The Hardest Decision I've Ever Made...

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
  • Thank you to everyone who has come this far with me on this crazy TheXvid ride, to anyone who decides to leave, thank you for being apart of my life for such a long time, I will always appreciate that... for those who stick with me on this new chapter with the channel, thank you.. it's going to be a fun time exploring content in a genre that I have a true passion for as a fan!
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Comments • 788

  • Chaos
    Chaos  Month ago +547

    Thinking long and hard about it and I have decided to keep the Sunday Cod History series going.. everything else will be the new content moving forward. I want to say thank you again to all of you who have been with me on this crazy YT ride and to everyone who sticks with me, I’m excited to start something new with all of you with something I’m passionate about. I love all of you!

    • JHK Skateboarding
      JHK Skateboarding Month ago

      Been with you since the batman "easter egg", tried to do it like 50 times 😂 I was kinda choked but at the same time I was really entertained. You do you, and I'll keep watching your, shit's great no matter the topic/genre of content

    • Brent Bennett
      Brent Bennett Month ago

      do what you want people like me will still be here

    • HotshotGamer
      HotshotGamer Month ago

      Chaos Do you like
      MIB i love it

    • GLITCH 221
      GLITCH 221 Month ago

      In love movies!!!!

    • The gaming Channel
      The gaming Channel Month ago

      It’s all good you seemed like you were showing us that a change was happening I just couldn’t wait to see when it was official
      Also do you like d&d?

  • interventionX Bruv
    interventionX Bruv 12 days ago +2

    He lied about making this type of content lol

  • Dman1812
    Dman1812 22 days ago

    Well this didn’t last long

  • Star wars parodies n stuff

    Good luck jimmy. You made the right choice going with what you think is right

  • vivid gameplayer
    vivid gameplayer Month ago

    Nice content

  • Vincent II
    Vincent II Month ago

    It's all good dude. Whatever makes you happy.

  • Meh Eh
    Meh Eh Month ago

    Love you Jimmy! Full support!

  • MistahBurger
    MistahBurger Month ago

    Much love Jimmy!

  • Nathan Wager
    Nathan Wager Month ago

    Happy for you jimmy, I’m here to the end

  • Harry Bawlsack
    Harry Bawlsack Month ago

    Nerd. Geek.

  • Luke Labrie
    Luke Labrie Month ago

    Happy for you and you should keep doing what you love

  • Holtclanwarrior 1707

    DO what you need to do, but we will always love you and your channel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • silversilentrd
    silversilentrd Month ago +1

    Real ones will still be here

  • Matt Simpson
    Matt Simpson Month ago +1

    Don’t leave CoD, Jimbo.

    • BG Exxtra
      BG Exxtra Month ago

      Matt Simpson i dont think he will completely

  • Zack Pez
    Zack Pez Month ago

    You are right to follow your passion. Don't let anyone tell you different

  • Mr blind man
    Mr blind man Month ago

    Big yikes

  • Troy Parson
    Troy Parson Month ago +1

    I’m excited. I might not leave a like everytime I watch your videos but when ever it pops up chaos released a new video at the top of my phone I watch it and I will continue to do so.

    • BG Exxtra
      BG Exxtra Month ago

      Troy Parson same🤲🏽

  • amauri3781
    amauri3781 Month ago

    Just do it !!!! I'm ready bro I'm down !!!!

  • Dustin Allsopp
    Dustin Allsopp Month ago

    Good luck an I will keep watching u I enjoy your videos

  • DuBs Gaming
    DuBs Gaming Month ago +1

    love u man do what u wanna do its ur channel ur choice and i will most definitely continue to watch ur vids bro no matter what

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez Month ago

    Let’s goooo baby. I love the MCU but I hope you still play video games on the side. Looking forward to seeing new content!!!

  • Endric
    Endric Month ago

    Been here for awhile, at least since a year before you started Fortnite, back in the days of the WW2 hype, and have genuinely enjoyed them. Will support whatever you want to do, whether that is gaming, movies, or whatever. Do what you love, it is your passion, so do what you love. Looking forward to LOTR content, anf keep up the content. Love ya man

  • Andrew Petty
    Andrew Petty Month ago

    Do what makes you happy bro!!!

  • Evan Symon
    Evan Symon Month ago

    Do you! I’ll still be here to support

  • TemperChain X
    TemperChain X Month ago +1

    Love u bro best cod personality on TheXvid by far good luck u r the one of my favs love what u bring no matter what thank you god bless

  • Jacob Long
    Jacob Long Month ago

    I can’t wait to see what movies exactly that you do

  • Mathias Green
    Mathias Green Month ago

    Look man do what you wanna do man you aint gonna make great content unless you are happy and actually into the thing your doing ive been a fan for about 2 years now and I aint stopping here

  • Andrew Bishop
    Andrew Bishop Month ago

    Enjoy the channel and I feel you should just make what you wanna make and what makes you happy man. The fans will stick by ya

  • Spectre Pilot-301
    Spectre Pilot-301 Month ago

    Do what you want man. I may have not been subbed for the amount of time I watched your videos but you managed to pull a titanfall player in to watch videos of somthin they didn't really like aka you got me to like cod for what it is

  • TrueGent 10
    TrueGent 10 Month ago

    Good Luck

  • Thrasher James
    Thrasher James Month ago

    Do you brotha, I'm so use to your voice so I'll still be here

  • killercrane 22
    killercrane 22 Month ago

    Do what you want to do

  • I play games
    I play games Month ago +1

    Chaos your true fans will stay

  • SUP3R3M3 MIK3
    SUP3R3M3 MIK3 Month ago

    Nothing but love my friend you are amazing its ok to relax and restart.

  • Fradees 81
    Fradees 81 Month ago

    Been here since BO3 love the content and YES!!!!!!! finally I found somebody that's the same as me a gamer and a Marvel,DC, Star Wars geek. There is no way I'm going to leave this channel and I'm very excited of what's to come good luck Jimmy

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad Lewis Month ago

    Also, when you do a star wars video, I'm going to pick you apart 😂 I'm absolutely covered in star wars tattoos, and have read almost every book except for a few early ones I cant find

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad Lewis Month ago

    You do you boo boo. Been watching you since like 20k subs. And I'll keep watching your videos. Be happy Jimmy

  • Zade Colley
    Zade Colley Month ago

    I'm glad for you man. Do what you makes you happy. Ill be following right behind you

  • Dubs
    Dubs Month ago

    Thank you jimmy for all the memories 😢 your the first cod youtuber I ever subbed to way back in the day, Love you man wish the best for u

    BOB DA SLOB Month ago

    I dont care what you upload i enjoy all of your videos

    XACTIC VALOR Month ago

    Feel like this video didn’t neeeed to be monetized but oh well

  • Aman 766
    Aman 766 Month ago

    Bat man on hijacked omg so many memories

  • Leo Amaral
    Leo Amaral Month ago

    I believe your true fans and subs well enjoy whatever content you upload. The results of this change might surprise you in a very positive way.

    H3LLBORN KNIGHT Month ago

    You need to do what makes you happy, I might not be here for too much from here on, but you should do what makes you happy anyway. Best of luck to you man.

  • ethan griffin
    ethan griffin Month ago

    As a follower I wanna SAY THANK YOU for the 10 years you put in with gaming and call of duty. I’m 21 so that shows when I started listening. All the top 10’s I listened to on the way to college or work brings back so memories. No matter what you do ima support. Can’t wait ✅

  • GLITCH 221
    GLITCH 221 Month ago

    I can't wait till you start love you!

  • PvP Rat
    PvP Rat Month ago

    Do whatever makes you happy bro! I support you no matter what!!!

  • Eric King
    Eric King Month ago

    Mad respect to you Chaos! Do you man.
    Personally I’ll be sticking around.

  • soggy BANANA
    soggy BANANA Month ago +1

    Honestly idc what u upload i watch it

  • FlightlessxLion
    FlightlessxLion Month ago

    Mental health is everything if you aren’t enjoying something you shouldn’t be doing it it’s that simple. Most people here subbed for the content and pretty much everyone subbed for you and if you can’t be you doing gaming then you need to do what allows you to be you. I’m personally not that big into movies but I’ll stick around for when you do talk about a movie that interests me.

  • XzRongz
    XzRongz Month ago

    IT ?

  • Aubrey Rogers
    Aubrey Rogers Month ago

    I’d love if you did stuff like movie reviews

  • ali gnb
    ali gnb Month ago

    It's not a goodbye, its a fresh hi man

  • v iBrutalz x
    v iBrutalz x Month ago

    Nearly cried dude. Loyalty is everything and I'm here for the ride until the end 💯

  • Alex Sudzik
    Alex Sudzik Month ago +6

    You can see how he just start smiling, when he starts talking about what he wants to do. Go on, do what makes you happy!

  • Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin Hoffman Month ago

    Do what makes you happy, don’t worry about the people that leave, focus on the people staying and the people flocking to the new content

  • John Wood
    John Wood Month ago

    I'm happy to watch all your new stuff....

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson Month ago

    Are you still going to cover modern warfare 2019?

  • ScreamingChaos Zombies

    Everytime he started talking about his passion is movies he would start smiling and ramble about it you can see it makes him happier you got this Jimmy 🤙🤙

  • Jacob Zink
    Jacob Zink Month ago

    Hey man would love to see a gameplay say you hop on to just game a little record it and post it for the subs