Survive the Water Chamber! | Water Rises when you Answer Wrong!!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Hey guys! In this challenge, we play a trivia game based off on the Avengers! We cram our selves inside super cramped boxes and fill them up with water! If we get an answer wrong, the box fills up!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 400

  • Nebyeleul Demeke
    Nebyeleul Demeke 28 minutes ago

    People have taken ice baths for up to an hour, they should be fine. -_-;

  • PvProHD
    PvProHD Hour ago

    Do it again with acid

  • jayden mingo
    jayden mingo 2 hours ago +1

    I love avengers

  • Sheun Ying Wong
    Sheun Ying Wong 2 hours ago

    Yeah did realize that dead fish

  • Gamer Migi
    Gamer Migi 10 hours ago

    9:13 it ant mani think because he need a suit.

  • Rowan Bentley
    Rowan Bentley 14 hours ago

    This is something out of saw...

  • Ryan Milne
    Ryan Milne Day ago

    I would’ve won this easily

  • DizzyDog456 Good dog

    This video should be called sender wrong or komit sucisside

  • lily dab
    lily dab Day ago

    i did but it was even funnier when joey said "this is perfectly safe but still don try this at home", lol hahahaha

  • David Duran
    David Duran Day ago

    who's is watching in 2030

  • jamal alhalabi
    jamal alhalabi Day ago

    But they don’t get money or phones or tickets to Disney

  • jamal alhalabi
    jamal alhalabi Day ago

    Team edge is like dangle bros

  • humberto corona
    humberto corona 2 days ago

    If you subscribed Andre 2019 like

  • Pheonix
    Pheonix 2 days ago +4

    This is dumb Jordan got more questions right but Bryan’s leaked

  • Cris Rodriguez
    Cris Rodriguez 2 days ago

    joey has a dad mustache

  • Godsp gaming
    Godsp gaming 2 days ago

    brains box at the start was high and somehow he go =t more and there was less water I wander way ? XD

  • Zieke Hodge-Blanch
    Zieke Hodge-Blanch 2 days ago +3

    Brian black panther turned to dust while he was rescuing nakia

  • delon handoyo
    delon handoyo 2 days ago

    I think it needed some Flex Tape™

  • Cynfia Shi
    Cynfia Shi 2 days ago

    who thinks jorden should've won bc Bryan's box was leaking so much

  • animal 102 Alcatraz
    animal 102 Alcatraz 2 days ago +1


  • My Dude more like Our Dude


  • Madhav s. vinod
    Madhav s. vinod 2 days ago

    war machine was there in endgame

  • Madhav s. vinod
    Madhav s. vinod 2 days ago

    war machine ws wrong it was nick fury

  • Beast Gaming
    Beast Gaming 3 days ago

    What is SO 4

  • RafałRobloxGaming
    RafałRobloxGaming 3 days ago

    thats bad idea....

  • Joodi Alayed
    Joodi Alayed 3 days ago +2

    Joey says mysterio is Spider-Man’s arc enemy who made a chemical… it venom

    • sellsy bros
      sellsy bros 10 hours ago

      Joodi Alayed venom is a symbiote not chemicals

  • Hunter Jones
    Hunter Jones 3 days ago

    At 3:03 WTF BRYAN

  • Mami (Boonyapha) Wisaruttanun

    Bobby: what superhero has the power losing.?
    Me: YOU
    Bobby: no.. it's actually you.-w-

  • Israa Ashi
    Israa Ashi 3 days ago

    It was mysirio

  • Will Van
    Will Van 3 days ago

    I'm happy

  • ScAR Frosty
    ScAR Frosty 3 days ago

    It's not right..... Bryan *thinks*.... Huh! WONG😂😂

  • Deadknight12
    Deadknight12 3 days ago

    Your lucky if your tall

  • OlinK Henry
    OlinK Henry 3 days ago

    Did anyone else notice joeys pedo stash lol like if u like team edge

  • Ivan Lam
    Ivan Lam 3 days ago +19

    Bryan’s box was leaking almost the entire time

  • Tim VanderEcken
    Tim VanderEcken 3 days ago +32

    Who else laughed when Brian slapped bobby

  • Christopfer Simko
    Christopfer Simko 4 days ago +1


  • Christopfer Simko
    Christopfer Simko 4 days ago +1


  • Noah Krogh
    Noah Krogh 4 days ago

    is there other who notice that Brian's box was leaking

  • baker baker
    baker baker 4 days ago

    I love all of team edge viodes

  • WildChild XD
    WildChild XD 4 days ago

    0:46 damn!! I could hear that in China!!😂😂

  • Abcdefg Abcdefg
    Abcdefg Abcdefg 4 days ago

    You guys are insane

  • Riley McConnell
    Riley McConnell 4 days ago

    Omg the talked about daredevil Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Smurf_ Flinger
    Smurf_ Flinger 5 days ago

    Just drink your way out

  • mariapich215
    mariapich215 5 days ago

    Brian is a wimp

  • tamsin ruben are the best friends winnell

    Is ant that dangerous

  • AdmiringTrash 25
    AdmiringTrash 25 5 days ago

    Is that history I hear? (Rich brian)

  • Gregory N Trumble
    Gregory N Trumble 5 days ago

    Calling the cops

  • Capitate Cab
    Capitate Cab 5 days ago

    For people saying that Bryan leaking was on purpose, explain to me why Erics box, a person so much smaller than Joey, wasn't leaking

  • Mr OwO & Knuckles
    Mr OwO & Knuckles 6 days ago +9

    I can't wait for the "answer wrong and a knife it's into a vital organ" challenge

  • SirJ2theK sHnD
    SirJ2theK sHnD 6 days ago

    get rid of that tash

  • A Jo
    A Jo 6 days ago

    Next challenge: every question you get a limb will be cut off

  • NG NATE _
    NG NATE _ 6 days ago

    Bryan sound like Obama. I'm not being racist because my mom is black.

  • Noah Snyder
    Noah Snyder 6 days ago

    Hi I hope you guys do a nother one but use pop tarts, candy, and fountain drinks

  • Indie
    Indie 7 days ago

    I would love to do similar but with wider, but shorter boxes (forcing the person to sit or kneel). Because I can’t handle having my arms not having room to spread but I can deal with not being able to stand

  • Zachary Albert
    Zachary Albert 7 days ago

    Did anyone know the question where the hero needs an external suit to get powers?

  • Landon Baxley
    Landon Baxley 7 days ago

    Bryan "we have new original content like the old stuff"😆

  • Just Peachy
    Just Peachy 7 days ago

    Literally everyone on team edge is claustrophobic 😂😂

  • King Calcium
    King Calcium 8 days ago +1

    Um joey have you ever heard of cryotherapy?

  • Jessica Percin
    Jessica Percin 8 days ago

    I’m claustrophobic and I’m watching this! 😨😂

  • Phoung Luong
    Phoung Luong 9 days ago

    Favorite part is Bobby getting slapped idk why it is so satisfying