benedict cumberbatch babysitting tom holland for 15 minutes straight

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
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    benedict cumberbatch babysitting tom holland for 15 minutes straight
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  • Top Moments
    Top Moments  6 months ago +1469

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    • Top Moments
      Top Moments  5 months ago

      @Sean Fitzgerald Yeah unfortunately I cannot swap out the video without deleting everything.

    • Sean Fitzgerald
      Sean Fitzgerald 5 months ago

      @Top Moments it shouldn't be too hard to go back in and re-edit the sound either in Adobe Audition (which would be easier to take that piece of sound and convert to mono) or check off the channels correctly in Premiere Pro. I understand you not wanting to reupload it though

    • Top Moments
      Top Moments  5 months ago

      @Sean Fitzgerald oooh you're right. Idk how I missed that. Too late now though :/

    • Sean Fitzgerald
      Sean Fitzgerald 6 months ago

      7:23-7:44 you need to edit the sound. It's all in stereo, it needs to be in Mono!!!

    • Oh Boy
      Oh Boy 6 months ago +6

      6:13 nobody:
      Cameraman: _zoooom_

  • thecartoongirl22
    thecartoongirl22 13 hours ago

    PR people to full cast: okay guys, Tom is great but for interviews one of you has to babysit him
    All cast: points to Benedict
    Benedict:... shit
    Everyone: good luck!

  • Kenia H
    Kenia H 18 hours ago

    Do people really think him “accidentally” revealing plot details is real ,,, lmao pls

  • MikaeruDaiTenshi

    Asking Tom about spilling out spoilers is getting way more annoying than asking Saoirse Ronan how to pronounce their name.
    Why does every interviewer ask the same fking questions, over and over again?

  • SunriseViewer
    SunriseViewer Day ago

    I think Tom Hiddleston would win Ru Paul's Drag Race. He'd look absolutely divine in drag.

  • K V
    K V Day ago


  • Kyrmana
    Kyrmana 2 days ago

    I just love how they keep talking over each other

  • journey begins Here
    journey begins Here 6 days ago

    " big brother is here "

  • paru N
    paru N 7 days ago

    13:10- Loved their 'building the suspense' moment😂!

  • WiddowX3
    WiddowX3 7 days ago +1

    1:38 The way he said that lmfaooo

  • Ricky Groen
    Ricky Groen 7 days ago

    love the moment at 8:38😂

  • RhapsodyRaven Girl
    RhapsodyRaven Girl 8 days ago

    Tom: *starts speaking*
    Bennedict “please stop talking you’ll lower the whole rooms iQ”😂

  • Arieska Opta Sari
    Arieska Opta Sari 8 days ago

    0:22 Tony Stark's kid left the chat.

  • So Done420
    So Done420 9 days ago

    Tom: *showers in american*

  • spooky scary skeleton

    *They're just like siblings what the hell*

  • spooky scary skeleton
    spooky scary skeleton 9 days ago +5

    "He was in black panther and he doesn't even know"

  • Sara
    Sara 10 days ago

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Well"
    - Benedict Cumberbatch 2019

  • Freedom
    Freedom 11 days ago

    Oh this is just fabulous. My favorite Engilsh actors are being friendly for 15 minutes straight.

  • Amandarama
    Amandarama 11 days ago

    Uncle Ben

  • Tibby Day
    Tibby Day 12 days ago

    Peter and his uncle ben

  • Birb Sama
    Birb Sama 13 days ago +2

    "It's an anti-truth serum. It keeps him from spilling the beans." -Benedict

  • Scarlet S
    Scarlet S 14 days ago +2

    they're like opposite sides of the sweet cinnamon bun spectrum where ben is just benevolent and kind and tom is just kinda clueless

  • Jessica Y.
    Jessica Y. 14 days ago

    They look like father and son.

  • Elliott Dean
    Elliott Dean 14 days ago

    I like tom but i dont like benedict

  • SolarFan Wings
    SolarFan Wings 14 days ago

    I love how she said “Tom H” as if Tom Huddleston wasn’t sitting directly next to Tom Holland....

  • Jazmine Ortiz
    Jazmine Ortiz 15 days ago

    Tom will be a better actor when he can figure out how to keep a secret lol

  • Lead_Marie
    Lead_Marie 15 days ago +1

    Ben talks about how he’s good at keeping secrets, he also kept a secret for at least 10 years about how he was robbed and almost shot. Soooooo...

  • Tyler Bradfield
    Tyler Bradfield 16 days ago

    Haha British people

  • Anna
    Anna 16 days ago

    As if there weren't already enough reasons to love Tom Holland or Bellington Cramplesnatch

  • Meg Loves Music
    Meg Loves Music 16 days ago

    This is adorable!😍

  • evilpompom
    evilpompom 17 days ago

    Omg, Tom is so precious, bless him! Benedict is like the protecting uncle, "Must protect smol angel" XD I love them!

  • colorless.
    colorless. 17 days ago

    This reminds me of a story about Benedict Cabbagepatch-

  • Conrad Moser
    Conrad Moser 18 days ago

    Tom Holland: doesn't understand the term "drag race"
    Also Tom Holland:

  • Sara Rostenkowski
    Sara Rostenkowski 19 days ago

    All I took away from this video is that Benedict knows what Rupaul's drag race is, and i am LIVING for it!

  • Sara Rostenkowski
    Sara Rostenkowski 19 days ago

    Tom had to dance to Rihanna's "Umbrella" to clear his reputation after that Drag Race moment lol

  • Roxy Picasso
    Roxy Picasso 19 days ago

    “i shower american” -tom holland

  • m
    m 19 days ago

    can u imagine tom holland + dylan o'brien ? fucking nightmare

  • Art Addict
    Art Addict 20 days ago

    Tom holland is 20+ wtf

  • Vivek
    Vivek 21 day ago

    Hello .. ( ashens )

  • Jasmine Hussain
    Jasmine Hussain 24 days ago +1

    7:46 killed me...bless him😂😂

  • Jasmine Hussain
    Jasmine Hussain 24 days ago +1

    Q: How many times have you watched this?
    A: I don’t know😭😍

  • Paula Robles
    Paula Robles 25 days ago +1

    Tom: they don't give anyone the script
    Benedict:... they gave me the script
    Tom: surprised pikachu meme

  • Jean-Dominique wahl
    Jean-Dominique wahl 25 days ago

    so wait is it in Benedict's contract that he has to do all those interview with Tom?

  • nonochan yeppoyo
    nonochan yeppoyo 26 days ago

    I learn that old men say more complicated stuff

  • nonochan yeppoyo
    nonochan yeppoyo 26 days ago

    Poor poor Tom 🤣

  • Sonyeosin naeun
    Sonyeosin naeun 27 days ago +1

    All i think about while watching this was a Penguin eating a Croissant oh god..

  • Annalisa Kite
    Annalisa Kite 27 days ago

    Now I know why Spiderman looks so vague in "The Avengers" - he doesn't know what's happening.

  • Commandercody49
    Commandercody49 27 days ago

    Does anybody else notice that Benedict drops a spoiler 14:15

  • Hania Zeeshan
    Hania Zeeshan 29 days ago

    *DEeePpP bEeEpPp*

  • eboy jk
    eboy jk Month ago


  • Macy Blake
    Macy Blake Month ago

    I think I just found my two favorite people in the same video

  • Pierre Torbay
    Pierre Torbay Month ago


  • Z-girly Pandahearting

    12:30 my favorite part

  • NoOffenseBut
    NoOffenseBut Month ago

    ive never actually heard him spoil anything tho lol

  • YetiPie
    YetiPie Month ago

    7:30 my right ear was left out :(

  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor Month ago

    1:45 that's a nice lamp...

  • Joyful Sorrow
    Joyful Sorrow Month ago +11

    "Benedict's a real diva-"
    *Rolls eyes and huffs* "Pfft, she says."
    And that's exactly Tom's point. XD

  • Ginger Bread girl
    Ginger Bread girl Month ago +1

    When they're sat down with the puppy, Benedict looks like his dad

  • Juliett
    Juliett Month ago

    *15 minutes of Tom Holland not knowing what movie he's in*

  • Kristaps Gailis
    Kristaps Gailis Month ago

    13:35 my boy is the same she is very excited about it? U do inglish m8?