Intel is in serious trouble. ARM is the Future.

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • In this video I discuss the growing belief that ARM will come to dominate the PC Market, from laptops to tablets, servers and even the Desktop.
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  • Coreteks
    Coreteks  29 days ago +176

    I understand why many of you have disliked the video, but Intel have now confirmed that Apple will be moving to ARM chips:,38668.html - What I discussed in this video 3 months ago is gradually becoming a reality, step by step (if you've been following the news you'll probably agree) so if you've disliked previously, consider giving the video a "like" now as channels with a lot of dislikes get buried by youtube's algorithm. Thanks! :)

    • R Hartley
      R Hartley Day ago

      +nickwarrior5 Ditto Microsoft.

    • asdf
      asdf 8 days ago

      You mention Apple like 20 times and not a single mention of Linux (I.E Android).

    • nickwarrior5
      nickwarrior5 10 days ago

      The same company that ditched the headphone jack? Apple doing something is not spectacular. They have a history of killing things really early, or even thinking its the future when it is not.

    • Hodey FU
      Hodey FU 12 days ago

      The only reason the switched would be more control. No more custom Macs, no more hackintosh. Apple hates not being in control of your product. That's the reason.

    • ulialia
      ulialia 13 days ago +1

      Manlio Cipullo what is Apple ? :) another TSMC's client ?

  • M B
    M B 9 hours ago

    typical anti-Intel bullshit .. the uploader likes anti-Intel comments .. this channel is built on false theories

  • Blake R.
    Blake R. Day ago

    AMD till I D.I.E!!!

  • Matt McIver
    Matt McIver Day ago +1

    Isn't apple going to make its own processors?

  • Spacecookie
    Spacecookie 2 days ago

    But this is what they were saying back when it was new and highly visible. It's the future. It's so much more amazing than x86 chips etc, etc.

  • Adrian-Cristian Nicolaescu

    Yeah? Have a look at how smaller notebooks and netbooks start using more and more vPros from Intel ;)

  • magicsinglez
    magicsinglez 3 days ago

    Whichever one uses the most power will win. Global warming. Global warming requires 40 cores. . .

  • Ian Greenhalgh
    Ian Greenhalgh 4 days ago

    In the early 90s, the Acorn Archimedes, with it's Risc ARM CPU and excellent GUI made the contemporary 486 Wintel PCs and Macs look like overpriced junk; therefore it is, for British users at least, a simple matter of: finally, ARM has taken it's rightful place as the premier architecture and platform on the desktop. In truth, Intel, Microsoft and Apple have behaved like corporate thugs and dropped the ball so badly by their constant betrayal of consumers that the advent of Unix-based Risc machines as the new defacto standard has been inevitable for a long time now. What was the best available in the 90s - a Unix-Risc workstation, is now going to be, once again, the best available. If this means the death of Apple, Microsoft and Intel, I shall be quite happy, they deserve to die.

  • Jana Raj
    Jana Raj 5 days ago

    Waiting for x128 bit architecture & Twin processor bridging. xxxGb ram....

  • Arjun Dev
    Arjun Dev 6 days ago

    I hope the console gaming industry start to consider taking this transition!

    WEE WILLY 7 days ago

    This is crow technology, using sparkle and gloss to hide deep defects. Basic strategy of being excessive to reduce spread. Shutting down globalized mass media (like drivers flooding gas chamber by excessive throttling), to push consumers back into localized markets (but still charging owners for extra fuel and labor). Please stop cheating one another, whether it is capital scamming labor, or labor scamming capital.

  • Burny
    Burny 7 days ago


  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 8 days ago


  • MrMovieMan941
    MrMovieMan941 9 days ago +1

    Now imagine Adobe softwares, davicnhi resolve, blender running natively on arm :)

  • MineMC
    MineMC 10 days ago +1

    Headache free experience on macs... good joke bro!

  • MegaLazygamer
    MegaLazygamer 10 days ago

    This is a conversation we have been having since before x86 existed. It's almost like a hipster talking point. People made this argument in the 70s with z-80, the 80s with 6800 and MIPS, the 90s with PowerPC, now everyone is obsessed with ARM. Apple will probably move to ARM, but it PC market share, despite what everyone wants to believe, is insignificant. Also Intel has a stranglehold on the server market. Why do people have such a hard time believing that Intel knows what it's doing?

    • asdf
      asdf 8 days ago

      Because they are losing I assume

  • lim sheng
    lim sheng 10 days ago


  • yeti dynamics
    yeti dynamics 10 days ago

    Intel isn't in trouble, they'll just be forced to compete now, and they'll just start making ARM chips if they have to

    • yeti dynamics
      yeti dynamics 6 days ago

      +Shreyas Pimpalgaonkar you are partially correct, the Architecture is patented, by "Arm Holdings" however they license it out so chip makers can make their own chips. Intel would have to develop their own "Intel Arm" processor. Arm Holdings *could* deny them a license but this doesn't seem realistic.. Intel is not in a happy spot atm, but they'll figure out something

    • Shreyas Pimpalgaonkar
      Shreyas Pimpalgaonkar 7 days ago

      yeti dynamics i dont think they have the rights to make ARM chips because of patents

  • Faisal
    Faisal 10 days ago

    Why can't I Google start a chip maker they have ton of resources there are only 2 processor company and 100 of phone companies

    • Noorquacker
      Noorquacker 9 days ago

      *Huge* research and development costs. Maybe RISC-V will change something

  • uplink44
    uplink44 10 days ago

    Apple is anti-consumer, anti-technology and anti-competitive. Just like intel.

  • Karl Scheel
    Karl Scheel 10 days ago +1

    Coreteks, I'm surprised that you made no mention of the *Raspberry Pi* or other single-board computers that use ARM chips! From a security standpoint, the ARM chips that are used in Raspberry Pies are superior to those made by Intel or AMD, because their cores do not employ speculative-execution, unlike those from Intel and AMD (i.e., they are *completely immune* to the Meltdown and Spectre hardware vulnerabilities).

    • Karl Scheel
      Karl Scheel 8 days ago

      +TeCh ExPlOiTs No worries, mate! ;)

    • TeCh ExPlOiTs
      TeCh ExPlOiTs 9 days ago

      Karl Scheel I had no idea, thanks for the info

  • Welho_2014FI WotBlitz EU

    Lmao arm probably costs your whole arm

    • Welho_2014FI WotBlitz EU
      Welho_2014FI WotBlitz EU 9 days ago

      +Noorquacker probably less size ofc less money(yeah rather give ur child away then)

    • Welho_2014FI WotBlitz EU
      Welho_2014FI WotBlitz EU 9 days ago

      +Noorquacker yeah well if u want less die size anyways, its quite hard not to die if u have to die smaller

    • Noorquacker
      Noorquacker 9 days ago

      Are you deaf? Did you not hear the HP laptop was $150 less? And do you not know that with fewer transistors comes less die size, resulting in lower costs?

  • Vexcarius
    Vexcarius 11 days ago

    Your voice sounds like a narrator of a conspiracy theory. Lol it's fucking creepy.

  • Eric Hopper
    Eric Hopper 11 days ago +1

    Linux runs on ARM better than any of those companies you talked about. You talked about Apple and Microsoft being the 'biggest producers of software'. You completely ignore the Open Source industry, which dwarfs them both. You have a bizarre myopia there, not even talking about that sector.

  • str
    str 12 days ago

    Nicely made, no kid jumping around in front of the camera... More of that! Even more details

  • Caleb Whitehead
    Caleb Whitehead 12 days ago

    Why the fuck are you a graphic designer. You should work for an investment bank or start a hedge fund. You have an incredible eye for trends in tech. Like, at this point, you could use your videos as a portfolio for a junior analyst position and triple your salary.

  • Scientiae Magicae
    Scientiae Magicae 13 days ago

    Oh how nice it would be if AMD crush Intel into a thin piece of paper. Fuck Intel. If they were dominating fully they would be overcharging the fuck out of consumers. More so then they already do I mean.

  • Jeong-hun Sin
    Jeong-hun Sin 13 days ago +16

    So, when can I buy consumer ARM motherboards and ARM CPUs on Amazon?

  • Ibraheem Productions
    Ibraheem Productions 13 days ago +4

    Why are amd (cpu/gpu) PARTS cheaper, but their laptops cost an arm and a leg and Intel laptops are cheaper but their motherboards, cpu's ect. Are expensive.

  • DOT
    DOT 13 days ago +2

    I think if ARM takes over, and companies start making mainly ARM software, it won't be long before old X86 software is running just as good on ARM, I mean, it will run worse at first, but give it one or two generations of improvements and that will be negligible. So I think if we switch to ARM it is safe to say we'll be able to keep our old X86 software.

  • Beni Stingray
    Beni Stingray 13 days ago +2

    "Macs that just work" hahaha good joke!

  • khaoz z
    khaoz z 13 days ago +3

    Low power chipsets don't really take off in mainstream. Just look at the ARM based surface tablet from back in the day and how intels own low power chip the Atom processor did.

    • Sunil Janki
      Sunil Janki 11 days ago

      Chipsets have to offer high performance while still consuming little power. Devices with Cortex A76 and newer cores will give that performance parity with mainstream Intel Core i5/i7 and AMD Ryzen parts but it will take several more months for those to appear.

  • Jim Big
    Jim Big 13 days ago +3

    I'm all for it. Bring it on. Intel x86 architecture was never really efficient or well-designed, it just became standard and now we're stuck with it. x86_64 architecture was designed by AMD, but if ARM is better and more efficient, and already in mobile, I think we should all be compiling for that as standard.

    • David Miller
      David Miller 10 days ago

      this video is stupid. Apple is already having issues with arm and have gone their own way with intel.

  • Mr. LDD
    Mr. LDD 13 days ago

    Amd is the future, not arm))))))))

  • Peter Vlčko
    Peter Vlčko 13 days ago

    Right on the time. Still seems to me that computers a k a laptops offer less in bigger bodies in comparison with smart phones. And that really annoying me.
    I don't like Samsung but think about what everything is inside, appart from software, wireless technologies, charging, lighting detection and so on. Now you sit behind your pc and you need to adjust half of it manually if is there choice at all. Sick 🤮

    • David Miller
      David Miller 10 days ago

      fuck off. If i wanted to see the internet on a shitty 7 inch display i would get a tablet or a laptop, until then i prefer my Desktop. It's far more powerful and i don't have to squint to see shit. Fucking mobile users...

  • damny0utoobe
    damny0utoobe 14 days ago +1

    CISC is pronounced like Sisc not kisc. Someone didn't study computer architecture

  • CodeAsm
    CodeAsm 14 days ago

    I will go full Risc-V :D

  • Bird Queer
    Bird Queer 14 days ago +13

    Linux already works perfect on arm so im good to go...accept for my steam games heh

  • r p
    r p 14 days ago +3

    If you think switching to arm will eliminate bloat ware you are crazy. There will just be another race to the bottom.

  • Balla21
    Balla21 14 days ago

    Screw Intel. They were on top with no competition and decided to not innovate at all. AMD comes roaring back and whips the floor with corecount and lanes along with smaller and smaller dyes. Instead of playing scrooge mcduck they should have been pushing the limits

  • Jeffery Williams
    Jeffery Williams 14 days ago

    I did not realize such revolution in power consumption; impressive.

  • vincent fong
    vincent fong 15 days ago +1

    I never like Intel. Their chip is so expensive compared to arm.

  • Peter Duffy
    Peter Duffy 15 days ago

    arm processors what a joke no wonder the current consoles are so crap .

    • Jim Big
      Jim Big 13 days ago

      You can put a 100W processor in a desktop. You can't do that on mobile and low-power devices. Considering how little power they use, they are impressive. If you had a 100W ARM processor that used all that power efficiently, it would be SO much faster. That's what's coming.

  • Smfanqing Wu
    Smfanqing Wu 15 days ago

    as powerful as xboxones? finally onlyone (PUBGFOR IOS 12) reaches xboxones level(ipadpro 2018 new ).A12fusion vs AMDAPU 2013? Realracing 3 vs Forza 5?

    • Top Cat
      Top Cat 14 days ago

      If you want an answer write clearly

  • Brazen Bull
    Brazen Bull 15 days ago +3

    The only thing stopping me from embracing arm is my x86 software's/capabilities. I love my x86 Windows tablet, granted its less weildy using only a touchscreen. If we can get x86 app support with minimal lag on a arm cpu. Then I'm all for it. Till then I can't quite take arm seriously as a full time solution..

  • Eldad Kronfeld
    Eldad Kronfeld 15 days ago

    You are pointing out the good stuff about the arm but as many smart people said the bad thing about the arm is extremely low desktop adoption and i guess small native frameworks that supports it , arm is cool for some things and it is gaining more attention but if you develop on a x86 and x64 and deploy on the same architecture with almost no changes that beats the arm really hard , however I hope in the near future to see a transition for new desktop cpu that are stronger and cheaper that let's companies and developers adopt them easly

  • TheEpeebles
    TheEpeebles 15 days ago

    I can't wait to get one of these new devices. I Kid, I kid. [singing] I don't give F*)*, la la la la! My armpits are all good baby.....maybe.

  • Alex Coc
    Alex Coc 15 days ago

    Risc-V is the future?

  • Rafael
    Rafael 15 days ago +2

    X86 architecture is a pile of garbage, the only reason of its long survival is backward compatibility and PC standard.

  • Βασίλειος Μπεσλεμές

    I hope gpu cores will soon be able to simulate cpu cores with insane compute power, after that arm wont be able to compete, because for gpus more transistors mean more core meaning more computing power.

  • Flintshadowrider
    Flintshadowrider 15 days ago

    Eeesh cringing at the pronunciation of cisc ahhh

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 16 days ago


  • Bharat Ramishetty
    Bharat Ramishetty 16 days ago

    One reason for too many dislikes is you wont give a break to the listeners brain, man do you even breath? I know its editing but give the listeners a break in a long 25 min video, break with so much continuous talk you do.

  • Harvard Ford
    Harvard Ford 16 days ago +6

    I guess Microsoft failed due to it thinking using ARM was a bit RISC-y

  • possessiveclasher gaming

    Pls help me my mind is crazy literally i dreamt that when the universe was dieing it reseted and i literally saw i was transported to a place and was literally in 2012 and wanted to go to my old me so this was very weird and saw my family and wanted to go back

  • 626Pilot
    626Pilot 16 days ago +3

    Intel's X86 line might see a reduction in demand, but that is not their only business. They make loads of processors for every kind of application, some of which use a RISC platform. Even if X86 died tomorrow, they would not go out of business.

    • Sunil Janki
      Sunil Janki 11 days ago

      I see Intel making a big move for RISC-V in the future when ARM will be entrenched on the desktop and the server. They will still have the best chips, so nothing will really have changed from their perspective.

  • Vyom :D
    Vyom :D 16 days ago

    Hew hew hew; At the risk of sounding stupid in a decade; why don't you run GTA online and battlefield 5 on your ARM cpu and then talk, hew hew hew *smug face*
    No but seriously, taking on Intel is no easy challenge......

  • Lia Zoi
    Lia Zoi 16 days ago

    Paid by Arm. And not engr.

  • M Aa
    M Aa 16 days ago

    A lot of job losses for Intel employees.

  • Hansel Law
    Hansel Law 16 days ago

    Oh cool nice

  • DarkSolidity
    DarkSolidity 17 days ago +2

    Do you think .net frameworks will be compatible with arm chipsets?

    • Sunil Janki
      Sunil Janki 11 days ago

      I am pretty sure they already have all of that working on ARM or are actively working on porting it. But since there is no way for me to test it on an ARM single board computer I have here, I can't tell you for sure that they are.

  • Bill 123
    Bill 123 17 days ago +5

    People should realize that more transistors can consume more power and release more heat. At some point, we cannot continue increasing transistor density without melting the board or making the CPU unstable because of the heat. That will require a lot of cooling, which can cost a lot of money and space to implement.

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill 17 days ago +13

    I dispute the fact that Macs are reliable and "just work". Louis Rossmann disputes it as well.
    I also dispute the fact that Microsoft is trying to cut down on bloatware. Just take an OS upgrade and receive a free version of Candy Crush Saga plus all the other unwanted crap.

    • Jeremy Lawrence
      Jeremy Lawrence 14 days ago +1

      I would also dispute that Apple is "innovative"

    • anOKlamp
      anOKlamp 15 days ago

      Neither of those claims were central to the video, they just served as an intro as to why people might want to use ARM.

  • Corvus
    Corvus 17 days ago

    Time to dig out my old 'Intel Outside' sticker that I had on my Amiga! :) Great video, very informative.

  • 4623620
    4623620 17 days ago

    Six-five-oh-two for ever !

  • Kevin Phillips
    Kevin Phillips 17 days ago +2

    Great video. As someone who’s grown up through these times and witnessed first hand the potential hidden inside the ARM architecture, I’d say the future is fascinating. I used to write code for ARM, I was an Acorn developer, so it’s fun to see the shift towards that architecture but the truly fascinating possibilities will come from the other cores within these SOCs for Ai, number crunching and graphics. iPad Pro was a shot across the bow of Intel for sure. Well done on calling it.

    KEK-ASS 17 days ago

    Welp guess my dual boot hackintosh is going to lose support soon.... FML

  • sirati97
    sirati97 18 days ago +1

    I think ms should ditch the idea that all software will soon be ported over, and instead have a highly efficient single core amd64 chip to handle old programs

    • sirati97
      sirati97 10 days ago

      +Sunil Janki i thought about that as well but it still would be the most user friendly solution on the short-term

    • Sunil Janki
      Sunil Janki 11 days ago

      The reason why they won't do that is because they want people to port their code over to ARM64. If the hardware runs legacy x86 code too well, developers may never have the incentive to compile for ARM64 and will keep churning out x86 (and in some cases x86_64) binaries.

  • David Béjar Cáceres
    David Béjar Cáceres 18 days ago

    I saw this coming 8 years ago, at that time was crazy, but ARM CPUs were duplicating processing power twice a year and innovation was happening because the endless Battle between Qualcomm Snapdragon, Exynos and others. The crazy growing processing power still happening and it's just matter of time, with Windows 10 running natively on ARM , now it's safe to say it's ready for low end laptops.

  • K K
    K K 18 days ago

    No my only question is how do I make a Arm hackintosh

  • K K
    K K 18 days ago

    Amazon has created an arm server that kicks ass over any x86 in spades with much much less power consumption what people fail to realize is that arm is built and has been always for low power and to run on batteries you give it more power it blows any x86 away there's absolutely no comparison Think about it why would just about every company under the sun be switching to arm if that wasn't the case

  • K K
    K K 18 days ago

    Intel is dead if it doesn't adapt just like Compaq or acorn or Cyrix

  • Mohsin Ul Amin Khan
    Mohsin Ul Amin Khan 18 days ago +1

    Excellent analysis and insights, keep up the good work!

  • Kami Seffer
    Kami Seffer 18 days ago

    There is so much misinformation in this video. Just throwing in a couple technology words doesn't make you sound any smarter or prove you know what you're talking about.

  • 18 days ago +3

    "Frustrated that Microsoft laptops are not innovating like Apple" LOL What? The same apple who in like 4-5 years has barely changed anything about their laptops compared to what companies like Dell and Lenovo are doing? What a joke. Some interesting info about ARM chips but so much misinformation around it that it's hard to watch

  • Auras Secuianu
    Auras Secuianu 18 days ago

    Apple sucks shit.

  • elektrinis
    elektrinis 18 days ago

    Watched the video and I can't understand why less instructions means less power. When you have more instructions, many of them are specific to that exact task, to you don't need to run several instructions to do what can be done with single one. Yes, more instructions need more transistors, but those are working interchangeably, not all together...

  • Lia Flexx
    Lia Flexx 18 days ago +1

    Amd has 7mm chips running 4k+ apps & games. Even if you doubled the wattage on the Snapdragons it would lack the performance. Intel might be in trouble, but Amd is on it's way up.

    • David Howard
      David Howard 17 days ago +1

      Intel is not even close to being in trouble lol.

  • Hachi Roku
    Hachi Roku 18 days ago +3

    Goodbye Intel thx for making good CPU over three decade it is time to have some "break" and hope to see again soon on marketplace
    "break"= research as much as possible to rise again

    • Retro6502
      Retro6502 17 days ago +1

      "Goodbye Intel" - lol. You say that like everyone's suddenly going to spend the trillions (not an exhageration) to migrate every server and desktop to ARM overnight. If anything it'll be a slow process and that's assuming Intel doesn't respond and you can bet they will. I've been around a long time. I remember how the transitions of everything from x86 to MIPS, Motorola 68K, PowerPC and even Intel's own Itanium flopped spectacularly. It's certainly possible ARM will displace x86, but the current hype wave is mainly because of the news around vendors starting to offer another round of ARM based PCs. If it's anything like the last time a few years ago, people will realize they can't run x86 programs on them natively and they fizzle out.

  • M0lecular Ep1phany
    M0lecular Ep1phany 19 days ago

    I commented a couple of months ago and this showed up in my feed again. This is a pretty simple equation from an economics point of view. Intel is a 100+ billion dollar company. ARM holdings is a several billion dollar company. If ARM were to become enough of a problem, Intel will simply acquire it. If ARM refuses the acquisition, Intel will swing a 20 billion dollar hammer onto ARMs head and crush them. You really don't seem to understand what Intel is... Intel doesn't just make CPUs. They make basically everything with a chip. Intel literally controls the entire chip market. It is the market, everybody else is just so small time it's actually laughable. Do you have any idea the contributions that Intel has made to Material Science... Semiconductor Physics... anybody touching Intel without breakthroughs in the laws of physics is SCIENCE FICTION. Also they have so much money that they have heavily diversified their investment portfolio... who the fuck knows what's going on behind their closed doors. Kraznich and Swan probably have held private raves on the goddamn Moon with Cocaine flown in from fucking Pluto. Real Talk.
    You simply don't understand business man, like at all. INTC could choose to spend 15 billion on new RnD, like brand new fucking physics type shit and it would be nothing. Literally wouldn't even dent their revenue... they are INTEL... Hell, they could get a 50 billion dollar loan, throw 15 billion down, have 5.6% interest on it and pay it off in under 5 years and use that big ol' pile of money to change the course of computing HISTORY. Intel is not going ANYWHERE.
    I'm not an Intel dick rider, they fucked over AMD to the tune of tens of billions (hundreds tbh) of USD in market share. It's taken AMD more than 20 YEARS to "recover" ... and they are about to be annihilated... again. Threadripper is adorable but make no mistake, Intel can blow it out of the water and you know what? When they do that, they'll just retest the market for CPU's in High End Desktops; what does that mean? $2500 CPUs. Not at all unthinkable when an RTX Titan is $2500 (though if you buy that for gaming you're dumb, that's not what it is for) or when an RTX 2080 Ti is floating around $1300.
    Here's a fun task, use your voice assistance on your Smartphone and ask the following questions: "What is Intel's Market Cap" "What is Apple's Market Cap" "What is Microsoft's Market Cap" "What is AMD's Market Cap" compare the damn numbers. Now go look up ARM Holdings market cap... starting to get the picture? Is the light bulb going off yet? Anybody fucking home?
    Intel is a sleeping giant, if market forces make it move, it will move the entire market... in one trading day.

  • C King
    C King 19 days ago

    Narrate the video yourself, stop using the ROBO CRAP for narrations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelcity1345
    Angelcity1345 19 days ago

    This one ignorant video you made here. So much misinformation, And a lot of unfounded speculations presented as if they are facts. Stop the bullshit.

  • April Varien
    April Varien 19 days ago

    Different instruction set for different purpose,

  • pauldzim
    pauldzim 19 days ago

    Pure clickbait.

  • OnFire4 Jesus
    OnFire4 Jesus 19 days ago

    RIP Intel

  • TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా

    Apple leads the Industry? by putting a low power crap I7 in there notebooks, just that they can claim there A12 is faster? stop joking boy! not even in their wet dreams! and the numbers proofs that fact by the way, not even every 10th Computer sold is a MAC, way too expensive and unreliable. furthermore if you need calculating power for example in Scientific Analytics (where i work) nobody ever considered an Apple product, even the I9 based Modell is crap compared too an 5 Year old Windows PC, not mentioning a modern one for half or a third of the price. still more Power, so if i can buy 3 Laptops instead of one, where every one gets a faster NB and i could give two to everybody, the reliability stands outta question. You have good points but too me it looks you never used a Windows Tablet with Intel vs ARM first hand, because the difference in speed is more the double it feels like octable or even hexable, by the same cost. ARM is a niche product powering Mobile and Sensoric systems but is no match two a real PC Chipset.

  • akrinah
    akrinah 19 days ago

    The only thing I miss on the mobile devices, that is sold as a replacement of desktop PCs: why the damn can't I program on them in any language I choose and install any software I want? Yet, they hold you inside your sandbox. Nice for normal users and graphics people. But for me as a programmer it's bullshit. I want my compilers and execute the programs I write. On the fly, without any app store. I target especially Apple. Don't know how the situation is on Windows and Android devices.

  • TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా

    you overestimate ARM Processors by far! there not efficient under load, even an old (first Gen) Intel Atom has more power, and the modern Pentium or Celeron low power (

  • Zack Tim
    Zack Tim 19 days ago

    Just a question, what happened if I decided to use an Arm processor would I keep the motherboard or do I need a compatible one for arm? Also when it comes to OS like windows 10 and other softwares, there will be any difference?

  • Picolo Design
    Picolo Design 19 days ago

    wow this is amaizing, everithing looks fine, except the fact that they need a image rebrand

  • Warren Puckett
    Warren Puckett 19 days ago

    I believe that they do not think there is much future left for the keyboard, display and 86-64 cubit foot box to run it. Portables can do what a Mac or Win 98 box could do and place a phone call at the same time. Also servers will need to execute only what is needed to process their data and be only accessed for control with specific handhelds. I don't see much need for human prairie dog towns and AC needed to cool the desk equipment in a decade or so. When was last time you used your PC to send a fax over a phone line?

  • Syed Joynul Abedin
    Syed Joynul Abedin 20 days ago

    nokia 130

  • Karen Meilinger
    Karen Meilinger 20 days ago +1

    At the risk of disclosing my "maturity", wasn't this all predictable and possible in the late 80's; thirty years ago!

    • akrinah
      akrinah 19 days ago

      Yeah. It was tooo expansive to change anything. Too late as it is too wide-spread. Reminds me of QWERTY. Similar case. Better stick to badly designed, but fast implemented legacy things.

  • Alxa
    Alxa 20 days ago +2

    Coreteks now shows his true face as an ARM shill.

  • I P
    I P 20 days ago

    The best channel on TheXvid

  • Dale Sparrow
    Dale Sparrow 20 days ago

    Very nice made video, you speak fast but I get exactly what I need to hear to make sense of your info. Even while typing a paper. Thanks dude

  • Davey Thacher
    Davey Thacher 20 days ago

    I am blown away at how delusional and misguided this video really is. Granted I studied Computer Engineering in college, but this is just wow. ARM is not going into the highend market!

  • cresbydotcom
    cresbydotcom 20 days ago

    Intel have had ARM licences from the DEC acquisition yonks ago. For me I don't want to buy everything as new software - it has new features that require new ways to do things, the learning curve is, by any name, HASSLE. Adobe Premiere from Pro to C4 is an old example. And we are up to C6 or something. Office 365, you say, yea! It divorces the app from the PC and your money from you, till you die. How many apps do you use? Businesses fine they invest by are prone to fashion, but for personal use - do the math(s)

  • Sankosh Saha
    Sankosh Saha 20 days ago

    Keep Nokia outta the comment section..

  • Caden
    Caden 20 days ago +1

    i hope arm evolves to be more efficient and powerful