The Walking Dead - Official Season 10 Trailer | SDCC 2019

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • In the fight against the Whisperers, there's no going back.
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  • KravOv
    KravOv 2 hours ago

    I know he’s dead but am I the only one who wants the governor to return?

  • Dragonetta
    Dragonetta 6 hours ago

    Holy crap! I haven't watched this show in so long! Who are all these people???

    CONAAA 7 hours ago

    What everyone wants to know ..will rick return 🥺🤭🤭

  • alvin kigo
    alvin kigo 8 hours ago

    What the hell...i thought they would show us where rick went

  • Rozwila
    Rozwila 12 hours ago

    I stopping watch this show in season 7 ep 1 because all of them dead’s I watched before a week I see the episode every day but nobody still so I stopped watching 😭

  • agauerm
    agauerm 17 hours ago +2

    Ah please delete the gay sex scenes... Or any sex scenes.

  • Gamer Cleo
    Gamer Cleo 18 hours ago

    Rick needs to return!

  • пэн Мэн
    пэн Мэн Day ago


  • Clay Burkhardt
    Clay Burkhardt Day ago

    Shit looks like lord of the rings.

  • Paul caburnay
    Paul caburnay Day ago

    we are waiting for rick grimes

  • ŶøųŞeF ĴØoØ

    Where is Rick

  • Drake Animations

    Was that aaron in the Part with Negan?


  • Bandar Bin dakhil

    carol: b**** has to die...

  • Bandar Bin dakhil

    has anybody figured out who was talking in the radio when Judith and the king said over and out?

  • Sue B
    Sue B Day ago

    Spoiler .. several decapitated heads show up on those stakes! Guess who?

  • Lmao Lmao
    Lmao Lmao Day ago

    This intro reminds me of spongebob intro
    *“Are you ready kids? Aye aye Captain!!”*

  • Apple Berries
    Apple Berries Day ago

    Think it is safe to say, curtains for TWD!

  • Vicar Amelia
    Vicar Amelia 2 days ago

    negan looks naked without his scarf and leather jacket

  • Вова Боб
    Вова Боб 2 days ago

    Awesome gay-dude with hand-bat.

  • Alif Amarta
    Alif Amarta 2 days ago

    TWD S1-S2:All about Walkers
    S3-10:All about gangs

  • Çağatay Algül
    Çağatay Algül 2 days ago

    what is this shit

  • Simon Guy
    Simon Guy 2 days ago

    Wish they put as much effort into the actual show as they do the trailers, can't wait to laugh at the redicuolous plot lines, boring dialogue and cliffhangers leading to a very disappointing season finale. Bring back Frank Darabont

  • Cheese Meister
    Cheese Meister 2 days ago

    I’m just glad Tara is gone. She was terrible.

  • Cheese Meister
    Cheese Meister 2 days ago

    Rip Enid

  • CyC Nano
    CyC Nano 2 days ago +1

    Walking Dead Season 10: Negan becomes Gordon Freeman

  • Damara Casillas
    Damara Casillas 2 days ago

    Whispers: we have beta
    Michonne: we have negan...and DARYLL

  • Jayant Kalra
    Jayant Kalra 2 days ago

    I am not gonna see next season if there is no Rick....🙁

  • Hunter Lopez
    Hunter Lopez 3 days ago

    Guys can i ask a question ? Whoes that guy on 2:11 ?

    • Hunter Lopez
      Hunter Lopez Day ago

      He looks like the guy from terminus lol

    • JD Taylor
      JD Taylor Day ago

      Juan Javier Cardenas cast as Dante. He was previously on FX's Snowfall

    • Hunter Lopez
      Hunter Lopez 3 days ago

      Cuz he looks goddamn familiar, i wonder who hmmm

  • Er boro
    Er boro 3 days ago

    Only 2 millions of views? Shit walking dead fans aren’t watching it anymore

  • Er boro
    Er boro 3 days ago +1

    Put Daryl,Shane,negan,the governator, merl Daryl’s brother,Rick and Morgan and you will see what will happen to alpha.....

  • Er boro
    Er boro 3 days ago

    Negan will beat the shit out of beat with Lucille......ricks group is lucky they did not kill negan

  • Er boro
    Er boro 3 days ago

    Just UNLEASH NEGAN and you will se what happens to alpha neegans war tactics are brutal

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 3 days ago

    Magna and yumiko sex scene comfirmed?

  • Michał Krupa
    Michał Krupa 3 days ago

    Hm... there's no Saddig

  • Kavitha Ananth
    Kavitha Ananth 3 days ago +1

    All I want is negan to reunite with lucille and make alpha and beta to wear their shitti'n pants on!!!

    • Er boro
      Er boro 3 days ago

      Alpha is a better killer the governator woud kill em both

  • Manoj Nadar
    Manoj Nadar 3 days ago

    when the series are releasing???

  • Bee Well
    Bee Well 3 days ago

    is this the last season of Lost?

  • Karou
    Karou 3 days ago


  • Vinsmoke Sanjis
    Vinsmoke Sanjis 3 days ago

    If Negan take it Lucille the game is over

  • jaymark padasas
    jaymark padasas 3 days ago

    Where's rick?

  • Edu
    Edu 3 days ago

    Amo the walking dead

  • Dm Ms
    Dm Ms 3 days ago

    Season 10 things that WILL happen:
    -Rick dies
    -Dog dies
    -Daryl goes on rampage over the Whispers and kills beta
    -Oceanside overrun
    -Daryl dies by alpha (stabbed or shot in the back)
    -Carol kills alpha
    -Widow comes back trying to reunite everyone
    -Ezekiel dies
    -Carol vs Widow
    -Carol dies
    And I hope it comes out not like that, but there was a scene “I...AM...IRON MAN” (*SNAP*) so everything is expected

    Ps: This is a message to the directors of TWD...Please do not fuck up! At least let the dog live...please!

  • Nguyễn Sinh Cung
    Nguyễn Sinh Cung 3 days ago

    Yo Rick sad :

  • Buğra Güngör
    Buğra Güngör 3 days ago

    Lucille is back?? Shit with Michonne...

  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James 4 days ago

    Looks like shit.

  • Jim Moody
    Jim Moody 4 days ago +2

    My friend: how would you describe the walking read trailer
    Me: alpha look at the flowers

  • LevelZ Eminence
    LevelZ Eminence 4 days ago +3

    Am i the only one that hates the accent of The Alpha lol

  • Neblina
    Neblina 4 days ago

    The walking dead está flopando! Está ficando podre igual aos zumbis!

  • Negative
    Negative 4 days ago

    Please shutup with your: "Negan vs Alpha". It's bullshit. Negan will fight Beta and the new "whisper woman" joined and again, Negan will let Carol to get the revenge. After Henry is appearing on her mind, she will remember how brutally he died, she will go on full Bersek like Rick Grimes and will destroy all the crowd of zombies with Alpha. You'll see that will happend. 👊🏽

  • Anton Garcia
    Anton Garcia 4 days ago +1

    I'm so glad Daryl is FINALLY the centerpoint of the show!

  • Jasmine Iqbal
    Jasmine Iqbal 4 days ago

    I think this is FAKE fan made. Real TWD doesnt have horsies. That's how I no I am right

  • Bjakkz Zz
    Bjakkz Zz 4 days ago

    I want fear of the walking dead and this melt into one serie now.

  • Kaylyn Boyd
    Kaylyn Boyd 4 days ago +1

    They putting everybody together except Daryl and Carol.

  • Jason Ruaya
    Jason Ruaya 4 days ago

    Is Negan killing Aaron?

  • Gassebol
    Gassebol 4 days ago +1

    Torch the forrests. A simple Idea to defeat the whisperers and their walkers?

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 4 days ago

    This is my Land man,you better run! I think she said this to negan

  • QuinzeeWest
    QuinzeeWest 5 days ago +1

    Why do they keep putting people together? Michonne and The King? Come on dude just stop. 🙄

    • QuinzeeWest
      QuinzeeWest 4 days ago

      OMG I said the same thing about Siddiq and Rosita. Rosita is way out of his league. She is a bad ass and they don't fit. This show is getting ridiculous.

    • Kaylyn Boyd
      Kaylyn Boyd 4 days ago +1

      Right? Both were fine by themselves. Not to mention the king lives at hilltop and Michonne is at Alexandria. I’m just tired of everything being about the couples. Like the whole baby situation with siddiq and rosita. Why would they throw that in there after she moved on to Gabriel?

  • kia sweet
    kia sweet 5 days ago

    When the showing???

  • negan dean morgan
    negan dean morgan 5 days ago

    show the walking dead
    amo d +

  • خلود مجدي
    خلود مجدي 5 days ago

    الجزء العاشر هينزل امته