Intel is in serious trouble. ARM is the Future.

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • In this video I discuss the growing belief that ARM will come to dominate the PC Market, from laptops to tablets, servers and even the Desktop.
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  • Coreteks
    Coreteks  27 days ago +741

    The right to bear ARMs? Intel disARMed? Dads in the audience, hit me with your best puns :)

    • No Name
      No Name Day ago

      Having big ARMs, is the core of my strength

    • 0 1
      0 1 5 days ago

      There is always fuckers everywhere they are the enemies of success , keep it going , you are doing great , RESPECT!!!.

    • Leon Mercy
      Leon Mercy 6 days ago


    • Ionut
      Ionut 8 days ago

      I just hope more competitors appear in the hawrdware world.

    • Taylor Albaugh
      Taylor Albaugh 9 days ago

      Intel: my ARM hurts! ☹️

  • Bojan Kotur
    Bojan Kotur 22 hours ago

    The reason why we're still using x86 architecture in 2019 is because of backward compatibility.

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma Day ago

    I'm a Linux user ... From my experience I can tell... AMD (both CPU & GPU) is far more reliable than Intel, performance wise ... Reliability wise and Stability wise ..!
    AMD is just awesome and flawless when coupled with open source platform.

  • George W. Bush
    George W. Bush Day ago

    Why are you so monotone??

  • Jason King
    Jason King Day ago

    Intel is getting pounded by AMD on the left and ARM on the right.... can they come through this....

  • Rod Kerkhoven
    Rod Kerkhoven Day ago

    Armageddon for Intel. Don't be concerned about the dislikes. Most mean nothing because if they did they would get serious and make a counter video. I believe that you will see none forth coming and you are not supposed to know everything and you are allowed your opinion. Keep going. The presentation is good and it is up to enthusiasts to research the debate if they can be bothered. I have more important things to do at 4.23 in the morning. :D

  • Tasty Tinfoil
    Tasty Tinfoil Day ago

    Clicked for the background noise, left because he kept eating his mic

  • Diego Ladron
    Diego Ladron 2 days ago

    The dislikes are just intel fan boys

  • Pepsimaru
    Pepsimaru 2 days ago

    That was quality content

  • Shubham shaw
    Shubham shaw 2 days ago

    SHAKTI is the Future.

  • mrtheoden
    mrtheoden 3 days ago

    a) Apple is a cunt company that makes dodgy products at highly inflated prices (see any of Louis Rossman's excellent videos on Apple's poorly designed hardware and abusive anti competitive behaviours)
    b) Apple ram RISC based processors in the way back (Intel manufactured PowerPC 970 as an example). It ran hot...was underpowered vs Intel CPUs and wasn't cheap to manufacture/develop or maintain. Apple dropped it like a hot potato when the first Intel based core 2 duos came out, which shat upon the 970 in every.single.way.
    The last true RISC CPU was the Alpha DEC, long since discontinued as very little software was ported to run on it (NT3/NT4 were the last server based Microsoft o/s from memory). Even now, Oh wait, that's where Intel got its RISC IP
    Fewer operating systems (read: few) support optimised ARM code, Debian is One of the few that I can think of these days...
    The average user isn't going to replace their entire computer system(s) to move to ARM either btw. Microsoft can try and push towards ARM only, but it WILL go bankrupt if it tries to do so.

  • Aayush Lamichhane
    Aayush Lamichhane 3 days ago

    Intel is no threat as each and every software and os need to changed to arms requirements.

  • Jonathan Peña
    Jonathan Peña 3 days ago

    Hi, I really like the content of your videos in terms of the information you portray, but you NEED to improve the audio. It's not that the quality of the audio is low, it's that you over-emphasize the low end of your voice and play it too loud. Additionally, the way you narrate is very flat and kind of boring. I think you stand to gain a much larger audience if you improve that since the videos themselves are full of meaty info.
    All the best!

  • w32.deadcode.a
    w32.deadcode.a 3 days ago

    I like your enthusiasm for things most people are to brain washed to get excited about. I dig how your able to see the shit through the flies, and see things how they are.

  • Deadpool Who
    Deadpool Who 3 days ago

    Intel : Lvl 1 Crook
    AMD : Lvl 35 Boss
    ARM : Lvl 99 Big Boss
    That's how Mafia works!

  • Deadpool Who
    Deadpool Who 3 days ago

    Keep it up.
    Ignore the fan boys.
    *That's how mafia works!*

  • Aryan Dey
    Aryan Dey 3 days ago

    Well improving is all they need

  • OverDrive Online
    OverDrive Online 3 days ago

    One thing that was missed...
    In 1986 the first development processors were released as co-processors to the BBC Micro, which you do mention, though the year after this, the Acorn Archimedes was released, which was a full blown desktop system and the start of a range of computers that continues in a few different forms today.
    The initial Acorn Archimedes ran at 8Mhz, but at its release was the fastest desktop computer in terms of raw performance, benchmarking higher than the PC's available at the time. Even before the Rasberry Pi and the derivatives that have come out since, the ARM chip has been used in powerful desktop computers with pre-emptive multitasking OS since 1987, including a Unix workstation which was used as a server system within Acorn up until its takeover by Pace electronics in the late 1990's.

  • Даниил Кириллов

    835 can run GTA5,wait,what?

  • John Balladear
    John Balladear 4 days ago

    Thank you for this explanation which, although quite technical for a novice, is perfectly understandable.

  • Paul Aiello
    Paul Aiello 4 days ago +1

    For me, Intel is the real problem, they've been so asleep with the cpu market and not moving forward much that the likes of Microsoft and Apple ended up looking for alternatives as progress was slow with x86 for so many years and ARM's looked a lot more promising.
    AMD kind of changed all that, at least for now where now x86 is taking big leaps forward, think about it, just two years ago, mid range cpu's ware 4 cores, by 2020, it's looking like we could get mid range cpus with 16 cores at a mid range price, thats a major leap forward and widern the gap a lot over ARM's.
    The irony is that Intel was doing it's best to allow ARM's a foot hold in the PC market, Nvidia wasn't much help either which both companies over the last 10 years have really been holding the PC back with lack of progress and high prices and now ARM's is taking advantage of that.
    Whats funny about all this is that AMD might of saved Intel by forcing them to wake up and because of that and Ryzen doing well and Intel likely going to react to Ryzen in time, the gap from ARM's and x86 is likely going to get a lot wider over the next few years, afterall, ARM's had it easy to close the gap because x86 wasn't moving much.
    Also like others have said, you can't compare number of cores and GHz from x86 to ARM's and think you'll get around the same performance, it doesn't work that way, x86 is way faster then ARM's in overall performance terms and that gap could get a lot worse thanks to AMD.
    To give you an idea, I have a really old i7, one of the first quad cores on the market and yet I can run Android in emulation and it will run rings around what ARM's is doing when running software and games on it and doing it in emulation mode is a lot more demanding then native mode, so in otherwords, even quit old x86 cpu's blow away what ARM's can do.
    It simply boils down to this, power comsumption, heat and size, x86 have a lot more room to work with and yes ARM's could scale up for the desktop but we've not seen any real signs of that yet.
    Now don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with ARM's on the PC but they've got two major problems to contend with, one being software compatablity and two, performance which ARM's is not even close yet and as I said above, thanks to AMD Ryzen, x86 over the next few years could widern the gap again.

  • 00tact
    00tact 4 days ago

    In a word No

  • WanderfalkeAT
    WanderfalkeAT 4 days ago

    RISC is a old Story just warmed up again through the RISC Processors used in Mobile Devices! And what does Apple do: Ditch the i7 for ARM - This will bite them in their Collective Arses again! They switched to Intel once because their RISC Architeture Apple Desktops and Laptops went nowhere! If Microsoft thinks they can bring the same Enthusiast Platforms like Gamer Rig's to ARM based ones - They are crazy! But Microsoft had allready some stupid Blunders, why not annother one! On the Server Market and Mobile Market however I am sure ARM based Systems make a great Leap forward, as they allready are in the Mobile non x86/64 Sector. But do not ever compare the x86/64 Architecture to RISC again like you did in that Video. If you do, you get hate from everyone who knows the actual differences. RISC is so far from what a CISC architecture can do as a Baby Toddler from a Teenager! Running complex Simulations on RISC takes so many more Steps compared to CISC that Clock Frequencies and Core Count compareances are utterly stupid! You need 4-8 Cores of RISC for a Operation that a Dual Core i3 can do at once. And in todays High End Computer Games and Applications Complexity is key! And RISC can't even be on the same Ladder than CISC. That is why it is called "Reduced" Instruction Set Computing and not Complex Instruction Set Computing. I am a fan of Corel for Graphics so I do not care what Adobe does anyway. If you get Game Companies to go from X86 to ARM, I would reconcider, but to be blunt: That is too much to ask from them. And you have to convince PC Hardware users to Switch to a completely new architecture that is less capable than their Intel Desktop CPU's where every bit of Power Counts. Yes I am a PC Gamer with a Hell of a Rig. You can call me PC Masterrace Idiot, I do not care. But Graphics do not make a good Game today but Complexity is. One example is the ingame Opponents A.I. you have to fight against in certain Games, which allready bring CISC Architectures to a Bottleneck. Not even imaginable how this would stress RISC Processors. I did not even mention that the Microsoft and SONY Consoles went from RISC to X64 Architecture because the Games got too complex to run on RISC Chips! And before you comment: Consider that I did not give you a Thumbs Down yet!

  • Sebastian Gruber-Kersting

    Are you aware that Intel has a very special license to not only produce, but also modify ARM architecture?! The product-line from this license is called X-Scale and was not very successful, because Intel did not want to put too much effort in promoting it.
    But this might change, since ARM is about to enter the data-center market at larger scale with new architectures of up to 48 core processors and even beyond that in the foreseeable future. It is not that these ARM with large number of cores will be especially fast, but they certainly will come along with a good power efficiency. But while the valuable market of data-center servers is one of the most lucrative, Intel might certainly not just watch ARM architecture manufacturers to just overtake this market, but try to take some actions to encounter such attempts.
    So it is not just the mobile market, where Intel is not very competitive, because of the lack of power efficiency in their x86/AMD64 processor family compared to architecures like ARM/AARCH64 or Loongson/MIPS64, that may come in combination with co-processors like the Adapteva( / epiphany-V ( So there is certainly some substantial pressure on Intel to react on what is on it's way into the server market.
    Personally I am wondering if Intel might even reactivate their special ARM license with new products in this field ... while I am aware, that does at least not seem very likely at this time.

  • Matthew Menteer
    Matthew Menteer 4 days ago

    Could AMD and Intel and whomever else get together and make a modern processor architecture with no legacy support? if we flipped to ARM this would likely do the same thing to x86. i get that we have hardware bloat, if we could draw a line in the sand and commit to features going forward and ditch everything else.... Could we see the same type of benefit of going to a reduced instruction set? (i get that it would be reduced) but make it like a modern chip. Then maybe we can tackle other things like near chip memory, better I/O lanes/connectors, and various other things that would be disruptive. Basically starting over fresh with a new design...

  • Vanguardas
    Vanguardas 4 days ago

    Good luck running servers, 4K games, simulations, rendering,etc. off of those junk ass chips. x86 isnt going anywhere you fucking fool

  • Ganja Trooper
    Ganja Trooper 4 days ago

    Take a shot each time he says armmmmm.

  • chronoss chiron
    chronoss chiron 4 days ago

    and they have not fixed the exploits is done

  • Mukesh Jadhav
    Mukesh Jadhav 4 days ago

    Very well explained sir ..Thank you so much

  • Alvin Norin
    Alvin Norin 4 days ago

    This voice is ASMR

  • Florian Menges
    Florian Menges 5 days ago

    you're mixing apples with pears... so sry but pointless video

  • Alan Karcich
    Alan Karcich 5 days ago

    i'm not sure if i agree yet, but i have to admit you make a compelling argument. ARM was a favorite of my college architecture teacher.

  • Rerez
    Rerez 6 days ago

    Fantastic video. Very informative and lots of great insights!

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden 6 days ago

    When signal input keeps your PC running when unplugged it's called poltergeist .

  • JameEnder
    JameEnder 6 days ago

    Dude i need to know the name of that music at the start.

  • Alex
    Alex 6 days ago

    Can I ask for the first song ?
    Btw.nice video

  • DearPowa Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

    This video is so High Quality, good job

  • trakaiszeks
    trakaiszeks 6 days ago

    we better hope the ARM is not the future.

  • juggernautxtr
    juggernautxtr 7 days ago

    ARM is absolute crap, subsidized so heavily by intel to get sold it's pathetic.

  • nw8000
    nw8000 7 days ago

    What not tits??

  • e2e4au
    e2e4au 7 days ago

    Apple has tried this before when they sold PowerPC CPU and that never went all that well. The advantage Apple has is that it controls all levels of design and development so it can push ARM apps faster then almost any other Company.

  • paciouno1
    paciouno1 7 days ago

    Intel is always in trouble but they manage to prevail wtf is your point.

  • MisterChief53
    MisterChief53 7 days ago

    So. Much. Bass.

  • Vermillion
    Vermillion 7 days ago

    Intel's stock is doing fine, they're totally not in any trouble.

  • David Porowski
    David Porowski 7 days ago

    Like & Subscribe
    OUTstanding Presentation !!
    Open Source & RISC are the
    FUTure/ eventually running
    off of transient background
    radiation (like 5G or equivalent Or ZPE)
    Thanks for sharing

  • Art Human
    Art Human 7 days ago

    what's the difference intel and Arm ?

  • George David
    George David 7 days ago

    Intel has tons in the hide. They just released things little by little. I hate them.. On the other hand AMD let me down with the new generations of CPU's.. I'm still on Intel and quite happy but if you check the prices they are actually the same. ARM is not the future for sure.. Apple has tons of tech, Intel and AMD.. the others are way behind. Also you are comparing different architectures. Is not the way to go. You should make a classification and compare apples with apples.

  • Giorgi Gzirishvili
    Giorgi Gzirishvili 7 days ago

    You forgot to mention that one of the measures Intel is taking is diversifying their business. They're trying to capture some GPU market in order to stay relevant in tech. They've released commercial chips (Atom X3) with ARM graphics (Mali), and recently they've started working on discrete GPUs. And while an average person might think Intel wants to enter the gaming market, their main focus is actually parallel computing, data mining, and AI.

  • Edrick Vince Velicaria

    I guess the next gen consoles is gonna fuck off backwards compatibility... Again

  • life1 system
    life1 system 8 days ago

    it is juicy info video 😎👍

  • life1 system
    life1 system 8 days ago

    😏 you have small eyes 👉 "IBM" have Biotechnology processor, and guest who are with them? intel😎

  • It's La Salade Gelée.
    It's La Salade Gelée. 8 days ago +2

    there is 40+ arm-based architecture. It's not.

  • Smart Halayla
    Smart Halayla 8 days ago

    This Arm is going to milk people money..

  • Ryan Leis
    Ryan Leis 8 days ago

    BULLSHIT..! that's a waste of my time video...! these ARM-panic mode has been around since early 2000's try to dig more worthy documentaries AssWipe...!

  • Padge Padgham
    Padge Padgham 8 days ago +5

    I look forward to a desktop ARM processor, but will certainly move to ARM when a decent laptop is introduced.
    Brilliant video and overview, thanks.

  • Andy English
    Andy English 9 days ago

    Interesting video. I'm... not well studied on the intricacies of hardware archietecture so I can't really vouch for its accuracy, but honestly if ARM chips progress as fast as you suggest it really makes me excited for the future of mobile gaming (like, a Switch or Shield successor, not so much smart phone/tablet games)

  • bBrain
    bBrain 9 days ago

    No sorry, Desktops are not going anywhere... Arm is not the replacement. rofl 5 years? Come on. 5 years ago did we see CPUs where they are now? Just making some wild claim x64 cpus can't innovate fast enough for arm to take over? I mean you defeat your own argument by making the AMD statement. Intel might be bringing something to the table that raises the bar. Man there is so many videos bashing Intel when Intel has lead the way for years and years.

  • CupOfAwesome
    CupOfAwesome 9 days ago

    How the hell does this guy have just 27k subs? And how the hell does this video have 2,4k dislikes? I guess nerds are like vegans now?

  • Leslie Dellow
    Leslie Dellow 9 days ago

    Businesses have huge amounts of money invested in software, as well as entire systems, which will only run on x86 processors, and that just about says all that needs to be said. I am no fan of the x86, but that is just the way it is.

  • Daniel Picasso
    Daniel Picasso 9 days ago

    you seem to have done research on what you're saying but the video is too boring for me to get past the 10 min mark.
    Presentation is everything.

  • Roko Krstičević
    Roko Krstičević 9 days ago

    Quality of this video is surprisingly good.

  • ensoniq2k
    ensoniq2k 9 days ago

    Qualcomm gets hate from me only because they killed the Mirasol display. Such a great piece of technology. I assume switching to ARM ist mostly a good thing. Intel will have a good run for their money in the next years.

  • Zoltán Török
    Zoltán Török 9 days ago

    What I really need is a light laptop with modest CPU power but excellent battery life, open source and Linux compatible to get rid of Microsoft, as I just want to use it as a mobile work station Everything more power demanding could be ran on a server with remote access. I do not care it will be x86 or ARM but I need the best battery life, I want real choice and open source support. ARM seems to be a good alternative.

  • Charlike Mike Reagent

    Intel is doomed. Even Thunderbolt 3 won't help them, or not at that scale.
    Tell me, if we will live in an always-online always-connected always-powered world with 5G everywhere and huge battery life and performance... why would we care about TB3? We just won't.
    Good job on the video!

  • Michael Flores
    Michael Flores 9 days ago

    Seems like the comments are going to make your next video accurate.

  • Einhärjar
    Einhärjar 9 days ago

    Not just older people who use Apple because of the hassle free experience. I use a mac on which I also have linux. For when I want to just sit back and do normal day to day stuff I use Mac OS, when doing something else I switch over to Linux. Microsoft is a pain in the butt and a really terrible experience in every possible way. The only time I use Windows is at work where I have to.

  • MundMoriginal
    MundMoriginal 9 days ago

    I switched from socket 1155 i5 3570k 12GB DDR3 to Ryzen 5 2600x 16GB DDR4 three days ago. Intel did not deserve my money after making it obvious they only upped their game after AMD blew them out of the water!

  • Charonic
    Charonic 9 days ago

    I love this video! Most of the dislikes in the comments don't seem to be very well backed up so it just sounds like Intel fans are being bitter.

    • Michael Mantion
      Michael Mantion 6 days ago

      I disliked it because of the background music. Couldn't make it a minute. hopefully he will upload a version with out music because I really want to know his opinion.

  • goofybits none
    goofybits none 10 days ago

    With the rapid changes happening in the embedded processor landscape with open architectures like RISC-V (and open sourced MIPS), it's the ARMs base that is being threatened. These allows constructing extremely optimized designs at fraction of the cost needed for ARM based designs (due to the hefty licensing and royalty costs).

  • matox01tekk
    matox01tekk 10 days ago

    hmm interesting i dont really care about small battery driven devices but this could brink some life in long run into the boring desktop segment. Dont worry about dislikes you have half milion views there gotta be people who just dislike without single explanation

    THE16THPHANTOM 10 days ago

    intel is going out the way Nokia did. sitting on their asses until its too late.

  • Eugen Krause
    Eugen Krause 10 days ago

    Then how much trouble is AMD in? What are they going to do?

  • Strider VM
    Strider VM 10 days ago

    A counter argument to this video is the direct opposite I would ask : Why Intel (Or AMD) hasn't dominated mobile yet? They have a 32 core, 64 thread processor that owns every ARM processor on IPC and has loads of threads for programs to do it. Why haven't they done so? The answer is in a way a direct parallel on why ARM cannot just overtake the fastest processors (Which is dominated by Intel) used by servers.

  • Douglas A
    Douglas A 10 days ago

    Love the voice, first time here, keep up the good work

  • gamebent
    gamebent 10 days ago

    Thank you.

  • Jan Willem v.d. Gronden

    In my day Phillips Nino, Casio Cassiopeia were the multi media Bricks (I loved them, even had the sx45i from Siemens, an E125 with GPRS add-on) which all ran on MIPS processors. Along came the Ipaq from HP compaq and Dell jumped on board and other pocketpc manufacturers and they forced the hand of MS to narrow support down to just.... wait for it... ARM! So when did this all change?
    [ Rant]
    I know, that is a silly question. I left the hardware feud shortly after pocketpc was abandoned. Even though I loved the design (UI) of Windows Phone, I hated the UX as somehow to me MS betrayed their loyal user base of pocketpc, which until then was a goldmine for them of free testers, highly active community and filled with power users who knew exactly how to improve on that beautiful ecosystem.
    The Apple multi touch interface was an awesome improvement but the stuff we could do on our pocketpc’s were light years ahead of the pathetic crap Apple offered, the walled garden and the folder and icon interface that shouldn’t even carry the name interface. I’m still a reluctant user of iPhones, simply because I so much dislike android. And for my phone to be functional, I can’t afford the app gap in the windows ecosystem.
    MS should have kept their power base alive and offer two inroads into their new exosystem: a walled garden for the regular users and an option to follow through on pocketpc. They committed harakiri by abandoning that platform.
    So in short, their predicament possibly would be less severe if they hadn’t abandoned MIPS to begin with. They basically wiggled their butt into a vender lock-in state. Result is always bad in the end; It’s like crawling in a traffic jam; for a second it seems smart to move to the next lane, just to watch your old lane whisk passed after a few minutes...

  • Sapphie
    Sapphie 10 days ago

    I can't wait for ARM to take over. I hate x86 with such a passion

  • jmintube
    jmintube 10 days ago

    I don't see how ARM can compete with an AMD APU in the laptop market, unless we are looking 5 years out

  • Klarald Blok
    Klarald Blok 10 days ago

    will the ARM cpu have 4 full power cores? or 2 stronger and 6 weaker?

  • YouTube Editor
    YouTube Editor 10 days ago

    Screen that stretches 😂

  • Dinushka M
    Dinushka M 10 days ago

    some use-cases ARM instruction are very inefficient, so what i think is the market for intel&AMD will become small. only part of server / datacenter will be ARM. X86 will be there for a very long time.
    apple will not go full ARM, for all laptops there will always be x86 a least for mackbook pro or software interface for x86 worse case. ARM High performance cpu's compared to intel not a huge power difference, so it all dependence on work load. only thing i see low clocked high core ARM cpus are very good at web server stuff. where lots of small threads happens

  • Serge Lussier
    Serge Lussier 10 days ago

    Il always hated Intel x86 based Arch. Just can't stand its asm complexity. From 6502/10 passing by the 68000 familly, Superiority and simplicity. Dot.

  • Shaun Patrick O'Jameson

    Intel has a racist, sexist hiring and advancement policy. A few years ago they cut $300 million from their R&D budget and spent it on a mission to discriminate against white men. I welcome Intel's downfall.
    My part in their demise was to buy an ARM based Chromebook. It's fast, fanless and cheap. Unfortunately Google has the same racist and sexist ideology as Intel but I give them as little money as possible.

  • George Kontopoulos
    George Kontopoulos 10 days ago

    Awesome video.
    Another potential example of companies relying so much on their cash-cow product to postpone innovation until it is too late...
    Joseph Schumpeter was relevant since 1942, describing "Creative Destruction" (innovation deconstructing long-standing arrangements and freeing resources to be deployed elsewhere)

  • Sam Brockman
    Sam Brockman 10 days ago

    RISC-V is the future.

  • H4x0r 666
    H4x0r 666 11 days ago

    Do you mean ARM86x? "Arm86x". "64xnative" "64-bit". "32Armx". "32-bit".
    it's the architechture of a computer. colours,renderer,video encoding,overlay.

  • milkcrate music
    milkcrate music 11 days ago

    Love the video but i feel like your tone and style reminds me too much of top 10 scary location & haunting stories type of vibe :P. All great info though just you have the perfect emphasis and tone for horror and creepy story lists. " Even when he had returned it was too late and he had an undead arm cpu allegedly staring him down with its dead empty onboard SoC's.

  • Batman
    Batman 11 days ago

    ARM can replace Intel? are you saying that RISC is more powerful than CISC? are you mad or something?

  • Aiden Pierce
    Aiden Pierce 11 days ago

    what about IBM comp and there 5nm?

  • ExE Boss
    ExE Boss 11 days ago

    I’d like to see a full video explaining the differences between and the advantages and disadvantages of ARM and x86 architectures.

  • jaredliv
    jaredliv 11 days ago

    Grand Theft Auto V on a Qualcomm GPU? Where?

  • Тролль Лесной

    место arm - -у параши- в кофеварках, утюгах и патефонах, но ни как не в серьезной вычислительной технике.

  • wince333
    wince333 11 days ago

    But, 7nm and after 1nm ? Intel amd qualcomm ... make only more and more core ? New architecture and after ? More mhz,pipeline,3d structure and ? After risc ? ALIEN quantum techno ? :-D

  • Aereto
    Aereto 11 days ago

    I rarely give out dislikes (or likes) in videos I watch, but you managed to earn it.
    ARM is one thing, x86-64 IS another. ARM muscling into the PC has to face a performance weakness inherent to its architecture that time cannot overcome: The instruction set.
    RISC has its advantages and disadvantages the same way its competitors have theirs.
    ARM can compete with light/standard workstations or datacenter systems thanks to efficiency in the instructions. Bring it into the public consumer desktops or high performance laptops for gaming or generalist roles, and it runs into serious problems that x86-64 have already dealt with in its instruction set.
    I am a student in the Information Systems, not in software engineering, so I am not dealing closer to the hardware, but I will get flak if the applications fail to work on transition to a completely different architecture unless there is a project team who is the one handling that.
    And judging from the comments, there are other software engineers and IT-field practitioners present in the video who are none too happy with this video.

  • Michael Bishop
    Michael Bishop 11 days ago

    I pray that Linux Ubuntu, Mint, etc makes some ARM OS's.

  • Matthew Grotke
    Matthew Grotke 11 days ago

    I love my desktop PC, but I honestly don't care if the CPU is ARM or x86. As long as it's fast and software is available for it. If large companies like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, (etc) are designing desktop software for native ARM, then I have confidence it will take over and game developers will easily transition to compiling for ARM. x86 is a dinosaur, based on 8086 Architectures from the '80s. It's so full of junk instructions that aren't used anymore like the x87 floating point that is made completely obsolete by extensions such as MMX, SSE (multiple versions), 3DNow!. The ARM archetecture doesn't need any extensions because the core instruction set already covers floating point and SIMD. It's just a superior system, and the way to optimize it with dataflow analysis at compile time, not through pipelining.

  • mfdoom7
    mfdoom7 11 days ago

    Forget ARM. chiplets cpu design is future.

  • shivam shorewala
    shivam shorewala 11 days ago

    RISC V chips are the future. If you know you know.

  • Victor Sinha
    Victor Sinha 11 days ago

    nice one dimwit!