Astronaut Training w/ Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks & Will Arnett

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • James Corden invites the stars of "The LEGO Movie 2" -- Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett -- to Space Camp for a battery of tests to determine who is most fit to make a career change to astronaut.
    Learn more about Space Camp and how you can attend:
    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is in theaters February 8. Watch the trailer:
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Comments • 2 741

  • Zetrsed Gaming
    Zetrsed Gaming 13 hours ago

    chris pratt your a captain...

  • Дядя Дима

    Лего-Бетмена на роль Бетмена!

  • Ikhwanhafiz Izani
    Ikhwanhafiz Izani 3 days ago

    i'm dead with #JAMES

  • Niklas Enblom
    Niklas Enblom 3 days ago

    “US astronauts train for years. You have 18 days!”

  • Niklas Enblom
    Niklas Enblom 3 days ago

    LMAO!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Blake Salchow
    Blake Salchow 4 days ago

    Who else walked down that same path

  • FBI
    FBI 5 days ago

    Big respect to the astronauts

    Being on space requires a lot of dedication and motivation to went through of all the obstacles

  • trf12567
    trf12567 9 days ago

    They give the only woman the medal, although she crashed the shuttle, because she has a vagina. Talk about going full blown retard... I mean "woke"

  • JM
    JM 9 days ago

    What the hell happened to Will Arnett, he looks like he just got out of prison!

  • Dale Freier III
    Dale Freier III 9 days ago +1

    Its like a very expensive rollercoaster.... or amusement park!

  • Diegoscomeback
    Diegoscomeback 10 days ago

    Chris looking to his watch, realises its not in the back of his wrist.

  • Brant Lambermont
    Brant Lambermont 10 days ago

    The music is a variation (rip) of the soundtrack to October Sky :) Awesome. I used it to cut a spot featuring Sally Ride for the American Toy Institute :) :)

  • Ken Tsujigiri
    Ken Tsujigiri 12 days ago

    Bunch of crazy people. Hhahaha!! XD

  • Josiah Hill
    Josiah Hill 12 days ago

    fun time with 5 of our favorite actors.

  • Gamer boy61325
    Gamer boy61325 13 days ago +2

    But Chris is literally the SPACE LOOOOOOOOORD

  • David Hewitt
    David Hewitt 13 days ago

    talk about the wrong stuff

  • Carlos Manzana
    Carlos Manzana 14 days ago +1

    Honestly? It was refreshing.

  • Liviu Bita
    Liviu Bita 15 days ago

    1:03 "Today, I'm gonna see which of you clowns is worth continuing your existence as space garbage, sorry, debree!" it's what the man thought, I think! ;-))))

  • Liviu Bita
    Liviu Bita 15 days ago

    What do you call an annoying man in space? Ass-tronaut!

  • Preston Thomas
    Preston Thomas 15 days ago +1

    4:51 camera guy on right bumps his head 🤣😂🤣

  • Travis Grabke
    Travis Grabke 15 days ago

    Umm how did Chris not win?

  • MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamer 15 days ago

    Capt. Gibson be like: How did I get the short straw!?

  • Lukas_Zed Aviation
    Lukas_Zed Aviation 15 days ago

    I CAN'T HOLD IT STEADY I CAN'T HOLD IT STEADY **crashes** "You've got what we look for in an astronaut"....Uhmmm....yes.

  • Frostworthgaming
    Frostworthgaming 15 days ago

    6:24 is the best part

  • battlethebollocks Rodgers

    What's the theory of revetility ? Zip zero zilch!

  • Sparker408
    Sparker408 15 days ago

    Welcome home soldier

  • Devon
    Devon 16 days ago

    "Whats the theory of revatility?".... wait, what? 01:45

  • J C Valdez H
    J C Valdez H 16 days ago

    The physical resemblance between actor Chris Pratt and actor Bj Gruber is amazing ...

  • Dmytro Parkhomenko
    Dmytro Parkhomenko 16 days ago

    Centrifuge welded by a blind welder.

  • DanskilyX
    DanskilyX 16 days ago

    sweet home Alabama

  • risT
    risT 17 days ago

    Dont know what this training would make you an Astronot .... first you have to be a freemasion than go to the Actor school et voila

  • Uldis Rupeiks
    Uldis Rupeiks 17 days ago

    This was sooo funy :D

  • Lord Bloodraven
    Lord Bloodraven 17 days ago +1

    James Corden accomplished something Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond could not: Visit Alabama without being chased off the highway by angry locals.

    • ClearObscure132
      ClearObscure132 12 days ago

      I don't know how you can even mention those 3 clown in the same sentence with Corden 😂

  • MrDantevergil90
    MrDantevergil90 17 days ago +2

    "If I don't come back, make sure to clear my browser history" xD

  • Sofia Finne
    Sofia Finne 17 days ago

    it’s so obvious they’re like they have similar ages cause they understand each other reference very funnily 😂

    • ClearObscure132
      ClearObscure132 12 days ago

      I'm 10-20 years younger than all of them but I understood them as well 😂

  • marcin togeldon
    marcin togeldon 18 days ago

    "Space made be the final frontier, but its made in a Hollywood basement"-Red Hot Chilly Peppers- Californication song

  • Aldo Fitla
    Aldo Fitla 18 days ago +1

    why all the test Elizabeth Banks do are really realy slower than the others guys?
    Is that you call "equality" in america???

  • FQY PW
    FQY PW 18 days ago

    They are perfect astronauts since they can act really good. That's all you need to be an astronaut.

  • ZloyGik Live - стримы Злого Гика

    That astronaut guy looks like an old skinny Elon Musk.

  • andrew b
    andrew b 18 days ago

    Space is bullshit

  • PapiPepe
    PapiPepe 19 days ago +1

    I remember going to this place 2 years ago. and seeing a bunch of kids who went to this camp. Looked fun, but kinda exclusive.

  • jcoDragonHead
    jcoDragonHead 20 days ago

    I’ve been To the exact same place doing the same simulations and they weren’t bad at all

  • les doux
    les doux 20 days ago

    i can't calm for 10 mins straight xD laughed all the way!

  • Andromediens
    Andromediens 20 days ago

    How to explain the theory of relativity in a few seconds?

  • Leo2245776
    Leo2245776 21 day ago

    You know they made her win because she was a woman right?

  • Mr. Bot ‘-‘
    Mr. Bot ‘-‘ 21 day ago

    Chris Pratt was best and everyone knows it

  • Mixed Mood Will
    Mixed Mood Will 21 day ago

    What's the theory of relativity?
    I don't f*cking know!
    Woo hoo!

  • SHarpyHaMMeR
    SHarpyHaMMeR 21 day ago

    3:55 gob from arrested development right there.

  • Aathan Raan
    Aathan Raan 21 day ago

    They must be desperate to have more people wanting to become astronauts, lol.

  • Skywalkerfpv
    Skywalkerfpv 21 day ago


  • curryworst gaming
    curryworst gaming 22 days ago

    6:25 i loved that

  • One harvesting boi
    One harvesting boi 22 days ago

    Roberts just like why am teaching these 4 with the biggest disappointment in his face xD

  • Francisco Gutierrez
    Francisco Gutierrez 22 days ago

    It is Rigged

  • Calense Jaja
    Calense Jaja 22 days ago

    Chris Pratt looks super fat

  • NYRangersfan63
    NYRangersfan63 22 days ago

    Russians never walked on the moon. Lol

  • Leigh Barrett
    Leigh Barrett 22 days ago +1

    Your trainer has a solid Ron Swanson voice.

  • JaxDoesStuff
    JaxDoesStuff 23 days ago

    I love Chris Pratt and Will Arnett so bad After arrested development and TMNT i lost all hope in him and this restored it

  • Dallon Perry
    Dallon Perry 23 days ago

    Im just scouring the background hoping to see SmarterEveryDay

  • jigstone morata
    jigstone morata 23 days ago


  • zack fullard
    zack fullard 24 days ago +1

    Elizabeth: crashes rocket.

    Robert: The medal goes to Elizabeth.