Taylor Swift Reacts to Embarrassing Footage of Herself After Laser Eye Surgery

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • Taylor Swift reacts to some never-before-seen footage of her acting loopy after laser eye surgery and she teases what songs she’ll perform on Saturday Night Live.
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    Taylor Swift Reacts to Embarrassing Footage of Herself After Laser Eye Surgery
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Pokémon Trainer Elio
    Pokémon Trainer Elio 20 minutes ago

    Yet, when Justin Bieber parodies this video, SJWs and snowflakes pitch a bitch.

  • Mamata Poon
    Mamata Poon 5 hours ago


  • CK Smith
    CK Smith 8 hours ago

    Man that is funny

  • Praveen kumar G T
    Praveen kumar G T 14 hours ago

    Talk shows are all scripted. this video is shown to counter the bad publicity she got for the drunk video

    SPRAY YOUR GLITTER 14 hours ago +1

    Lol she’s so cute!!!

  • Aian Io
    Aian Io 19 hours ago

    Justin is a jerk

  • ned flanders
    ned flanders 20 hours ago

    She was Way more graceful than I ever would have been being public shamed like that. But oh god it was cute. Guess I’m just hopelessly in love with Her. She reminds me so much of my ex though the way she looks acts even same ages. I wonder how they compare in other ways lol

  • m0m0Ln0na Stork Clubs PlayGround

    Funny? 👊😑 that is only Banana . . .

  • Homeschool Mum
    Homeschool Mum Day ago

    Her next album: I'm not asleep, my mind is alive

  • Shin Hwang Ok
    Shin Hwang Ok Day ago +1

    Shes so cute

  • Kayelene Caacbay

    Evil mom hahahha

  • TheBostonYanks
    TheBostonYanks Day ago

    This doesn't show her that loopy it just shows her being a major bitch needing a certain bananna over the other ones. But she prob felt like shit so I guess she had a right to be bitchy.

  • Sashi Mae
    Sashi Mae Day ago

    OMG! Rip replay button🤣

  • wesley gamer23-
    wesley gamer23- Day ago


  • April Sacramento

    So cute 😊

  • Sabita Muduli
    Sabita Muduli 2 days ago

    Her smile..😍perfectt!!

  • LordsMobile gang bang
    LordsMobile gang bang 2 days ago +1


  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 2 days ago

    My mind is alive

  • Wesley Currier
    Wesley Currier 2 days ago

    This is priceless 😂😂😂

  • Antonella Granito
    Antonella Granito 2 days ago

    Her next single should be called Headless Banana

  • JMB
    JMB 2 days ago

    She loves that she was número 1 on Twitter.

  • Jesko Parra
    Jesko Parra 2 days ago +1

    Taylor, you just revealed an Australian easter egg!...I'd like to know more please :D #Huayara #1

  • alice jade
    alice jade 3 days ago


  • sxherxcaryl 01
    sxherxcaryl 01 3 days ago

    Oh god 😂😂

  • 93 Chanel
    93 Chanel 3 days ago

    Desta dan Vincent kemana ????

  • Will Mooney
    Will Mooney 3 days ago


  • Will Mooney
    Will Mooney 3 days ago

    Really almost balance controverspiracybalbum drop just sliguybhalf fuul

  • Golden Sun
    Golden Sun 3 days ago

    Who cares ?

  • amin ka
    amin ka 3 days ago +2

    Now i love her

    JIBI FIT 3 days ago

    That's amazing 😂

  • Ethan Hopkinson
    Ethan Hopkinson 4 days ago

    That was funny I Carnot believe that was Taylor swift was not happy over a banana and she looked really weird.

  • Fashion \Princess
    Fashion \Princess 4 days ago +2

    Look how nervous Jimmy is

  • Sadat Shams
    Sadat Shams 4 days ago

    Sorry to say but the girl is so dumb

  • S. Pauli
    S. Pauli 4 days ago +1

    Love her so much!! :D

  • Julie Simmonds
    Julie Simmonds 4 days ago +1

    She had Trumps hair when she was in bed.

  • Jarett Wilkins
    Jarett Wilkins 4 days ago +2

    All I hear after watching this clip is:
    "Shady Pines, ma!"

  • Bryan Romero
    Bryan Romero 4 days ago

    What happen to late night shows,they are funny and there unAmerican.These shows are owned by unAmerican pieces of shit.

  • David Davis jr.
    David Davis jr. 4 days ago

    This is Michael Daniel how is my stepdad Richard? What is my Mom Tess up to? You know I did not think about my military service when I ran for Governor of California on the Democratic ticket big mistake gonna give the rest of the family a heads up you know I am a seal. Ar.Ar.Ar. I will be taking my daughter with me April 19 2020 . I have received Active Notice of my duty deployment as a Regiment Battalion "FS" (Force Seal) command.
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    No love no hugs no kisses.

  • Тимофей Анохин

    - Taylor, could you impersonate Jimmy?
    Taylor: 3:16

  • diana a
    diana a 4 days ago

    idk don't call me a dramaqueen but I literally hate this sooo much. Like u can actually see the panic and the.. 'wtf moment' in her face.. Idk I think it was soo disrespectful in a really weird way like.. idk

  • Sudha Maripitchai
    Sudha Maripitchai 4 days ago

    Banana on the block looking like a snack---Missy Elliot & Taylor Swift

  • DrewDudePlayz
    DrewDudePlayz 5 days ago

    Your a wizard Taylor

  • Đạt Đổ Đốn
    Đạt Đổ Đốn 5 days ago

    Taylor Squirt

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift 5 days ago


  • cashmere
    cashmere 5 days ago

    taylor is so genuine i don’t get why people hate on her for no reason

  • Mac Kettner
    Mac Kettner 5 days ago

    Taylor's just fun.

  • Venus Gomes
    Venus Gomes 5 days ago

    A laser surgery???? And a banana????

  • jonas Bettin
    jonas Bettin 5 days ago +5

    This has to be my new whatsapp quote: I'm not sleeping my mind is alive

  • R M
    R M 5 days ago +1

    I love this woman. What a beautiful human being.

  • Rashmi Sachan
    Rashmi Sachan 5 days ago +1

    "But it isn't the one I wanted"😂😂

  • jamily Pereira Da Silva


  • Hannah Duong
    Hannah Duong 6 days ago


  • Ian Mars
    Ian Mars 6 days ago


  • status captain
    status captain 6 days ago +1

    Beauty 😍

  • mahaliah GayoNuevo
    mahaliah GayoNuevo 6 days ago +2

    "For the television?" 😍🤣 soo cute 😍😍

  • Angri Fernandes
    Angri Fernandes 6 days ago

    Indonesia coming

  • Spektrum X
    Spektrum X 6 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/OTdO4FurHjI/video.html A schizophrenic rapper

  • connzap8r
    connzap8r 6 days ago

    she sounded like Scarlett Johansson @ 2:18

  • Some Random guy
    Some Random guy 7 days ago +2

    Taylor is the best, she’s been my favourite singer since I was 4 even though I didn’t know what her love songs meant ❤️😂