Joe Lycett TESTS SpareRoom by Advertising Kids Playhouse?? | Joe Lycett's Got Your Back

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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    Comedian Joe Lycett and celebrity guest Liza Tarbuck take on the housing market!
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  Month ago +95

    Favourite emoji? 💩
    Watch the full episode here:

  • Amanda Morgan Jones
    Amanda Morgan Jones 2 days ago

    "What do we make of that Mr. Pussington?
    That's right, we're furious!!!"

  • Sarah B.
    Sarah B. 3 days ago


  • Sophie Allan
    Sophie Allan 4 days ago

    Oh my god he straight up threatened joe in the street

    JACKIE MOON 7 days ago +1

    Please take dog the bounty Hunter with you when people get aggressive, THAT WOULD BE PHENOMENAL.

  • Chris Harrison
    Chris Harrison 7 days ago

    Sterling De Vere will be back on Spare Room in due course. It's not in Spare Room's interest to ban letting agencies. How else are they going to make money? 90% of letting agencies are shit - so they have to turn a blind eye. They've booted Sterling off for now as a token gesture. But when things have cooled down they'll be back on.

  • ThatAussieGirl
    ThatAussieGirl 7 days ago

    Aw the CEO is actually quite cool. Handled that well and clearly actually cares about doing a good job and taking action when its needed

  • kjp551
    kjp551 8 days ago

    Ok but what good is a new code of conduct when it's been proven they don't follow existing codes of conduct? Sorry to be the wet blanket.

  • Rachel Bevan
    Rachel Bevan 8 days ago +1

    You star! I Thank you and the Heavens for your energy and blood hound devotion and humour to justice! You definatly have your own blend of super powers! Hero's come in all shapes and shirts! You are one! 😄xxx

  • damian Garrett
    damian Garrett 9 days ago

    Great video exposing crooks with humour 👍

  • monkeyboi1280
    monkeyboi1280 9 days ago

    why is it not available on All4?

  • Jibbs
    Jibbs 9 days ago

    appreciated the bach prelude no1

  • terry alston
    terry alston 10 days ago

    she could move in with me ? Hope she don't mine sleeping with me !

  • Conor
    Conor 11 days ago

    The CEO actually seems like a decent bloke, fair enough👍

  • Burny Bob
    Burny Bob 12 days ago

    Regulations are useless there's someone to enforce them; and who wants to be a big bad sheriff when silence is so profitable!?

  • Terry Betts
    Terry Betts 12 days ago

    11:46 Haha I could fit into these homes no problem. I'm like 5'4

  • spong mongler
    spong mongler 12 days ago +1

    The amount of laws broken is absurd, especially involving threatening and potentially violent behaviour.

  • charles Meekins
    charles Meekins 14 days ago

    Joe and Mark have some balls - love it

  • Norris Jinglewilly
    Norris Jinglewilly 15 days ago

    If your illegal and need cheap housing

  • 51 PR
    51 PR 15 days ago

    An illustrative example of how corporate self regulation does not work. There should also be no surprise that a company will continue to take liberties with its consumer base, up to the point where their profits are at risk.
    Watch dogs and accountability programs will always be fighting a losing battle, even as funding sources dry up, and thus the price of an honest service remains absolute vigilance. Sometimes, all you have left are the clowns.

  • Gene Bolton
    Gene Bolton 16 days ago

    WOW a company that actually care's about Not only them selves the advertiser's as well as customer's. Thanks

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous 16 days ago +2

    Sterling De Vere a massive money laundering scheme

  • J P
    J P 17 days ago

    the disgusting reality of the UK: randomers living together because they can't afford to be adults.

  • JuiceMyRandomness
    JuiceMyRandomness 17 days ago +1

    Was there any need for the homophobic comments?!?!

  • Christian James
    Christian James 18 days ago

    yes sterling devire go on lad get em!!

  • Hina Tube
    Hina Tube 18 days ago +2

    Thanks Joe! You are my hero!
    Stirling de Vere are truly awful, went to see some properties with them last year and the same situation as the lady in the vid- properties were completely different to the pictures and the staff were so so so rude when confronted.
    Renting in London is a joke.

  • n n
    n n 20 days ago

    "I'm a bit frightened of you... what do you want from me?" me @ anyone I meet

  • Adam Davies
    Adam Davies 20 days ago

    i had a room with these guys for 3 months. exactly same happened to me almost went to court to get my deposit back. crooks

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 21 day ago

    "My lucky number!" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 21 day ago

    "My lucky number!" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rose Haf
    Rose Haf 22 days ago

    I fuckin love that sparkly shirt

  • eddyk
    eddyk 23 days ago +1

    They’re acting like gangsters and they’re a lettings agency. Tells you everything about who they are.

  • Zee Bee
    Zee Bee 23 days ago

    This show is fire

  • Sheila Morrison
    Sheila Morrison 24 days ago

    Who the fuck pays upfront for stuff. Learn people, learn.

  • Barrios Groupie
    Barrios Groupie 24 days ago

    0:26 Pretty ironic and cowardly to see this effeminate gay presenter protected from people making fun of his sexual orientation, yet he's OK with making fun of another person's natural looks.

  • Ali-May ASMR
    Ali-May ASMR 25 days ago

    Love Joe Lycett, so entertaining. For the record I found a house share through Spare Room nearly a year ago and its been brilliant, private landlord, no agency involved and it has been great 😁

  • John S Anderson
    John S Anderson 25 days ago

    Joe another fantastic review my friend keep them coming I really do feel that we need a Gi Joe like you in Northern Ireland to do something similar way similar to this to catch some off these mother F****** out.... keep it up brother .

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell 25 days ago

    She handed over how much!?!?! 😳

  • msul78
    msul78 26 days ago +1

    Who does these muppets think they are, the mafia?

  • Ben C
    Ben C 26 days ago

    yo who were those thug employees???? come try that shit in Texas.

  • Danenhauer
    Danenhauer 27 days ago

    This is a terrific public service. Great work.

  • Nanny Turtle
    Nanny Turtle 27 days ago

    LMAO 😂

  • Zoe Hopper
    Zoe Hopper 28 days ago +1

    “ a Bedsit in croydon” and then shows a screenshot from the show ‘Deadly Class’ I see you

  • Johnson
    Johnson 28 days ago

    Why are all letting agents such cunts?

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley 28 days ago +2

    "Oh, some baba ganoush!" 🤣😆🤣😆!

  • Brenda Singer
    Brenda Singer 28 days ago

    Mark is my favorite

  • Info Zaza
    Info Zaza 28 days ago


  • cristina bunicelea
    cristina bunicelea 29 days ago

    Next is Cityrooms??

  • 5t0rm 23
    5t0rm 23 29 days ago +2

    This show is just fantastic!

  • watchmejumpstart
    watchmejumpstart 29 days ago

    This show seems so rigid and robotic...

  • Natasha Lysette
    Natasha Lysette 29 days ago

    Bullied into paying for the luxury of being imprisoned in a death trap...

  • hen ko
    hen ko 29 days ago

    being at home with his wife. Pls could you help him come out as he's so far in the closet he's in fucking NARNIA. sing if you're glad to be gay Tommy Robinson. ✌🏻💌

  • NewHippy
    NewHippy 29 days ago +1

    This makes me so happy I was a victim/customer of Sterling de vere. Mould on the ceiling, aggressive members of staff, broken smoke alarms, refused to replace broken fridge, overcrowded houses and that was only part of it. Thank you Joe and channel 4 you have made my day

  • B.M. Whindle
    B.M. Whindle Month ago

    This woman has a copy of my life.

  • Land of the Blue
    Land of the Blue Month ago

    Stirling de Vere are a huge scam, definitely to be AVOIDED by all.

  • chocolatebex
    chocolatebex Month ago


  • tatt oo sticker
    tatt oo sticker Month ago

    Really, 'Joe Lycett's Got Your Back' is just a montage of different cases for why we should end capitalism Power to the workers, and landlords can fuck off

  • Carrie Perkins
    Carrie Perkins Month ago

    India has Karl Rock
    Blighty has Joe Lycett

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio Month ago

    I never knew what this program was about, great stuff

  • LJ Garrison
    LJ Garrison Month ago +1

    Sterling class wankers mate! Fair play ;)

  • Bban no
    Bban no Month ago

    Incredible Beautiful

  • Jenny Yeh
    Jenny Yeh Month ago

    Love this show but How does joe Lycett not get in trouble ?

  • Ye Ole Baz
    Ye Ole Baz Month ago

    Has he done any items about MLMs?

  • Joshua Heffernan
    Joshua Heffernan Month ago

    you can't block another vehicle in, you can report them to the police for that atleadst

  • Joshua Heffernan
    Joshua Heffernan Month ago

    pretty sure if you "fat shamed" a woman, people would be outraged

    • Joshua Heffernan
      Joshua Heffernan 3 days ago

      @Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica also my point wasn't whether or not it's ok to comment on someone's appearance. I'm saying it was ok to "fat shame" a man.
      Also yes I am lanky, because I am not lazy and keep myself fit.

    • Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica
      Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica 4 days ago

      Yep, because somebody else's weight is not yours to comment on. And if you think it's okay to talk shit about anybody about their appearance, unless it's justified, then I really think you're a bit of a sket. If somebody called you a lanky, insecure, virginal white boy, you'd be very offended. I can tell

  • Bradley Wilson
    Bradley Wilson Month ago

    2:15 what's the movie called ???

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    Why did the first chick give them 1800 if shes only paying 600 a month?

  • RG7621
    RG7621 Month ago

    Best thing Channel 4 have done since Games Master

  • tsfcancerman
    tsfcancerman Month ago

    We allready know they have bought star/comment bots and or ppl to write on many accounts, there is a big buisness for this even on youtube

  • Mad Flak
    Mad Flak Month ago

    Channel 4 faggots!

  • lazaroufer
    lazaroufer Month ago +1

    I love seeing bosses so pissed. It's amazing.
    Edit: They kinda just harrassed Joe too.

  • spookym123
    spookym123 Month ago

    "Loose Movements."

  • Garry M
    Garry M Month ago +2

    How long has Joe had his own show? I've only ever seen him as a guest on other shows.
    Very funny lad, got a good laugh from this :)

  • JazzBoatman
    JazzBoatman Month ago

    Really, 'Joe Lycett's Got Your Back' is just a montage of different cases for why we should end capitalism
    Power to the workers, and landlords can fuck off

  • n0ka
    n0ka Month ago

    I never knew what this program was about, great stuff

  • n0ka
    n0ka Month ago

    Hooded thugs, nice...

  • M J
    M J Month ago

    look on gumtree for a room no letting fee

    • M J
      M J 29 days ago

      @Speaking Truth good luck with that.

    • Speaking Truth
      Speaking Truth 29 days ago

      M J ikr, I’m signing my next contract the day after they are scrapped hah

    • M J
      M J Month ago

      @Speaking Truth thanks for that. good news .and about time ?

    • Speaking Truth
      Speaking Truth Month ago +2

      M J letting fees are being scrapped in a few weeks anyway

  • The Average Retro Gamers

    This is the tip of the iceberg. Renting in the UK is absolutely fucked at the moment.

  • Bronte Colgan
    Bronte Colgan Month ago +1

    FYI it is illegal to intentionally block another vehicle in a space like that

  • MrLego3160
    MrLego3160 Month ago

    So this entire show is just joe harassing receptionists.

  • rambobunny1
    rambobunny1 Month ago

    so cowboy Builders can scam you off is wrong with the working class you don't deserve human rights

  • Cameron Lala
    Cameron Lala Month ago

    wtf joe, they seemed like actual thugs! good on you for exposing these fuckwits

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks Month ago

    It's not often you get a CEO so down to earth, he was walking to work and was dressed casual & he was actually really kind... 🤔 If only all CEOs were like this.

  • Jim
    Jim Month ago

    This show is such a mess. No wit in the heat of the situation, minimal pay off for the gotcha moment. No resolution, no solution, guests no one gives a fuck about. And worst of all is the tone is trying to go down that investigative, mischievous, voice of the people vibe; but really it’s just predictable main stream garbage. Why doesn’t he look into channel 4s dealings, I bet there’s some nasty shit he could dig up.

  • L B
    L B Month ago +1

    Joe you are scrumptious in your ridiculous shirt.

  • Jagjit Roudh
    Jagjit Roudh Month ago +3

    I do like the format of this show. It's like televised protests. Takes me back...

  • 988655y yvff
    988655y yvff Month ago

    Lycett fighting the good fight

  • Rebecca kent
    Rebecca kent Month ago +1

    I do feel very sorry for the people that work there imagine this happens and your just the lady behind the desk not having a clue what’s going on lol

  • Erik Lindgren
    Erik Lindgren Month ago

    ceo looks like Mark Sheppard! :D hello crowley!

  • CallMePanda
    CallMePanda Month ago +1

    Rupert is actually kinda nice

  • João Santos
    João Santos Month ago

    keep the good work, amazing

  • Gilly Mac
    Gilly Mac Month ago +298

    "It's tense. We might be killed, but I'm really excited." 😆

  • Unauthorized Expression

    Enjoy your multiculturalism.

  • L A Y . L O W
    L A Y . L O W Month ago

    Let's not also forget that 3rd party companies used by many agencies are another source that need to be eliminated. I lost my deposit due to a replacement tenant pulling out at the last minute . We were already moving out had given 2 months notice and the terms of the break clause meant we were still legally required to pay the rent even tho the replacement tenant had passed all checks/earnt more than 15k above the 30k minimum requirement p/y to rent the property but he was not allowed to continue with the process even tho he showed proof he was actively paying off a CCJ and not in any major debts what so ever. Ended up leaving me and the person I was living with effectively a grand out of pocket. Of course the agency don't have to compensate us based on the lack of communication in the form of no updates via email or calls over the 4 + weeks it went on for even tho a reference check and credit check usually only takes 3 days. I was then told by the agency that I would have to take the complaint out with our rental company Ludlow Thompson and Vericheck themselves as two seperate enquiries. Again both parties able to ditch any responsibilty. Luckily we were then able to sign a withdrawal agreement in order to get the fuck out of the flat! What a joke of a country we live in where most of these companies and landlords are allowed to fuck over the tenants. Thank god I live in Glasgow now... MORAL OF THE STORY IS, WATCH OUT FOR *VERICHECK*! ALWAYS BE PESSIMISTIC OF EVERY DETAIL IN CONTRACTS! + ALL SIDES OF THE STORY. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT BULLSHIT THEY ARE GOING TO TRY AND PULL !

    • Luke Barker
      Luke Barker Month ago +1

      How did that end up causing you to lose a deposit? Did you stop paying the rent after the replacement tenant fell through...although it sounds crazy that you would be required to keep paying if no new tenant came in after giving a whole 2 months notice...unless you were moving out before a 6 month / 12 month tenancy was up and the agents had put in the contract that you would have to keep paying for the remaining months or until a new tenant came along. Still fairly harsh though, things happen and people might need to move somewhere and a 2 month notice is more than reasonable.
      I think referencing and credit checks are getting harsher, many agents ask for guarantors even from people in what would be considered decent circumstances...decent job, low debts and so on. But still that's not enough for some agents/landlords and they will refuse people or ask for guarantors that have loads of savings or a really high income.
      What I hate the most is the charges agents make for referencing. They charge an agency fee for their work drawing up contracts whatever else is involved in advertising a property - even though it really should be the landlord paying this, as in what other scenario do you have to pay an extra charge to be allowed to buy a product or service in the first place! Agency fees are charged once you agree to rent a property. But the referencing/credit check fees are charged up front, and there isn't a refund if you are turned down.
      So you are effectively paying to be assessed for your suitability to rent a property, against criteria that aren't known to you as they will be kept confidential by both the referencing company and the landlord who will both have their own threshold as to what is a suitable tenant i.e. if a referencing company describes a tenant as risky that's based on their own interpretation of the data they gather on the applicant, and regardless of the result you still pay. £100+ seems to be the typical price for referencing checks in my experience, and most of that will be profit for the agent as the services that do the checks charge far less - many let agents pay a monthly subscription for unlimited checks so really it could cost the agent a few pounds. I don't see how they should be allowed to profit from that if they refuse an applicant - who has effectively paid out for nothing except being told no. Yes for almost every refusal they would allow someone to be a tenant with a guarantor but not everyone knows someone that would pass the checks or be willing to do it. And people that are most likely to be turned down after such a check will be those with a lower income or debts who will be affected the most by paying out £100 for nothing.

  • WholeMilkLP
    WholeMilkLP Month ago

    Frig yes!

  • Ashley Bell
    Ashley Bell Month ago

    I don't understand. Joe Lycett is a celebrity, right? Wouldn't potential scammers recognise his voice on the phone, or his face when they meet him in person - and realise they're being fooled?

    • Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica
      Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica 4 days ago

      I think he's relatively low profile. I think a lot of comedians can get away with not being recognised in everyday society after they've been on tv. Though there is a clip from this show where one of the receptionists from an airliner (easyjet I think) recognises him and asks for a selfie

  • bashpr0mpt
    bashpr0mpt Month ago +1

    Why are middle easterners so aggressive? This wouldn't have happened if it were actual British people running this establishment, then again it wouldn't be as scammy either if that were the case. Every country I've lived in certain people from certain regions are incredibly violent and aggressive (yet noticing is the real crime, I've been told).

  • Tom Howard
    Tom Howard Month ago

    this content is dog shit

  • Aisha platling
    Aisha platling Month ago

    What do you want from me 😂

  • Tiki Stanford
    Tiki Stanford Month ago +1

    Will someone please bring Joe Lycett to the US already??? Please DO NOT have someone else, as in an American do a version of his show here, he is the one and only! With all the crap that goes on here, Joe would never run out of ideas. We need Joe too!!