🔴 LIVE: President Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Lewis Center, Ohio - August 4, 2018

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • President Trump Rally at 2:45:20
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  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M 13 hours ago

    38 ads! SMH

  • Delilah Booker
    Delilah Booker 4 days ago

    There's a ad on here about taking on the Republicans. Omg. 😂😳You democrats lose in tbe end still. Lol.

  • Sandro Novaes
    Sandro Novaes 5 days ago

    SoS Brazil FrontBrazilTruckers

  • Moacir Rodrigues
    Moacir Rodrigues 5 days ago


  • John Edward Jones
    John Edward Jones 5 days ago

    3,000 is a lot of "folks." for a HS venue. Would not call it MASSIVE. Massive would be filling arena where Cavs and LeBron James played not to far from this HS.
    MASSIVE would be selling out 2-3 nights (53,000) in NYC for Elton John concert. The Don says his crowds are bigger than Elton's...Just where and when did that happen, The Don.
    Small crowd at big venue in Cleveland for RNC. Lots of empty seats. # Trump lies about numbers.

  • Troy Krugel
    Troy Krugel 5 days ago

    Donald trump sucks

  • Clinton Jones
    Clinton Jones 6 days ago

    It's a fucking sports hall. What a joke.
    Beyond the first 4 rows of people, there's fuck all anybody else there.
    That fat, orange wanker couldn't fill a fucking phone box anymore with his retarded 'supporters'.
    Make America Brainwashed Again.
    Fucking bellends.

  • White Pride
    White Pride 7 days ago +1


    TOM ARAYA 7 days ago +1


  • red wolf
    red wolf 7 days ago +1

    I'm getting some popcorn

  • red wolf
    red wolf 7 days ago +1

    I love this stuff

  • w35t51d369
    w35t51d369 7 days ago

    I can't believe he is 3 hours late for his own party. I'm shocked president trump, I thought you were better than that.

  • julie sxeminx
    julie sxeminx 7 days ago

    So boring

  • julie sxeminx
    julie sxeminx 7 days ago

    I'm watching errrrrr no comment💩💩💩

  • Jonathan Ferreira
    Jonathan Ferreira 7 days ago

    TRUMP tem o respeito dos brasileiros!

  • scooter cbf
    scooter cbf 7 days ago

    What a Hilary

  • Harold BeaumontFinns
    Harold BeaumontFinns 7 days ago +1

    A great man

  • Richard Bailey
    Richard Bailey 7 days ago


  • C hunt
    C hunt 7 days ago +1

    TRUMP 2020👍🏿🧑🏿

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 7 days ago

    The world is laughing at you America.

  • Cordelia Drew
    Cordelia Drew 7 days ago

    this comment section is terrifying... since when did people's standards of good moral character cease to be relevant?

  • hamid nemati
    hamid nemati 7 days ago

    آقای ترامپ شما در کدام کشور متولد شدین؟؟؟؟؟؟

  • lukas romankevicius
    lukas romankevicius 7 days ago

    pidaras tas trumpas

  • Mohsin Khan
    Mohsin Khan 7 days ago


  • Testing1212ify
    Testing1212ify 7 days ago

    Why is the impeachment taking so long?

  • Has Wright
    Has Wright 8 days ago

    Trump is a incestuous paedophile

  • Roger Black
    Roger Black 8 days ago

    Mr Orangutan

  • Usain Bolt
    Usain Bolt 8 days ago

    I applaude thqt they remained for 4 hours 😂😂😂 fkin hell 😂😂😂😂😂

  • philip Brailey
    philip Brailey 8 days ago +1

    TRUMP TRAIN 🚂 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂FROM AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Per Hederyd
    Per Hederyd 8 days ago

    I wish he was 30 years younger, I want him for pres during the rest of my life. +40 years. .....Four more years, four more years.!!!!!

  • Messi Knight
    Messi Knight 8 days ago

    Why am I here😂 I know nothing about politics and presidential shit

  • Sloth
    Sloth 9 days ago +1


  • Harry James
    Harry James 9 days ago

    Trump best president ever! I'd happily go down on his sexy orange cock. I know he'd go down on mine!

  • Ace Of Hearts
    Ace Of Hearts 9 days ago

    All the people saying immigrants should not be allowed in America, I just want to talk... Please tell me your reasons for being prejudiced against something America is based on?

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E 9 days ago +1

    Fuck Donald Trump.

  • Von Cesaw
    Von Cesaw 9 days ago +1

    creepy channel

  • princessconsuela
    princessconsuela 9 days ago

    but trump s u c c

  • Father Mark
    Father Mark 9 days ago

    Oh this is comical. Imagine being a fan of this clown. It's so hard to watch. I forgive all of you though. Peace in the world x

  • Der Pferdehuführer
    Der Pferdehuführer 9 days ago

    To all Brazilians passing through, your situation is a little more drastic. (And any other southern American country)
    You don't need a Trump, you need a Teddy Roosevelt!
    You need someone backed by the cartels, willing to betray them after winning the election, then turn back around on them, guns blazing!
    "The elections of 1896 and 1900 were the last in American history when turnout exceeded 70 percent. Both pitted the populist William Jennings Bryan, defender of the common man, against William McKinley, supporter of the gold standard and, in Bryan’s view, a tool of “the money trust.”
    The specter of a Bryan presidency was so palpable and frightening to the corporate and financial worlds that the McKinley campaign was able to pioneer a crude early form of modern political fundraising: His campaign manager simply visited heads of large banks and corporations, asked them how much they would spend to beat Bryan, and took their checks to the bank.
    McKinley was able to raise $3.5 million that way in 1896. Calculations of the current value of old money are notoriously squishy, but the equivalent in economic power today would be well north of $1 billion and, in any case, far more money per ballot than was ever spent before or since.
    Money talked so loudly in McKinley’s lopsided victories that in the end it seems to have worked too well. After McKinley’s assassination in September 1901, criticism of his fundraising made campaign finance reform a signature issue for his running mate and successor, Theodore Roosevelt, who started talking about it not long after becoming president. Though TR accepted corporate contributions for his campaign of 1904, *he ignored the donors’ requests for payback* (Henry Clay Frick groused, “We bought the son of a bitch, and then he didn’t stay bought!”) and pushed through the Tillman Act of 1907, which prohibited banks and corporations from contributing to political campaigns.
    A century of campaign-finance reform followed, the constant drift of it being to regulate, contain and disclose the flow of Big Money into U.S. politics. Some of that reform was halfhearted because the people who voted for it needed the money they were supposed to be cutting off. But it reflected the public’s strong conviction that letting corporations and the wealthy use their financial power to exert a greater say in elections than ordinary citizens was just plain bad for democracy."

  • HaSsy MiiA
    HaSsy MiiA 9 days ago


  • wasabimanic
    wasabimanic 9 days ago

    Iran Deal Trumps or Obamas. Which do you think the Iranian regime prefers.

  • Ronald Schuberth
    Ronald Schuberth 9 days ago

    Another obvious reason President Trump will TRUMP any competition in 2020 election is that many voters for Trump in 2016 didn't tell anyone, even polls, that they were voting Trump (due to constant ridicule). Now that Trump has restored America to world prominence, folks will be proud to support him in 2020. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!!! (CNN IS FAKE NEWS, DON LEMON IS A HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT, DEMOCRATS ARE NAZI"S)

  • Ronald Schuberth
    Ronald Schuberth 9 days ago

    if you are confused and support Nancy (braindead basketcase) Pelosi, you do not seek true knowledge. You have been mislead by the fake news and the secret criminal foundations of the deep state. don't be a gullible slave, secretly, the left considers you a viable asset to be programmed to serve them, like the great Adolf Hitler. Don't be fooled, you are better than that. The ultimate democrats plan has always been, open borders and no law enforcement for illegal aliens who are not your friends, too secure all their votes of the future. Adolf Hitler once said, (paraphrase) "He alone who controls the youth, gains the future". If you love Hitler, you would be classified as an American Democrat. Is that you? I don't believe so. VOTE REPUBLICAN

  • Ronald Schuberth
    Ronald Schuberth 9 days ago

    folks, please remember when crooked Hillary said, "EVERY Trump voter are simply "a basket of deplorables"? And this bitch came close to being potus! I have voted Republican BULLET ballets since age 18, Always vote republican! The True American hereos

    SLEDGE HAMMER 9 days ago

    God bless your dick sucking country

    SLEDGE HAMMER 9 days ago

    Yea fuck Americans and America go die trump kill all Americans yeah!

  • Ronald Schuberth
    Ronald Schuberth 9 days ago

    God bless the unsung heroes of the secret service for protecting our President Trump! Incredible job folks! Generally speaking I despise "AGH"....appointed government hacks, but you guys are great! Thank you!

  • Billy Halffman
    Billy Halffman 9 days ago


    Watch everyone hate on me 😏😏😏

  • Joseph Maj
    Joseph Maj 9 days ago

    Such a fucking moron in my opinion

  • soulsonicfarce
    soulsonicfarce 9 days ago

    Made all the more MASSIVE by using caps lock

  • max lift
    max lift 10 days ago


  • MrFaceHead
    MrFaceHead 10 days ago

    Is this how Germany fell for Hitler?

  • Cristhian Martinez
    Cristhian Martinez 10 days ago +1

    Best president in the entire world. He is a true blessing. Trump 2020!!

  • Trolololol
    Trolololol 10 days ago

    fuck donald trump

  • AnTeallach2011
    AnTeallach2011 10 days ago

    Rallies are important when you have a delicate ego and tiny hands....

  • akram
    akram 10 days ago

    Iam from oman and i say #trump2020

  • Me
    Me 10 days ago


  • Steve D D
    Steve D D 10 days ago

    Watching from the UK we love Donald trump God bless you

  • Ocasta Devices
    Ocasta Devices 10 days ago +3

    What a racist git

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati 10 days ago +1


  • Echosalta
    Echosalta 10 days ago

    Oh Lord...🤔

  • Paul Spiers
    Paul Spiers 10 days ago +2

    Trump 2020. If you liberals have nothing but hate then LEAVE bitches.

  • Helen Laundon
    Helen Laundon 10 days ago


  • ellis hun!!!
    ellis hun!!! 10 days ago +4

    I am black and british.
    African American or people of all matters in America, trump is your saviour. He has done so much good for the people within the country and the country itself but the media isn't giving him recognition for it cause they are the agent of division. White liberal were the former KKK and now they are known as the terrorists group Antifa, just a little interesting I choose to leave here.

    • Testing1212ify
      Testing1212ify 7 days ago

      Jesus is our saviour not this orange clown.

  • Finlay Maguire
    Finlay Maguire 10 days ago +1

    Fuck trump

  • DeTrizy Z
    DeTrizy Z 10 days ago

    The ads on this thing damn

  • Robert Connor
    Robert Connor 10 days ago +1

    Red neck day out yeeee haaaaa trumpet F.B.I are coming ha ha ha ha Hilary for Queen

  • Ruwayda awale
    Ruwayda awale 11 days ago

    To Hell with Donald Trump

  • Jem Donia
    Jem Donia 11 days ago

    What other potus just randomly does pointless rallies after they have already won

  • The Paradigm
    The Paradigm 11 days ago

    Reminds me of the Nazi broadcasts of '33. This is your president.

  • David Clark
    David Clark 11 days ago

    Are they brushing his hair? Let's go lol

  • Clinton Jones
    Clinton Jones 11 days ago +1


    MANINA CARABOSSE 11 days ago +1

    i voted for you and i am a prouder American since your are MY PRESIDENT

  • Eva Eva
    Eva Eva 11 days ago

    Trump If I Am a Opponent Of You In 2020 Presidential Election I Easily Win Over You.

  • Topgeezer
    Topgeezer 11 days ago

    Incredible work Trump, from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧❤️ wish we had a leader like that!

  • Don Barzini
    Don Barzini 11 days ago

    The afterparty mustve been lit af

  • Don Barzini
    Don Barzini 11 days ago

    So much waffling, fuck me

  • Rose Apple
    Rose Apple 11 days ago +1

    The great DECEIVER

  • Don Barzini
    Don Barzini 11 days ago

    Needs more ads

  • Orangutan
    Orangutan 11 days ago +1

    CNN is fake news

  • TF S
    TF S 11 days ago

    Trending in the UK. And here im told by right wing conspiracy, the evil liberal youtube handpicked what goes in the trending page.

  • Tom l
    Tom l 11 days ago +1

    Cult of personality. People are so fucking stupid

    • Ken Smith
      Ken Smith 10 days ago

      50% of the public are below average.

  • Bob Free
    Bob Free 11 days ago

    The Democrats today are Moving so far left,that thier Hate for Pres Trump blinds them to how GOOD he has been for our Nation. They Hate so much How can they Know what is Good. Sad but True.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 11 days ago +6

    Trump is the man! From the uk

    • Adam Moon
      Adam Moon 10 days ago

      Bob Ross - really rob? From Derbyshire.

  • tpl89
    tpl89 11 days ago

    Why is this clown still talking about the 2016 election?

    • Ken Smith
      Ken Smith 10 days ago

      Looking at his record:
      The wall hasn't happened yet.
      Great healthcare that covers everyone and costs less hasn't happened yet.
      The reduced deficit is replaced with making it waaaaay bigger.
      Uniting the people hasn't happened.
      "So much winning" is now "so much whining"

    • Big Daddy Toyota Corola
      Big Daddy Toyota Corola 11 days ago

      tpl89 becuase the mainstream media still do with the Russia conspiracy.

  • TCI 2002
    TCI 2002 11 days ago

    This shit is plagued with ads.......jeezus.

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    Hubert Cumberdale 11 days ago

    Is that enough ads?

  • Jak Walker
    Jak Walker 11 days ago

    Phahahahahaha America is great again... And USA believe it lmao... American citizes are in the same position as before trump but because trump says we are doing it... it's true... " Grab them by the pussy"

  • Mike Benson
    Mike Benson 11 days ago

    Donny is going to jail soon!

  • Scott
    Scott 11 days ago

    so many bots in the comments, it hilarious!

  • Falsea
    Falsea 11 days ago

    Trump does not make an appearance until the 2 hour and 43 minute and 43 second mark so fast forward if you don't want to hear a zillion and one old carnival songs.

  • Falsea
    Falsea 11 days ago

    Don't let the DEEP STATE get to you Donald. STAY WITH THE WORD OF GOD.

  • tom newman
    tom newman 11 days ago +1

    Who the fuck are the elite. Elite is such an empty word. Its just another word for somebody else/ hater/ the opposition with out actually saying anything. He is the elite in sheeps clothing.

    • Ken Smith
      Ken Smith 10 days ago

      Actually "elite" means a person who is really good at something.

  • MrBazzaovhull
    MrBazzaovhull 11 days ago

    mr trump is a gr8 man a hero n rolemodel 2me

  • Pewter
    Pewter 11 days ago

    Amazing how this got on trending

  • Usman Aziz
    Usman Aziz 11 days ago

    I'm not American but I'd instantly change my opinion on Trump if he did something bout climate change.

    • Ken Smith
      Ken Smith 10 days ago

      Do you include doing things to make it way-way worse in "something"?

  • annonomouse
    annonomouse 11 days ago +1

    These comments make me wanna puke 🤢 fuck trump

  • Glen Garvey
    Glen Garvey 11 days ago

    So... many... aaaaadddddssss........

  • Ozun Ragiboglu
    Ozun Ragiboglu 11 days ago

    😂 politics is fiction and trump is simply a cunt

    • Ozun Ragiboglu
      Ozun Ragiboglu 10 days ago

      Big Daddy Toyota Corola 😂😂😂😭

    • Big Daddy Toyota Corola
      Big Daddy Toyota Corola 11 days ago

      Ozun Ragiboglu grow up. Trump is doing a good job but you're in denial. TDS much?

  • Maisie Taylor
    Maisie Taylor 11 days ago

    I know i might not have the same opinions as other people but Donald trump seems to do something wrong and the hole world is against him but then he does one nice thing or doesn’t act like a prick for a moment and everyone’s back on his side I just don’t understand it because if someone not in the public eye did the things that he did then they’d be in jail and that made me think why doesn’t Donald trump account for his actions (again this might not be other people’s opinion and I have nothing against people who like and support trump)