SML Movie: Uh Oh, SpaghettiOs!


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  • Shelton Tomlinson
    Shelton Tomlinson 17 minutes ago

    Jeffy that’s all

  • Aarpat09
    Aarpat09 45 minutes ago

    Hay I have short vid for you to watch pls I need some love

  • BiscuitMelon
    BiscuitMelon Hour ago

    What if he punched him in the stomach with 5 fingers instead of a punch

  • doji moe
    doji moe Hour ago +1

    Whats shirup

  • Phxwlxcia
    Phxwlxcia Hour ago

    Spaghettios look like cereal with soup😂

  • Joseph Montano
    Joseph Montano Hour ago +1

    I really thought Cody’s baked beans would spill 🤣

  • Sally Good
    Sally Good Hour ago +7

    Who’s better?
    Like: Jeffy
    Comment: Cody
    Do all for Brooklyn Guy

  • vipfreddy1 og
    vipfreddy1 og 2 hours ago

    He should have picked up the Speghettie with the napkin then use bleach

  • Dead-AAA
    Dead-AAA 3 hours ago

    Who saw the Zombies perk bottles at 0:55?

  • ComedyContent !
    ComedyContent ! 4 hours ago

    SML IDEA: Opposite Day
    It's Opposite day that means
    Cody is stupid. Jeffy is smart and Goodman is poor and more

  • Edgar Castillo
    Edgar Castillo 5 hours ago

    Oh crap... I'd get grounded for two years, and get beat the crap out of with a belt. My mom (AKA she is really my grandma) used to be really hardcore, she used to use the belt on us all the time, but she hasn't done it in YEARS.

  • CoolDudeIsSlick
    CoolDudeIsSlick 5 hours ago

    next person that makes a “this is the number of times junior spills his spaghettios! 👇🏻” comment, I will slit they’re throat will a butter knife, and nutter them with scissors.

  • SuperPlushys
    SuperPlushys 6 hours ago

    This is funny!

  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay 6 hours ago

    Bowser why are so mad at jr aka logan and chef peepee aka charlie

  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay 6 hours ago


  • Marlene Jones
    Marlene Jones 6 hours ago

    “You think I’m stupid?”

  • Flame Effect
    Flame Effect 6 hours ago

    things you do for your videos smh

  • Toy Chica
    Toy Chica 8 hours ago

    12:59 like if you saw cat piano next to the bunkbed

  • Mico Jose M Bay
    Mico Jose M Bay 9 hours ago

    i know junior was sleeping on the bed

  • Mico Jose M Bay
    Mico Jose M Bay 9 hours ago

    Junior did that He put cola

  • Janette Barragan
    Janette Barragan 18 hours ago

    Cody could of farted to make it smell like poop 💩

  • Aidan Helmstetter
    Aidan Helmstetter 19 hours ago +1


  • chisaki love
    chisaki love 19 hours ago +1

    Did you really drop that plate 😂

  • azariah azaria Clark
    azariah azaria Clark 19 hours ago

    Cody and Joseph has joked that he can put chocolate syrup on the carpet but Cody does decided that he was going to need his back and beans and the junior he cut off the rug and he replaced it by pain in it and then Bowser Junior's dad he came in the kitchen punched him when she was a paper tooth on the chair the Bowser jr. Son did the wrong thing he did it with crayon to act like you was eating it which way would just cry and paper can't eat stuff

    • azariah azaria Clark
      azariah azaria Clark 19 hours ago

      So Bowser Junior's son he put on top of the roof and then his dad said Junior and then he tell me the fan wedding was swinging round and round and then things fell he called Cody and Joseph he was Van really nervous on the phone

  • Francisco H
    Francisco H 20 hours ago

    Bowser will probably spit out all of his food
    From laughing at Charly

  • terrell293
    terrell293 20 hours ago


  • -クリスタルフォックスゲーム


  • StageBot
    StageBot 21 hour ago

    Casually beat my ass

  • ayeyahzee MASTER SON
    ayeyahzee MASTER SON 22 hours ago

    If my parents saw i did that they would tare me up they would wup my ass

  • ayeyahzee MASTER SON
    ayeyahzee MASTER SON 22 hours ago

    What yall going to do when you cant clean up that mess

  • Irma Herrera
    Irma Herrera 23 hours ago

    I would get shot in my balls

  • Ian Pinedo
    Ian Pinedo 23 hours ago +15

    This is how many pieces of SpaghettiOs Junior spilled! 😂


  • Beans. com
    Beans. com 23 hours ago

    I would be put up for adoption

  • It's jacket kid _1

    Junior slow reaction is slow

  • Eva Sparks
    Eva Sparks Day ago

    Hey dad gun booooiii

  • xxx10lucion .gaming

    Kill me

  • Las aventuras del toro Loco

    🐷 codys mom

  • Jordi Esparza
    Jordi Esparza Day ago

    So which is jr favorite food macaroni or spaghetti ooo

  • aj fam
    aj fam Day ago

    There going to call my name and whip me with a chunkla

  • Kem Cowan
    Kem Cowan Day ago +1

    Way do yall do not like Logan

  • yosgart suarez
    yosgart suarez Day ago

    12:33 you are😂

  • Jayden Follins
    Jayden Follins Day ago

    I would have beat that ass

  • loku loku filofilo

    if i did what Bowser Jr did i would not be alive right now

  • iNo0b Alex
    iNo0b Alex Day ago

    I love beans me and Cody twin

    • iNo0b Alex
      iNo0b Alex Day ago

      Why dose chef pee pee think jr did it Jeffry’s there toad and Shrek

    OG ALPHA X7 Day ago

    Question:how is joeseph still in school? How does he pay the school fees

  • Amethyst _Animations78

    0:09 Mr asking my dad if I can eat food in my room
    0:11 him saying no but he gets to eat in his room

  • Christopher Brophy

    Cody. it's so small joiner. it's a little small

  • Juanita Bernard
    Juanita Bernard Day ago


  • Ed Johnson
    Ed Johnson Day ago

    My Parents Will Beat Junior's Ass

  • Nobody
    Nobody Day ago

    All you. Gls. Are. So. Cool

  • Mikie Rogers
    Mikie Rogers Day ago


  • Isaiah Nelson
    Isaiah Nelson Day ago

    I Love CODY!!! :)

  • DannySuper Games


  • Rain BowSlime77
    Rain BowSlime77 Day ago

    How do you clean up the mess

  • Random Void
    Random Void Day ago

    oopps boi3

  • Best Moments Of WWE

    Who else thought that he was gonna spill them 2:32

  • the bros of the crazy cats

    No gravity dropped the bowl

  • adum
    adum Day ago

    The amount of food these poeple waste is unreal

  • Zach Stevens
    Zach Stevens Day ago

    SML literally they did this whole video for us they ruined their house sadly😪😪😪😪

  • Johnny Mccarthy
    Johnny Mccarthy Day ago +3

    Like or I'll spank junior in the face