Sunday League Football - IGNORED

  • Published on Feb 4, 2019
  • Welcome back to Sunday League Football!
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Comments • 460

  • Palmers FC
    Palmers FC  7 months ago +169

    Hi people. Just want to address a few things regarding this game. As mentioned our opponents aren’t the issue, they’re a good bunch of lads and we look forward to another battle.
    The stand in ref we were told was qualified but that is neither here or there. The home team are entitled to use anyone, even a player. Had that been the case we’d have offered Troi to do half each with them. That didn’t happen because we were told we were in good hands. That unfortunately didn’t pan out.
    As for reporting, we marked him low but not being a ref in our league I’m not sure how contact would be made to give feedback. On the topic of showing this as evidence, it’s there for all to see but any chance of having the result turned in our favour won’t happen, it doesn’t work like that. What’s done is done and hopefully it’s one we can firmly put behind us. Thanks for the support!

    • Ice Eyes
      Ice Eyes 7 months ago

      Sam Gardiner Ight

    • Sam Gardiner
      Sam Gardiner 7 months ago

      Ice Eyes go for it, see you in 5 years

    • Ice Eyes
      Ice Eyes 7 months ago

      Sam Gardiner Really mate can I have my daughter back please

    • Sam Gardiner
      Sam Gardiner 7 months ago

      If he’s qualified, my name’s Adam Johnson

    • Green and White
      Green and White 7 months ago +1

      I think you are being too fair to the other team, they picked him to be the ref for a reason and the reason being he clearly had some sort of loyalty to them.

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams 26 days ago

    I have never in my life seen such a cheat as this "referee", an utter disgrace with a clear agenda to cheat Palmers fc 😔

  • Squidward Tennis ball
    Squidward Tennis ball 5 months ago

    The ref is worse then fricking MIKE DEAN

  • Aiden
    Aiden 5 months ago

    It's taken me 2 months to realise that the scoreboard changes at 12:58 to REF 2 - 2 PFC

  • Henrik Høyrup
    Henrik Høyrup 6 months ago

    Must have been the same ref in our local team's pre-season game (3rd best Danish league, but still).
    He showed up like 15 seconds before the game should begin, game was delayed 10 minutes because ref realized he'd forgotten his cards!
    Game turned out very nasty, lots of hard tackles, players shouting at each other & the ref, yet his agenda without cards was clearly "let's keep our voices down and try to talk the problems through, alrite?"

  • Joe Mulligan
    Joe Mulligan 6 months ago

    The worst ref ever😂

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs 6 months ago

    This is what's grim about amateur football. Cheats and thugs prosper.

  • Not From The Bottle
    Not From The Bottle 6 months ago

    Just seen this Smiv if you don’t report cheats like this it’ll keep happening to other teams. You’re duty bound to report.

  • Mitchell Nunes
    Mitchell Nunes 6 months ago

    The ref is a Stanford town fan and the shit ref I ever seen

  • delwood
    delwood 6 months ago

    that ref is woeful.

  • Gooner Ads2007
    Gooner Ads2007 6 months ago +1

    They got two goals which if a qualified ref had reffed you would have won because the 1st goal should have been stopped because of the head injury and the 2nd goal the player was offside before he got sniped. The ref was an absolute disgrace

  • SaminatorSix
    SaminatorSix 6 months ago

    As a ref, his only mistake was the penalty at the end. The first penalty is not visible. You cant call what you cant see. The 2nd pen he already had the ball off his foot. The amount of pressure he got from the fans impacted him 100%

  • Iain W
    Iain W 6 months ago

    it looked like a pen at the end of the video.

  • EJB v
    EJB v 6 months ago

    Cannot believe what I’ve watched there🤢

  • jonny luke gaming and vlog

    That man need to go back to school and sorry I need help texting

  • Triumph OnTour
    Triumph OnTour 6 months ago

    That ref was a complete fucking let down and ruined a really even game

  • Darren Mcgovern
    Darren Mcgovern 7 months ago

    That ref shouldn't be allowed near football I mean I'd ban that dope from playing sabbuteo Essex fa should have a look at this

  • Darren Davies
    Darren Davies 7 months ago

    Qualified to be bias!

  • Archie Price
    Archie Price 7 months ago

    The pitch is tero

  • Glenn The Braintree
    Glenn The Braintree 7 months ago

    That ref shouldn’t be anywhere near a pitch

  • bestintheworld568
    bestintheworld568 7 months ago

    I doubt the “ref” had cards. I’ve been in matches where there’s been stand in “refs” and leg breaking challenges go in without punishment. As far as I’m concerned no qualified official should = no game. It’s a pain in the arse when your players are up for a good match but safety should come first.

  • chapinfire 19
    chapinfire 19 7 months ago

    Qualified referee?????? Fuck this man

  • Blair Murphy Brown
    Blair Murphy Brown 7 months ago

    Hate it when a ref is hired to keep two teams at a equal game and keeping both sides following the rules but they refs can’t follow the rules them self’s

  • RTN J-mes
    RTN J-mes 7 months ago “You Nonces!” Ahahahahahahahahaha, idiot. COYP

  • Dan Best
    Dan Best 7 months ago

    Pick your own ref he obviously is a coach of the other team

  • Samuel
    Samuel 7 months ago

    What kind of fuckery have i just witnessed??
    That "ref" was an absolute fucking joke

  • Mitchell Nunes
    Mitchell Nunes 7 months ago

    One of the crappy ref I ever see

  • Gary Allen
    Gary Allen 7 months ago

    I, for one, enjoyed the refs performance. Blind whistle blowing has always been a much under rated art form.

  • thames
    thames 7 months ago

    Hmm, sitting on my sofa f'ing and blindin over a Sunday game? Dogs have bolted wife's shaking her head.

  • Paul slinger
    Paul slinger 7 months ago

    Do an on the road at Preston

  • Josh Wearden
    Josh Wearden 7 months ago

    That Ref was a wanker

  • Ginger Scholes
    Ginger Scholes 7 months ago

    I don't mind bad refs at this level, but not biased ones. He was clearly their ref, given the decisions and him hurrying up play when they were 2-1 down.

  • Jeff Dredd
    Jeff Dredd 7 months ago

    I'm actually livid.

  • LIAM
    LIAM 7 months ago

    This 'ref' needs to be fucking Ko'd the daft cunt

  • Danny Kirwan
    Danny Kirwan 7 months ago

    Brad le tissier for the assist 🙌⚽️⚽️

  • Edward Vockins
    Edward Vockins 7 months ago

    Do you think you could make Elliot to do the extra I think it would be amazing

  • David Hooker
    David Hooker 7 months ago

    Nearly 2 1/2 thousand views, all seeing a top division game in that league between two unbeaten sides with no referee. That's poor from the league. You are giving them advertising. I am referee secretary for a league with a TheXvid side playing. I am aware that they have hundreds of thousands of views. It is vital from a league perspective that we are viewed in a positive light by those viewing. The ref on the day may have a shocker, (we all do sometimes) but as a league we have done the best we can.
    There was another comment from a ref that saw at least 2 reds and numerous yellows that should have been given, I would agree.

  • Harvey Burrowes-McHugh
    Harvey Burrowes-McHugh 7 months ago

    I’m outraged..... CHEAT is the only word to use to describe that ‘ref’

  • matty ingham
    matty ingham 7 months ago

    That is genuinely disgusting. People like him just killing the spirit of the game. Scandalous.

  • stuart mowbray
    stuart mowbray 7 months ago

    Who the fuck qualified him to ref a game. Stevie wonder would of done a better job

  • stuart mowbray
    stuart mowbray 7 months ago

    Cheating fat bastard

  • BrownMan24
    BrownMan24 7 months ago

    your mate tommo has a massive gambling problem, hes on another youtube channel called ' 7 neighbours'

  • Username NA
    Username NA 7 months ago

    I have never seen a bigger piece of blatant cheating than from this referee.

  • Jahed A
    Jahed A 7 months ago

    Hate how teams have to cheat to win well in this case draw. Grown men cheating is just sad. 😑

  • dv4lufc77 123
    dv4lufc77 123 7 months ago

    Haven't watched Palmers in month's I'm back.

  • StretfordEnder
    StretfordEnder 7 months ago +2

    I've been reffing in the FA Academy League's for a while now and whereas I appreciate these things happen at lower levels, this chap was by far the worst example of a referee I have seen in almost 20+ years in the job at any level. Matt, I would find out the name of this individual and report him to your local County. If he's local then even if he doesn't ref in your league, he'll probably still be registered with that County. May be worth contacting the RA (Referee's association) as well as they may have records of him if he's a member. If the complaint is serious enough, they could enforce that he re-takes (whichever current level he's at) his course again. I know it doesn't get you the 2 points back but if it stops this clown making such decisions in any games he refs in the future then that can only be good for the game! Gives the rest of us a bad name! Anyway, onwards and upwards, still unbeaten! COYP

  • Rib Zed
    Rib Zed 7 months ago

    What an absolute cheat! You were spot on at 12mins - he helped them take a free kick quickly so was determined to get them back in the game. Didn't ignore the lino flag for THAT offside did he. Such a shame when teams have to cheat their way to victory. He must have some affiliation or link to their club.

  • Felipe
    Felipe 7 months ago

    This got me pissed off, shocking ref

  • Nathan Allott
    Nathan Allott 7 months ago

    I’d have smashed that refs head in

  • Green and White
    Green and White 7 months ago

    I am by no means a Palmers “fan” but that ref was fucking garbage

  • Charles Wilkinson
    Charles Wilkinson 7 months ago

    How was the first desicion a head injury? Grow up you southern puffs

  • Penguin OnATrain
    Penguin OnATrain 7 months ago

    Can imagine the limbs on the touch line, scenes!

  • PattyBangTV
    PattyBangTV 7 months ago

    Hopefully the "ref" watches the vids and learns from it, what a tool!

  • Mikey Turner
    Mikey Turner 7 months ago

    My nan could ref the game better and she can't walk . What a fucking joke

  • Aaron McGinty
    Aaron McGinty 7 months ago

    You robbed. That ref was an out and out cheat. No need for it.

  • Sam Mitchell
    Sam Mitchell 7 months ago

    You should send this footage into your league so that ref never manages another game

  • Super Hans
    Super Hans 7 months ago

    Bill looks like a young Willem Dafoe

  • Afroleon90
    Afroleon90 7 months ago

    Have no respect for players who try and get other players sent off. Get some class.

  • spaace
    spaace 7 months ago

    hope the point was worth it for them over now 50k people thinking they are cheating ballbags!

  • Joe Collins
    Joe Collins 7 months ago

    Like I said in the last vid, fan of the game & extra combo, but missing the commentary in the reserve vids, hoping that can come back but if not no problem still love the content!!