• Published on Jan 3, 2019
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Comments • 1 527

    DARTH SURAK 2 months ago

    Wouldn't stop to piss on him if he were dying of thirst.

  • Roby Shah
    Roby Shah 4 months ago

    He is so sexy

  • TruePride AMVs
    TruePride AMVs 4 months ago

    Eubanks in bane outfit

  • TruePride AMVs
    TruePride AMVs 4 months ago

    GearHead v FiveHead

  • Max's Life and Power
    Max's Life and Power 4 months ago

    eubank too dumb to realise degale was talking about eubank having nowhere to go but to retire when he loses. he wasn't talking about himself

  • TextBookPuncher1
    TextBookPuncher1 4 months ago

    Proper shirt lifter V neck.

  • aaa
    aaa 4 months ago

    Saunders said he doesn't even hit hard enough for middleweight! Schooled by Saunders, humiliated by groves. If even half a degale shows up it will be another shower of shit for jr. Can't believe they charge for this shit

  • Greg K
    Greg K 4 months ago +1

    Chris, I think you really have a heart for boxing but if you really still believe that you beat Grooves and Billy than your as Degale points out "deluded" you need to realise that the game your in is called Boxing and not fighting, I think your really one of the hardest working people in boxing but you really don't know what you're doing, at least up to now in your career, I really hope for you that it changes because boxing is clearly your passion but its hard to teach an old dog new tricks, especially in couple of months on one training camp.

  • love 19
    love 19 4 months ago

    Good Muslim boy.....bless you son.😂😍🤗🤩

  • Ralph Figaro
    Ralph Figaro 4 months ago

    all his fights is entertaining tho

  • Azza Gunna !!!
    Azza Gunna !!! 4 months ago +1

    Step up loose step up loose can anyone see a pattern lol

  • gaws1234567890
    gaws1234567890 4 months ago

    “This is a fight the public have wanted”
    What a load of horseshit.

  • gengis khan
    gengis khan 4 months ago

    Eubank jnr is tough s o b.

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 4 months ago

    Whay country and what channel is this fight is coming on anybody?

  • choprowly 9
    choprowly 9 4 months ago

    Next time he should wear his father's nazi general outfit

  • Big Dave
    Big Dave 4 months ago

    Eubank should take himself and his hapless dad and retire hope de gale smashes him up

  • james marshall
    james marshall 4 months ago

    Eubank jr has all the ingredients to be a great fighter but his bravado and belief in himself has seriously tainted his early career, i just hope he can listen and take in what his coach is telling him, i like degale but i think he could have some serious problems if he carnt take eubanks pace.

  • Adam Clack
    Adam Clack 4 months ago

    Looking forward to this fight. Shame Eubank Jr didn’t get a trainer earlier in his career, like him or not his work ethic is remarkable. Wonder what he could have done with a different set up.

  • Jonny Jangles
    Jonny Jangles 4 months ago

    And who are the the fans that were longing for Degale v eubank.....?

  • Jonny Jangles
    Jonny Jangles 4 months ago

    At the level he's been fighting at as his own trainer................
    ....... It hasn't worked.... ! Fact...........! Miles short at world level.....! Maybe he can step up now with a proper trainer...???!

  • Andy Swift
    Andy Swift 4 months ago

    He says exactly the same thing in all his press conferences, let me elaborate:
    1 "Sparring i beat him up and he knows it and denies it etc etc" .
    2 "This is the fight where I'm really gonna do it and wanted all my life and the public are begging for it blah blah"
    3 "I'm the real deal I train right and spar right"
    4 "I can't EVER imagine loosing EVER"
    Its just hilarious, he is so fucking deluded.
    I recon after Degale wins, Eubank's will wheel out some past retired champ for junior to beat up, then claim all they said was true.
    He should just fuck off back to Brighton and get on with being a privileged spoiled little shit, at least he is the champ at that..... Instafamous

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas 4 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 ooooh I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 at how delusional this man is 😂😂😂😂😂

  • darren 2791
    darren 2791 4 months ago

    Who cares groves beat both these fools😄😄

    HUGESTIR06 4 months ago

    So basically your saying the same as last time..when you lost & the fight before..
    Why would anyone believe this joker

  • A MCC
    A MCC 4 months ago

    Has he had tattoo ink on his head

  • giken212
    giken212 4 months ago

    Wanna see Chris prove all wrong and get a world title soon.

  • Dr Strange Love
    Dr Strange Love 4 months ago

    respect Jr

  • James Richardson
    James Richardson 4 months ago

    just look at Eubanks clothes, WTF!

  • Worlds most Interesting Man

    That overhand right man🤔

  • Dan B
    Dan B 4 months ago

    Got a trainer to sell the fight. He will never change

  • Oliver Cutmore
    Oliver Cutmore 4 months ago

    There should be one boxing channel. One subscription.

    • Liam Moore
      Liam Moore 4 months ago +1

      I hear that they could have a big fight on tv every day of the week then save the best for weekends and split the pay betwwen them in order of the most popular and belts ect

  • James Williamson
    James Williamson 4 months ago

    Why is he dressed like Bain????

  • Jatinder Phull
    Jatinder Phull 5 months ago

    I dont think Chris believes he can beat the guys at elite level at MW...he can take this fight for more money and low risk...why is he then not scrambling tp earn a shot against the top boys a MW? He is not a SMW and should not even be thinking about Callum Smith...go after Saunders once he wins title back then fight to unify in a big fight against Canelo if you believe it...

  • Steven J Townley
    Steven J Townley 5 months ago

    Ewbank is a complete joke he’s just like his dad a joke, same old talk all bollocks 😡

  • whitney jade
    whitney jade 5 months ago

    DeGale don’t look or sound 100% to me! All the wars catching up with him!! I think Eubank catches and hurts JD early and stops him in 5-6 rounds!!!

  • dani dro
    dani dro 5 months ago

    jubank best fighter but to stuppid

  • Paul Ambrose
    Paul Ambrose 5 months ago

    I really hope junior wins this fight Degale is one arrogant mother fkr

    TDI JUNK 5 months ago +1

    Degale once went on holiday in a caravan , so it looks like another beating is on the cards.

  • C C
    C C 5 months ago

    The most delusional millennial boxer of all time, o and Adrian Broner, muppets. I hope degale creams jr

  • Ice2Watcher
    Ice2Watcher 5 months ago

    actually he did make quite alot of money in boxing for being such a whack, dumb, unreflective athlete, this steve fox

  • John H
    John H 5 months ago

    Looking forward to it

  • Pablo Jesus
    Pablo Jesus 5 months ago

    The problem with eubank is he's been beaten but never been beat up!

    • Shaun Davids
      Shaun Davids 5 months ago

      bartered ....as in trade ....or batter ...lol

  • Eddie Scanlan
    Eddie Scanlan 5 months ago

    His first trainer hahaha

  • Trioxin 245 Systems
    Trioxin 245 Systems 5 months ago

    Absolute stockin worse boxer on the circuit

    TDI JUNK 5 months ago +1

    The future holds a lot of satisfying beatings for this idiot, deluded and only fighting Degale because he knows Degales no where near his best.

  • dave oneil
    dave oneil 5 months ago

    Jnr has promised big things since he went pro but hasnt really delivered. What happened to starting at the top? Anyway i kinda want him to evolve

  • Deco M
    Deco M 5 months ago

    Del boi trotter over the back

  • Wesley Green
    Wesley Green 5 months ago

    The only thing embarrassing is that little beard. When am sad or down I put TheXvid on and watch the highlights of BJS slapping you about like he was your dad.

  • BoothenBoy
    BoothenBoy 5 months ago

    I have literally never ever ever been asked “so, when is Eubank fighting DeGale” 😂😂😂

  • Liam McCann
    Liam McCann 5 months ago

    No public appetite for this bout, none.

  • Demz Soutz
    Demz Soutz 5 months ago

    Eubank is different now i actually sense he will do good things. Hes humbled from his losses and is now an even better fighter. Hes thinking now and a trainer will make all the difference

  • gramme parsons
    gramme parsons 5 months ago +1

    his daddy took him to his presser dressed as an american ww2 pilot and he calls folk 'EMBARRASSING' .

  • Anthony Webster
    Anthony Webster 5 months ago

    Its taken him this long to realise he needs a trainer,crazy.

  • James Hoad
    James Hoad 5 months ago

    Did Roy chubby brown lend him that coat?

  • Stephen Hopwood
    Stephen Hopwood 5 months ago

    Sparring means absolutely nothing that's all Eubank jnr goes on about needs to learn boxing basics he can't even jab said mostly same stuff about groves. No boxing public interested in this fight and it ain't pay per view, where's snr 😂

  • Heston Allette
    Heston Allette 5 months ago

    Come on degale

  • Chris king
    Chris king 5 months ago

    Anyone who knows boxing knows Chris eubank Jr's words mean nothing as he called Saunders average and got schooled by him then called groves a novice and groves made him look stupid so what does that make eubanks? Below average and worse than novice.a in form james degale will just out box eubank same as Saunders and groves did. Eubanks showed he's crap then continues to talk this way .eubank gets beaten and he should retire as it will be third time stepping up and loosing he's not world class and has no power at Middle weight never mind super middle as one good uppercut should stop someone he hits opponents with hundreds and doesn't drop them. Eubanks is an embarrassment to the sport absolutely deluded and has a short memory more bullshit that he can't back up.

  • some one
    some one 5 months ago

    Chris I like u as a fighter go pay for a fuking proper trainer, if my dad was a champion I would want him in my corner too, but Chris stop being tight and pay for a bad boy trainer.

  • Russell Newton
    Russell Newton 5 months ago

    He admits he has a TRAINER wow, even that is a big step up for Eubank, not having a trainer but admitting he needs one.

  • Kevin Woolner
    Kevin Woolner 5 months ago

    Arrogant knob , hope he loses

  • john sullivan
    john sullivan 5 months ago

    I cant make out if that is sheepskin or not. it looks like one of zaras but it could be an Allister mc queen

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams 5 months ago

    At least he's got a trainer now. Will be interesting to see what will happen.

  • Lewis Murrell
    Lewis Murrell 5 months ago

    lot of people give him stick cos he lost. But tbh it aint really nothing to be embarrassed losing to Grove and Bjs both are world class fighters. He also gave BJS a lot of problems in the second half of the fight.

  • Terry the Tiler
    Terry the Tiler 5 months ago


  • red 91
    red 91 5 months ago

    B tech Bane.
    The Ego rises.

  • Darren Mitchell
    Darren Mitchell 5 months ago

    ur dad was an amazing fighter so im guna gamble on you good luck may it be a great fight

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven Thompson 5 months ago

    Says the man in the Bane jacket who got schooled off George Groves😂

  • Zeit Geist
    Zeit Geist 5 months ago

    The only embarrassing thing is Eubank Jr, fair play he'd fuck me up but I don't claim to be some world class fighter. He insults fighters that have won world titles, but he has won a Fosties WC something lucky bag belt. European level at most and if world level he fights a seriously weak champ to take a shit belt

    MAD CONNER. 5 months ago

    Im rubbing my hands together in anticipation for the comments below about his coat hahaha.

  • Roiston Miller
    Roiston Miller 5 months ago

    a great sports man, i just think he shouldn't of chose boxing.

    IBSTAR82 PORTAGE 5 months ago

    Eustank at boxing, quit while youre ahead....SMH

  • Gaming GuruGary
    Gaming GuruGary 5 months ago

    You aren't training right. Hence you've been outclassed top level. Still arrogant and in denile. World class but not world champion material. Could be if he got a good trainer and listened.

  • Q Ali
    Q Ali 5 months ago

    Jwebuary 23rd

  • pete ross
    pete ross 5 months ago

    No 1 called this fight out I love delllusion

  • jowett javelin
    jowett javelin 5 months ago

    looks like a two bit pimp

  • strength out of weakness

    If I didnt get injured we had call for and was going to fight eubank's on channel 5 hes very lucky

  • J M
    J M 5 months ago

    Some serious smp there

  • Robert Woodhead
    Robert Woodhead 5 months ago

    ‘TEACH THIS KID A LESSON’ that’s my favourite quote from this 😂
    Like he’s a 15 year ex world champion

  • Cain Roberts
    Cain Roberts 5 months ago

    I hope de gale retires this peanut

  • Dave Simons
    Dave Simons 5 months ago

    This is the first time ive heard Eubank Jr speak

  • Face Man
    Face Man 5 months ago


  • Tate mctate
    Tate mctate 5 months ago +1

    This Pillock would struggle to beat his dad nowadays nevermind anyone else😂

  • Allan L
    Allan L 5 months ago

    Eubanks is promoters dream with his talent and charisma not like other boxers who are boring and can't even put a sentence together...

  • Michael H
    Michael H 5 months ago

    Did he used to be in Wham??🤣🤣

  • Bob Harris
    Bob Harris 5 months ago

    Zero personality so well

  • Bob Harris
    Bob Harris 5 months ago

    Jnr is more deluded than his father who had 1000x more skill than this clown

  • PaulBodyBuilder
    PaulBodyBuilder 5 months ago

    Eubanks is #1
    Philadelphia Pa

  • Anson Brooks
    Anson Brooks 5 months ago

    too much cunty in boxing. degale is 25-2-1, eubank is 27-2, this is a fight

  • Brandon Murphy
    Brandon Murphy 5 months ago

    Eubank should have mayweather Sr training him no matter the cost

  • rorythered
    rorythered 5 months ago

    At the end of the day DeGale is 32 but got Bronze at the Commonwealth, Silver twice at the European and Gold at the olympics. Been a world champion defended his belt also lost his belt rematch and became a world champion again. Not shameful for him to retire now. Eubank has absolutely nowhere to go if he loses this fight, it’s not weak to say it’s a retirement fight, because whoever loses has run out of options. At least DeGale will retire with an Olympic Gold and as a former world champion, Eubanks biggest accomplishment is losing to Saunders and Groves

  • N G
    N G 5 months ago

    "The fans have been asking for this fight for years"................NOT! What planet is this dude on??? This is a great fight for both of you but not one the fans are crying for. "I want the belts" - don't we all sunshine but you have to beat a few people first before you get a title shot. Beat DeGale then have a couple more fights with the like of Lemieux/Derevyanchenko then fight BJS for a title/eliminator (if BJS wins his fights during that period).

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T 5 months ago

    LOL comments are fire.

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind
    TheGodEmperorofMankind 5 months ago

    Delusional clown. He's all style and no substance.

  • SY KO
    SY KO 5 months ago

    You'll get belts ,left and rights

  • SY KO
    SY KO 5 months ago

    Give your head a shek!!
    BELTS 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    RECKA 5 months ago

    @IFLTV why didn't you ask him if he feels training himself was a mistake? And why did he insist on training himself? Was this down to arrogance? Does he actually want his dad to train him? Why didn't he go for a big name trainer?
    Come on Koougs! This is the first interview in watched where I thought you could have really gone in further.

  • Spiky Falcon
    Spiky Falcon 5 months ago

    You cannot come from a silver spoon background and expect to be the best pro boxer even if your dad was one of the best pro boxers. A boxer must be hungry and feed of the hate to be the best. Like Mike Tyson.

  • imacunthole
    imacunthole 5 months ago

    Eubank will always be above his station. I think he's good, don't get me wrong, but not world class good.he said he never thinks of losing before a fight....... But he does after 😳

  • Firebrand
    Firebrand 5 months ago

    Mr Cringe.... such an embarrassment, on every level. His delusions are on the same level as religious extremists and cultists.

  • Art Stanton
    Art Stanton 5 months ago

    FANNON: Considering the In the community, i.e. gang life, I guess a 35 year old is an old man.