Taylor Swift Reacts to Embarrassing Footage of Herself After Laser Eye Surgery

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • Taylor Swift reacts to some never-before-seen footage of her acting loopy after laser eye surgery and she teases what songs she’ll perform on Saturday Night Live.
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    Taylor Swift Reacts to Embarrassing Footage of Herself After Laser Eye Surgery
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 9 021

  • ajre82
    ajre82 2 hours ago

    She's gonna write a song about it.

  • Nikola Andrejic
    Nikola Andrejic 6 hours ago

    Poor Taylor!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • PrincessOfPink FOREVER!
    PrincessOfPink FOREVER! 6 hours ago +1

    😭😂🤣🤣😂😭 I’m crying,
    Taylor : Drunk Taylor!
    Me: Relatable after I finished eating my food😂🤣

  • Fans, boomboxes, and more

    My cheek muscles are now sore from smiling like the freaking dork that I am. Darn, why is my left side sorer than the right?

  • Morrisons 89 Leeds Kirkstall Savins Mill Way

    Fake bullshit acting like a child cant stand this person

  • Lilly VonShtup
    Lilly VonShtup 15 hours ago

    She's the ditzier version of Jessica Simpson

  • cute girl
    cute girl 18 hours ago +1

    Taylor:I am not a sleep my mind is alive
    Her mom : ok
    Me : lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pedro González
    Pedro González Day ago

    Como me hace reír eres genial bella grasias Pedro x desde Miami

  • Pedro González
    Pedro González Day ago

    Excelente video me hizo reír eres excelente cantante y excelente mujer gracias Pedro x desde Miami

  • Joker TM
    Joker TM Day ago

    Why she sounds like she is on drugs ?

  • Amused But Not
    Amused But Not Day ago +1

    I thought everything on these late night shows was scripted.

  • tuksakat1 tuksakat1

    Pretending to be cute. She is dumb

  • Happy D
    Happy D Day ago +2

    She should marry Bruno Mars.

  • Prince King
    Prince King Day ago

    That laser knocked bitch right outta her and left one hell of an adorable little angel

  • Jeff Farts
    Jeff Farts Day ago

    You know how I can tell that this whole thing is staged? She's acting embarrassed due to the "leaked" post laser video, but not because she was in the cats movie. The latter is WAY is way more embarrassing.

  • Salimufari
    Salimufari Day ago

    Gurl can't hold her drink.

  • Kaitlin Coetzer
    Kaitlin Coetzer 2 days ago

    Just when you think this can’t more embarrassing you look at the views!

  • cesar garcia
    cesar garcia 2 days ago +1

    OK I applaud Her, nice example; she pick up a frute for a snack. If I was the one medicated, surely I would pick ice cream or junk food.

  • Richie Rick
    Richie Rick 2 days ago +14

    That reminds me of Joker movie. Luckily Taylor doesn't have a gun.

  • Dustin Shapiro
    Dustin Shapiro 2 days ago

    Listen to this cool song I wrote. If you don't like it you can throw me out. thexvid.com/video/pAOF-L0yh5o/video.html

  • Ken Fereday
    Ken Fereday 2 days ago


  • Bluebutterfly
    Bluebutterfly 2 days ago


  • Tom Time
    Tom Time 2 days ago

    Hhhhhhhh omg that is surely it will be happen don't care taylor you still mind alive

  • Raw Financial News
    Raw Financial News 2 days ago

    Her house in the Hamptons is huge and she has others just as big, this is staged; her house is not that small. Maybe it's her mom's house, but I think it's staged.

  • MrUnknown
    MrUnknown 2 days ago

    who is she?

  • Control Man
    Control Man 2 days ago

    I have a nanner for her...

  • Robert James Chinnery


  • gabrielle alves
    gabrielle alves 2 days ago +1

    O amor da minha vida ❤

  • BTS roast haters and armys Eat them

    The fight with her mom after this would be interesting...!

  • Om C
    Om C 2 days ago +9

    "I am not asleep my Mind is alive"
    I run a meditation and yoga center I could use it as tagline 😄

  • 。俺がバカでしたすみません


  • DeadXGamer13
    DeadXGamer13 3 days ago


  • Last Reign
    Last Reign 3 days ago

    Is laser surgery safe ??Should I get ?Taylor your gorgeous.

  • tom tom
    tom tom 3 days ago


  • Alister Vieira
    Alister Vieira 3 days ago +51

    Jesus Fuckimg Christ. She handled that soooo well. Congtats to her.

  • black panther
    black panther 3 days ago +40

    When this thing is more important than justin's wedding.

    • black panther
      black panther Day ago +1

      @Soliha Rashid hailey potion him LOL jk idunno maybe he's on drugs and plan something stupid

    • Soliha Rashid
      Soliha Rashid Day ago

      lol i mean how😂😂

    • Soliha Rashid
      Soliha Rashid Day ago

      is he married😨

  • ce li
    ce li 3 days ago +2

    I love how Taylor is so real!

  • Blu Panda
    Blu Panda 3 days ago +17

    Can't stop replaying it
    Who else thought she was SOOO cute? 😂😂😂

  • Gülşən Əhmədova

    İt is not funny

  • Taka Tuki
    Taka Tuki 3 days ago

    Jimmy kimmel ruins everything

  • Elly Palmer
    Elly Palmer 3 days ago

    I was mostly laughing at her shirt

  • Baishali Mandal
    Baishali Mandal 3 days ago

    She was hilariously cute..

  • Péťa a mé druhé já E.

    This guy is shit. Her mother is bitch. Her manager is probably dick, if he planed this. So they want to say that famous people can't have some private. Shame on them.

  • Ji hyeong Shin
    Ji hyeong Shin 3 days ago +1

    I’m big fan of you Taylor! I’m always rooting for you. it’s a very funny video lol. your mom is also great.

  • Bendy and mario adventures

    I like Taylor swifts 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💘💘💘💘💘

  • Moshe Levy
    Moshe Levy 4 days ago

    Jimmy is so annoying to his guests

  • Maryanne
    Maryanne 4 days ago +2

    Omg that's really embarrassing. If be so mad at my mum for that.

  • Prepper paradise
    Prepper paradise 4 days ago

    Just shows your real taylor. No worries

  • Xx ItsYoGachaGirl xX
    Xx ItsYoGachaGirl xX 4 days ago +1

    This is soo funny

  • Lindsey Mott
    Lindsey Mott 4 days ago +2

    Lol so funny...

  • Petryce Hollis
    Petryce Hollis 4 days ago +1

    Poor baby but that’s so funny. Thanks Mom.

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones 4 days ago

    I so badly want to run my tongue all up and down her legs and all over her feet and in between her toes and all over her soles

  • Kelsey Hirakawa
    Kelsey Hirakawa 4 days ago +1

    She seems sad or darker inside somehow

  • Aysed Bys
    Aysed Bys 4 days ago

    Everytime I’m sad I came here!😂😭😭😭 so funny, I love you Tay💕

  • Rick Meadows
    Rick Meadows 5 days ago

    I cannot stand her!

  • Lidia salazar
    Lidia salazar 5 days ago +2

    I love taylor❤😍

  • chi ll
    chi ll 5 days ago

    How is it funny

  • RedMatzer2006❤️
    RedMatzer2006❤️ 5 days ago +65

    Am I the only on Taylor sounds like Billie eilesh when she said "I'm not asleep my mind is alive"

    • Killer Meme
      Killer Meme 2 days ago

      Am i the only one that thinks Taylor sounded like Billie Eilish when she said, "im not asleep if my mind is alive".********

  • Ethan Gregg
    Ethan Gregg 5 days ago

    This bitch is still alive but god dam fuck Taylor the snob!

    VISHRUT SHENOY 5 days ago