LG Gram 17 Review: Too Light To Be True

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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    The last time I used a 17-inch laptop in real life, it was the HP zd8000, a genuine monster I bought when I was still in college. Together with its power adapter and suitcase-sized carrying satchel, the zd8000 weighed a spine-bending twelve pounds when slung across my torso. The LG gram 17's net weight? A featherweight 2.95 pounds - light enough that everyone I've allowed to hold it has responded with the same incredulous reaction: "Noooo." That makes the LG gram 17 one of the lightest laptops of 2019 ... even though it's also one of the largest!
    But how much is too much to pay for the privilege of carrying such a delightful contradiction? Join me for MrMobile's LG gram 17 Review to find out!


    MrMobile's LG gram 17 Review was produced following two weeks with an LG gram 17 review device provided by LG. The device was shipped after retail availability and at presstime was running the latest Windows 10 software.

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Comments • 384

  • Schillaci
    Schillaci 2 days ago

    The pricing is beyond ridiculous. I have just purchased an Asus ROG Strix III with i7 9750, RTX 2070 (full fat), 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD for GBP 1600 or USD 2,060 or AUD 3000. I looked into buying the Gram 17 for almost a year. In the end, I could not justify the stupidly. Sure it's light, but what else is it? (bordering on useless specification wise)

  • Abdelrhman Solyman
    Abdelrhman Solyman Month ago +1

    How many hours will this laptop survive while using Android studio and Emulator ?
    And what about its performance?

  • Hazox
    Hazox Month ago

    For the price, it's impossible to beat, it's got a bigger screen than anything out there, an i7, 16gb of ram, multiple ports, 512gb of storage, it's lighter than some 13" laptops, for comparison, the surface book 2 has similar specs to this, yet with the same specs, it's over $2k, and that is to say, with a smaller screen, so yeah, tell me of another laptop that's under $1,500 and can compete with this thing

  • Mark Davenport
    Mark Davenport Month ago

    If it only ran MacOS...

  • otim opio
    otim opio 2 months ago

    gr8 intro about the bag

  • marco antonio de Gandia

    a big mistake is its bright screen, is like a mirror. In my opinion a good screen has to be mate screen to work properly. I won´t buy for this reason, Toshiba and Asus in with laptop more and more are making matte screens.

    • Chaig Tin
      Chaig Tin 2 months ago

      I used a matte screen 17" MacBookPro for many years, so I thought I wouldn't like the glossy screen on this LG GRAM 17, but it turns out to feel quite delicious, somehow "cleaner" and "closer". Perhaps it's a side-effect of the higher resolution, going from 1920x1200 to 2560x1600 is a very usable improvement. I really like the 16:10 aspect ratio, it's good to see LG bringing it back.

  • Boe Dillard
    Boe Dillard 2 months ago +1

    Great laptop but I wish they offered a second version of it without the 10 key so my adult hands could type a bit more comfortably.

  • Yuki Herwindo
    Yuki Herwindo 3 months ago

    How about about used AMD Ryzen 3700u in LG Gram hmmm 🤔 can't be great ?

  • Flowing Water
    Flowing Water 3 months ago +1

    Lg gram has expandable Ram/ssd Best Buy really I returned my new MacBook Pro for it its awesome not bringing a charger

  • Sammy sam
    Sammy sam 3 months ago

    Please review the #huawei mate book 13

  • MobiusCoin
    MobiusCoin 3 months ago

    I bet the frame warps if you do anything other than browse the internet.

  • Natan Facchin
    Natan Facchin 4 months ago

    Great video and review, as usual. But this laptop seems pointless or very niche at best. Expensive, bad graphics (even though is huge), old charger, bad speakers... Unless you really want 17" laptop, which I guess very few people do. The way I see it: save some money and get a 13/15 better laptop instead, there's a lot of good ones.

  • ជៀម ចាន់ណារី_ Chiem ChanNaRy

    can cut video in 4K right?

  • David M
    David M 4 months ago

    On some level your review feels like a wasted opportunity ;)

  • Filip Jovanovic
    Filip Jovanovic 4 months ago

    I love this thing. While I wish it had dedicated graphics, all the 17-inch laptops that do are way heavier and have abysmal battery life. I think my best option is to get this laptop plus a cloud gaming service like Shadow (eventually I'd build a custom gaming pc and use remote desktop when I'm away from it, but the laptop itself is expensive enough as is right now). That way I'd get the best of both worlds. Now I just need this thing to run well under Linux and life will be perfect lol

  • Roy Hartanto
    Roy Hartanto 4 months ago

    Just wondering if anyone else is having issue with Michael's video when casting, the volume/sound is very choppy specially the first 1min of the video. Dont have issues with other TheXvid vids, just finished watching a whole bunch of MKBHDs videos. Thanks

  • Thompter S. Hunson
    Thompter S. Hunson 4 months ago +2

    1700 of those green papers with dead presidents on them for an Intel graphics card, 16gb of RAM and an IPS screen? Y'all in LG must be trippin'!

  • Matt Reed
    Matt Reed 4 months ago

    Last 17 i had was the Mac book

  • Strikye B
    Strikye B 4 months ago

    you will better battery life with Opera (support chrome extensions) when battery saver is enable

  • Ace
    Ace 4 months ago

    Just a few things could have made this laptop nearly perfect for a lightweight mid-power laptop.
    The lack of dedicated GPU and lack of at least 3K if not 4K display. If you see the inside of this thing you can see they had lots of empty space for cooling and even a bigger battery. I would have no problem bumping the weight up to 3.5 pounds max.
    What would make this laptop nearly perfect is adding at least an MX250 GPU, 3k or 4k resolution, 17-inches is fine but maybe 16 inches like the new rumored MBP could be the sweet spot. And one last thing aside from changing that tacky looking chrome LG logo, would be to use one piece of glass that extends the entire length rather than just up to the inner bezel edge. Take a look at the Dell XPS and HP Spectre lines. The glass to edge looks very clean, modern and attractive.

  • Ace
    Ace 4 months ago

    So, links to everything but the bag. What is the name of the backpack?

    • Ace
      Ace 4 months ago

      NL0Gwenster 👍 Thanks!

    • NL0Gwenster
      NL0Gwenster 4 months ago +1

      Peak design everyday backpack, 30l version.

  • Dzlyesful
    Dzlyesful 4 months ago


  • ingusmant
    ingusmant 4 months ago


  • Buffdaddy
    Buffdaddy 4 months ago

    We're getting it for my wife this Fall. Thank you!

  • Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper 4 months ago

    Why??? This laptop is pointless

  • Dip Dey
    Dip Dey 4 months ago

    review vivo v15

  • ami noyon
    ami noyon 4 months ago

    #mrmobile show a review of #dell (nose that show looking at) which u said in the video.

  • Osamah Shaker
    Osamah Shaker 4 months ago

    I think a video about something like best 5-10 last year's flagship phones or comparing them with current flagships since they've gone down in price would be a great

  • Paweł Fotek
    Paweł Fotek 4 months ago

    I think that when this get's a 10th gen i7 chip with decent on board graphics that these chips offer then this would be the time to get one, like you said 17 inches and not a true performer is meh. They could've put mx 150 i there at least.

  • Blc ME
    Blc ME 4 months ago

    Wasted opportunity surely

  • Steven Hambleton
    Steven Hambleton 4 months ago

    Why didn't LG use a few chassis struts to stop that top deck from flexing so much!
    Also we don't need a num pad, just give us a centred backlit keyboard with a larger trackpad.
    I hope they switch to Ice Lake for v2!

  • E-Ma
    E-Ma 4 months ago

    I mean with thunderbolt 3, I'm fine with not having that GPU. Just hook it up at home

  • Hopexx
    Hopexx 4 months ago +9

    Hey dude, this guy has been stealing your thumbnails, like this comment so MrMobile can see

    • CodeOnce
      CodeOnce 4 months ago +1

      How is that stealing you jelous fuck hes still making it on his own and its a diff colour aswell maybe inspirate but its not stealing

  • Gimin Oyye
    Gimin Oyye 4 months ago +7

    $1699.99 without dedicated GPU? Thanks, looking cheapest option with built-in *windows movie maker* for youtube video 😜🤣😂😁😜

    • primarylost
      primarylost 3 months ago +3

      You don't have anything similar to what the Gram offers out there. This is the only 17 inch screen that doesn't weigh a ton. This laptop is for those who want the lightness of an ultrabook but with a proper screen. Other laptops with a similar build and a similar weight only have 13 or 14 inch screens! This goes right up the alley of coders/programmers who need SSD/CPU/RAM but can overlook the GPU, it is also great for faculty students.

    • Jay G
      Jay G 4 months ago

      At that price just get the cheapest Mac. I don't like apple but i have to admit their video processing and editing software is better

  • pspslimicesilver
    pspslimicesilver 4 months ago

    I still use a 2009 17" MacBook Pro the main reason I still use it because of the 17" display

  • Mark Silla
    Mark Silla 4 months ago +1

    When my backpack feels too light I assume I've been robbed

  • mena seven
    mena seven 4 months ago

    Beautiful light laptop with a lot of port. In the age of the cell phone laptops suppose to be light. The only bad thing the price is to high.

  • Kwan Seung Lee
    Kwan Seung Lee 4 months ago

    It is an atrractive laptop if it is on sale for less than maybe $1,200?

  • Robert Paszka
    Robert Paszka 4 months ago

    Are you going to review the xperia 1? c:

  • Blind
    Blind 4 months ago +7

    imagine LG makes a gaming laptop and names it 'VRAM' LOL

    I accept paypal LG ;)

  • wolfranger
    wolfranger 4 months ago

    I have no interest in using laptops anymore (my Pixelbook doesn't count)
    but I still enjoyed this review.
    Your great videos keep me up to speed and aware of tech I don't normally see.

  • Anindya
    Anindya 4 months ago +1

    @1:19 song name?

  • Jimmy Jenns
    Jimmy Jenns 4 months ago

    I wait for next year model, maybe they will add better speakers and hdr to the display. Excellent laptop though but expensive

  • IntelHDGaming
    IntelHDGaming 4 months ago


  • Fun Guy
    Fun Guy 4 months ago +2

    That wallpaper is beautiful. 🖖

  • Yousef Orgari
    Yousef Orgari 5 months ago

    lil apple watch at 1:35

  • Ashraf Shaikh
    Ashraf Shaikh 5 months ago

    4:33 That smile at the "private data" 🤣

  • Matt Hargraves
    Matt Hargraves 5 months ago

    This is everything wrong with most 17" monitors in one laptop. But hey, they made it light, right?
    Crappy video card
    Bad sound
    1080p instead of 4k on a 15".... seriously, there's a mountain of 4k 15" screens, but almost none at 17"?!?! Don't they understand how that works?
    There's about zero laptops that are what I want.
    Moderately light (I'd be happy with 5 pounds)
    Dedicated graphics card (2060 is fine - don't need 2080)
    4k screen (touch would be great)
    2x 1TB SSD in RAID 0 (why are people still putting 1.8" drives in laptops?)
    32GB RAM (my normal computing eats 24GB pretty regularly)
    Decent CPU

    Interestingly, I can almost exactly match this on a 15" monitor, but I don't like losing my numpad (which I do use) or the physical real estate that a 17" monitor gives me.

  • 5 T 5
    5 T 5 5 months ago

    Closed the video just after knowing its price.

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson 5 months ago +1

    0:56 Chernobyl -2019

  • Abhisek Singh
    Abhisek Singh 5 months ago

    Do a video on Redmi K20 pro

  • SNK Corp.
    SNK Corp. 5 months ago +1

    your sound sample compared to the macbook pro is a very good idea. Never seen this on another channel. Keep going.

  • Prakash gupta
    Prakash gupta 5 months ago

    glad I found your own channel !! was looking for you on pocketnow!

  • Timothy McSwain
    Timothy McSwain 5 months ago

    This video made me very excited. I don’t need another laptop (I have a 2018 MacBook Pro and iPad Pro) but I’ve been interested in buying a cheap, non-powerhouse Windows PC for the few tasks my work has that need it (90% of which is Microsoft Publisher, and the other 10% is all because my work uses exclusively Windows 10 so I do more file conversions than I’d like in order to do things like using Pages and avoiding Word) and I just so happen to really like LG. Oh well... the search continues. Lenovo is probably going to end up getting that money if I spend any at all.

  • Eddy Alvaross
    Eddy Alvaross 5 months ago

    Not worth its price. I can't believe it doesn't have a GTX gpu with max-Q design...

  • Gen Zyannd
    Gen Zyannd 5 months ago

    what back pack is Mr. Mobile carrying?

  • Rusu Florin
    Rusu Florin 5 months ago

    Pounds? Kilograms??? Not only Americans watch these videos!

  • 999CATZ
    999CATZ 5 months ago

    AT LEAST IT HAS THUNDERBOLT AS STANDARD OMFG Why couldn't premium laptop brands include this as standard

  • mrk107
    mrk107 5 months ago

    But with a heavy price!

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 5 months ago

    Wish you lead with the price, to damn expensive!