starts at the equator so tell the South Americans or the africans to stop throwing their golf sticks in

    • Michael Deierhoi
      Michael Deierhoi 5 days ago

      Gulf not golf! And don't throw your golf clubs in the Gulf! Just sayin'.

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson 26 days ago

    One weird thing you missed is the north west Angle. It should have been included.

  • Tyler Southard
    Tyler Southard 27 days ago

    Who thinks of this stuff 🤣

  • Yongzheng Ma
    Yongzheng Ma 27 days ago +1

    yesterday island and tomorrow island should be the other way aroundMISTAKE

  • Yongzheng Ma
    Yongzheng Ma 27 days ago

    yesterday island and tomorrow island should be the other way around

  • Just-Us band
    Just-Us band 28 days ago +1

    the fact that it took me about another 10 hours to reach my destination when I made it to the border of Texas from California. made me realize how big Texas is

    • Suzanne Young
      Suzanne Young 21 day ago +1

      Being from Texas I tend to judge distances elsewhere based upon the time it takes to drive from one Texas city to another. For example, from Dallas to Waco. I'm always amazed that in the Northeast I could actually drive across several states in the time it takes me to drive from Dallas to Waco, which seems like a short distance to me.

  • And this one will eat you. Get cooked in my fires

    “Moving on to Texas, there’s a couple weird things about this state.”
    Me: A couple?

  • legoy alex
    legoy alex 29 days ago

    Compare Alaska with Nunavut

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen 29 days ago

    I am a trucker and I delivered in Dalhart a few months ago 😂😂

  • Unseen Vids
    Unseen Vids Month ago +1

    When you get the sponsor ( and get the money as well.. but you have no clue what video to post.....
    And then finally decide to post some bull shit in well framed words and voice.

  • JumboCod91
    JumboCod91 Month ago

    Man that US enclave south of Vancouver really makes me mad, and I'm not even Canadian. I mean why? Just why? You couldn't do some kind of land switch could you? Is it really worth messing with the map that much. What ya found some oil or something? Need that little extra fishing?

  • SHËP
    SHËP Month ago

    "Whilst it may be illegal to walk across a sheet of sheet of ice from the U.S. and Russia, what Isn't illegal at all is clicking the link in the descriptio-"
    Politicians in Maine who make stupid laws: *_N o_*

  • Tom Ewing
    Tom Ewing Month ago

    A lot of people have heard of Dalhart, TX. Why the effort to disparage mid America?

  • finao o
    finao o Month ago +1

    I'm pretty sure Alaska does not cross the IDL.

  • Evangeline Athanasia

    i came here for geography, not geometry.... show me the weird gravity spots in the us, or like how the great lakes are like an inverted mountain range.... very disapointed...

  • Luis A.
    Luis A. Month ago

    That transition to the audible ad was as smooth as a baby's cheek

  • Lian Gabrieeel
    Lian Gabrieeel Month ago

    Because Maine is closer to africa pennywise will next hunt kiddos in Africa?😆

    DIAMLER Month ago

    Stfu I’ve lived in California my whole life, been to LA more times than I can count and also been to Reno a couple times. Is this for real?!?!?!?@;:@;!;&

  • Jones
    Jones Month ago

    There is only one America and you know which one

  • Yt Yt
    Yt Yt Month ago +5

    None of that is particularly “weird” unless the concepts of longitude and latitude are unknown to you.

    • Michael Deierhoi
      Michael Deierhoi 5 days ago

      Which would include all of those sad flat earthers. I feel their pain. Okay just kidding!

  • WaltherPPK909
    WaltherPPK909 Month ago

    We need to build a wall. Russians are sneaking over!

  • TheRedTen
    TheRedTen Month ago

    My left nut is almost at the same latitude as my right nut.

  • Juba Yuva
    Juba Yuva Month ago +1

    Weird! I don't see what's weird about it. Each country is different and naturally shaped and "seats" where it is. If you take any other big country like Russia, Canada, China, Australia or Brazil, you'll find some other "weird" things about them.

  • Dennis Hunt
    Dennis Hunt Month ago

    Fair Bloody Dinkum this video was taken from the book of the world's most useless information!

  • Jeff Jefferson
    Jeff Jefferson Month ago +8

    Other countries reallifelore critics(title): "why (country) geography sucks"
    Usa: "why USA's geography is wierd"

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago

    You would think that’s not true but it’s not true

  • William Teichroeb
    William Teichroeb Month ago

    Why are cities in Canada listed. This is the geography of the US right?

  • David Sang
    David Sang Month ago

    Watching this high gave me a mind trip

  • einzGoobit
    einzGoobit Month ago

    I’ve heard of Dalhart, driven through the panhandle, although I live in ft worth

  • Nathan Austin
    Nathan Austin Month ago

    says geography of the US is weird. talks about north america. that’s not the US buddy

  • The Redcorn
    The Redcorn Month ago

    I’ve been to dalhart...

  • jimbo 2346
    jimbo 2346 Month ago +1

    Not to mention, their is a portion of Minnesota that is only accessable by boat or driving through Canada.

  • Chuck Tomney
    Chuck Tomney Month ago

    0:38 that's not saying something, portugal used to own half the world

  • Ross Sauter
    Ross Sauter Month ago +1

    I guess the UP of Michigan is in Canada now

  • okc 306
    okc 306 Month ago

    Lol this video is kinda dum..
    This is over here and this is over here and if you draw a line it ends up over here but this is even weirder if i hadnt made it clear you draw another line and get all over here which doesnt quite fit there but if you come over here you will see another line

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo Month ago

    Wish you had shown the easternmost USA: which islands of Alaska are those: some on the Aleuts?

  • Adrian Motley
    Adrian Motley Month ago +1

    Who’s here after Caliexit was voted to take place?

  • G Lo
    G Lo Month ago

    Well, Wouldn't it be cool to tell your friends you are in between Tomorrow and Yesterday while in a boat in between those two islands?