The Matrix Resurrections - Déjà Vu

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I already have a feeling they're going to deliver with this movie, Keanu is just too much of a legend in my book.

  • johntaper
    johntaper Month ago +50

    I was worried they were going to try to cram too much into a 90 minute movie. So happy it's 2.5 hours long.

    • Da Hawk
      Da Hawk 18 days ago

      @Michael Farkas, yeah, maybe upon my second viewing I will watch with a more critical eye.

    • Michael Farkas
      Michael Farkas 18 days ago +1

      @Da Hawk i didnt say anything in support of violence, just in support of actual good quality in whatever a movie tries to be. unfortunately things arnt just a matter of taste and this retread was full of technical mistakes, too many to mention, like making a big deal about neo being imprisoned just to break him out literally two seconds later. these are just technical storytelling problems and there are far too many to mention in a youtube comment, see negative reviews for more detail.

    • Da Hawk
      Da Hawk 18 days ago

      @Michael Farkas, for my own taste, I do not watch Matrix movies for the violence. I would actually _avoid_ them because of it. I've never been impressed by gratuitous violence. Anywhere. The hook for me with Matrix movies is the philosophy. How they take on the biggest questions in life.

      But thanks for your feedback. It helps give me understanding of why so many people were disappointed.

      I actually think that M4 will age well. This is what happened with M2&3. A bunch of my friends hated those follow-ups, and held that it should have ended with M1, no sequels whatsoever. I gave my best effort to explain what those sequels were all about. And today they've been accepted as classic.

      Whether or not anyone else comes on board with the Resurrections fanbase, my own personal reason for caring is that this will determine whether or not we get a Double Trilogy. As was explained in the movie, ironically.

      And if the quality cannot be maintained, I fully agree that a stake should be driven into its heart. There are some franchises where I refuse to watch the sequels, even though I was the biggest fan of the original film.

    • Michael Farkas
      Michael Farkas 18 days ago +2

      @Da Hawk yes who could not be blown away by made-for-tv cinematography and 1990 special effects and lame action sequences with dragon ball Z power ball nonsense. certain people are just very impressed with any sort of "meta" trickery.

    • Da Hawk
      Da Hawk 19 days ago

      I don't understand the haters.
      I was absolutely riveted. Two and a half hours in, and I was left wanting more.
      Resurrections was the _perfect sequel._

      When I hear about anyone who wasn't blown away by this, it hits me in this meta way where I feel that *_I am_* the one experiencing a glitch in the Matrix.

  • 12tranoke
    12tranoke Month ago +402

    They have a huge bar to overcome, hope this does not disappoint.

    • La La
      La La 9 days ago

      I was disappointed. But I didn't regret going to the cinema. Cos I am a fan and I support the team by going.

    • Lam Pham
      Lam Pham 12 days ago +1

      Great advertising, and became another Cyberpunk 2077, poor Keanu.

    • Ashkan Ahmadi
      Ashkan Ahmadi 18 days ago +2


    • HavCola
      HavCola Month ago

      @the unknown I mean... For most of the entire first movie (y'know, the one we all agree was good) that was all absolutely true (except her being "the one" ofc). While Morpheus was the direct mentor figure we barely see him in action. Trinity was always the grownup badass action hero next to Neo's sheltered dumbass nerd persona. The entire first film is basically him going from being a weak and cowardly shut-in to be more like Trinity (and also learning to use a cheat code) towards the climax.

    • Mr Mask
      Mr Mask Month ago +3

      @Gando's Reviews yo we got a professional film maker here...let's see his channel if he makes any good movie with good soundtrack. Oh..just timelapse of Las Vegas.

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 21 day ago +9

    A definite for fans of Reloaded and Revolutions, as Resurrections completes this craziness. And, Jessica Henwick as the character Bugs, totally rocked it!!! 💥

    • Berkay Koç
      Berkay Koç Day ago

      Sad to say this after waiting for it to release for years, but it doesn't "complete" anything. It only brings more questions than answers, and more boredom than anything mind-boggling. Disappointing at best. The marketing was the only good part; "maybe this isn't the story we think it is" could not be any truer when we think it wasn't the epic Bachowski made it out to be.

  • Jason Sumner
    Jason Sumner Month ago +25

    Got to be honest, when i first heard they were doing a fourth film i was kinda "meh" but having seen all three of the trailers, i'm excited.
    No idea if the director was directly involved in editing the trailers, but whoever has done it they have done a splendid job.
    If the film is half as good as the trailers it will be great.

    • Victor Hensel-Coe
      Victor Hensel-Coe Month ago +3

      Lana's hand can be felt EVERYWHERE. Go watch the Unreal 5 Matrix game demo that was just released on youtube. She wrote the whole opening 5 minutes monologue/dialogue of Neo and Trinity at the beginning and it's impressive at least in how insanely self aware it is.

  • Better Chapter
    Better Chapter Month ago +2785

    I’m going to watch this movie, and I’m going to enjoy it.

    There is no other possible outcome.

    • Xfacter Man
      Xfacter Man 17 days ago +1


    • Godzillix
      Godzillix 18 days ago

      @SpideyPlays you took the words out of my mouth

    • SpideyPlays
      SpideyPlays 24 days ago +7

      well this aged like cheese

    • Brian Kelly
      Brian Kelly Month ago

      You haven't been paying attention lately 😭 kids in face cages

    • luffebassen
      luffebassen Month ago +1

      But you will never own it and you will be happy.
      Eat ze bugs and take the poke.

  • Júlio Alves
    Júlio Alves Month ago +10

    Oh, man. I really hope they don't mess this movie up. It's looking great so far.

  • Deez Nuts • 23 years ago

    This is one of the first movies I’ve seen in a while that hasn’t spoiled basically the whole plot

    Like a trailer is meant to sell you on the movie not be a quick recap of the movie so you know everything but the final few minutes

    • My new channel
      My new channel Month ago +1

      True, and the first matrix trailers didn't even reveal what the matrix was at all. No one knew it was a movie about a computer simulation world until they saw the movie.

  • Barry Adams
    Barry Adams Month ago +2

    No lie. Goosebumps just shot up my arm. The 1999 film was epic. Hoping I leave the theater 12/22 with that same level of wonderment & awe.

  • Whgu ybnm
    Whgu ybnm Month ago +9

    It's been a long time since I've been this excited about seeing a movie. Can not wait.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +2001

    what a brilliant marketing campaign so far

    • Lentic Catachresis
      Lentic Catachresis Month ago

      @ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ There was no need for Mr Wussy to comment. No one asked!!!

    • Hella Coorinna
      Hella Coorinna Month ago

      "lets call this the first movie so we get all the hits forcing people to specify.."
      (The Lion King 1995/2019, Ghostbuaters 1984/2016, etc....)

    • Gangadath G.A
      Gangadath G.A Month ago +1

      Dude , How much money will I get for liking your comment? @TimeBucks

    • Nick Belanger
      Nick Belanger Month ago

      How is reusing images from previous movies genius ? Lmfao

    • aeroripper
      aeroripper Month ago

      My guess is they're going with the longstanding fan theory that there were 2 layers to the matrix, including waking up in the 'real' world.

  • Niggle W
    Niggle W Month ago +13

    This trailer is definitely the most intriguing one. Maybe this story WILL be interesting. It actually looks like there's a war in the machine-world between the machines.

  • WhiskeyShots
    WhiskeyShots Month ago +76

    The teasers and trailers have me really excited. I'm just praying they were able to bring back the magic of the first movie.

    • Victor Hensel-Coe
      Victor Hensel-Coe Month ago

      @veilofreality ???

    • veilofreality
      veilofreality Month ago

      @Victor Hensel-Coe cry us some soy tears

    • Victor Hensel-Coe
      Victor Hensel-Coe Month ago +1

      It will have a different kind of magic. The identity of this film is going to be very very different from the original 3. The life event experienced to make her press start on M4, and also where she has expanded both artistically and philosophically will also be huge players in how this feels. Don't expect the Matrix like you know it. Expect the unexpected.

    • Brock Lesnar
      Brock Lesnar Month ago

      Ain't gonna happen.. the first one in 1999 came out when that sort of technology was never seen before so it exploded... its 2021 every film has matrix style fight scenes.. its impossible to be as revolutionary as the first

    • veilofreality
      veilofreality Month ago +2

      Unfortunately that is almost impossible.

  • Liliam Miay
    Liliam Miay 18 days ago +5

    La vi cuando tenía 10 años 40 años años después la sigo creo k sea el único

  • Hred Lars
    Hred Lars 24 days ago +16

    I love this movie so much it is the quintessential love story of all time, love conquers all, and at the same time the most hated film by the youth of today for that very reason. Our new generation hates the idea that a feeling, an emotion could change the outcome of a situation. Our newest generation rejects the idea of love, Democracy and family. 14-32 year olds hate the Matrix Resurrections because they don't believe in love. I truly hope this comment gets to the right people because maybe then we can do something about that. FYI i have been apart of many conversations concerning this topic with millions of people all of my life.

    • riya
      riya 20 days ago

      People who are not awakened don't understand about real love. But the 5D world is arriving. Twinflames merging. New Earth 🌍

  • Lautaro Maiarú
    Lautaro Maiarú Month ago +4920

    This is how you make a trailer. Not spoiling the story, but creating true interest on it.

    • Helios D
      Helios D 20 days ago +1

      The movie blows tho

    • Adam Wang
      Adam Wang 22 days ago

      So that you can be later confused or disappointed by the actual movie!

    • Noah Sklar
      Noah Sklar Month ago

      @huntercollier Well played.

    • Anaqie Erzyryn
      Anaqie Erzyryn Month ago

      YASSSS The GOD has spoken!!!!!

    • tucci06
      tucci06 Month ago

      Just like the original.

  • virtualnate
    virtualnate Month ago +9

    That epic brass section at the end gives me goosebumps.

    • mrtiff
      mrtiff Month ago

      Thanks for that. it is beautiful. I didn’t notice till I read this. Even better when u focus on it w ur eyes closed

  • Darryl Fernandes
    Darryl Fernandes Month ago +35

    "That's the sound of inevitability, that's the sound of your death!"

    Weaving is going to be missed ....Hope we have a equal counter part match his role at the least...

    • Darryl Fernandes
      Darryl Fernandes Month ago

      @Epic Digital Motion smith is - the one

    • Epic Digital Motion
      Epic Digital Motion Month ago +1

      @Darryl Fernandes The thing is that i always liked ( LOVED ) his character, Smith is the first villain where is was like… well he’s not wrong on that and that too… is that guy the vilain ? A vilain that wanted freedom and escape from this fake world and the other agents didn’t knew it. And the crazy part in a way is that even it’s a game played with the oracle he made it to Zion.

    • Darryl Fernandes
      Darryl Fernandes Month ago +1

      @Epic Digital Motion lol. Ooooh I’d like to see that impression . Maybe you could audition for the next matrix movie . Matrix : Inevitable 🥰

    • Epic Digital Motion
      Epic Digital Motion Month ago +1

      You’re right, to this day my friends call me Smith as i have his voice. When i didn’t saw him and Morpheus on the cast i cried like whatttttt ? Really Hugo ? You « another thing to do » NO NO YOU DON’T ! Get your as# over here. I want to hear him during the movie : Mister Anderson, looks like a déjà vu ?
      Or maybe smith was the cat all along Lmao

    • Darryl Fernandes
      Darryl Fernandes Month ago

      ​@Ron Sparkman You think so?
      I hope you are right. Hugo should've cancelled other assignments and been here.
      I was watching revolutions a few days back and saw bane. He may return and have "Smiths" presence in a way or two.
      Damn 22nd cant come sooner.

      Yea you're right . Like how they introduced characters in the john wick universe.

  • Ahmed El-Shabrawichy
    Ahmed El-Shabrawichy Month ago +34

    Probably the most magnificent trailer I've seen in almost a decade. Wow!! almost takes you back to the same hype we've experienced in 1999

  • CatsMeowPaw
    CatsMeowPaw Month ago +3

    I'm really looking forward to this. Matrix Reloaded and Revolution were disappointing for me, but this movie looks like it delivers.

  • Cinema Critic Review's
    Cinema Critic Review's Month ago +3644

    It's honestly kinda brilliant what they're doing here, literally rebooting the Matrix server and the franchise at the same time, it's really cool.

    • NegatingSilence
      NegatingSilence Month ago

      @Mike D'Argenio "Please the old fans" has been pretty hit or miss with most of these reboots. But I am cautiously optimistic about this one.

    • Jimmy John
      Jimmy John Month ago

      @Human Kirk I mean I kinda thought it was? They went through so much fighting once they realized they were trapped in it, so if not to escape then what was their main goal? I honestly need to rewatch, its been years.

    • Human Kirk
      Human Kirk Month ago

      @Jimmy John "the Matrix movies solved nothing since they were ultimately still stuck in the matrix"

      Just watch "The Matrix" and ignore the overblown and unnecessary sequels. It is self-contained and has all the answers you need. Are they still stuck in the matrix? Or not? Or does it even matter?

    • Human Kirk
      Human Kirk Month ago

      @Mike D'Argenio
      "The Force Awakens"
      "Please the old fans"
      Pick one

      With this movie it's obvious Hollywood is out of new ideas. The Matrix was just a good movie, and never needed a sequel. Both sequels were unnecessary. Its fans don't need a sequel, its fans liked the novelty and with every additional trip to the memory well it wears increasingly thin.

      We don't care about the characters, just what the movie was trying to say and how it said it.

      I saw the Matrix a half dozen times in theaters and many times more on home video. The sequels? Once, in theaters, and never again.

    • Parkaparid
      Parkaparid Month ago

      Sequel, not a reboot

  • Eric Phillips
    Eric Phillips Month ago +5

    I know I am going to literally cry my eyes out when watching this. Can't help it. This franchise is emotional to me.

  • Aurugorn
    Aurugorn Month ago +2

    Love how they're playing into this theme.

  • VeritabIlIti
    VeritabIlIti Month ago +32

    While I will miss Hugo Weaving immensely, Jonathan Groff is underrated and I cant wait to see Kristoff fight Neo 😂

    • VeritabIlIti
      VeritabIlIti Month ago +1

      @Joshua Ewulo maybe not underrated, but be is definitely best known for roles very different from anything the Matrix would have. So it'll be interesting to see him in this

    • Joshua Ewulo
      Joshua Ewulo Month ago

      Jonathan Groff is underrated? Really? Says who? (Too many questions?)

  • UtahOwned Official
    UtahOwned Official Month ago +2

    About time they make a new one. Been waiting years for a new matrix. One for the best series growing up too.

  • The Reel Rejects
    The Reel Rejects Month ago +1557

    I seriously can not wait for this film. Both trailers have just been glorious frame by frame dissections lol

    • NerdOwner
      NerdOwner 27 days ago

      @Peter Benjamin Parker lol I use the word lol a lot of times even though there's nothing to lol about, lol. I guess it's just fun to use the word lol, lol

    • aeroripper
      aeroripper Month ago

      Trailers nowadays can make even steaming piles of dog **** look amazing. The point is to get people into theaters. That being said, these trailers have been awesome so far.

    • Tupaici NDJEKE
      Tupaici NDJEKE Month ago

      @cow with random thoughts

    • I LC
      I LC Month ago

      And dont forget the website they made

    • Hanskah
      Hanskah Month ago

      Did you not see that director's name? That is a warning sign.

  • Schmidt54
    Schmidt54 Month ago +7

    I am intrigued, big fan of the movies, especially the masterpiece that is the first one.

  • Joe Garcia Jr
    Joe Garcia Jr Month ago +3

    After years of waiting it’s finally here. I cannot wait to see this.

  • Kapil Madhok
    Kapil Madhok Month ago

    Literally had goosebumps all over!! ❤️

  • İlhancan Rodoplu
    İlhancan Rodoplu Month ago

    The energy in this is so hard to explain 🙏🏼👏🏻😊

  • Andreas Nordvall
    Andreas Nordvall Month ago +1043

    To have a trailer consistently hint that it's repeating patterns from the old films but then end it with "maybe this isn't the story we think it is" is such a great hook. I can't wait to see what they do with this meta approach to reboots.

    • D’ Angle
      D’ Angle Month ago

      @MeowForJasper said haha, lmao, & lol all in the same msg to convince yourself you're not mad. Replying within hours refreshing your notifs begging for me to give you attention, actually braindead

    • Taricus
      Taricus Month ago

      I don't think it's supposed to be a reboot. I think it's how events repeat themselves in the Matrix when they change something. It happens all the time in the first movies, but for it to "deja vu" from the start, it means they changed something huge, instead of when you see a black cat run by twice, because they inserted a few agents into the building.

    • Battle Cove
      Battle Cove Month ago

      @MeowForJasper oh I can tell it comes through the replies

    • MeowForJasper
      MeowForJasper Month ago

      @Battle Cove Facts. And the reason I take so long to reply is because I have to wipe away all my tears before I can type.

    • MeowForJasper
      MeowForJasper Month ago

      @D’ Angle Hahaha you typed an essay to make fun of me for typing an essay. There is absolutely no way you lack this much self awareness lmao.

      I do love my backstory though because I made like three comments on a youtube video hahahahahahaha.
      Lol dude you are actually upset over youtube comments

  • Eye In The Triangle
    Eye In The Triangle Month ago +7

    I haven't been this excited for a movie in a while!

    The previous movies were filler & this is the true waking up of Neo 0:05 The scenes outside the Matrix ("waking up") were tinted Blue and the Matrix scenes were Green in the last movies but they were tinted Blue because Neo took the Blue Pill, thinking he took the Red Pill because he wasn't ready, just like the Oracle told him!

    Can't wait

    • Daniel
      Daniel Month ago

      yeah, i had same idea

  • Aquib reza
    Aquib reza Month ago +2

    A big thank you to bring marvelous and unique movies as always to Warner Bros

  • Canal Emist3r
    Canal Emist3r Month ago +5

    Organized mess. Like. 👍🏻

    Yes, baby, thank you! 🖐🏻

  • Papa Grim
    Papa Grim Month ago +98

    "Why use old code?"
    Well clearly someone at Treyarch survived the war, to work for the machines of course.

    • Darth KEK
      Darth KEK Month ago

      @MBA GTA IV and GTA V aren't even a full generational leap, they're both PS3/X360 games. It's a bit much to demand a new software engine when the hardware platform hasn't advanced in horsepower.

    • MBA
      MBA Month ago +1

      @Darth KEK lol that is a 7 year difference... more appropriate is gta 4 and gta 5. Have you played them both? I doubt it since you're comparing games 7 years apart.
      Play gta 4 then play gta 5. Then play gta trilogy remastered :)
      Downgrades all the way from gta 4.

    • Darth KEK
      Darth KEK Month ago +1

      @MBA Rockstar upgrade their engines. Play Vice City, then play GTA V.

    • MBA
      MBA Month ago +4

      treyarch, bethesda, rockstar and the list goes on.

  • AD_edits
    AD_edits Month ago +2939

    Wtf is going on ? 😂😂😂 I hope this is great!

    • Weasel
      Weasel Month ago

      @_OBK_ Are you challenging me Mortal?

    • Zachary Schafer
      Zachary Schafer Month ago

      @_OBK_ a remake means the other movies didn't happen in the continuity, its not a remake. It takes place after 3

    • Zachary Schafer
      Zachary Schafer Month ago

      Manage the hope, it's a cash grab, but that doesn't mean it can't be entertaining

    • Rusty Mixer
      Rusty Mixer Month ago

      @xRPTRxLANDx ah the late 90s, buckle seat belt, strap in plane phrase fads trying be cool in matrix 1

    • G7130
      G7130 Month ago

      @Camden G. Oh you hurt me.

  • J
    J Month ago +1

    After all these years, to be going back to where it all started... back to the Matrix. 😎😎😎

  • Black Scorpion
    Black Scorpion Month ago

    0:27 that just scratched my brain in a good way, pure eargasm!

  • Donnie Love
    Donnie Love Month ago

    They've always been stuck in the Matrix, awesome, infinite possibilities.

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin Month ago +1

    I'm so pumped. I've watched the previous three movies at least three times each. I will watch this 4th one on the very first day.

    • Tobias Carlsson
      Tobias Carlsson Month ago

      I saw Matrix three times at the movies 1999. Seen it three times a years since then... Can't stop. :)

  • Michael Ratz
    Michael Ratz Month ago +47

    Easily one of THE best and most creative trailers I have ever seen!! I never knew so many shots from each film fit perfectly with other shots from other films in the series!! 🤩😎🥳🤩😎🥳🤩😎🥳

    • Ryan Virgillo
      Ryan Virgillo Month ago +2

      They used center composition mainly. So it works really well when layering or even making a Gif. Tends to just make things pop.

  • virtualnate
    virtualnate Month ago

    This feels like it was influenced by MGS2 in some aspects, the videogame within a videogame. I'M ALL FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Gunslinger
    The Gunslinger 8 days ago +2

    Man these trailers were the mutts nuts, had so well done and had me hyped for the film.

  • Aman Parthiv Krishnan
    Aman Parthiv Krishnan Month ago +11

    This has something to do with a matrix inside a matrix. Neo's eyes were burnt off.

  • Ninsídhe
    Ninsídhe Month ago

    I think this is the movie I wanted after the first one and got the second and third instead. I'm ok with the evolution I've had to go through in my own life to get to this one- sometimes, it's just the way things have to be.

  • Kieren Freeman Productions

    Can’t believe no one has pointed this out, but this trailer is one minute and one second long, 101. That’s the number to Neo’s apartment in the first movie, which is also a reference to binary code. I wonder if this was intentional or I’ve just seen The Matrix one too many times.

    • Bzs
      Bzs Month ago

      @Dávid Lakatos réz van elado Lakatos tastverem? Xd

    • Taha Khan
      Taha Khan Month ago

      @Bzs you are wrong it is basic 1st grade grammer and maths. Ifyou write in minutes it can only be written as 1:01 and if we have to write same duration in seconds then only would be 61.

    • PAIR of Sneakerheads
      PAIR of Sneakerheads Month ago

      101 stand for the masonic pillars and the all seeing eye in the middle.


      Nothing is coincidence in the matrix

    • Gulab Patil
      Gulab Patil Month ago +2

      @Bill Gates i dont thank you for making vaxxine

  • Vladislav Loli
    Vladislav Loli Month ago

    Be reasonable people, the captain is the best thing on TheXvid! I have never seen such good content anywhere. All his videos were very well told and very beautifully designed after that many people started watching films from your production and I am one of those people who at first were not even interested in films started watching films from you because of the Star Captain video

  • Jhustynn Concepcion

    Cant wait for this movie any longer. Its feels like im going to watch the first movie again. The hype is real.

  • Mike XP
    Mike XP Month ago

    Over 20 years... 'Reloaded' is still my favorite.

  • Van
    Van Month ago +21

    “It happens when they change Something”... Yes, the "System" replaced Neo with John Wick

    • JE
      JE Month ago

      @Blair Cox or John Wick 3 "I need guns, lots of guns"

    • Blair Cox
      Blair Cox Month ago +2

      That would have been an epic storyline, that would have explained John Wick (yes, I know, separate comic book property) and his ability to kill non-stop.

  • mariofan010
    mariofan010 Month ago +610

    I like how this seems like it’s going to surprise us just like the original matrix did back in 1999 when it released. We don’t know what’s going on in these trailers but we’re for sure in for something wild

    • Human Kirk
      Human Kirk Month ago +1

      @Greg Basore they will make Trinity "the one". I am willing to bet on it.

    • jos florida
      jos florida Month ago +2

      I hope zion is fake. Would represent how people are mentally enslaved and how society thinks they freed themselves over and over but are really just enslaved by the next system. Reasoning? Well there's a mulitiverse in the matrix but zion has only met 1 neo...

    • Rediscover With Rinka
      Rediscover With Rinka Month ago

      Bad or good, but we all going to watch it!

    • Kyle Miles
      Kyle Miles Month ago

      @Pepe The Patriot it's looking mock and cheap

    • Onfroi
      Onfroi Month ago +2

      I don't think it's gonna be as good as the first one, but hopefully better than the third one

  • PANKAJ Meharchandani

    I saw trilogy 5 years ago and my brain started processing everything in a different way
    Now lets see whats going to happen now 🤣🤣

  • Kent Naicker
    Kent Naicker Month ago +1

    This has to be one of the best trailers of all time

  • Pseudo Pill
    Pseudo Pill 24 days ago +1

    So, as far as I ‘know’/reckon… the now, already contentious line from Neo that, ‘She believed in me-It’s my turn to believe in her...’ may possibly be an allusion to the fact that he indeed, still is _The_ One yet that very condition is symbiotically contingent upon _her_ believing him and _in_ him again, and the entire film is about the attempted convincement and subsequent disbelief, dismissal, cautious repulsion and reluctance of a resurrected, amnestically reconstructed Trinity literally not recognizing nor believing him; yet as he, through various, literal Kierkergaardian acts, curiosity and cyclical existential unease, has relatively regained _his_ former self//psychic identity from fragmentary collection of memorially memetic and codal pieces. This entire film will be the attempt at convincing Trinity, Neo is who _he_ says he is, that _his recollection_ and description _of her_ are true and the necessary romance that imbued the relationship. Neo’s entreatment-to what ends or by whom I am still too unsure. The obvious hypothesis would be manipulative recruitment by the Old Philosophical machines i.e. of the clearly delineated and distinct war-dialectic; however a part of me reckons that he may have been resurrected by-now- _em_ -pathetic machines who are of the Red-philosophy as opposed to the old, coercive Blue-philosophy as stated earlier… My curious uncertainty with this pseudo-new dynamic is further emphasized during the reconstruction scene/glimpse where they are literally reaching out for one another partially submerged and illuminated chromatically red-blue, with what seems to be considerable anguish and probable pain. Now are they in such discomfort because they are captive and being intentionally reconstructed, torturously, against their will; are they purposefully conscious of the painful process and are being restrained because of _that_ or are the machines-of a sympathetic, philosophical Red-persuasion-empathetically and kindly restraining them effectively ‘for their own good’ in order to minimize auto-damage as their _post-mortem_ re-awakening is profoundly disorientating and shock-inducing; and reluctantly both are being held in mutual sight yet in separation-? Are they being resurrected [here] with empathetic consent or with exploitative, manipulative, sadistic disregard… *Sigh I’ll hypothesize they [the machines _here_ ] are sympathetic and are now philosophical allies…
    I am also unsure as to whether the former chromatic-realm-designations still hold given it was largely revisionistic, or have been inverted or subverted. Yet we do see various scenic interactions and dialogues now artificially and grossly over-saturated: bathed in specific, polar wavelengths and contrastively, auricolour [realm] scenes utilizing natural, atmospheric light that seems to be of Magic Hour… this would seem to bolster my thoughts that this is predominantly a narratively intense fight to convince Red-philosophy over Blue and _vice versa_ [as particularly seen in the Déjà Vu Trailer]…
    I don’t know how much of the Matrix Online’s ‘D.N.A.’ will or has informed or has been permitted to inform Resurrections, but if it did not consciously (yet more psycho-meta allusions to Neo’s _current_ narrative) it did so indirectly as there are clearly individuals with the black-green-coded eyeballs during the motorcycle chase-mêlée scene… So I don’t know how much the Cypherites etc. have or will have influential, narrative significance.
    I hypothesize that the further expansion and erosion of the protagonist-antagonist, binary distinction has now fragmented into indistinction as in _true_ war (as opposed to naïve, ideal war) and some machines of an existentially Red persuasion are now fighting alongside humans of the same kidney and the same, correspondingly inverse mixture for those entities of a Blue persuasion. Perhaps, it seems to me, that both Morpheus II and the White-Blue Rabbit are/could be the actual anthropo-physical manifestations (albeit cyber) of the respective, coloured pills and they are- _the pills themselves_ -literally fighting ‘in Neo’s system’ over him [dramatic, pharmaceutical metaphor], vying for his attention and deliberative ‘agency’ (perhaps a current social-media commentary) and his potential volition of either; especially if this film is metaphorically, a psycho-localized, Neo-specific, neurotic psychosis [as we have seen from the opening of ‘Trailer 1’].
    Or this could be a total inversion of all seemingly grounded narratives regarding The Matrix thus far and actually, this becomes truly Baudrillardian-making all realties whether layered or otherwise, relative, simulatory and thus ‘unreal’. I am aware that this was the predominant criticism by him of the film(s), that, at its core, The Matrix film remained in all actuality, foundationalistic and definitely, elementarily basic. So, all being necessarily clonal, inherently meaningless, random and relative and the only thing that does indeed ‘matter’ or has any semblance of quasi-‘solidity’ is the/his relationship with Trinity as it remains essentially and irrevocably subjective.
    Regardless, I remain anxiously anticipatory [for the release tomorrow] that whatever narrative it is, it is just plainly-great, and *is as technical, rich, complex and qualitatively stylish, ponderous and philosophical as all previous filmic iterations* -Ani. and standard alike. Just SO glad to consent and yield as long as it has been done overall, with great facture and care and most probably, my anxiety has been/will be allayed as it and its vicissitude have thankfully remained Wachowskian. I fear I needn’t worry as we are in the hands of Lana… still melancholically brickin’ it though lol. Anyway, let’s see if _anything_ will be accurately predicative lol…

    Never expected to (nor truly, _honestly_ wanted to) but am now reconciled and content to…

    *_Time to fly-_*

  • Matt Flynn
    Matt Flynn Month ago

    This is going to be one of the most meta films ever made

  • miguel angel
    miguel angel Month ago

    Decepcione o no yo sé que nos va a emocionar confio en que salga bien

  • neonpop80
    neonpop80 Month ago +6

    This one has the feel of the original that it’s sequels couldn’t get, the feeling of mystery and curiosity and discovery

    • aeroripper
      aeroripper Month ago

      The second one wasn't awful but it had it's problems. The 3rd one was serviceable but easily the worst of the trilogy.

  • Jeff Soulliere
    Jeff Soulliere Month ago

    This is one of the best major studio trailers in a long time.

  • Catbird
    Catbird Month ago +3

    The Wachowskis have had a tendency to do very ambitious films that kind of crumble under their own weight despite being admirably earnest in what they're trying to achieve. I'm cautiously optimistic about this movie, as I enjoyed all three Matrix movies. But I'm keeping my expectations as low as I can.

  • Devon Laughlin
    Devon Laughlin Month ago +483

    This looks legit and very high budget. The first one was like that. The first one has a feel to it no other modern movie can touch. I'm getting the same vibes from this clip. I'm hoping it's the same surreal quality because the first one was a masterpiece

    • Quanzay Lundy
      Quanzay Lundy Month ago

      @Human Kirk wow. Shouldn't have asked. Just do you

    • Human Kirk
      Human Kirk Month ago

      @Quanzay Lundy good sequels are rare. Sequels that exceed the originals are exceedingly rare. This is a fact, not an opinion. For every Godfather Part II there is a Batman and Robin, The Crow 2, Jason X, Star Trek Nemesis, Spiderman 3, Superman 4, and hundreds more. The only 4th installment I can recall being any good was Lethal Weapon 4.

      And that's when Hollywood was actually picky with sequels. You used to need a hit prior movie AND something new to say. Not anymore. Now everything gets a sequel. Franchises are manufactured.

      Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel to a hit, but, does it say anything anything new? Denis Villeneuve is a talented director but that movie was completely unnecessary. We didn't need to know Deckard is a simulant. The sequel was so bad it actually made the original worse.

      The Matrix Revolutions was both critically panned and barely broke even. That's why they stopped after 3 movies. Why are they making it? Why not come up with something original and good finally?

    • Quanzay Lundy
      Quanzay Lundy Month ago +1

      @Human Kirk and your basis for dooming this movie is? Your superior taste consists of what?

    • Human Kirk
      Human Kirk Month ago

      @Quanzay Lundy I like plenty of things coming out. Just nothing out of Hollywood. Not lately. If you are willing to swallow just about anything and like any shiny new thing, congratulations on lacking any sense of taste.

    • Human Kirk
      Human Kirk Month ago

      @Saudi Tate Godfather Part II. Empire Strikes Back. Aliens. A Bridge Too Far. The Dark Knight. Sam Raimi's Spiderman II. Terminator 2. Star Trek II Wrath of Khan.

      Sequels more epic than their original have happened, many times, but : (a) it's exceedingly rare, and (b) it all happened before Hollywood decided to systematically manufacture franchises out of anything, like the record industry manufactured boy bands.

      It's not being "doomer" to recognize that sequels nearly always fail to equal their predecessor. For every Godfather Part II there are 100 questionable / failed sequels. Nor is it being a "doomer" to recognize that when sequels are made for franchise-making rather than having something new to say, it always fails. But give it a chance and reserve judgment until it comes out, sure.

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    own it on digital, watch instantly.
    Damn, the matrix really does control me.

    ETHRON1 Month ago

    Let's pray this is going to be awesome... #4 is a tough one and very few movies can claim success.

  • Luke's 3D Works
    Luke's 3D Works Month ago +1

    I swear, at the end of one of these Matrix Resurrection trailers, ALL we need to see is a black screen and hear the legendary words "Mr Anderson, welcome back..... We. Missed. You....."

  • Runjinrun2
    Runjinrun2 Month ago

    Please, please, please let this movie be as good as I want it to be.

  • CABLE 715
    CABLE 715 Month ago +716

    This is fantastic, what a brilliant marketing campaign so far, anyone see that shot of the Merovingian, dude's lookin rough. Side note, the machines are at war with eachother now, and one side is ressurecting Neo to help them

    • CABLE 715
      CABLE 715 22 days ago

      @coth L

    • coth
      coth 22 days ago

      @CABLE 715 says everyone. IMDb rating is 5.0. Kinopoisk is 6.0, Metacritics is 3.8. Couldn't be worse. You should really do better to do marketing for this kind of low quality movies.

    • CABLE 715
      CABLE 715 Month ago

      @Krut Hawort yep, the sound of War

    • Krut Hawort
      Krut Hawort Month ago +1

      @CABLE 715 Good call, looks like trailer 2 confirmed some of your theory.

    • aeroripper
      aeroripper Month ago

      Yeah it sorta got civil war vibes from that short clip. Neo's sacrifice (even though they saved him) probably opened a fissure in machine society or something over the future of humanity.

  • Maruis Cordier
    Maruis Cordier Month ago +1

    Can't believe it's been released on my birthday! Can't wait to see it!

  • Alex Araya
    Alex Araya Month ago +1

    oh I am beginning to have this feeling, like they are going to use all the quotes of the first film and sail on nostalgia.... deja vu

  • Wesley Ashlock
    Wesley Ashlock Month ago

    The original matrix is my favorite. I don’t think it could be topped.

  • Senior Adrian
    Senior Adrian 25 days ago +7

    Finished watching The Matrix Resurrections. As a big fan here is my review:

    Aesthetics 4/10:

    Movie looks like a Brazzers parody. The lighting is artificial looking. DP's didn't know how to emulate sunlight. Colors so saturated looks like an Instagram filter, even the scenes with the real world. I have no idea why they chose to show the clips from the original trilogy with that ugly saturated Blu-Ray color correction version. The lens is so artificially sharp you can see Carrie-Anne Moss facial hair during close-ups. Also the camera is shaking all the time during the action scenes. In the trilogy the camera was 99% of time stable and you could feel the kinetic energy from the fights. The shot composition is so tight and up-close that you can't feel the flow of the action. The editing/cuts during the punches and action is anticlimactic. It cuts at the moment of the punch impact and then changes to another camera.

    Another ugly choice was the way the camera changed the framerate/shutter-speed all the time it made it looked like a soap-opera effect (I call this the "Young and Restless" treatment). There is some greenscreen cringe going on at one point. The matte paintings and special effects in the real world are good though.

    Story 5/10:

    The philosophy of the narrative is meta-deconstructionism combined with a heist element genre. Way too much comedy for a Matrix movie. Nostalgia bait with recycled copy pasted shots.

    Acting 5/10:

    Morpheus is not Morpheus. He is a pimp from the 70's making out of place jokes. Agent Smith is also miscasted. The actor is way too soft. Surprisingly Neil Patrick Harrison plays solid. Keanu and Carrie are ok too.

    Ways this movie could have been saved. Hire a genuine good color correction team. Hire a great DP (Director of Photography) like the one from the new Star Wars movies (Steve Yedlin) or shoot on film. Could also do the "DUNE" treatment which is shoot digital and scan on film then scan back to digital to emulate film granulation.

    Conclusion: Watch "The Last Duel" instead by Ridley Scott. Great movie with solid filmmaking.

  • Guillermo Vaccarezza
    Guillermo Vaccarezza Month ago +730

    There is hope that this movie will blow everybody's mind just like the first one did. Hope it is as clever as it looks like

    • Mike Lawry
      Mike Lawry Month ago

      @Marcus Chang u don’t have to believe me. U can look up this information from court rulings who owns the copyright. It’s Sophia Stewart. Matrix and terminator.

    • Marcus Chang
      Marcus Chang Month ago

      @Mike Lawry I heard Tom Althouse wrote the original script that was bastardised into the matrix

    • Stephen Macleod
      Stephen Macleod Month ago

      Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.

    • Rediscover With Rinka
      Rediscover With Rinka Month ago +2

      Bad or good, but we all going to watch it!

    • Cosmos
      Cosmos Month ago +1

      What "clever" did you see in this video? It is nothing. No ideia, no point, nothing.

  • Haggai Raveh
    Haggai Raveh Month ago +1

    A Deja Vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix, it happens when they change something.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo siiii :v

    Me gusto mucho el argumento que pusieron su historia de como se remontan a la matrix de los años pasados para llevar a neo a un recordatorio de su pasado en el transcurso de la pelicula se desvela que el nunca murio y le resucitaron en la cual no se acuerda de si esta en la realidad o en un mundo de fantasía es decir tanto a neo y a trinity fueron reseteados sus pensamientos para que no se acuerden de nada vemos que neo modifico los codigos de la matrix haciendo a un morfeo mas joven literal me encanto lo comprendi al primer momento de todo me fascino la pelicula en general muy aparte de lo que opine el resto brutal warner simplemente brutal

  • Jon
    Jon Month ago

    I like what you did there ;)

    if you select the text in the description the matrix effect transforms into saying "wake up". Very nice ;)

    ẅ̷̩̞̥̯͈́͊͛̋̍͑̊̕ä̷̼̗̫̲̯̥̪̠̱̀̇̍͂̀͆̚ͅk̷̢̛̻̙͎̟͚͓͖̆͂̈́̿͒̕è̸͖̙̑̊̾̉ ̴̧̠̘̖̳͓͈̽̿̆̔̒̂̂̄̒͘u̵̻͇̹͇̝̮̟̎͒͋̂͗͒̇ṕ̷̻̤̐͐͒̅̽̏

  • Curt Jones
    Curt Jones Month ago

    This makes so much sense I was wondering how they would go after the last movies ending. I may have to see this and spiderman back to back

  • Ishraq Talukder
    Ishraq Talukder Month ago +626

    Feels so strange to feel like we are watching the first class film, but in a good way that we can possibly explore more of the world of the matrix.

    • Adrian Trusca
      Adrian Trusca Month ago

      Your name seems made up by a bot.

    • Sidrianico Burgos
      Sidrianico Burgos Month ago

      IMO it'd be great if this will lead to a TV series that would explore and further expand the universe.

    • sena
      sena Month ago

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 NUDE.SNAPGIRLS.TODAY/marsya 💜 PRIVATE S*X

      #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). .

      !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾

  • Vivek Dash
    Vivek Dash Month ago +1

    Matrix reloaded .. the very first movie I watched in computer in May 2003

    Now Deja Vu .. the Maayajal/Matrix of computers and machines still persists for me .


  • CAL
    CAL 21 day ago +5

    This trailer is somehow miles better than the entire movie, it's a damn shame.

  • tio4n
    tio4n 28 days ago +2

    that red and blue pill scenes that combine stuff from the trilogy's was Hella cool.....

  • The Weirddons
    The Weirddons Month ago

    amazing the idea of making the whole movie a Deja Vu of the classic trilogy ...

  • Yury Kozyrev
    Yury Kozyrev Month ago +2

    Just take my money, Matrix is the biggest reason why I went to the software engineering 10 years ago and have money now, i just want to feel myself young again

  • Chris Goodluck
    Chris Goodluck Month ago

    Just binged the old four today. Guess I'm ready for the release now

  • Irinadeen
    Irinadeen Month ago


  • Hass Maíz
    Hass Maíz Month ago

    Necesito verla ya!

  • koopanique
    koopanique Month ago

    That shot of a large-scale battle with Machine Airships at 0:38 looks sick as heck

  • the21stsergeant
    the21stsergeant Month ago

    I grow more excited than skeptical about this film every bloody day. The trailers have been fantastic.

  • M Faridi
    M Faridi Month ago +1

    For a moment I was disappointed that I will have to savour both of his epics in the same year... Then Google told me that 'Chapter Four' is scheduled for the next year... 🙃🙃


    I so can’t wait for this 🙌🏽

  • Exeedra
    Exeedra Month ago +152

    Okay, this is hands down the BEST teaser yet! I'm so excited I can't put it into words!!

    • Exeedra
      Exeedra Month ago +3

      @Powerhouse Whoa...

    • Powerhouse
      Powerhouse Month ago +7

      You just did…. 💊

    DARK JEDI Month ago

    Forget Marvel/DC, this one right here is the true blockbuster experience! 👏🏻🔴🔵

  • Eye In The Triangle

    Wow, Neo is finally waking up! The last movies he was still in the Blue Pill Matrix 🤯

  • Maka Ron
    Maka Ron Month ago

    "Deja Vu" is literally this whole movie :)
    Remember The Matrix?
    Well, here's The Matrix.....AGAIN!!!

  • NZ Toy Reviews
    NZ Toy Reviews Month ago

    This takes me back to 1999 … I feel Matrix marathon comin’ on! 🤩👉🎥

  • Wholy
    Wholy Month ago +133

    *You have a problem with authority* , Mr. Anderson. You believe you are special, that somehow the rules do not apply to you. Obviously, you are mistaken.

      CHOUSASUKE Month ago

      LUV IT!!!

    • Rediscover With Rinka
      Rediscover With Rinka Month ago +2

      *Bad or good, but we all going to watch it!*

    • Lancelot Du Lac
      Lancelot Du Lac Month ago +7

      The time has come to make a mistake, Mr. Anderson. Either you choose to be mistaken on time from this day forth, or you choose to find yourself another mistake. Do I make myself mistaken?

  • virtualnate
    virtualnate Month ago

    We better hear these words at the end of the film:
    "Kept you waiting, Mr. Anderson"

  • Pavel Korvizhin
    Pavel Korvizhin Month ago

    Thank you, the Matrix is ​​back!!!

  • Kathryn Kando
    Kathryn Kando Month ago +1

    The fourth parts of any given movie series are always great. Right? Oh, wait…

  • Welton Barbosa
    Welton Barbosa Month ago

    The feeling when you favorite MMO get when the servers shot down before a new patch...
    Them it's the same, but different...

    That's the feeling.

  • Issey Fujishima
    Issey Fujishima Month ago +80

    This is beautiful. Along with the first trailer, it is so refreshing to see a trailer that doesn't follow the repeated-to-death 'Inception' style but evokes mystery, concept, associations. Looking very forward to the movie and have my expectations overturned.

    • Issey Fujishima
      Issey Fujishima Month ago +4

      I just watched it again and get goosebumps from the voice and sound editing. Whoever made this trailer, please give them a raise.
      I speculate that social media is the matrix-within-the-matrix in this story, like a rogue virus that the machines need to control-and that is why they resurrect Neo, to help them keep fight it together with the real-world humans...

    LUIS CARRASCO Month ago

    Thanks to this trailer I just realized the story of the new Matrix movie. All we see is the current world, it's the 21st century. Humans and machines are no longer at war, it is the humans who by choice want to stay in the Matrix which would now be the "real" world. The machines made this new Matrix to keep humans happy and by mutual agreement. Now neo and Trinity are rather the enemies of the movie against a world where humans see them as a danger to their happiness. Humans know them since the machines have made humanity aware of everything that happened through the Matrix movie which is shown in theaters. That is why the humans are seen fighting against Neo and Trinity.

    The movie will be an impressive depiction of today's world, where humans are aware of their dependence on technology and want to remain part of it.

  • Major John Madhur
    Major John Madhur Month ago +2

    I got it, I got it. They changed everything happened in that trilogy as if that was never happened and replaced it with the current timed versions of the actor/ actress with that black cat, having some things in common so that we can understand that we're in the same old Matrix and not in any other movie. I understood it after watching the Deja Vu a couple of times. Goosebumps....... 🙃