• Published on Jul 18, 2016
  • Love Hotels are big business in Japan. Let's go and check them out.
    ►►The Hotelion, Sendai: (Love Hotel)
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  • RottenPieceof
    RottenPieceof Year ago +1028

    If you are a foreigner, visiting Japan, I bet you could wander into this hotel by accident, and later leaving it without ever realizing it was a love-hotel. You probably thought to yourself, “my god! This must be what it’s like living a futuristic, utopian city.”

    • RottenPieceof
      RottenPieceof Month ago

      @kingpope Buscemi Alright *wander was a small spelling error. But, where you getting the there* and spent*?

    • iPlex
      iPlex Month ago

      bro called it a futuristic utopian city

    • Mama Duck
      Mama Duck 2 months ago

      yea i can see that i really can

    • kingpope Buscemi
      kingpope Buscemi 2 months ago


    • kingpope Buscemi
      kingpope Buscemi 2 months ago


  • Sarah H
    Sarah H 2 years ago +4312

    The REAL attraction for me is that you can get a room and food and never have to talk to anyone. I'd go there just for that.

    • Ronderu lij Kummar
      Ronderu lij Kummar 4 months ago +1

      So Would I.. This Is Simply Amazing. ❤❤

    • Peter Kelly
      Peter Kelly 5 months ago

      @Psyda Prostitution is actually illegal in Japan but there isn't any enforcement.

    • Drew Bolton
      Drew Bolton 6 months ago

      MY. G

    • Matthew Bagley
      Matthew Bagley 8 months ago

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Chimmy
    Chimmy 3 years ago +8256

    Mom, I need to go to Japan for research purposes

  • scraperindustry
    scraperindustry Year ago +332

    I admit that I love Love Hotels. The craziest room I've ever been in had this jungle ruins theme, complete with fake palm trees, a giant bed, random broken columns, and an open shower in the middle of the room so you can pretend you got caught in a tropical rainstorm. XD

    • Ruby Y.
      Ruby Y. 3 months ago +1

      “Well babe, looks like we’re the last humans on Earth… We must repopulate it!”

    • Crypticshadøws
      Crypticshadøws 8 months ago +3

      Ngl I would stay there by myself lol

    • marksern
      marksern 9 months ago +8

      Order a Tarzan costume and you're set mate

    • DrFudgecookie
      DrFudgecookie 9 months ago +3

      How much was it BTW?

    • Azland TheDeMolay
      Azland TheDeMolay Year ago +46

      things you never realized you wanted

  • Chris
    Chris 3 years ago +2486

    $120 a night for a room like that? For the same price one night here in new york all you get is one bed and none of that extra stuff. Rooms like that here would usually be over a thousand.

  • Martin Hodges
    Martin Hodges 2 years ago +1864

    Japan has love hotels with built in cinemas
    In Australia our hotels don't even have beds

      CéOFFICIAL 5 months ago

      @No dish too deep if he's poor as fuck then yeah, he would have

    • No dish too deep
      No dish too deep 8 months ago

      My cousin went to Brussels for his honeymoon and their room didn’t have a bed either

    • wirata adidharma
      wirata adidharma 9 months ago indonesia..we got all of this stuff..except roof and floor

    • Seabass • 62 years ago
      Seabass • 62 years ago 10 months ago +1

      Tf do you go to a hotel for then 💀🤦‍♂️

    • 海竜朝日
      海竜朝日 11 months ago

      @kentutdiwc hold up-

  • Suneesh Nambiar
    Suneesh Nambiar 3 years ago +6589

    Hotel Availability✅

    • MasonEnt
      MasonEnt 2 months ago

      There is the escort option

    • Lmao Azedo
      Lmao Azedo 9 months ago

      How much for a health delivery there? I wanna know for a friend

    • Personal Account
      Personal Account 9 months ago

      @Laoch I think those girls are independent and compensated well

    • Laoch
      Laoch 9 months ago

      @Camise Reed not everyone wants to support human trafficking

    • Justin Z.
      Justin Z. 9 months ago

      If you have money then you have everything bro, a girlfriend doesn't cost much if you have money XD

  • Wilford Coromandel
    Wilford Coromandel 3 years ago +3678

    8:50 I died when the hotel manager started flicking his tongue out 😂😂😂

  • Terra Branford
    Terra Branford  3 years ago +732

    I need to hire whomever designed this hotel to design my apartment.

  • Sketchy Dood
    Sketchy Dood 3 years ago +523

    Chris: “I’ve been to a love hotel before”
    Chris’ mate: “Wow you the man Chris”
    Chris: “No I just went to review it”

  • zaheda
    zaheda 3 years ago +21

    This is amazing, it’s basically a room that accommodates all possible kinks sans bdsm. The hole in the floor for voyeuring girls who wanna be looked at, the playroom for daddy Daughter etc.. it’s super creative and well-thought

  • tiizzen
    tiizzen 9 months ago +5

    When my Japanese friend told me about the existance of Love Hotels I was utterly confused but, the whole industry is actually quite interesting. How it works in Japan and if it would work as well as this in other countries as well - for example.

  • Greg Pyszczek
    Greg Pyszczek Year ago +19

    some of the hotels are themed as well, went to a jurrasic park themed one just for the giggles, it was great, like a 5 star hotel with an amazing view, jacuzi everything you could want plus mechanical dinosaurs and military base decor throughout the hallways and stuff, what more could you want

  • Armor Bearer
    Armor Bearer 11 months ago +2

    I like how you mention how these hotels serve a practical purpose. I could imagine how difficult it would be to get in the mood while worrying about kids and parents. The rooms are pretty nice as well. These rooms are probably more romantic than your room back home.

  • morphman86
    morphman86 9 months ago +9

    "Delivery health" reminded me of a case in Denmark about a decade ago, where a wheelchair-bound, quadriplegic man managed to get the state to pay for his escorts, and the court agreed. He argued that because of his disability, he did not have much chance of finding love or "release" and for the sake of his health, he needed "sensual assistance".
    The state ended up in an odd position, as prostitution is illegal in Denmark, but at the same time, they had a court order to pay for escorts.

  • Link Ven
    Link Ven Year ago +411

    “Maid and school girl are the most popular”
    Dammit Japan you did it again.

  • noodlery
    noodlery 3 years ago +3575

    Japan ~ One of the most diciplined countries in the world
    Also japan:

    • Brandon Alimpoyo
      Brandon Alimpoyo 11 months ago

      The most highest eq...

      DRAGON FANG 11 months ago

      @aaaaaaa Have you ever gone to Japan ?

      DRAGON FANG 11 months ago

      @Zac S How?

    • Zanfer Jui
      Zanfer Jui Year ago

      This is discipline. I would rather go here then someone's messy house

    • Rikka Potato salad
      Rikka Potato salad Year ago

      I mean you gotta take care of your hormones once in a while 😜

  • Dandy Chiggins
    Dandy Chiggins Year ago +6

    To be honest, I'd go to that hotel even without a partner, the rooms are super, the service is great and the food looks delicious 😍

  • Baguette
    Baguette 2 years ago +486

    When you go to a love hotel for cheap fried chicken but instead you get a divorce 🗿

    • E
      E Year ago +7


    • Cernan WinterFox
      Cernan WinterFox 2 years ago +77

      That just means more fried chicken for you

  • superflatjelliephish
    superflatjelliephish 11 months ago +10

    One of my airbnbs fell through in tokyo and I ended up staying at a love hotel for one night. Honestly, much better priced than hotels and had a great jacuzzi. Apart from the unsightly "massager" by the bed, really good value :b
    And meeting a very elderly man and a young girl of debateably legal age in a lift was abit disturbing...
    Also side note, massager is included but lube was only purchasable separately in a mini vending machine. Cheeky sales technique XD

  • TheCratsky
    TheCratsky 2 years ago +4

    My first trip to Japan with my husband, he decided to book the accommodation. He books this convenient hotel with bare necessities which was quite cheap and close to transport etc. We're going to be out all day so didn't need anything fancy. We stayed for a week, doing day trips here and there. Little did we realise it was a basic love hotel. A large bedroom, a small bathroom and a basic tv. We only realised it was a love hotel after leaving...
    We'd stay again. The staff were so friendly, the room was clean and it was a great location in Osaka. Nothing sketchy about it at all.
    We had a good laugh about it after.

    • theapplechapel
      theapplechapel Year ago

      I'm endlessly disappointed you didn't take advantage of it being a love hotel. Sad story.

  • Helgard Wagener
    Helgard Wagener 5 years ago +503

    The first room he inspects:
    So so true - never expected to read something inspirational/motivating like this in a Love Hotel though XD

    • JakkuWolf Insomnia
      JakkuWolf Insomnia 5 years ago +17

      A plan without a goal is a waste of time.

    • ZPS
      ZPS 5 years ago +1

      +Abroadin Japan I'm disappointed it didn't say that.

    • ZPS
      ZPS 5 years ago +6

      +Abroadin Japan I'm disappointed it didn't say that.

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  5 years ago +95

      I misread that as "A GOAT WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH"

  • Mischa
    Mischa 2 years ago +55

    idk why but seeing the owner continually smiling is making me happy :)

  • Jazmine Marie Dela Cruz

    I would love to stay on one of these love hotels just to experience the novelty of it all. And did you guys notice the position of those stuff toys? Hahaha

    • Jennifer Stine
      Jennifer Stine Year ago +2

      I was reading the comments looking to see if anyone else noticed. 😂

  • Ram
    Ram Year ago +1

    It's commendable how much thought went into making such hotels, respect man

  • Inventor Maniatic
    Inventor Maniatic 2 years ago +278

    (chris while on an adult love hotel)
    "its like a *children* play area"

    • bored af
      bored af 10 months ago +1

      less the size
      more the fun

    • Multipla, But quick.
      Multipla, But quick. Year ago +4

      @John Smith Time to look into his transfer history

    • John Smith
      John Smith Year ago +10

      I wonder if Epstein ever rented a room here.

  • Murderino
    Murderino 3 years ago +1628

    I love how the Hotel manager is super excited to show Chris EVERYTHING! He's so adorable. Amazing I cant wait to go

    • Queen Chelsea
      Queen Chelsea Year ago +1

      lemme know how it was

    • Alexander G
      Alexander G Year ago +6

      It kind of represents decent value for money too. It'll be super super clean (because well, Japan), you get loads of space, premium junk food and you don't have to interact with anyone. Sign me up.

    • Manic Static
      Manic Static Year ago +7

      @Murderino I think they either had issues in their personal life, begging them to lash out, or they were a bit drunk

    • Murderino
      Murderino Year ago +18

      Alain Portant why am I a loser for liking this hotel? I’d love to go and was planning on going to Japan before the coronavirus outbreak. Do u think I’m some weird guy on the Internet in my moms basement? Lmao

  • Dr. Richard Trager
    Dr. Richard Trager 3 years ago +258

    no joke i would probatly just pay for 2 days and just stay there for the food lol

  • kiyoko kin
    kiyoko kin 3 months ago +1

    Sun: "Hotter"
    Sugar: "Sweeter"
    Joonie: "Cooler"
    Yoongi: "Butter"
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendentey

  • Tarryman
    Tarryman 3 years ago

    I would love to go to one of these, just for the experience. I've been to normal hotels while away from home and whatnot, and sure, they look great, but these. These look... wow. A shame I wouldn't have anyone to stay there with =P

  • Amelia Washington
    Amelia Washington Month ago +36

    1 Hermosa eleccion KISSSS.Uno
    mejores 💯
    2 (elecciones ) 9.5/0
    3( culturales ) 9.3/10
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos
    desde pantalla, se que estuvo
    Sorprendente .

  • myloveforkpopandpop
    myloveforkpopandpop 3 years ago +4517

    The food looks banging, imma go alone and just go for the food and luxury

      INFINITY TRAN 10 months ago

      You don't need a girlfriend to go here?

    • ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡
      ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡ 11 months ago


    • Wiryan Tirta
      Wiryan Tirta 11 months ago

      right and the freebies that come with the room too

    • Rr
      Rr Year ago

      haha would you bring at least one friend hahaha ?

    • PURPEL
      PURPEL Year ago +1

      Know whag what else is bangin?

  • Floki
    Floki 2 years ago +1

    I think it's nice that in these hotels everything is very discrete. You have the opportunity to get away from your family for a while and enjoy some time with your lover in your own little bubble.
    I wish these would be a thing outside of Japan too.

  • HolyMith
    HolyMith 2 years ago

    I would probably stay in one of these places for absolutely no seedy purposes. They genuinely look awesome. Jacuzzi w/ TV, cheap food and beer prepared and delivered to you, huge bed and absolutely no one bothering you. Could be a pretty sweet weekend.

  • SoST
    SoST 3 years ago

    I can see my self going here not because i'm with someone but because i'm staying here and can all the good stuff of being single. These hotels are a wonderland.
    This made on my bucket list.

  • Gabbie L
    Gabbie L 3 years ago +90

    Honestly I would just go there to get some relaxation!! Those rooms are so dark there!! I'd sleep a lot!

    • bloop
      bloop 2 years ago +5

      With who is the question

  • Anna Ebarle
    Anna Ebarle 5 years ago +7401

    "this body soap could be the difference between life and divorce"

    • vhaelen
      vhaelen Month ago

      unrelated to the love hotel/divorce thingy:
      i love unscented bodywash/soap so that would be a big upside for me

    • yourrenee
      yourrenee 8 months ago

      Agreed 🤣🤣 we're terrible

    • shell of a human
      shell of a human 11 months ago

      i dont get it.. help..

    • AelarDiZ •
      AelarDiZ • Year ago +1

      Best statement ever... xD

    • Sky _light
      Sky _light Year ago +4

      Wise words

  • XDevz Ashura
    XDevz Ashura Year ago +6

    Even the interior is more artistic than a basic hotel, i want this design for my future home

  • Charlee
    Charlee Year ago +354

    Man, those stuffed animals must’ve seen some things

    • Rudeus
      Rudeus 11 months ago +1

      @A. Borno 😂🤣🤣🤣

    • TL
      TL 11 months ago +11

      Imagine the laundry cost!

    • A. Borno
      A. Borno Year ago +37

      They got "STUFFED" several times in the past.

    • Pablo Serazio
      Pablo Serazio Year ago +50

      That's why most of them are hiding in the loft 😂

  • Snake Arab
    Snake Arab 3 years ago

    The first room seems pretty standard for love hotels. Ones I've seen have all the amenities that you mentioned. The second one is nuts though haha. Is it more expensive for that room?

  • Soouupz
    Soouupz 2 years ago +3

    I can seriously imagine my parents and me going to Japan and my parents book this by accident thinking it's a cheap hotel

  • Rach Stone
    Rach Stone 5 years ago +1458

    I actually love this purely for the fact you dont have to interact with people 😂😂😂

    • Bob Birdsong
      Bob Birdsong 3 years ago +2

      Well, the point of it is to be alone with your partner and no one else, so of course there are as few people as possible.

    • Scooby
      Scooby 4 years ago +2

      Hiryuu Sanzo not perfect for your wallet though

    • Hiryuu Sanzo
      Hiryuu Sanzo 4 years ago +12

      Perfect for introverts 😂😂

    • 星野ミライ
      星野ミライ 4 years ago +7

      "Why would I ever want a house?"

    • Neptvne
      Neptvne 4 years ago +4

      That's the point, I feel the same though

  • ༒☬AlexisTexas☬༒꧂

    i love the second
    Brisex.Uno look cute
    Sun: "Hotter"
    Sugar: "Sweeter"
    Joonie: "Cooler"
    Yoongi: "Butter"
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente#垃圾

  • ༒☬AlexisTexas☬༒꧂

    i love the second
    Brisex.Uno look cute
    Sun: "Hotter"
    Sugar: "Sweeter"
    Joonie: "Cooler"
    Yoongi: "Butter"
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente#垃圾

  • Camille M
    Camille M 3 years ago +2

    I laughed through entire video, you're hilarious as always...😂😂😂

  • Poshika Jayaram
    Poshika Jayaram Year ago

    Wow! I have always wanted to live in a place like that...I love that you are basically by yourself and there is basically no one else there. 🤣

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 4 years ago +217

    I honestly think love hotels are super cool in the design aspect. If I lived in Japan and had a good some of money I would probably check into hotels myself just so I can sleep in these crazy rooms.

  • Inxious [Inx]
    Inxious [Inx] Year ago +4

    Never know that watching love hotel review could be this hilarious 😂

  • Mila T
    Mila T 2 years ago

    I'd probably go there.. I like silly places, and gifts xD And the food actually looks apetizing. Which is great, cause it's also cheap! And then I can order a costume, use the gift, and pretend I have a boyfriend. Brilliant!

  • Bup
    Bup 3 years ago +61

    I'd totally pay for a room here for one night just to enjoy myself lol

  • imjustbored24
    imjustbored24 11 months ago +1

    I know this is a serious review/eye-opener video of sorts but i just find everything so funny and entertaining 😅 especially the owner guy

  • Alice 29
    Alice 29 Year ago

    Woah I wanna live there!! Imagine having the place to yourself with great food and as he said, "like being in a bubble"
    (Introvert here)

  • Moist Crumpet
    Moist Crumpet 3 years ago

    If I ever get to travel to Japan, visiting a love hotel will definitely be on my bucket list. Though I’ll probably have to do it alone because I’m lonely...

  • MR
    MR 11 months ago +3

    I feel like I should go to one of them just for chilling out with myself

  • jurrassic dino nerd
    jurrassic dino nerd 3 years ago +1

    you could go there even if your just looking for a little bit of love, most love hotels normally don't give you your own space but this one is the most different one

  • BeckInABlog
    BeckInABlog 5 years ago +300

    This is both the most incredible and terrifying thing I've seen. All I know is that I need a sensually lit jacuzzi bathroom in my life. Only thing to top the surreal peeker pit is seeing you part cosplay as Snow White.

    • Nico Cione
      Nico Cione 2 years ago

      @Abroad in Japan I'm saving my money for this love hotel-esque house in Brigantine,NJ,USA. Houses and hotels here in the States are just as weird as the ones in Japan.

    • 2445 Ego
      2445 Ego 5 years ago +4

      BeckInABlog what's "terrifying". This looks very clean and well lit.

    • Luke Smith
      Luke Smith 5 years ago

      +dog goat What is considered for men extremely funny often is considered by women as sick, weird (in the best cases) or disgusting and then labeled by public opinion as such. There're no real reasons behind it, but we are supposed to feel ashamed anyway for the only reason they (which are very different from us) think so.

    • Katie M
      Katie M 5 years ago +1

      My husband and I had a jazzuci like this in our wedding cottage bedroom...shame we were in south west England rather than Japan. There were no cuddly toys or congratulatory elephantine characters :o(

    • 英語の先生!
      英語の先生! 5 years ago

      I think they were referring to the TV, which certainly carries enough voltage/amperage to electrocute someone.

  • molly oldfield
    molly oldfield Year ago +3

    I love that the owner of the place is laughing at how insane the rooms are :D

  • Iam VRS
    Iam VRS Year ago +4

    Well the model isn't bad, this. Actually gives an incentive to hotels to provide better service .

  • Izzybella
    Izzybella Year ago +4

    These rooms look SO FUN. I have to visit

  • Sepulchre13
    Sepulchre13 2 years ago +208

    Me: *jokingly* girls not included
    Chris: You can choose an escort
    Me: *laser eyes* real shit?!

    • TheReptain
      TheReptain 11 months ago +1

      So u can get a girl there aswl for fun? 🤔

  • BTS With Namjesus
    BTS With Namjesus 2 years ago +1


  • Emy S
    Emy S 11 months ago +12

    It's funny how he visits the same room with conner almost 4 years later

  • Taylor Dawn
    Taylor Dawn 2 years ago +3

    I'm in love with this hotel idea❤!

  • zero ichi
    zero ichi 3 years ago +1

    Dude.... I feel like going there by myself and enjoy the room!!

  • 407scotty
    407scotty 3 years ago +3239

    just imagine booking this hotel by accident

  • Jadecherry
    Jadecherry 2 years ago +90

    “Was’ goin’ on ‘ere?”
    Sometimes I forget how British he really is

  • TheSylfaein
    TheSylfaein 3 years ago

    The potential amount of puns in this one is insane.
    Might make for a good alternative to hotels if you happen to miss the last train or experience unexpected rainstorms...
    All in the name of science, of course.

  • ShadowMan
    ShadowMan Year ago +1

    The architect must've had interesting work days designing something like this.

    • New Youtube
      New Youtube 7 months ago

      And giving a nightmare for the engineers lol

  • CDR Simmons
    CDR Simmons 3 years ago +12

    As I don't really care for the intent of these rooms, I can definitely appreciate the design.

  • Nishant Pandav
    Nishant Pandav 4 years ago +2862

    "This body soap could be the difference between life and divorce" 😂

    • frans frans
      frans frans Year ago

      @Invert Brid this is next level mindset

    • Invert Brid
      Invert Brid 3 years ago +3

      @Ryusora tho for some reason there is another video on utube regarding that, and many wifes in japan think that "buying" sex isnt considered cheating as its usually no feeling involved, just buying service like restaurant or something. If there are feeling involved, thats considered cheating

    • bebek kuning
      bebek kuning 3 years ago +1

      Ahak! The best line ever from this video 😂😂

    • ChimpRevolution
      ChimpRevolution 3 years ago +9

      well... why wouldn't you? it's easy, discrete, and over all pretty cheap considering you are getting a place where you and someone of your choosing can well... "love"

    • Ryusora
      Ryusora 3 years ago +12

      Kiki Kira i was wondering, do people go there to cheat? Well you are ordering -ESCORTS- DELIVERY HELP so thats considered cheating if you are married or in a relationship hha

  • sHiMmYsHiMmYcOcOnUt
    sHiMmYsHiMmYcOcOnUt 3 years ago +123

    I wanna go there someday with my friend so we can pretend we’re lesbian lovers but instead of having ... we’ll be enjoying the food while cosplaying and 🤩🤩

    • Martin Luther
      Martin Luther Year ago +1

      Ah yes, have no fear they won't think you are lesbian lovers just invite me to come along purely for appearances of course.

    • caspar valentine
      caspar valentine 2 years ago +5


  • 아기 소녀천사 같은

    I wanna go there alone lmao it’s a perfect place for an introvert like me-😭😭😭

  • Des W
    Des W 2 years ago +3

    That robust hearty laughter when describing the honey products XD

  • No Yes
    No Yes 2 years ago +74

    Japan: Why do people call us weird
    Also Japan:

    • Taurelith
      Taurelith Year ago +4

      wdym this is great, every country should have this

    • Sheree Hi
      Sheree Hi Year ago +1


  • Drae Drae
    Drae Drae 3 years ago +2091

    The Manager in the bathtub. Killed me, I don’t know why. 😂

    • - sushi -
      - sushi - 11 months ago +1

      WOOOOAH! The Owner in the bathtub!

    • ryan thorpe
      ryan thorpe 2 years ago +70

      Even funnier.

  • Indonesian Autumn Adder

    Man I should've stayed in this kinda fancy love hotel during my stay in Japan

  • Leo B
    Leo B 10 months ago +2

    Oh my geez.. I’d go alone for a weekend!!

  • Doppel
    Doppel 11 months ago

    Knowing Japan from the woodcuts and Kurosawa's film, I Always thought it's a country of the highest visual culture. Watching Abroad in Japan killed that illusion for me. These rooms are not luxurious, they are just big by Japanese standards. The furniture, the interior design is tacky as hell

  • M Fadillah
    M Fadillah 2 years ago

    It's a dream of mine to one day stay in one of Japan's infamous love hotel

  • not cool
    not cool 5 years ago +144

    This is all ridiculous but you can't deny it looks fun as hell. Like I just want to go mess around with someone there he's right it's basically an amusement park.

    • hunter10291
      hunter10291 5 years ago +2

      no t cool Right?! Jesus everything I see can easily assume myself for a good 12 hours

  • Maou
    Maou 3 years ago +1

    I will stay in this hotel if I go to Japan, it's got everything I want

  • Nick Latino
    Nick Latino Year ago

    I've never been, but based off this video, my favorite room is the staircase one with the brightly sunlit bathroom

  • Justin Z.
    Justin Z. 9 months ago +1

    Ahh yes, a place in Japan that I will never get to experience, or I could experience alone.

  • Karan Patwa
    Karan Patwa Year ago

    After watching this video just before my japan trip my Spanish gf wanted to check this place and little did i know i blew my 1/3 trip budget on the teddy cave and we also called the delivery girl just to chat and she was kind enough to only charge us for an hour....
    thanks Chris thank you for screwing my budget now i have to stay in a capsule.

  • Garry Ferrington
    Garry Ferrington 4 months ago

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  • Tim Carlson
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  • Jessie
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  • Curry Lasagna
    Curry Lasagna 3 years ago

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  • Bee
    Bee 3 years ago +720

    'Amateur wife' = what prostitutes in the west call 'the girlfriend experience'. It means extras on top of the basic sexual service, like cuddling, listening to you talk about your day or your problems, cooking meals together, watching movies, that kind of stuff. Sometimes it means the woman wears casual clothes and 'nice' underwear instead of your average hooker uniform, calls you a sweet nickname and acts lovey-dovey. A lot of travelling businessmen want company as well as sex, and paying for it is convenient for them. For the record I have never been a prostitute or a client! I just read Belle de Jour...

    • Jayden 47
      Jayden 47 11 months ago

      Now your likes goin for"666"...if I go there I'll find nice foreigner like me,to experince the wholesome together.. Rather than local Japanese womens

    • Alex Dale
      Alex Dale 11 months ago

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    • Gulboy
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    • Parth Nanda
      Parth Nanda Year ago +1

      @Kaitlyn Lehman i know but its a very funny question and i didn't want to laugh at you

    • Kaitlyn Lehman
      Kaitlyn Lehman Year ago

      @Parth Nanda i was just joking and asking an honest question : P

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    • Jake Thunderbird
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      Federico Cardenas 3 years ago +35

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    • x-Reixn -HVYX-
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      SLOBeachboy nope, i have been in one before, i stayed for a day, and they let me go out anytime i want, but you have to tell the front desk to do so, and i work in one now for 5 days, i always see customers go in and out, cant let them see us cleaners tho, theres tv's everywhere indicating if a customer is leaving, so you cant go in the hall till its clear

    • SLOBeachboy
      SLOBeachboy 5 years ago +62

      I’m sorry to have to tell you this but unless things have changed since I lived in Japan you cannot really do that. Basically you are not allowed to just come and go once you’ve checked in to one of these places. If you want to leave you have to check out and then you would have to pay for the room again when you came back. They do this specifically to keep tourists from using love hotels as regular hotels. Otherwise all tourists would be staying in these places and there would be no rooms available for their intended purpose.

  • Ayush Bhagat
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