Joe Lycett TESTS SpareRoom by Advertising Kids Playhouse?? | Joe Lycett's Got Your Back

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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    Comedian Joe Lycett and celebrity guest Liza Tarbuck take on the housing market!
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  4 months ago +120

    Favourite emoji? 💩
    Watch the full episode here:

  • Gaming General
    Gaming General 4 days ago

    Omg that’s my train station

  • Jesse Bashiri
    Jesse Bashiri 6 days ago

    I think I like this guy cause I’m high 🍃

  • J Marilyn
    J Marilyn 13 days ago

    Wish you would take my Estate Agent on. My property is within Bromsgrove border, I pay rates to Bromsgrove , vote in Bromsgrove, have to use West Mercia Police and Fire Services, and waste collections, but my agent will not promote my property as being in Bromsgrove as I live in Birmingham and Bromsgrove only 'look after' my property, he says as I am 9 miles from Bromsgrove (centre) so I don't live in Bromsgrove however am Equidistant to Birmingham (centre) being approx 8 mile's away. Nightmare..

  • Julie Sperber
    Julie Sperber 15 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant... So mad!

  • Jake Guard
    Jake Guard 20 days ago

    Damn they are crooks

  • LondonJo
    LondonJo 22 days ago

    Employment agencies used to use just the same tactics back in the '70s, putting cards in their windows advertising jobs that didn't exist, making you do an hour-long test, signing up with them - only to be told the job had gone. i'm sure this 'bait and switch' tactic was outlawed. the same should spply to letting agencies.

  • Paul Warren
    Paul Warren 27 days ago

    SCAM 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Morgan J.S.
    Morgan J.S. 28 days ago

    Website entrepreneur was a very pleasant cunt indeed.
    Obviously he read the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg biographies before starting his own savage, care-for-no-one, money draining filter/service.

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 29 days ago +1

    Joe is doing really great things with this show

  • Ryan Springer
    Ryan Springer Month ago

    Is their logo saying *mind the gap?*

  • Thomas Daly
    Thomas Daly Month ago

    Can sterling de vere not just re-brand the company and continue posting on spareroom?

  • Lotty Monk
    Lotty Monk Month ago

    "We might die, but I'm excited" "I'm going to go take a selfie" joe's fantastic

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi Month ago

    That pathway isnt actually owned by sterling devere, its public and infact anything that happens outside their door isnt for them to take action against.

  • James Chris
    James Chris Month ago

    I'd sue them for laying their hands on me.

  • Ryan Wehr
    Ryan Wehr Month ago

    he is a professional asshole! I love this guy

  • Sera - Marie
    Sera - Marie Month ago

    Don't use bait and switch or pressure selling techniques, but are introducing more stringent controls so that the bait and switch type stuff (that they don't do) won't happen again. Yeah ok.....

  • Link The Fox
    Link The Fox Month ago +1

    if your company are training their staff to act like thugs when stuff goes wrong you're either a criminal organization or have your company situated in north korea

  • D M
    D M Month ago

    "Casey was paying £600 a month for one room in this flatshare...." and it was a shit-hole. Solution? Move out of London. I pay slightly more than that, for a 3 bed detached house with en-suite, two large lounges, a big kitchen and 1/3 acre garden. Oh, with off street parking. Yes, you'll earn a bit less in the countryside, but you'll be much happier, have more money to spend and you won't get stabbed.

  • Jon-Scot Burns
    Jon-Scot Burns Month ago

    The name Sterling De Vere sounds evil. It's a step away from De Vil. Then the logo Is like a stylised evil vagina.

  • Carrots
    Carrots Month ago +1

    0:56 Because it looks like an eye! ...srry :/

  • Jasmine TRIPP
    Jasmine TRIPP Month ago

    Joe can you complain to the company Wish for using people's photos... youtubers have approached their lawyers and have been told it will cost them lots of money only to get their photo taken down from Wish's website...

  • Lucy Blades
    Lucy Blades Month ago

    This is 100% Joe Lycett's wheelhouse.

  • Jazzy Rebel-iya
    Jazzy Rebel-iya Month ago +1

    Joe Lycett and James Veitch should have a go at it.

  • No Obstacle
    No Obstacle Month ago

    This is great! 😂 Rogue Traders on acid!

  • Whitney
    Whitney Month ago

    It's really cool that they fixed the problem after being made aware of it. Lots of companies just ignore it

  • Judge Judy
    Judge Judy Month ago

    Oh Dear Lord I Loooove you Joe Lycett! I want to do stuff like this in CANADA - I have always "stirred up the shit" for the sake of myself and others.
    THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO Joe Muah, Muah, Muah! xoxo

  • Jane Dodd
    Jane Dodd Month ago

    Excellent work!

  • Brian
    Brian 2 months ago

    It's very well conplaining wouldn't it be more appropriate to get that poor lady's money back? otherwise apart from bad publicity this is all pointless???

  • Paul Forryan
    Paul Forryan 2 months ago

    Mark is hilarious when he does that at sterling I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face.

  • ALIYAN A25
    ALIYAN A25 2 months ago

    Joe lychee ur so mean and btw your head looks like a lychee

  • Danny O'Sullivan
    Danny O'Sullivan 2 months ago

    I've binge watched so many of these now.

  • oyinbo peppe
    oyinbo peppe 2 months ago

    All Racist Immigrants.

  • Mr Corndog
    Mr Corndog 2 months ago


  • Caitlin Bloody Mary
    Caitlin Bloody Mary 2 months ago +1

    Holy what? This CEO seems like a genuinely good human being and I am SHOOKETH. The way he interacted with Joe and addressed public concern was honestly so incredible that I kinda wanna use spareroom and I don't even need it :/

  • ジェイI Look Like a Toe

    When one of the "letting agents" was getting all up in Joe's face and Joe said he was getting frightened, that was actually SO BAD! Like, the other dude next to the agent had to PHYSICALLY hold the guy back so he didn't touch Joe just because there were cameras about! Scary to think what would've happened if there were no cameras...

  • SingenStatt Atmen
    SingenStatt Atmen 2 months ago +1

    That's... Actually amazing, that they listened and changed their policy! Even removing all those ads, that takes balls! Respect to them!

  • AJHD
    AJHD 2 months ago

    Sterling De Vere, if you check the Google rating , it's pretty high, until you check the first 4 names that left the reviews and also what other reviews they left on the platform, you'll soon realise all the people that left reviews for Sterling De Vere also magically visited the same locations and left reviews at the same locations, what a coincidence... that would already put me off, plus what's up with that gangster with the hoodie, that isn't a way to run a business, glad they got fined.

  • Amanda Morgan Jones
    Amanda Morgan Jones 3 months ago

    "What do we make of that Mr. Pussington?
    That's right, we're furious!!!"

  • Sarah B.
    Sarah B. 3 months ago


  • Sophie Allan
    Sophie Allan 3 months ago

    Oh my god he straight up threatened joe in the street

    JACKIE MOON 3 months ago +7

    Please take dog the bounty Hunter with you when people get aggressive, THAT WOULD BE PHENOMENAL.

  • Chris Harrison
    Chris Harrison 3 months ago

    Sterling De Vere will be back on Spare Room in due course. It's not in Spare Room's interest to ban letting agencies. How else are they going to make money? 90% of letting agencies are shit - so they have to turn a blind eye. They've booted Sterling off for now as a token gesture. But when things have cooled down they'll be back on.

  • ThatAussieGirl
    ThatAussieGirl 3 months ago

    Aw the CEO is actually quite cool. Handled that well and clearly actually cares about doing a good job and taking action when its needed

  • kjp551
    kjp551 3 months ago

    Ok but what good is a new code of conduct when it's been proven they don't follow existing codes of conduct? Sorry to be the wet blanket.

  • Rachel Bevan
    Rachel Bevan 3 months ago +1

    You star! I Thank you and the Heavens for your energy and blood hound devotion and humour to justice! You definatly have your own blend of super powers! Hero's come in all shapes and shirts! You are one! 😄xxx

  • damian Garrett
    damian Garrett 3 months ago +1

    Great video exposing crooks with humour 👍

  • monkeyboi1280
    monkeyboi1280 3 months ago

    why is it not available on All4?

  • Jibbs
    Jibbs 3 months ago

    appreciated the bach prelude no1

  • terry alston
    terry alston 3 months ago

    she could move in with me ? Hope she don't mine sleeping with me !

  • Conor
    Conor 3 months ago

    The CEO actually seems like a decent bloke, fair enough👍

  • Burny Bob
    Burny Bob 3 months ago

    Regulations are useless there's someone to enforce them; and who wants to be a big bad sheriff when silence is so profitable!?

  • Terry Betts
    Terry Betts 3 months ago

    11:46 Haha I could fit into these homes no problem. I'm like 5'4

  • spong mongler
    spong mongler 3 months ago +1

    The amount of laws broken is absurd, especially involving threatening and potentially violent behaviour.

  • charles Meekins
    charles Meekins 3 months ago

    Joe and Mark have some balls - love it

  • Norris Jinglewilly
    Norris Jinglewilly 3 months ago

    If your illegal and need cheap housing

  • 51 PR
    51 PR 3 months ago

    An illustrative example of how corporate self regulation does not work. There should also be no surprise that a company will continue to take liberties with its consumer base, up to the point where their profits are at risk.
    Watch dogs and accountability programs will always be fighting a losing battle, even as funding sources dry up, and thus the price of an honest service remains absolute vigilance. Sometimes, all you have left are the clowns.

  • Gene Bolton
    Gene Bolton 3 months ago

    WOW a company that actually care's about Not only them selves the advertiser's as well as customer's. Thanks

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous 3 months ago +4

    Sterling De Vere a massive money laundering scheme

  • J P
    J P 3 months ago

    the disgusting reality of the UK: randomers living together because they can't afford to be adults.