Chess Board with Copper Inlay

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • Watch how I make an end grain chess board with a copper inlay with the owner's initials in the walnut frame.
    You can find everything else I used in this project at my Amazon storefront at
    Items I used in this project include:
    Grizzly G1023RLWX Table Saw
    INCRA Miter Gauge:
    iGaging Caliper:
    Freud Thin Kerf Rip Blade:
    DeWalt Planer:
    Ridgid Random Orbit Sander:
    SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander:
    Freud 8" Super Dado Set:
    Ridgid Router:
    Freud 3/4" Double Flute Straight Router Bit:
    Dremel 3000:
    StewMac Precision Router Base:
    Dremel Sanding Discs:
    Artistic Wire 21-Gauge:
    Titebond III Wood Glue:
    HVLP Spray Gun:
    In-line Moisture Filter:
    Zinsser SealCoat:
    Arm-R-Seal Satin Finish:
    Arm-R-Seal Gloss Finish:
    Crystal Clear Paste Wax:
    Paraffin Oil:
    Pumice Stone:
    3M 220-grit sandpaper:

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  • SamM6945
    SamM6945 5 months ago +635

    This is my board that Mike made for me - and I couldn't ask for anything better. Absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship, and amazing to be able to see how it was done. Thanks again Mike!

    • 420 420
      420 420 19 days ago

      Weird me name sam

    • Gary Ortolano
      Gary Ortolano 2 months ago

      Do you stand and play...because it's huge. One would have to have a long reach for this board.Not practical for playing with a timer...or do you?

    • Navin Kotadia
      Navin Kotadia 2 months ago

      @Matt DeMatt to find out....Let there be a Match between The Chess Player Vs The Chessboard Maker !

    • Navin Kotadia
      Navin Kotadia 2 months ago

      @Storm Leo ........depends on location......East or West...!!! Lol !

    • Quantum Baboons
      Quantum Baboons 2 months ago

      What pieces do you have?

  • Kai W.
    Kai W. 3 days ago

    Hi Mike,
    thank you for this great video! Inspired by you I am planning to create my own board following your instructions :) Luckily we have an "open workshop" in our town where I can use all tools needed for a low flatrate-price.
    I was able to take all the measurements for each part of the chessboard from your video except one: How long was the board you used for the frame and how long were the four frame boards before you cut the 45 degree angles? It should be something around 25 inch per side correct? I would be very happy about a feedback :)
    Keep up and all the best from Germany!

  • Thomas Shue's World
    Thomas Shue's World 8 days ago

    To annealing, you don't need it to be red hot. and see, all you need to do is heat it until you see the shadow chase across the surface. Then let cool and you'll see its soft.

  • K A
    K A 13 days ago

    You’re clearly 100000x more knowledgeable than me but some of those cuts on the table saw made me go eeeeek! Those freehand dado cuts and your fingers getting soooo close to the dado blade. Stay safe!!!

  • dragongator1
    dragongator1 13 days ago

    All good, except inlay. Should check how it is done by professionals first and then try yourself.

  • Kristian Nissen
    Kristian Nissen 14 days ago

    Don't think the copper goes that well with that VERY lovely board!!! It's very hard when you have to do two identical letters right next to each other! I would have have engraved the letters with a proper cnc-machine and filled it with Gold color i think or left it hollowed. Very nice work!!!

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  • Siti Anubis
    Siti Anubis 16 days ago

    I just found my new Bob Ross but for wood working so happy

  • Hektor Z
    Hektor Z 17 days ago

    I'm guessing in this video clips of more than one board are used

    • Wood U Make It
      Wood U Make It  17 days ago +1

      Yep! I made four boards at the same time. You may have noticed one of the boards that wasn't glued up properly, which sadly ended up as a cutting board.

  • sosa kun
    sosa kun 17 days ago

    anyone else cringed when he used a steel hammer?

  • Al Pulley
    Al Pulley 18 days ago

    Fantastic board! Cant put a price on that.

  • Haider Al_baghdady
    Haider Al_baghdady 19 days ago

    Pls make video how to make all picess of chess

  • Filipe Christian
    Filipe Christian 19 days ago

    You are incredible. Congratulations for your job. How much is your chess board?

  • Blackrain4xmas
    Blackrain4xmas 19 days ago


  • None of your Business
    None of your Business 20 days ago

    are you going to make the chess pieces too? that would be awesome... wood i make it? i would... if i had the tools, and a workshop and the materials...

  • Cole Privett
    Cole Privett 23 days ago

    I want a custom one! Lol i could just be the pieces separately

  • JDH Studios JDH Studios

    Not sure if you even tried but have you tried making 2 knight chess pieces out of holly and ebony 🤔

    • Wood U Make It
      Wood U Make It  21 day ago

      I'm making a set now out of ebony and boxwood. Holly would be really nice but I wasn't able to find any nearby.

  • MrDeothor
    MrDeothor 27 days ago

    the idea of this copper inlay is neat, but imo you might want to change the method you do it, cause end results look... poorly as hell.
    I so wish I had tools you have :/

  • my Name is Nobody
    my Name is Nobody 28 days ago

    any one else notice the mistake at 5:13? the 2 rows closest to the camera. lol

  • pedjadjokic
    pedjadjokic 29 days ago

    Nice work, muse peace but I think it needs letters and numbers A B C D E F G H and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and ... 8 !!!

  • Theecountdownbackup - HenningKemner

    Last thing. Always make a test model before finish. So you can correct errors such as the copper inlay method.
    Just my 10 cent.

  • Theecountdownbackup - HenningKemner

    Another thing. When you glue wood you must full glue. Meaning glue everywhere on both surfaces. And when u clamp it must bleed along the 2 components. Excess glue can be removed with rubbing alcohol. If you don't full glue pieces will shift over time and edges will appear between pieces.
    I have 3 years and 6 months education in inlay and cabinet making. I'm a Journeyman.

  • Theecountdownbackup - HenningKemner

    When you do inlay u MUST file ends so that they seem as in one piece.
    Another advice never use a steel hammer but instead a nylon hammer. You have better control with that.

  • isobar
    isobar Month ago

    To anneal copper, heat to bright red and immediately quench in cold water. Copper 'work hardens' and so it may be necessary to anneal more than once. This chess board you have made is a beautiful work of craftsmanship...thanks for this.

  • Pralay Hait
    Pralay Hait Month ago

    at 5.14 the pattern is wrong and at 5.30 the pattern is correct explain me how this happned

  • Jeremiah Lyles
    Jeremiah Lyles Month ago

    Beautiful Job

  • John Calveley
    John Calveley Month ago

    To anneal you Cooper, get it
    red hot, then dip it in cold
    water. This is from an eighty
    five year old plumber.

  • Carolyn Sparks
    Carolyn Sparks Month ago

    Awesome job.

  • argi0774
    argi0774 Month ago

    Why do you fill the gaps with epoxy? Why not with wood glue? Sanding over it would fill the gaps with dust of the same color

  • jason mahmalji
    jason mahmalji Month ago

    how much was it?

  • RJ D
    RJ D Month ago

    I noticed your vcu rugby shirt. did you play? i hooked for James River from 90 to 05 we might have a shared a pint.

    • Wood U Make It
      Wood U Make It  Month ago

      I never played, but my daughter went to VCU so that's how I got the shirt.

  • P Nut
    P Nut Month ago


  • WhiteFeather
    WhiteFeather Month ago

    "I wonder where this TheXvidr is from..."
    >Timmies coffee

  • Daniel Audette
    Daniel Audette Month ago

    Where you located. I see a Canadian coffee can in use there!

    • Wood U Make It
      Wood U Make It  Month ago

      I'm from Canada (near Toronto) but I live in Virginia now.

  • RavenPlaze
    RavenPlaze Month ago +1

    If I had half the tools you do, you bet your sweet bippy I'd make it.

  • Robert Morrison
    Robert Morrison Month ago +1

    Very nice work. Worth the time watching. Congratulation Mike.

  • Joey Etwaru
    Joey Etwaru Month ago

    What artistry, you surely take your art seriously, enjoyed the process

  • Gary Elliott
    Gary Elliott Month ago

    That copper work is awful

  • Sharann Kirkpatrick

    Personally I like that the inlay was hand done, better than something milled through a machine, isn’t that the point of having someone make this board, giving it a soul or energy.

  • skittles mcfruity
    skittles mcfruity Month ago

    Tim hortons is awesome.

  • Chris Defender
    Chris Defender Month ago

    Well Sam, only two things left to do.
    Get some nice chess pieces and learn how to play the game.
    Nice craftmanship mike, hats off to you!

  • Philip Wolf
    Philip Wolf Month ago

    DuDE!! Your Jr.High School Shop Class Teacher didn't scare you enough about using a table saw. Ya DON'T use your hand to push the wood beyond the spinning blades!!

    • BigFatRillos
      BigFatRillos Month ago

      There are no more Jr. high shop classes. No one thinks being a craftsman is worth a damn any more. The millennials all want desk jobs that start with 6 weeks vacation and all the perks without working hard.

      Oh, and as a carpenter. I see people push past the blade every day. All about not being a dummy.

  • Robert Woelk
    Robert Woelk Month ago

    Beautiful work love the inlay

  • Karl Horn
    Karl Horn Month ago

    Incredible chessboard.

  • kamal makaveli
    kamal makaveli 2 months ago

    U r artist this is nice piece 👌

  • Tux Edo
    Tux Edo 2 months ago +1

    ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) ~ 𝕮𝖔𝖔𝖑 𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖓𝖘 ~ ( ͡°Ĺ̯ ͡° )

  • Rachel Coleman
    Rachel Coleman 2 months ago +3

    I can't believe how nice this turned out. You're incredibly talented.

  • honestlythatsbull
    honestlythatsbull 2 months ago

    You could have filled the routed initials with a 2 part filler and sanded it flat ... Think it may have been a better and easier outcome, nevertheless an extremely nice piece !

  • Karl Berakovich
    Karl Berakovich 2 months ago

    Wonderful work....How does one price something like this??

  • Rabbit Snare
    Rabbit Snare 2 months ago

    Nice work. One thing: maybe you should have a look at Ted Sokolowski's method for copper inlays - I've done it myself on peppermills and it would likely have saved you a lot of time and headaches.

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 2 months ago

    Different board at 5.20

  • wildkatsailing
    wildkatsailing 2 months ago

    Im making one from cedar right now, thanks for the video.

  • Chica 411
    Chica 411 2 months ago


  • Jon Hunter
    Jon Hunter 2 months ago

    I think if I were to make one I would use camel bone instead of using copper.

  • Кирилл Квасов

    много мелких косяков , с таким то оборудованием и материалом , в целом нормально на 4

  • Mr T.H.
    Mr T.H. 2 months ago


    NNVS VS 2 months ago

    Thank you

  • Tow Doctor
    Tow Doctor 2 months ago

    Then took the board in the bath with me. I feel this step is important. I use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo on it. It makes me feel and look like a total idiot but The board smells great.
    Then unfortunatly I dropped the board onto its corner and deforming it. In a strange bounce Its trajectory took it towards the concrete steps where I manage to ding the other 3 corners.But I didnt show that part.

  • Daryll Jimerson
    Daryll Jimerson 2 months ago

    Nope I would just order one from you. Lol

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds 2 months ago

    Great piece of work.