• Published on Dec 22, 2021
    Today I play the new best game on Roblox called Deepwoken and have two little critters that help me along my deepwoken journey. Deepwoken is the successor of Rogue Lineage or something like that it’s fun

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  • skepty
    skepty  +4

    I would actually want a full on series of this, it's actually pretty fun to watch him play this.

  • Meatballbi
    Meatballbi  +731

    he's actually playing a good game? damn.

  • Wiliam Decker

    its not really only to battle exploiters but thats part of it, it's mostly because there is so much possible build variety in deepwoken and progression actually takes a very long time as opposed to rogue, so they give extra slots to test out new builds in general without needing so many accounts

  • tunafish
    tunafish  +410

    I love how Albert actually got the answer right then assumed it was false.

  • Heliothis
    Heliothis  +87

    It would genuinely be awesome to see Albert make a genuine series on this game, even if it's only a few episodes.

  • ZanTrooper_567

    Its a really fun game, but it requires lots of learning. I would love to see more of it. If you need someone to help you get started and learn I gotchu.

  • Hokori
    Hokori  +1

    Let’s be honest, Albert can talk about the most depressing things and make it hilarious.

  • Aliyah Santiago

    "Never seen without their mask"

  • Yellow There

    I would love a short series on this game, it’s hilarious watching Albert try to socialize while also trying not to get killed while doing it.

  • Onii Chan兄貴

    even though he didnt progress at all in this video it was still fun to watch him play deepwoken.

  • Monkey’s ToeNail

    Deepwoken is an amazing game. The devs have so much potential to venture out of roblox and make games that would sell hundreds of copies. Deepwoken has some of the smartest box I have ever seen in a roblox game.

  • Limy Tbh

    make another video this was soooooo good to watch you play a pvp/combat game that you dont need much game knowledge to learn and get a hang on the mechanics even tho parrying is a bit hard at first with a bit of practice you can get good at it. I would recommend you play it with a friend because it makes the game go a lot faster, playing solo is harder but can be more rewarding not having to share chest with others

  • guy
    guy  +883

    Slots are seperate characters with their own seperate progressions, they exist to battle exploiters and to have all of your characters and progressions on just one account instead of many different ones like in rogue lineage

  • j
    j  +9

    honestly this game is so amazing, its only been out for a couple days and yet its one of the most innovative concepts and gameplay in roblox. the lore too, god, everything about this game is just perfect

  • Zen Andrade

    Being a deepwoken player, I like how slowly he progressed.

  • Grongle
    Grongle  +10

    I love this game so much. Play it more, it's wonderful if you get the hang of it :)

  • Jinxx
    Jinxx  +11

    Happy 10M subs Albert! I’m proud of you.

  • youfoundbull

    Can we appreciate how much effort they put in these videos?

  • strong kids

    Everyone should know why this channel does so well he makes us all laugh every video

  • Renshine
    Renshine  +14

    I would love to see you play this again and actually try getting good and actually progressing a bit, maybe getting 1 or 2 mantras, it would be very cool.