3D Modeling This Toaster Just Became Easier!

  • Published on Oct 4, 2021
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Comments • 331

  • Pedro Braga

    “So much closer to 2 minutes than the lengrh of these videos...”

  • Sebastián Anguiano

    This is procedural or parametric modeling, it's actually harder to model and you need a 3d artist that also understands programming (although very basic for the procedural i.e., Houdini) or very specific and technical knowledge like Fusion or SolidWorks to name a few. The main advantage are speed if you need multiple models, alternate shapes or iterations, or adjustable models that adapt to specific needs

  • CybranM
    CybranM  +124

    The cursor knowing which parameter to change is neat but parametric modelling has existed in 3d programs for a long time.

  • ZAYA G
    ZAYA G  +48

    Hate to say this, but nothing about this actually looks new for those of us who have to model for a living. You can achieve most of this with a good rig and shape keys + boolean modeling techniques. For other things you can use Houdini or blender geometry nodes.

  • TiagoTiago

    I feel like there's some key information that must be missing. Isn't this sorta how the character creator works in many games? Also reminds me a lot of some of the car modeling techniques in the game Automation by Camshaft Software...

  • Karakter222

    While this is awesome, someone is still needed to make the base model before someone else can play with it and tweak it for what they need.

  • Darren New

    I'm not sure this is particularly new. Inverse kinematics and parametric modeling have both been around for a long time. Only the cursor size forming part of the selector is something I haven't been doing for many years. The video didn't really make clear what was new about this, I think.

  • Leonardo SA

    I can imagine that soon there will be a lot of online series being made by independent groups of 3 or so people, using voice changers, motion tracking and other stuff that is basically free and require little knowledge to use, that would be great

  • Brad Mitchell

    This is literally what I do every day. They even missed flexible geometries based on parameters. Gosh I need to be paid way more

  • Garolin
    Garolin  +51

    I'm a professional 3d modeller, and I don't see what's so exciting about parametric 3d objects, they've been around forever. I'm at a loss at what exactly was invented or even new. What exact portion of this is AI driven, and why? As far as I can see, it doesn't take an AI to use brush size to snap to different levels of hierarchical grips. Also the paper did not cover the creation of these parametric designs, which is usually where the challenge lies.

  • Daniel Simu

    Looks like fun software, but making parameterized models for this takes an artist much more work than creating regular 3d models.

  • llamazunited3

    This is like the ultra version of creating things in spore.

  • Cut The Crap

    Two more papers and we will make Pixar movies in our sleep 😅

  • Eccentricity

    "No trained artist required. What a time to be alive!" (Unless you are a trained artist)

  • Prince Westerburg

    In 3D animation, when you rig a character, you also create a 'schematic view' which is a web page or interactive map of the character so an animator (simple minded but nice people) can animate the rig. Its the same thing and has been around for decades. How does this differ from that?

  • Okameow

    I've been watching you for so long now. You always make my day when a new video is out and I thank you for sharing these amazing papers for everyone to see.

  • Reyna Singh

    These papers never disappoint

  • Rodroelmelon

    This made me think about all the parametric assets made with Houdini fx, maybe I will try to do that toaster with it!

  • Vinicius Souza

    It is really awesome to see how much this channel impacted the industry where authors actually look forward to having there papers presented on the channel. You built a great tool for popularizing research more democratically and to help others keep up with advancements

  • Noakesy
    Noakesy  +30

    Looks like the answer is still no. All you showed was some editing, who actually created the models in the first place :)