Claire & Brad Make the Perfect Thanksgiving Pie | Making Perfect: Thanksgiving Ep 5 | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Claire Saffitz and Brad Leone know that after turkey and stuffing, a Thanksgiving meal is judged on its pies. Guests, all of whom have saved room in their stomachs for dessert, will ask: 'What type of pies did the hosts provide? What was the quality of the crust? Was this pumpkin pie pumpkin-y enough?' Claire and Brad want you to pass your guests' pie grading, so they've endeavored to make the perfect Thanksgiving pie.
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    Imagine a pumpkin pie with pecan pie’s best feature-obviously, the candied nut topping. Now spike the custard with rye whiskey, up the flavor of the crust with rye flour, and voilà: pecan-rye pumpkin pie. We use Libby’s canned pumpkin because it’s reliably consistent, with an ideal water content, and few variations in flavor (and no, we’re not paid to say that). The egg wash added during the blind bake serves as a moisture-fighting barrier-a seal-tight guarantee that the bottom crust won’t get soggy. The rye flour will make the crust look darker than your standard pie dough. If it starts getting too dark while baking with the custard filling, tent it with a ring of foil.
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    Claire & Brad Make the Perfect Thanksgiving Pie | Making Perfect: Thanksgiving Ep 5 | Bon Appétit
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    • Tooway
      Tooway 8 days ago

      What was their score!!!!!!!

    • Dana Martinez
      Dana Martinez 25 days ago

      @ro pro no

    • Dana Martinez
      Dana Martinez 25 days ago

      @rodya255 a boyfriend...

    • Keanu notReeves
      Keanu notReeves 27 days ago +1

      cream and brown sugar is how you roast pecans. how do they not know that

    • per sebra
      per sebra 27 days ago

      @Joshua Samuels why not link us a some black channels?

  • 한아름
    한아름 5 hours ago

    Claire is me in every level

  • Daniel Barbee
    Daniel Barbee 7 hours ago

    Love Claire 🤗

  • Gilium 117
    Gilium 117 9 hours ago

    Always thought Brad was hiding a bald spot...who'd wear a baseball cap like that?

  • jaynee ojeda
    jaynee ojeda 9 hours ago

    Claire looks so pretty with her hair up

  • Elpasto
    Elpasto 15 hours ago

    brad just tells the same four stories over and over

  • Chronos
    Chronos Day ago

    Pumpkin pie is "nowhere else but thanksgiving" probably cuz no one chooses to eat it any other times😂😂
    I'm kidding I’ve never even had pumpkin pie or pecan pie

  • Sterling Sardina

    Close your eyes and start listening to 8:04

  • Alana Curtis
    Alana Curtis Day ago

    Okay, Colorado native and current New Yorker here. If it's any consolation, food in Colorado is pretty bland across the board. There are good burgers (try bison!) and good, authentic Mexican food, but that's about it. I'm certain these rural Coloradans are not used to complex flavors!

  • Jazmine Arceneaux

    What about sweet potato 🥧

  • Destiny Vogt
    Destiny Vogt Day ago +1

    When Claire saw what brad was doing to the pie with the scissors. I laughed so hard I cried 😂

  • John Wright
    John Wright Day ago

    In Louisiana we've ( family ) been making sweet potato, pecan pies for ages! Thanks to Paul Prudhomme!

  • Macy Wood
    Macy Wood 2 days ago

    Young adult 19-59... I CANT 😂😂

  • Emily
    Emily 2 days ago

    every time they talked about flaky crust all I could think of is that video saying "baked in a buttery, flaky crust" lmao

  • Kanzah R
    Kanzah R 2 days ago

    Brad: “you want me to DIE, you want me to take a loss?”
    My professor: “hey can you turn in that essay that was assigned 3 weeks ago?”
    Me: “you want me to DIE, you want me to take a loss?”

  • y100
    y100 2 days ago

    you ruined it by putting the pie in the open germs and dust of the airplane air and carpet for that one shot.

  • wxffles_
    wxffles_ 3 days ago +3

    i feel like claire and brad are like a parallel universe jenna and julien

  • tropical tantrum
    tropical tantrum 3 days ago +2

    I’d probably suffocate if I was next to Brad. I’d just be holding my breath the entire time waiting for my turn to speak.

  • The Office Fangirl
    The Office Fangirl 3 days ago +1

    claire and brad radiate major jenna and julien energy

  • Lauren Kulbertis
    Lauren Kulbertis 3 days ago +1

    In a way... Brad did win. He scored an old lady’s hat.

  • Ray Rodriguez
    Ray Rodriguez 3 days ago

    36:45 the ap cherry pie gushes

  • Tristen McBride
    Tristen McBride 3 days ago

    Wait is getting in trouble for eating too much pie not normal?

  • Juliette Glass
    Juliette Glass 3 days ago

    does anyone else use sweetened condensed milk in their pumpkin pie?? i just like it so much more

  • Isabel Severson
    Isabel Severson 4 days ago

    Claire Saffitz hardcore reppin' Big Bud

  • Branson Stevens
    Branson Stevens 4 days ago

    Anyone who doesn't like pumpkin pie is no friend of mine. Pumpkin Pie is the god of pies.

  • Michael DeRose
    Michael DeRose 4 days ago

    More content like this please!

  • Nathan
    Nathan 4 days ago

    Losers don't get turkey legs....bringing me back to childhood sports Brad......

  • Fabian Hernandez
    Fabian Hernandez 4 days ago +1

    Ahh poor Claire🤣

  • Josephine Brewer
    Josephine Brewer 4 days ago +1

    Well technically you guys are more qualified to judge a pie contest bc food is ur job soooo like

  • Arif
    Arif 4 days ago +2

    When they talked over each other, I completely forgot that The Office was my favorite show

  • Gunkers
    Gunkers 5 days ago

    more big bud press shirts! yaaaas claire!!!

  • jinxes 101
    jinxes 101 5 days ago

    Claire: “...I sometimes use the heel of my hand...”
    Me: I sometimes wiggle the wrist of my foot.

  • Lydia
    Lydia 5 days ago +1

    Brad is serious Julien Solomita energy. Especially with the "quiet on the set" phrase.

  • Sayed Hasan
    Sayed Hasan 5 days ago

    When they wanted money and called dan i thought they said "dad" and now I'm so dissapointed

  • Sayed Hasan
    Sayed Hasan 5 days ago +1

    They're like an old married couple claire is stressing and brad is there for moral support

  • Chanse Paskins
    Chanse Paskins 6 days ago

    I've never seen Claire so annoyed with Brad

  • Emma Pemberley
    Emma Pemberley 6 days ago

    I always thought Brad and Claire should date. Then I watched this video.

  • Hungry for Apples?
    Hungry for Apples? 6 days ago

    Should’ve just sent them to Denver to pick up some weed

  • According to Devin
    According to Devin 6 days ago +7

    “Time moves with the energy you put out there.”-Brad

  • Liza Alexis
    Liza Alexis 6 days ago

    The big can of Libby makes 2 pies ( FYI), by their classic recipe. It’s how I get my own pie to myself every year!!!

  • Sav’s Circle
    Sav’s Circle 6 days ago

    Power couple!!!!! I stand!

  • demelitia
    demelitia 6 days ago

    Baking Hermione and Human Retriever go to Denver.

  • Gecko
    Gecko 6 days ago

    Did you grey at an early age

  • phoenixj
    phoenixj 6 days ago +7

    I would watch 46 minutes of Brad just charming old ladies

  • Brennen Charles
    Brennen Charles 6 days ago +3

    “Don’t rush it! OSHA Claire.” - Brad 🤣

  • Bekki Farmer
    Bekki Farmer 6 days ago

    I’d never seen anyone else with the same energy as Julien Solomita until I started watching videos with brad in them 😂

  • Carin Fonk
    Carin Fonk 6 days ago

    I find myself in Claire so much. I'm not competitive at all but it's moreso that I get it in my head that I might win. Even though I don't really want to win, it's just the disappointment of losing that gets to me.

  • Jillian Waggoner
    Jillian Waggoner 6 days ago +5

    Claire: " I feel worthless, also I need a turkey leg"

  • D S
    D S 6 days ago

    WTF did you even do using canned filling?

  • Namana
    Namana 7 days ago

    These two need to make more videos together they’re so funny! Brad is so chaotic and Clair is so normal they make a perfect duo

  • Steve Tipton
    Steve Tipton 7 days ago

    Why is Brad not wearing shoes?

  • T Tran
    T Tran 7 days ago

    I kind of wanna see the pies that did win and see Brad Gourmet makes them...

  • Renku Panda
    Renku Panda 7 days ago

    "Time moves with the energy you put out there."
    Untrue I put out no energy and time flies by.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 7 days ago

    38:52 i'm SO IMPRESSED by how complex the judging system was!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Hernandez
    Sam Hernandez 7 days ago

    lmao Claire and brad make the best combo. chaos & comedy

  • ana. onomatopoeia
    ana. onomatopoeia 8 days ago

    Subscribed! This video was so good. Didn't even realize it was 45 minutes long

  • imapeppr27
    imapeppr27 8 days ago +3

    I am frankly very personally offended that Claire and brad’s pies did not win

  • Ben Mager
    Ben Mager 8 days ago

    Claires laugh brings me so much joy and brads energy too bless them for being such pure human beings

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson 8 days ago

    Are there no black chefs here to say sweet potato pie?

  • Dorothy Bathke
    Dorothy Bathke 8 days ago

    It works well with the pecans if you stiff whip the whites, fold in sugar and pecans, then bake them separately before placing on top.