Intel is in serious trouble. ARM is the Future.

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • In this video I discuss the growing belief that ARM will come to dominate the PC Market, from laptops to tablets, servers and even the Desktop.
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  • Coreteks
    Coreteks  4 months ago +484

    I understand why many of you have disliked the video, but Intel have now confirmed that Apple will be moving to ARM chips:,38668.html - What I discussed in this video 3 months ago is gradually becoming a reality, step by step (if you've been following the news you'll probably agree) so if you've disliked previously, consider giving the video a "like" now as channels with a lot of dislikes get buried by youtube's algorithm. Thanks! :)

    • DS-Tech Media
      DS-Tech Media 3 days ago

      @matrixfull This video was done months ago, I'd like to bring attention to the new Raspberry Pi 4B. It's literally exponentially more powerful in EVERY way than the the R-Pi 3, even having 2 4k display outputs. Granted, even this system is nowhere near ready to take on AMD/Intel for gaming and other tasks. But there are already ARM systems from Xillinix that are workstation-grade. Apple moving to ARM for everything will put a lot of emphasis on the architecture for proprietary software companies. Linux has already been VERY active on ARM since the earliest designs.

    • Gamer Dude
      Gamer Dude 26 days ago

      Good video. I pressed "like"

  • mephistodood82
    mephistodood82 5 hours ago

    I'd have to agree, ARM chips are the future, and x86 is quickly becoming a Gamer niche. It will all come down to software support though. A lot of people aren't even bothering large computers anymore, and are content to run everything from a phone or tablet. Business software is transitioning quickly as well. If ARM can capture the attention of Game companies to start putting out their major releases to run naively on ARM cpu's, it will crush x86 within a decade.

    • Jack
      Jack 3 hours ago

      ask amd first lol, they owned both console market and soon desktop pc market. dont see arm doing that with their offering, power efficiency is not important in this sector as it was to mobile. the power of x86 still way above arm, wouldn't happens for a decade. might happens in the future but not gonna be arm that replace x86.

  • Barry the Fish
    Barry the Fish 21 hour ago

    People buy crApples because they don't know their arses from there elbows.

  • Chris E
    Chris E 2 days ago

    Arm vs x86 video technical comparison!

    • Jack
      Jack 3 hours ago

      x86 still vastly superior in efficiency/power by miles, this video basically just click bait for kids. if any thing amd just the prove of that, intel just been sitting its ass for almost a decade now with literally no advancement.

  • Orim669
    Orim669 2 days ago

    RISC-V will dominate them all at the end ..

  • Raji V.P
    Raji V.P 2 days ago

    Remember Raspberry pi is already on ARM .....

  • Draco Developer
    Draco Developer 2 days ago

    Another possible benefit of RISC over CISC is fewer undocumented instructions.

    But CISC will still be used due to having backwards compatibility.

  • kumbandit
    kumbandit 2 days ago

    Here from mid 2019, still no 10nm on intel xD

  • My Youtube
    My Youtube 3 days ago

    Intel sucks, have for over 20 years. AMD the best hands down.

  • Richard Fourie
    Richard Fourie 4 days ago +2

    As much as I like your channel, this episode spreads more FUD than useful information.

    • Jairo
      Jairo 2 days ago

      Unless you are an Intel stakeholder, you shouldn't be having any FUD. If anything, the consumer will be the one who benefits from this innovation.

  • Kyle Roudabush
    Kyle Roudabush 4 days ago

    Samsung moved from ARM to AMD soooooooooo

  • James Smith
    James Smith 4 days ago

    Why would Microsoft want to take over the PC world?? Let's see, people who are totally frustrated with Windows switch to Linux. Microsoft could totally corner the PC market for both hardware and software.

    Yeah, you want to see a million anti-trust suits? I hate Microsoft almost as much as Apple, and this isn't about products, but business practice

    AMD has revived the PC business and now Microsoft understands, YES, people still ARE buying PCs. Now all they need to do is make sure Windows has to be forced onto all those devices, like the way they won't allow Windows 7 to go onto the newer Intel and AMD systems.

    Nothing wrong with the video, but I certainly wouldn't buy something that allows Microsoft to be more in my face than what they already are,

  • Anto anto
    Anto anto 4 days ago

    the truth about intel on

  • Guy Lozeau
    Guy Lozeau 5 days ago

    Great analysis. Right on the spot on the main issues. Some reviewers get handed on some very picky details, but at high strategic level, this is excellent. Been 30 years in in IT/Telecom business (PC, MAC, Servers, network)... :-)

  • kenniikalonji
    kenniikalonji 5 days ago

    You need a new mic 🎙

  • Droiduser Userdroid
    Droiduser Userdroid 5 days ago

    OMG. The RISC vs CISC war is back.

  • Byron King
    Byron King 6 days ago

    Thank you delivering unbiased presentations and balanced insights.

  • Richard Orchard
    Richard Orchard 7 days ago

    I'm interested in the graphics performance as this is where AMD is leaving Intel behind. Ryzen is great I have a laptop with it and with 4 cores 8 threads and 9 GPU compute units it is impressive but Bty life is not that great ARM is very interesting but no GPU power then im not really concerned, Thanks.

  • Gregor Landim
    Gregor Landim 7 days ago

    What about Cryptocurrency Mining? I would bet that in the near future ARM, intel and AMD will make their own generation of hardware to maximize mining. If this ARM chips are really that energy efficient they might be as well very very useful for this new kind of money making... think about that!!
    As soon as ARM becomes somewhat the new trend in mining, you can expect their prices to skyrocket in the market

  • 章猫文Melvin
    章猫文Melvin 8 days ago

    We moved from RISC to CISC and now we're back to RISC again.

  • HardWarUK
    HardWarUK 8 days ago

    x86 will be fine for a long time for gaming, as we are seeing fewer and fewer AAA titles releases, and even the few that are published, they are all console conversions. Then you have the continuing growth of indie gaming (despite lower unit prices, the indie market brings in 35x the income for internet retailers than AAA titles!). You actually don't need anywhere near a "high-end" PC to game any more. No more Crysis type games on PC any more! In fact, my 3 year old PC is still going to be more powerful that the PlayStation 5 or new Xbox - and it was only a medium level PC when I bought it!

  • pranith
    pranith 9 days ago

    Dear sir it was a good video but are you trying to kill me with my OCD by not rotating the ARM chip properly at 0:58??? Is this the way you want me to go?

  • Yusuf yusuf
    Yusuf yusuf 9 days ago

    It's a game of catch up that's happening between Intel and Arm. I seriously doubt whether arm is going to replace x86. It could just happen the other way around. Intel's Lakefield has now brought ultra low power CPUs and we may need to watch out carefully for the next big step in power efficiency. The power consumption is slowly going to even out between Arm and Intel. Arm has a long way to go before they can beat Intel but I think Intel has a better position.

  • Nikolai Pohodenko
    Nikolai Pohodenko 9 days ago

    The vindication is due for Intel for having ditched IA-64.

  • FileFixer
    FileFixer 10 days ago

    So, at end of the battle Linux win. It work perfect on RISC and CISC architecture processors today. Also almost any game console work on RISC architecture. Microsoft will loose anyway. MIPS and Silicon Graphics may be arise again with SUN. Exciting time comes...

  • Peter XYZ
    Peter XYZ 11 days ago

    Complex instruction set command vs reduce instruction set command. I’ll take RISC if all factors (software, cost, energy use) are equal.

  • Roman Dovhan
    Roman Dovhan 11 days ago +3

    ryzen 2600 has similar performance to a12x, which consumes quarter the power.

  • Jeramy Neeley
    Jeramy Neeley 11 days ago

    I don't want Intel to go out of business because they employ a lot of people where I live. however, if Intel doesn't want to make better products then I can see why they'll fail.

  • pioco56
    pioco56 11 days ago

    -ARM- AMD?

  • Hamid Ali Tech
    Hamid Ali Tech 11 days ago

    How Much Work has Done On Arm Chips
    Please Notify.

  • DarthRaver86 86
    DarthRaver86 86 13 days ago

    But does ARM come with game cache???

  • Melvin Paul
    Melvin Paul 14 days ago

    is the costs for this tech on the upper end of high costs.

  • rkl08551
    rkl08551 14 days ago

    Intel has it´s own arm chip coming...

  • vytrocorp
    vytrocorp 15 days ago

    Fujitsu A64FX fastest arm procesor

  • z4x tech
    z4x tech 16 days ago

    Isn't arm RISC

  • zzlpokiju hostia
    zzlpokiju hostia 16 days ago

    Risc pcs again? hell yeah m8!

  • Zavid Al Rasyid
    Zavid Al Rasyid 18 days ago +4

    1 million views
    I'm sure none of them are Investor
    None of them

  • Kevin
    Kevin 20 days ago

    ARM is Apples future after dropping support for ARM Macs they come back 10 years later.... screw the consumer over... great marketing Apple!! .....haha

  • Richard Foran
    Richard Foran 21 day ago

    So google is listening to me the nsa have my web cam bill gates gets my laptop and arm hmm what of them?

  • Achhuana Hk
    Achhuana Hk 24 days ago

    Ban ARM too

  • BW022
    BW022 24 days ago

    Well... the problem with ARM is that it doesn't have an OS beyond mobile. Android hasn't make a dent in the tablet space, nor has Chrome OS. iOS has a healthy tablet space. Beyond that it is Windows. Any 2-in-1, laptop, or desktop is pretty much Windows. Even Windows on ARM has pretty much one foot in a bucket trying to emulate x86 applications and few people are going to compile for ARM considering the mess of UWPs, let alone Win32, Win64, and all its frameworks, libraries, and drivers. Even the Surface Go couldn't commit to Windows on ARM despite the massive battery and size advantages. Likewise, ARM's cost advantages have never materialized.
    Maybe in a decade someone will have an OS which users can use and enough Win32/64 applications will be obsolete, but that's probably wishful thinking.

  • Yola Montalvan
    Yola Montalvan 24 days ago

    Does this mean I’ll have to buy my $500 softwares again?

  • Yola Montalvan
    Yola Montalvan 24 days ago

    And ARM is in serious trouble. Huawei is the future, they will be replacing ARM for their own CPU.

  • lexxel01
    lexxel01 25 days ago

    the essence of things is that this literally just going by what they seeing right now - amd went kappoot for over 10yrs and finally are coming back, intel may be seeing trouble ahead but intel will come back - intel has literally dominated most of the cpu market lifespan and there was only one other time amd pushed intel

  • Andrés Camacho
    Andrés Camacho 26 days ago

    Jaja stupid thing, is Arm who is in danger by Risc V open source processors.

  • rorybz
    rorybz 28 days ago

    AMD needs CPUs with X86 and ARM cores on the same package (if not the very same die). They can offer the cross-platform support that will be needed on the desktop, and such a move would not be possible for Intel because of their level of investment in X86 and the appearance of admitting defeat.

  • Datmexican0143
    Datmexican0143 Month ago

    And here we are in 2019, intel still hasn’t made anything decent, and now AMD is about to basically take over the pc market with Ryzen 3000. Intel literally has nowhere to go now. Laptops will be taken over by ARM, and desktops will mainly be either AMD, or eventually ARM.

  • Randy Wells
    Randy Wells Month ago

    intel, kick backs first

  • Sam Ninsai
    Sam Ninsai Month ago

    Let me know if Apple has a product I can try. I haven't ever used one, on a regular basis though sounds interesting.

  • Sam Ninsai
    Sam Ninsai Month ago

    Mores Law transistors doubling, is where ARM is at with their development so far. I suppose that's going to show results, developers are going to be working on intensely for a good long while. Though I think when complexity becomes a problem, there'll be a union of both risc and cisc. That'll be where the Bit mining shows it's primary value, during the time it's been a shinning light for developer information and tool sets. I assume in the next 2 to 3 years, Intel and AMD both will be releasing ARM based management solutions publicly. Same goes for ARM and other types of compute chips, will offer a AI and or I/O management addition to computers everywhere. I mean in the desktop work place, video game machines among other interestingly creative consumer products. For now we're still hearing, they are going to do it while offering enterprise solutions.

  • Gary W. Hart
    Gary W. Hart Month ago

    So basically, your argument boils down to, “some in the industry want to go with the cheaper, slower ARM chips because they are cheaper and use less energy.” That’s like saying the V8 engine will go out of style (or use) because 4 cylinder engines are more fuel efficient. For many, we are not going to want to give up our V8 CPU’s to save 3 cents in energy use per day.

  • Dr Peter jones
    Dr Peter jones Month ago +1

    This is at best disinformation.
    Since the well publicised collapse of the attempted monpoly between microsoft and intel which almost distroyed intel which many christened with spy gate. Intel is trying to fight AMD who has become competative and may become competative in the x86 data centre market. Much of the worlds software in enterprise is x86 and wont be changing anytime soon. Microsoft has been trying to link its new software for use on ARM chips with masssive investment from brothersoft in an attempt to manufacture chips outside the monopolistic patents owned by intel and other large manufacturers which keeps the chips artificially too high. Both Linux and unix started to move towards porting ARM chips some years ago but it was not until recently that microsoft started looking at copying linux/unix kernels for future operating systems. Buyers have also been weary of monopolistic behaviours around restrictive firmware and spyware capability on arm manufactured chips which is a threat for the end user,partiicularly within the national security debate.

  • 2ndtonone1000
    2ndtonone1000 Month ago

    Its like every couple of years we hear ARM is taking over , or going to kill off x86. Maybe eventually and that all depends on if x86 chips evolve into the mobile platform. I still have yet to be impressed with ARM chips even in cell phones they need alot of assistance and most games or apps have to connect to a server for it to work or run. The only benefit is lower power, good battery life or efficiency. That being said they are not running heavy intensive applications or software. They still have a way to go. Also there is the issue of all the x86 software out there. You would have to have a x86 processor running side by side with an ARM chip just to run legacy x86 software. If not you would have to emulate that, and we all know how disastrous that can be. Risc V seems more appealing and more of a go to option over x86.

  • Michael Sears
    Michael Sears Month ago

    if xp was on a cpu thats 4ghz now vs 1.2 ghz. could see some benchmarks nad compare

  • Michael Sears
    Michael Sears Month ago

    because windows starts putting so much on their system that it becomes slow, or too much. where as apple has simple look. most people just use email, browser. photos, and what not of course. plus, microsoft got rid of MICROSOFT WORD, EXCEL, WHAT MADE MICROSOFT SPECIAL IN XP

  • TheKule1
    TheKule1 Month ago

    Great video! I totally agree!

  • SquaredbyX
    SquaredbyX Month ago

    4:21 and 4:28 is what I never understood about the resistance to 'alternative' sources of power, from the big power giants and oil companies. They could get so far ahead of the game instead of being a force of opposition. Greed may lead to RISC iteration, however, where you have the best device 'designed' specifically for a set of user experiences.

  • Tristan Miller
    Tristan Miller Month ago

    ARM isn't the competitor; TSMC is. And TSMC has basically already won. If on the design side ARM ends up beating Intel, it won't be for long. ARM and Intel are both going to beat by some open designs probably implementing RISC-V because the top of the s curve of Moore's law (the part that TSMC has got Intel beat on) will have made processor designs a commodity.

  • Kanan
    Kanan Month ago

    I have to say I was very sceptical at first but you had me later in the video. I was sure to write it off as a "entertainment video" but it is quite good information. Let's see how things ultimately turn out.

  • Galo
    Galo Month ago +1

    19:50 adobe making photshop to arm, meanwhile krita already did it ages ago

  • Angel G
    Angel G Month ago +1

    Marketing. What if you compare ARM64 vs Intel, based on MySQL transactions done per watt or amount of data compressed per watt (LZMA) (assuming no bottlenecks in I/O) ?

  • omarchafa
    omarchafa Month ago

    ARM is not the future! AMD and Intel will dominate the market for years to come. The next consoles will used AMD and have been confirmed already. The new Mac Pros will used Intel for the professional market. PCs will continue using AMD and Intel especially for the PC Gaming market.

  • Scott Singley
    Scott Singley Month ago

    In other words ARM is useless to gamers or any PC user that use Windows. If they move over then awesome but until then..... ;)
    Motherboard companies and processor companies are in contracts together. AMD will have desktops and laptops as well as Intel. IF YOU WANT A GOOD PC BUY A GOOD ONE FROM THE BEGINNING. PISS ON INTEL AND THEIR CONSUMER BRAINWASHING. AMD is a lot cheaper than Intel. If you want an Intel chip that even compares to AMD Ryzen 7 and higher you have to spend up to $400 more for a computer or a $1000 or more from this shit company. AMD DOESN'T RELEASE NEW PROCESSORS LIKE INTEL BECAUSE THEY FOCUS ON QUALITY AND POWER MORE THAN INTEL. I will never support Intel anymore because of their shit chipsets on gaming and video cards.

    • Mental Inlander
      Mental Inlander Month ago

      Gaming pc is dying.... console will eat the market.
      The rest will be in Smartphone.

  • Le Baron de Poinzéraut

    RISC V is the future.

  • Internet Privacy Advocate

    I'm a fan of ARM, but I'm not a fan of Apple. Being a long time destktop Linux user, I find it impossible to use Windows 10. It is complete "crapware." It's ridiculous to even consider it as an OS.

  • Fritz Gillis
    Fritz Gillis Month ago

    What’s more compelling to me is that, pound for pound, ARM will always run faster. So hypothetically, if you pump as many transistors into an ARM chip as an Intel/AMD, you will get substantially better performance per watt. That’s really cool when thinking about professional multi-threaded workloads.

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard Month ago

    Μακε αrm run all games and windows than i will switch

  • awakeness
    awakeness Month ago

    Ready for ARMageddon? :)

  • Robinson Joe
    Robinson Joe Month ago

    The problem I have with your opinion that arm is just inherently better and it's going to pass x86 is your assumption that there's all pro's to arm and no con's and that the laws of physics just don't apply to arm. All the issues with shrinking the process node still apply to arm and while arm does some things better it doesn't do everything better. As far as Apple is concerned having the best fastest hardware has never been of interest to them. Even when they do have the fastest hardware they severely hamper it by having garbage heat dissipation. Apple can do it better than windows and that's all they have ever cared about and now they don't even care about that. I don't know where processing is going or what will pass what but your incredibly shortsighted because you think that every computer in existence is equal and all have all the same pro's and cons and that the laws of physics don't apply to the tech you like.

    • Lazy Monk
      Lazy Monk 25 days ago

      The laws of physics certainly applies equally to X86 and ARM, but ARM is still a smarter and leaner CPU architecture that makes it possible to get more useful work done on a given power budget than X86 can. And that remains true regardless of if the power budget is 1W, 10 W, or 100W.
      Which means, ARM is going to eat every CPU market in the end. It has already eaten the 1W market (phones). It has started to nibble on the 10W market (tablets and laptops), and it's about to start chomping down on the 100 W market (servers and desktops). When it happens it's going to happen faster than you think.
      Momentum and legacy app support has delayed this for some time, but the end result is inevitable. X86 will be *dead* ten years from now.

  • Garrit orious
    Garrit orious Month ago

    Why is ARM cheaper? Is it something inherent to the instruction set or do they charge less for licensing?