Team Sonic Racing - Reveal Trailer

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • Team Sonic Racing arrives this Winter! Race in a team with your friends (or against them) both offline and online, and choose from a variety of characters and tracks in the Sonic universe!
    Team Sonic Racing is being developed by Sumo Digital, well-known for their fantastic racing titles. We'll reveal more about the game (and we'll have it playable) at E3, so if you're around, come give it a try!
    Check out more about TSR at
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  • Jaems 3099
    Jaems 3099 24 days ago

    I would really like to play.... Toooo bad my PC is *DAMN*

  • Jade Gar08
    Jade Gar08 Month ago +1

    Shadow smile! i love

  • Super Sonic
    Super Sonic Month ago


  • Maximiliano Diaz
    Maximiliano Diaz 2 months ago

    si son velosistas para que quieren coches :v

  • justanotherreviewer
    justanotherreviewer 2 months ago

    i find it funny how they advertised sonic and shadow equally I think it shows how Sega is finally acknowledging how big the shadow fanbase is and using it to their advantage

  • Gael GEMLaZzO
    Gael GEMLaZzO 2 months ago

    Si sonic tiene el. Poder de la hipervelocidad porque necesita un auto? 🤔

  • Byron Thompson
    Byron Thompson 3 months ago

    Sonic Drift on steroids

  • Luculene dos santos santos

    Esse jogo vai ser crível eeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • The Wolfster
    The Wolfster 4 months ago +2

    Team Sonic Racing? Ha, judging by the thumbnail we’re finally gonna get Shadow Heroes Forces Team Racing & Knuckles 2 Featuring Sonic and Big Chungus CD Adventure

  • XzDavis Motomiya Jess ZungzX

    and tails doll character¿?

  • Doodle Pan
    Doodle Pan 5 months ago


  • Mody Osman
    Mody Osman 5 months ago


  • Jeremy Boateng
    Jeremy Boateng 5 months ago +1

    Uploaded 6 months ago
    *Bad omen*

  • The Daybreaker 7th
    The Daybreaker 7th 6 months ago

    0:11 Does anyone see Gemerl?

  • Olli Maarten
    Olli Maarten 6 months ago +1

    Who is here after hearing that the game is delayed?😭

  • Marjan Ambroze
    Marjan Ambroze 6 months ago

    Who's back after the Sonic Twitter account announced that this game is getting delayed until May 21st 2019, which is not Winter, as this trailer says!😂

  • BrycePool124
    BrycePool124 7 months ago

    The [TOP SECRET] video was a sneak peek of this game?

  • Shadow the Hedgehog
    Shadow the Hedgehog 7 months ago +1

    Did you see? I'm a much better driver than sonic, i look ahead on the street, while sonic this pathetic faker, looks at me.

  • Shadow the Hedgehog
    Shadow the Hedgehog 7 months ago +1

    Im excited for this!

  • NightTheVideoGamesFan
    NightTheVideoGamesFan 7 months ago

    Let's blast through the Sonic speed,SEGA!

  • maricarmen redondo melchor

    shadow its cool yea

  • ThatOneWhoComments
    ThatOneWhoComments 9 months ago

    I want to give Sega another chance but I just can't. They didn't care with Sonic Forces and they didn't even try to make it good. The Sonic series is just a disgrace now.

  • lucas the hedgehog
    lucas the hedgehog 9 months ago

    I love 💙💙💙💙💙💙 im love team sonic racing
    💙💙💙💙 more

  • Ace Zombii
    Ace Zombii 9 months ago

    We all feel the sunshine

  • Justin Rodriguez
    Justin Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Sonic is as fast as the speed of sound why tf is he in a car?

  • Dan Peters
    Dan Peters 9 months ago

    Two months later and the hype is still getting to me

  • Melodic Bird
    Melodic Bird 9 months ago +1

    Sonic:can you feel the sunshine shulk:I’m really feeling it

  • BB- Porg Ricky
    BB- Porg Ricky 10 months ago +2

    Shadow gotta 2020 acura nsx with sonic with a 3067 futuristic car

  • joel clements
    joel clements 10 months ago +1

    this should get a mac and mobile version

  • gabe2o2
    gabe2o2 10 months ago

    One of the fastest character in gaming history...makes a game of him racing in a car.

  • Keiran Playz YT
    Keiran Playz YT 10 months ago +1

    I wonder if silver is going to be in team sonic racing but I guess we will need to wait on the game on December

  • Black hero 201
    Black hero 201 10 months ago +1

    It's like sonic and shadow are going to race together as a team

  • Elias Montoya
    Elias Montoya 10 months ago +1

    Guys its Mario Kart: Sonic edition, less the Spaghetti and more gotta go fest vive

  • Sonan X
    Sonan X 10 months ago +1

    The new Sega theme sucks ass

  • Joel Walker
    Joel Walker 10 months ago +1

    Yay. They finally gave Shadow a cool car instead of some strange offroad contraption.

  • Aden859 Productions
    Aden859 Productions 10 months ago

    Finally, a sequel to Sonic R!

  • RJ_TV
    RJ_TV 10 months ago

    No ps3? Why?

  • S e V b A
    S e V b A 10 months ago

    aún seguire esperando mi sonic raqueta 2 >:v

  • Yumi With Ketchup
    Yumi With Ketchup 10 months ago +1

    I played it already ITS SO FUN

  • Jack Turner-Bogdan Živojinović

    Even though Team Sonic Racing is in development, SEGA need more good Sonic games so they can be "trusted". Right now, this is nothing to me. Why? Because SEGA ignore their fans and still continue their work regardless if it's good or bad and that's a big no-no.

  • emanuel navarro
    emanuel navarro 10 months ago +1

    Sonic team Racing VS Crash team Racing

  • SentientSockPuppet
    SentientSockPuppet 10 months ago +1

    *Can you feel the sunshine*

  • Wuzzup People
    Wuzzup People 10 months ago +2

    I can't wait to play this game 😂😂😂😂

  • DarkShadic 9632
    DarkShadic 9632 10 months ago +1

    I’m hyped for what’s basically Sonic R 2.

  • samarii owens
    samarii owens 10 months ago

    Both Shadow and Sonic’s cars look awesome!

  • Jodie Changsak
    Jodie Changsak 10 months ago


  • Zane 126
    Zane 126 10 months ago +1

    CRUSH 40!!!

  • BoyGamer101 #GaminSquad
    BoyGamer101 #GaminSquad 11 months ago +1

    where is his motorcycle

  • RAVIOLI 64
    RAVIOLI 64 11 months ago


  • Geometry Dasher 2078
    Geometry Dasher 2078 11 months ago +1

    What is the music name?

  • TarotCard0
    TarotCard0 11 months ago +1

    Hey, this isn't a sequel to Sonic R. . . this is just. . .

  • Claud MicGaming
    Claud MicGaming 11 months ago

    Where is Shadow's motorcycle?!?!

  • Partywolf animates
    Partywolf animates 11 months ago

    Why isn't shadow ever in his motorcycle anymore that bike was so cool!

  • Daiivion Wraggs
    Daiivion Wraggs 11 months ago

    But high key, why does Shadow look like he rolling up in a Corvette

  • Daiivion Wraggs
    Daiivion Wraggs 11 months ago

    Camaro vs Mustang

  • Simon Kawasaki
    Simon Kawasaki 11 months ago

    Top 10 Badass Anime Entrances

    All humor aside, this game actually looks fun. Always had a soft spot for sonic racing games

  • Victor Marine
    Victor Marine 11 months ago +1

    Sonic love all your games and tv shows

  • AmberZeChao
    AmberZeChao 11 months ago +1

    Why the cars, again? I'm pretty sure Sonic and his friends can get much faster than a car. And don't tell me it's to balance things out, I know Sonic or Shadow wouldn't win every race as long as there's several ways to get to the goal that can involve skills for other characters, such as flight or using brute strength, kinda related to Sonic Riders I guess. I know most Sonic racing games are decent, Riders was my favorite, but I wish they tried an idea like Sonic R again- No I'm not saying to bring back stages or paths from that game, or the cruddy controls, I'm saying to have a game where they race on foot, maybe make things balanced by having many paths, certain paths that can give certain characters an advantage so that it's not always Sonic, Shadow, or any other really fast running character who wins. Also... Team Sonic Racing. You made the R look like the R in Sonic R. Maybe I shouldn't of gotten my hopes up for a game that's like Sonic R but a thousand times better, though a chao can dream.

  • Javier Belmer
    Javier Belmer 11 months ago

    Why would... Sonic and Shadow need to drive when they can run? sigh...

  • JAY JAY Plyz
    JAY JAY Plyz 11 months ago

    Sega i can feel the speed in me

  • Ruben Carrilho Santana
    Ruben Carrilho Santana 11 months ago

    Why they did not make a Sonic and SEGA All star racing 3 game instead this?

  • Mr.Gintil
    Mr.Gintil 11 months ago

    Two rivals will Settle the score

  • Ddddjshdn Ejwjdjdjjejedh
    Ddddjshdn Ejwjdjdjjejedh 11 months ago

    Finally a car for shadow

  • Osvaldo the hedgehog
    Osvaldo the hedgehog 11 months ago

    Cuando lo pondrán para android

  • the art dragon
    the art dragon 11 months ago

    I bet infinite is gonna be in the game

  • Etienne
    Etienne 11 months ago

    Also. Crush 40 is back.
    The E3 trailer confirmed it.

  • Kitzy & asf
    Kitzy & asf 11 months ago


  • DeadJustice
    DeadJustice 11 months ago

    And da shoes dat I have been waiting for r still not here

  • Fire Dude
    Fire Dude 11 months ago


  • Fire Dude
    Fire Dude 11 months ago

    Is silver there?oh i forgot to sega silver doens't exist

  • Dragøn AnimationsTM
    Dragøn AnimationsTM 11 months ago

    Shadow's car is a lamborghini?

  • Nix Glashen
    Nix Glashen 11 months ago +1

    LOL wow, you guys really trying to kill this sonic franchise for real... U realize most these characters are faster than cars right?

    • gabriel nogueira
      gabriel nogueira 10 months ago

      sonic modern games are trash, after generations are great (except sonic 2006, sonic and the secret rings), sonic r sega missed the oportunity, we will have the fourth racing-in-a-car game that annoyed sonic r fans, sega no more idea has been with!

    • Nix Glashen
      Nix Glashen 11 months ago

      SSBLUECJ MCQUICKSTER95 I did say most not all lol

    • Fabulous Lightning McQuick
      Fabulous Lightning McQuick 11 months ago

      Nix Glashen Not all of them

  • wildman0107
    wildman0107 11 months ago

    THE HYPE IS REAL! My favorite part is when the garage opens and the music just gets loud and it shows the exhaust, omg it looks so good! I'm definitely getting Team Sonic Racing.

  • IcyDud3
    IcyDud3 11 months ago +1


  • IcyDud3
    IcyDud3 11 months ago


  • Devan Law10
    Devan Law10 11 months ago

    Yooooooooo shadows car looks nice

  • thatblackcamper
    thatblackcamper 11 months ago +2

    im shocked cant wait sega

  • Sketch
    Sketch 11 months ago

    Hey, they need to be wearing seat belts with the speeds they'll be reaching.

  • Senior Ducky
    Senior Ducky 11 months ago

    It’s kind of sad, this trailer was only 3 seconds longer than the trailer that just showed the letter R

  • DC
    DC 11 months ago

    Y in the hell woud sonic need a car

  • Space Pineapple
    Space Pineapple 11 months ago +1

    Better not be a Double Dash clone

  • karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD

    -Mario- Sonic Kart -Deluxe- ULTRA

  • MagnetMayham
    MagnetMayham 11 months ago

    Holy shit shadow smiled

  • black widow
    black widow 11 months ago +2


  • David Talkington
    David Talkington 11 months ago +3

    Please have all Sega characters as playable racers Sega! Shinobi, Vectorman, Rocket Knight, Rystar and Axel from Streets of Rage! Come on Sega!!!!

  • Keith Schamahorn
    Keith Schamahorn 11 months ago

    there probably gonna put infinite in it

  • Wind
    Wind 11 months ago +2

    wow sonic is in a car *again*

    its frikin stupid the only sonic racing game that made sense was Sonic R and even that game was bad

  • Thepikazapper05
    Thepikazapper05 11 months ago

    *Another* sonic racing game?

  • Chaosis2slow
    Chaosis2slow 11 months ago +1

    Can't wait to hear the full version of the song, it sounds great

  • Chica Inuyasha
    Chica Inuyasha 11 months ago +1

    COOL :V

  • byJannik
    byJannik 11 months ago +1

    Hope there will also be a new Sonic Tennis game. :D

  • AkageVideos
    AkageVideos 11 months ago +2

    Hyped, but kinda disappointed it wasn't like a new Sonic R type game, Sonic has no reason to be in a car lol

  • Perrin Trapp
    Perrin Trapp 11 months ago +1

    You should make infinite a racer. Maybe. Or Maybe add the motorcycle heavy.

  • Isabelle The Doggo
    Isabelle The Doggo 11 months ago +1

    *Inserts Can you feel the sunshine*

  • xvaderxkiller
    xvaderxkiller 11 months ago

    Cant you guys just make sonic heroes 2

  • Sylvester H.
    Sylvester H. 11 months ago +1

    Ok don't get me wrong it looks great but I think it would be better if shadow was riding his motorcycle

  • ReUniversed
    ReUniversed 11 months ago

    I knew it

  • Smellulatr
    Smellulatr 11 months ago

    I’m sad because sonic all stars racing was free with gold but thanks to Microsoft I can’t get it because I need to have a Xbox 360 not a Xbox One. Was looking forward to it.

  • Not Zion
    Not Zion 11 months ago +1

    I love when people say something is going to be a bad game but it turns out to be a pretty decent game or good game I have faith in you Sega make this a good Sonic game racing game to be exact