Samsung Galaxy A70 review

  • Published on May 27, 2019
  • Check out what our editors think about the phone's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video review.
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  • Bamboo Furniture Handicraft

    How many of you are watching the review after buying one.

  • Yadro Khan
    Yadro Khan Day ago

    Hy wanna date .. ❤️

  • David Gladwin
    David Gladwin 2 days ago


  • YmLea
    YmLea 4 days ago

    You live in Bulgaria?

  • Tony Druzhinin
    Tony Druzhinin 4 days ago

    1. There was an update on the night mode. Any updates on that? Could you ore someone test if the night mode has improved since the update?
    2. 5:40 & 6:13 gsmarena tests in eastern Europe?

  • 14ls
    14ls 4 days ago

    I have that phone and works fine for me

  • Obssy
    Obssy 5 days ago

    Please stop adding filters over the video, it affects the viewer's perception of the phone's screen quality.

  • Bethany C
    Bethany C 6 days ago

    If anyone reads this I’m an iPhone user looking to go back to android but Samsung specifically. The A70 looks great but is it better than the iPhone 8plus. If you have any suggestions please let me know :)

  • Shabbir Muhammad
    Shabbir Muhammad 7 days ago

    Girl is beautiful than cellfone

  • Raaj Saiju
    Raaj Saiju 7 days ago

    worst phone ever..

  • Tony Druzhinin
    Tony Druzhinin 8 days ago

    Question No. 1: what's the colour of your phone?
    Answer: the case is black! I said it's black!

  • pepi9393
    pepi9393 9 days ago +1

    5:42 - was this picture taken in Bulgaria because the sign on the building says "gun shop" in pure Bulgarian language haha

    • pepi9393
      pepi9393 Day ago

      @Alek Playz YT Oh yeh I didn't notice it before haha cool shirt tho

    • Alek Playz YT
      Alek Playz YT Day ago +2

      Lol yeah it was. I'm pretty sure she's from Bulgaria because look at her shirt

  • Michæl K
    Michæl K 9 days ago +13

    Cop: What colour is it?

  • Disgustang John
    Disgustang John 10 days ago

    Watching on my a70 in december

    • Disgustang John
      Disgustang John 6 days ago

      Yeh it's a really good phone, it's one of the phones that you love and it's for a really cheap price
      I would recommend.

    • rizirone
      rizirone 7 days ago

      Would you recommend it?

  • Hulk
    Hulk 10 days ago +1

    I absolutely love this phone it's amazing considering this is a mid-range phone.

  • Brian Black
    Brian Black 12 days ago

    Very good review. Thanks

  • Vitaly Gorbunov
    Vitaly Gorbunov 12 days ago

    No wireless charger... No thanks

  • zsıraı
    zsıraı 13 days ago

    Finally a review with no Indian dudes...

  • Jecinta M
    Jecinta M 14 days ago

    This phone you can't change the battery itself, that's a mess for me🙄🙄

    • RAYDi8OR
      RAYDi8OR 12 days ago

      It sucks but all phones are like that now unless you buy a Motorola

  • Maru
    Maru 15 days ago

    Who is she? 😍

  • Nikolas Gunadi
    Nikolas Gunadi 15 days ago

    One note is that u have to use the best provider in your country because this phone's reception is bad.

  • Nikolas Gunadi
    Nikolas Gunadi 15 days ago

    Its feature packed .

  • creeper fill
    creeper fill 16 days ago

    Do u work with the guy that looks like Cisco ramon from flash that reviewed the A50

  • Ryan Balster
    Ryan Balster 17 days ago

    I know the phone is large but girls hands are oddly small no clue as to why, but everyone just goes goes with so Gucci.

  • Felix Mukuvi
    Felix Mukuvi 17 days ago

    Xiaomi 9 lite beats this hands down

  • Preventaš Asaš
    Preventaš Asaš 17 days ago +1

    I see Angie, I click like.

  • NoisyFisT Studio
    NoisyFisT Studio 18 days ago

    3.24 what is name of the game???

  • Joeal Joseph
    Joeal Joseph 19 days ago

    S10e or A70?

  • Jecinta M
    Jecinta M 19 days ago

    I love this phone since I last saw it from a friend because of it's pictures, but, I was turned off by someone telling me that it doesn't have fingerprints for security,

    • ian yt requires a surname
      ian yt requires a surname 2 days ago

      Tf? It has in display fingerprint sensor fucking dumbass

    • Suzie
      Suzie 16 days ago

      Go for A80 then. IT has fingersprint for security and even better camera

  • MrPinnokio Einstein
    MrPinnokio Einstein 19 days ago

    you look like winona ryder!

  • Sam b
    Sam b 21 day ago

    i believe Samsung should recall all the a70s and change the lcd screen for free because its getting a bad rap with how easily the lcd screen breaks and its not covered under any warranty.

  • sonia Q
    sonia Q 21 day ago

    What does ois in mobile phone means.

  • Mohammed Aiyaad
    Mohammed Aiyaad 21 day ago

    Facing problems on Galaxy a70, showing USB connector connecting and disconnecting without connecting to anything . Android system glitch causing to lose battery life and heating issues

  • Isaac Ford
    Isaac Ford 21 day ago

    What's the racing game ?

  • Charles D
    Charles D 22 days ago


  • Kristian Radin
    Kristian Radin 22 days ago

    див съм

  • Konohamaru Sarutobi
    Konohamaru Sarutobi 23 days ago

    Angie is cute as hell dawg

  • Learn Progress
    Learn Progress 23 days ago

    Not worth buying Samsung they say they come unlocked and make u pay extra but don’t work abroad their tell u use it for 20 minute in uk and it will work but it doesn’t , all because so the thief n uk can’t use abroad so we have to all pay for that , iPhone 11 pro best it’s best to get a contract than waste it on this

  • Marilyn's Scribes
    Marilyn's Scribes 25 days ago

    Thanks for the great reviews. I also watched the A50 and A80 reviews. Settled for the A70 and I like it! I think I have large hands because I find it easy to use one-handed :)

  • Julián Yepes Serna
    Julián Yepes Serna 26 days ago

    Hi cutie! I always watch your videos

  • Hexiryy
    Hexiryy 26 days ago

    Am i the only one thinks the galaxy A70 is an A50 XL?

  • Khalid Bhatti
    Khalid Bhatti 27 days ago

    Yes a70 is excellent mobile just like ur beauty 👍👍

  • Sardonic1981
    Sardonic1981 27 days ago

    also, why is there Cyrillic writing everywhere?

  • Sardonic1981
    Sardonic1981 27 days ago +1

    no reviews talk about fit in the pocket.... will this thing fit in my jeans pocket, I'm already packing alot down there.

    • Sardonic1981
      Sardonic1981 23 days ago

      k so ended up getting this phone, it's AMAZEBALLZ! big, but well worth it, still pocketable with reasonably slack pants.

  • Boryana Kamenova
    Boryana Kamenova 27 days ago

    "Див съм", яка тениска!

  • Boryana Kamenova
    Boryana Kamenova 27 days ago

    I just want to play cod mobile on it without any problems. Is this possible with this phone?

  • Mohammed Mizan
    Mohammed Mizan 27 days ago

    My A70 is Orange

  • MrWhelts
    MrWhelts Month ago +38

    What is the guy doing in the background at 0:55?

  • Nathan Mitchell
    Nathan Mitchell Month ago +1

    I could get this or the iPhone 8 what do u say

  • TheHeadshotSamurai
    TheHeadshotSamurai Month ago

    This or the mi 9t?

  • aaron fuksa
    aaron fuksa Month ago

    What is the next best choice phone with OIS cam stability?? simular cost range. Much appreciated, love all the features it provides, especially wide view.

  • BON3Z
    BON3Z Month ago +1

    I like the review, I like the video, but most of all... I like you

  • Øystein
    Øystein Month ago

    The icons are not larger than before... It's just your settings

  • Devon Baten
    Devon Baten Month ago

    3:30 what game was that

  • Benedict McAssFace
    Benedict McAssFace Month ago +1

    I've had the A70 for a few days now, my previous phone was a Galaxy s5 Mini with android 6. I absolutely love this phone so far, and because it's such a big upgrade i noticed no problems with this phone at all.

  • hati yang terkunci
    hati yang terkunci Month ago

    I going tu buy soon...

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +1

    What colour is your phone
    A70 users: yes

  • Dupingmaster
    Dupingmaster Month ago

    One of these were purchased in china. It did not have playstore pre-installed. Is there any way to get the play store?

  • TheNameSara
    TheNameSara Month ago

    which one is better if you want a good camera. Huawei p20 pro, samsung galaxy A 70, A80 or Samsung galaxy s9?

  • አስረስ ሞገስ

    how mach ?