The Great Meat Mistake

  • The boys call upon their German heritage to help them stuff the most delicious sausages in the world.
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    This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
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Comments • 80

  • Niftey
    Niftey Hour ago

    Funniest of their videos for sure

  • Kayaze
    Kayaze 2 hours ago

    Are we not talking about how ethan made a sausage in a condom?

  • Robert Dunmeyer
    Robert Dunmeyer 2 hours ago

    I make sausage at home as work i make over 80 per day when i have the material

  • Ace Wild card
    Ace Wild card 3 hours ago

    0:04 ME TOO

  • Hadley Archer
    Hadley Archer 4 hours ago

    watching ethan just toss all the meat at mark right now would make so many corona-paronoid folks super ANGERY

  • Crimson Scot
    Crimson Scot 4 hours ago

    It hurts knowing they used fillet mignon to put in the sausage

  • Meow Rchl
    Meow Rchl 4 hours ago +1


  • Meow Rchl
    Meow Rchl 4 hours ago +1


  • Matthew Steele
    Matthew Steele 5 hours ago

    Why do I find it fitting that an uncle made a meat pounder

  • Matthew Steele
    Matthew Steele 5 hours ago

    When mark said “imagine a German man” I immediately thought “Oh god, Mark NO DON’T SAY THAT

  • Bruh Man
    Bruh Man 5 hours ago


  • Tammy Lindley
    Tammy Lindley 5 hours ago

    "how are we gonna make a channel together if were not close??? :("
    you painted each other NAKED

  • Elly Belly
    Elly Belly 6 hours ago +1

    You guys are making fun of Ethan for not being able to say “skillet”, but I forgot how to say pencil yesterday

    • Anna
      Anna 5 hours ago

      my history teacher says it pen sile 😭

  • Juliana -owner
    Juliana -owner 6 hours ago

    i’m also german, my dad was german :)

  • Spicy Boys
    Spicy Boys 6 hours ago

    11:24 the real great meat mistake

  • Allison Wyles
    Allison Wyles 7 hours ago +1

    I wonder if a sausage was made on accident
    Someone got bored and was like Imma but this meat in a condom 😂😂😂

  • Tee Time Dolls
    Tee Time Dolls 9 hours ago

    Video starts
    Mark: "I'M GERMAN"
    Me: same!!

  • Møøñłīght_ Gacha
    Møøñłīght_ Gacha 10 hours ago

    0:55 - 1:19 idk why but I shipped them

  • Danny DeVito
    Danny DeVito 11 hours ago

    They both get salmonella from Ethan's sausage and die. Amy has to do the rest of the year by herself with chica and spencer

  • Jason Tilford
    Jason Tilford 11 hours ago

    2:56-4:19 As someone with high-functioning autism who sometimes has a hard time with words, this was very relatable yet surprisingly funny to watch! I only hope that before this video reaches its inevitable deletion, I find out roughly how long it took Ethan to find the right word.

  • Danny DeVito
    Danny DeVito 12 hours ago

    2 minutes and 24 seconds of ethan trying to remember what a skillet is. Quality Content👌

  • Melody Paulino
    Melody Paulino 13 hours ago

    Mark and ethan together would make 5/8 of a German

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker 14 hours ago

    Mark-“imagine a German man”
    Me for some reason-“hitlers your dad”

  • unicorn whales with whales


  • AJP247
    AJP247 15 hours ago

    Mark: lI am German”
    Me: “aren’t you a.... no, no I won’t go there”

  • ISto1eUrTac0
    ISto1eUrTac0 16 hours ago

    I am German as well merk

    • ISto1eUrTac0
      ISto1eUrTac0 16 hours ago

      Ethan is a disgusting rat for not being the beautiful german.

  • max monestone
    max monestone 16 hours ago

    I'm German

  • Ayden Dant
    Ayden Dant 20 hours ago +2

    The amount of pure Tony stark and Peter parker vibes is awesome

  • Priupus
    Priupus 20 hours ago +1

    But nothing beats a true blue auzzie Bunnings snag

  • JennamarbleslookslikemyPEteacher

    I ship them

  • Jjacob8600
    Jjacob8600 21 hour ago

    "skrittle!! skrittel!!! skreetel?!!"
    "ooh i got it!!"

    *_"S K R I T T L E"_*

  • Shadow maker 7
    Shadow maker 7 23 hours ago

    *It always comes back to skittle!*

  • Daniel Broughman

    Oh god it's what I thought Ethan was using to make the sausage a f******condom 😂

  • Peachy_pearl 18
    Peachy_pearl 18 Day ago

    why are you two deleting this youtube Chanel? its really funny and i dont want it to be deleted 😥

  • Daniel Broughman

    Is he trying to say skillet

  • Charelle Compaore

    Ethan should really take a autism test online lol not trying to be mean to people with autism btw I’m just saying it would be funny to see it

  • Mikki Case
    Mikki Case Day ago

    I wonder if Ethan just had a condom on him (for whatever reason) or if he got one from Mark.. 😂

  • Gabito Garza
    Gabito Garza Day ago


  • Gabito Garza
    Gabito Garza Day ago

    Am sad cuz there gonna delete there unus annua

  • Chxra
    Chxra Day ago

    Ah yes, my favorite band!
    It’s, uhhh *looks at smudged writing on hand

  • Alondra Aguilar
    Alondra Aguilar Day ago

    ethans is disgusting

  • Aki uwu
    Aki uwu Day ago +2

    Damm, i love their personalities
    I wanna make a show with characters like them

  • Nino Latimer
    Nino Latimer Day ago

    I'm gonna have to make a lunchables sausage

  • Claire Stanczak
    Claire Stanczak Day ago

    I will report this for Ethan being an idiot

  • Anna
    Anna Day ago

    Me and Ethan trying to figure out what the word is.
    Our dyslexia-Haha
    Mark- why...

  • JL Atkins
    JL Atkins Day ago

    I have said skillet so many times, it’s no longer a word.

  • Evan McDaniel
    Evan McDaniel Day ago

    The skillet part annoyed me so much and I don’t know why

  • Nicole Lester
    Nicole Lester Day ago

    the fact that ethans mom ended the call by saying ich liebe dich (i love you in german) i thought was v wholesome okay

  • Bobariah
    Bobariah Day ago

    This channel is just Ethan trying to get close with Mark and Mark rejecting him

  • CaveSpider 22
    CaveSpider 22 Day ago

    Whoever gets to the mixer first
    *grabs knife*

  • Braydon
    Braydon Day ago


  • Katlyn Taylor
    Katlyn Taylor Day ago

    Mark: "Imagine a German Man, that is my dad"
    Me: YooHoo Big Summer Blow Out

  • Gamer DivinityOverload

    Fanfics of Ethan x Mark = Marthan has appeared.

  • Daehani
    Daehani Day ago

    Ethan’s clearly tryna fuck

  • Carter McCaw
    Carter McCaw Day ago

    I greatly dislike the fact that mark used pork hock in his sausage, that’s all bone and cartilage. Great for soup stocks

  • Lucy Billings
    Lucy Billings Day ago

    Ski...skittle....skrittle...skill tree...skilltr...skill....SKILLET

  • BrieAnne Harris
    BrieAnne Harris Day ago

    Ethan:who else would u be talking to?
    Mark: The audience
    Me:hello there🙂

  • ricky alyhak
    ricky alyhak Day ago

    Ethan's sausage looks like a giant shit maggot.

  • Musi Scarrinu
    Musi Scarrinu Day ago

    Mark: hypothetical situations
    Ethan: *Fridge.*


    Okay so if I’m correct “probably not” I think the casing for the sausages are made of cow intestines. Have a nice sausage everyone!

  • Raven Johnson
    Raven Johnson Day ago

    He really said ; skillturmble 😂

  • Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia Day ago

    This is like another Markiplier Makes episode, except there is no Tyler.

  • MeZii
    MeZii Day ago

    I’m German

  • ashlynnecortez12

    All the cajuns are cringing at this video😂


    I just watched a man have a seizure for 2 minutes straight

  • Whisker Workshop

    As soon as ethan said butter i figured he was gonna throw out everything in the fridge xDD

  • aa sh
    aa sh Day ago

    did anyone notice that ethan started crying wheb he couldn't remember the word skillet

  • :3därk skyž:3
    :3därk skyž:3 Day ago


  • ROARraps
    ROARraps Day ago

    “This is for sure not good.” Well Ethan that’s what happens when you make literally anything swim in butter XD

  • Karley Gray
    Karley Gray 2 days ago

    A skrillex

  • Marin
    Marin 2 days ago +7

    “Ethan Can’t Pronounce”
    Start: 2:55
    End: 4:19
    Wrong Words:
    And, finally, skillet.

  • ExcaliburWielder67
    ExcaliburWielder67 2 days ago

    Eat your cereal

  • Meme Reaper
    Meme Reaper 2 days ago +1

    Alternative title:
    Ethan trying to speak and failing

  • Min Yuna 鋭じを
    Min Yuna 鋭じを 2 days ago

    Please wash ur meats first........ PlEaSe WaSh Ur MeAtS FirTs 😱☠

  • NOVA 6
    NOVA 6 2 days ago +1

    I’m actually also German mark I’m 40% my last name is also a bit strange but I’m proud of it

  • Eva Chen
    Eva Chen 2 days ago +1

    Amy is SO lucky to have Mark 😭

  • Allison Terry
    Allison Terry 2 days ago

    For a moment, I thought they were putting their meat mixtures in something adulterous. Excuse me for having a dirty mind, people.

  • qing cai
    qing cai 2 days ago

    Omg u didnt feed thedooooooooooooog

  • kevin yeet
    kevin yeet 2 days ago +1

    "Sausage making conclusion - if you try, you'll probably end up with something."

  • hailey d.
    hailey d. 2 days ago

    the favorite utensil........,. The Hand