Newt Gingrich On Pres. Trump Tweeting Out Against Fox News | The View

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • The former House speaker addresses the president’s controversial tweet as guest co-host on “The View.”
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Comments • 651

  • Gail Kaplin
    Gail Kaplin Day ago

    There's something wrong with newt and Trump. The sad part is the people who follow these two liars.

  • Andreas Kartsounis

    Nice to see a good old traditional conservative school the fools of The View.

  • MS
    MS 2 days ago

    Whoopie sounds more and more retarded every day

  • Wylie Wolf
    Wylie Wolf 8 days ago

    Gingrich is a traitor/globalist. Don't be fooled. He is only faithful to Newt. He will back stab Trump. He IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE.

  • Wylie Wolf
    Wylie Wolf 8 days ago

    Gingrich is a traitor/globalist. Don't be fooled. He is only faithful to Newt. He will back stab Trump. He IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE.

  • SYE M
    SYE M 21 day ago

    Was Sunny as outraged when Obama separated children? Was she as outraged when Obama admins drone striked women and children in the Middle East ? How about when he used the IRS to go after people or used the govt to spy on his political opponents? These people act as if democrats have been so righteous, it’s total BS and selective outrage.

  • Andre Franklin
    Andre Franklin 21 day ago

    Whoopi put her own foot in her mouth with that Obama comment and Newt called her on it and she started fumbling and bumbling. Comic eh? You’re right, that was hilarious.

  • Andre Franklin
    Andre Franklin 21 day ago

    Just lying and being dramatic Sunny.

  • God Blessed America
    God Blessed America 21 day ago

    Attention The Spew. People can come to America anytime they want. L E G A L L Y

  • Gee Sibeko
    Gee Sibeko 25 days ago

    Mr Gingrich, this is what you get engaging people who subscribe to the system of everages -they can't think outside the box. What a waste of your time. Too opinionated, less facts.

  • Dan CN
    Dan CN 26 days ago

    Watching this program makes you lose brain cells, pfoe never again

  • Sammy K
    Sammy K Month ago

    Whoopie is a stupid person who knows nothing!!!!!

  • chael sonnen
    chael sonnen Month ago

    The kurds Turks and Syrians reached an agreement within 2 days. No more war. The double standard with trump and obama is shocking

    OBAAT Month ago

    So Obama also separated children from their parents then deported them - oh, but he did it THOUGHTFULLY. What a relief. What a bunch of dumb fucking hags these hosts are.

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong Month ago

    if not for the open southern border, the USA's standard of living would top the world - except for its poor public education system, run by the unions and teachers...
    how do they hire unqualified talk show hosts in the USA? - by popularity and ideology?
    how's about sheer ability? - you want to know about 'sheer ability?' - just watch more of Newt Gingrich.

  • jacques-albert tobno hugo

    Newton Gingrich's an hypocrite these Republicans you cannot trust them there was never 30 millions people at the border.

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer Month ago

    Fox news does have the most honest unbiased news...See the MSM news like CNN do exactly what Whoopie mop head and Sonny I'm always wrong on law issues does.....See everytime Whoopie and Sonny were ready to hear the FACTS from Newt they either cut him off or did what Whoopie did spun in her chair like a child would do when her mother was ready to tell her right from wrong...a weak joke attempt to shut Newt down just as he was going to give them FACTS....see these idiot ladies like the rest of you Libtards out there can't handle the truth because for 3 years you've been clinging on to FAKE Russian collusion and FAKE obstruction and when that FAILED....Now it's FAKE Ukranian don't you fools catch on after awhile??...probably not because most of you are so damned brainwashed now that you've gone beyond any comprehension of fact...wake up fools because next Nov you'll all be butt hurt again when our President D.J Trump wins in a bigger landslide than he did the last time.

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor Month ago

    Whoopi,shut the f**k up,you don’t know what you’re talking about! Leave the important decisions to the grown ups and go do your hair.

    BAP PARROTT Month ago

    pearls before swine......woopy wtf is in your hair????? Woopy, "I've learned some things about POTUS".....really? How arrogant sitting next to Newt.....who lived and worked next to POTUS. I've never watched your show because you're offensively arrogant and a really bad commedian who couldn't make it in the business so some how "acheive " a show where you sit and gossop like a dog who rolls in a dead animal and spreads is all over

  • Layla Razavi
    Layla Razavi Month ago

    Children were NOT separated because of a bad judicial decision. They were separated because this administration decided to do it. Stop inviting these garbage humans on when you don't have people knowledgable enough to call them out. Let Mehdi Hasan have at him.

  • Hillcrest Heights
    Hillcrest Heights Month ago

    I will always remember how people only hated a person so much that they can not see the great person he is. This is the good ol days!

  • Stephen Mitchell
    Stephen Mitchell Month ago

    Whoopi I noticed that you only state half the truth as usuaWhen children are separated from their parents. Because these irresponsible mothers have endangered their girls. That they broke the law. Whoppi are you woman on the view utterly stupid. You must be because your only stateing a 1/2 truth !!!!! Whoopi I thought you had a brain. Looks like I am wrong about you

  • Ryan Sheck
    Ryan Sheck Month ago

    Whoopi looked stupid there

  • junior 303
    junior 303 Month ago

    These Women of color are Un American and a bad representation of us and make us look ignorant. They don't like the fact that POC are at lowest rates of unemployment and not on welfare, prison reform, global campaign to end the criminalization of LGBT, opportunity zones, school of Choice, lower taxes. They don't want to mention all he has done they just want to push fake news propaganda. Whoopi needs to lose her job for discrimination against conservatives.

  • Topaine Reginald
    Topaine Reginald Month ago

    Why don't you have Ms. Ellen Lee Zhou, a republican running for Mayor in San Francisco, who has been systematically harassed and bullied from the opposing party that she is now afraid for her life. Please look at her interview with Tiffany FitzHenry. This country is falling apart, do you care?

  • Doreen Forauer
    Doreen Forauer Month ago

    The mental health problem is "The View"....all of you are mentally unstable and out of touch what is BEST for America and about the children YET you all are about FULL BLOWN ABORTION....get real, you are as phony as a $3.00 bill. #KeepAmericaFirst #Trump2020 #Stopgivingfreesotheywontwanttocome

  • Tyler Hill
    Tyler Hill Month ago

    Oh lord Obama you terrorist you

  • streetsjr44
    streetsjr44 Month ago

    Great job Newt. These woman are morons

  • streetsjr44
    streetsjr44 Month ago


  • i Kat
    i Kat Month ago

    Clinton did it, the law, Obama did it with Biden, kicked over 5 million people out, called them criminals. They build cages and now it's Trumps fault?!?

    FINXLIT Month ago

    Whoopi was stuck at the end. He got her when he asked “why weren’t you mad at Obama?” - she had nothing. SAD

  • Ryan Fleming
    Ryan Fleming Month ago

    The girl in red listed Obama's legacy as trump's lol!

  • Jay Box12
    Jay Box12 Month ago

    Gingrich is too intellgent to be surrounded by a bunch of uninformed hags with zero incentive to put forth the initiative and do their homework. The view is a mess. And some of the comments in this section serve as a reminder as to how idiots like the view hosts stay relevant.
    Sonny's stupidity was the icing on the cake. Separate children from family's? Another leftwing moronic talking point. Earth to sonny: we settled a court case in 1997, under President Clinton, which stated that children- who are unaccompanied while crossing the border cannot be held in detainment for more than 20 days. The ninth circuit court of appeals later stated that even children who are accompanied cannot be held longer than 20 days. As it turns out, claims of asylum take far longer than 20 days due to countless false claims which have back logged our immigration processes. As a result, under the law, children are separated from their parents. If you had a brain, you would not tolerate illegal immigration and would want all who come here to do so legally. Our immigration system is a mess and law abiding immigrants are stuck waiting in line due to lawless individuals who want to come here illegally. It is American to uphold the rule of law, not disregard it and incentivise illegal immigration by demonizing those who seek to enforce our laws. More children were separated from their families under Obama than even comes close to Trump.
    Mental health? That's just a childish argument and not worth a second of my time.
    Legacy? Record low black and Hispanic unemployment, resurgence of American manufacturing, more jobs than people to fill them, fixing one sided trade deals, defeating ISIS (killing their leader just days ago), strengthening our national security (rebuilding our deteriorating military), historic tax cuts, and much more.
    The view, and their audience, are nothing but uninformed propaganda pumping idiots.

  • bitterboi31
    bitterboi31 Month ago

    Newt G. in a room full of vicious vipers and harpies..

  • Me KroBar
    Me KroBar Month ago

    these ladies live in la la land.

  • dmax 1
    dmax 1 Month ago

    Releasing people with excessive sentences for nonviolent crimes from prison. Improving the transition from prison into society with a job and home and life skills, not just hastily bombing innocent people. H has a great deal of empathy and discernment.

  • dmax 1
    dmax 1 Month ago

    Fox isn’t perfect, but it is better than most. Trump supporters let Fox have it when they are off base at times.

  • Dee Pea
    Dee Pea Month ago

    does Sunny not realize or is she just willfully ignorant to the fact that it was Obama who built the cages Obama who originally separated children from parents these are factsthis wilful blind eye to the Obama administration atrocities as you would all call them today against Trump I am dumbfounded at the blindness hatred has placed upon the left

  • Thomas Griffiths
    Thomas Griffiths Month ago

    He should have said the really really really little Donald and I know where Whoopi was going with that. Hahaha

  • J Clark
    J Clark Month ago

    B.S.! First off, trump originally claimed with Republicans that Russia had kill Baghdadi back in 2017, so ISIS was supposed to no longer be a threat according to all of them. Secondly, the time stamp on the situation room photo trump used indicates it was staged 1 1/2 hours after the attack which supposedly killed Baghdadi (again) because trump was actually golfing during the operation- so trump lied about that. ZERO Credibility for WH trumpers!

  • Landon’s Chanel
    Landon’s Chanel Month ago

    Great journalists are not immune to lying for their network.

  • Hulahoney 70
    Hulahoney 70 Month ago

    Democrats demand answers for meddling in the 2016 election. Transcript is proof that Trump wants answers too. Obvious that Schiff, Pelosi and all are obstructing justice with impeachment. The JD is investigating stones that Mueller didn't unturn. Tax paying Americans want answers that Mueller uncovered, but didnt't investigate- Ukraine admitted meddling not the Russians, Seth Rich, Steele, Dossier, Ohr, Fusion GPS, Awan Brothers, FISA Abuse, FrankenFeinstein's Chinese spy,, slush funds, pay to play, servers, emails, consequences for leaking classified info ti the press, BENGHAZI,
    C foundation, Haiti, Weiner, Epstein, Podestas, Abedin, Awan Brothers, Feinstein Chinese connection, Water's hubby, Pelosi raking bribes from Cartel,
    pizz a gate/Pe do gate, #SecretHearings #DemsAbovetheLaw #DemsAbusePower #WalkAway #AmericanDueProcessGoneWild

  • Martin Oscarsson
    Martin Oscarsson Month ago

    Obama did way à LOT of horrible things but he got away with that mostly because he “represented” the oppressed people. That thing is clear, even Woopy agreed with that. For me the whole think is hypocrisy

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Month ago

    Just in time for a commercial was after Goldberg got her word out. BS. We can’t support the world. Let’s let em all stay with Whoopie. I’m sure she won’t mind.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Month ago

    The kids were brought over by Democrats. There making Trumps job harder.
    We know the scum Dems are behind the immigrant rampage into America. I no longer have respect for Whoopi Gholberg. I’m sorry, I lost my respect for her long ago.

  • David Rogers
    David Rogers Month ago

    He's part of the GOP he's trash also

  • Ripster
    Ripster Month ago

    Senile Sunny

  • Casper V
    Casper V Month ago

    All what you hear here has nothing to do President Trump. This has to do with the ideology.. What makes their The view"s beliefs right and President Trump wrong. You have two different ideologies at play here.

  • tlw1950
    tlw1950 Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • Geoff Felsing
    Geoff Felsing Month ago


  • BeBop Aloola
    BeBop Aloola Month ago

    Abby , is a paid barking seal for the propaganda of the Looney Bin SUPPORTERS of TrumpEnstein.
    when the high priests of the Trump administration assembled to toast Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepping down as press secretary after more than two years in the White House. Drinks flowed beneath sparkling chandeliers as Sanders’s predecessor, Sean Spicer, mugged for the camera in the presence of eight current cabinet members, a couple dozen White House staffers, and a few congressional leaders to raise a glass to Sanders. The 100-plus attendees were also, of course, paying tribute to the venue’s owner, Donald Trump, who has refused to divest his stake in the Trump International Hotel or his other businesses. As the president gave a brief speech honoring his outgoing staffer, an estimated $5,000 to $7,000 made its way to his hotel’s coffers. (A person with knowledge of the event thought Sanders and her husband picked up the tab.) Nearby, the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, smiled. With a 7.425% stake in the hotel, she has reported more than $7.8 million in income over the past two years from the Trump DC property alone.
    During the Clinton years, farewell parties had always been held in the White House, according to a former official, and they were “always nonextravagant.” But this is the new normal in Washington. Nearly three years after Trump’s election and the subsequent hand-wringing over the president’s eagerness to accept money from, well, anybody, his Pennsylvania Avenue hotel is so ensconced as a DC power hot spot that it might as well have been part of Pierre Charles L’Enfant’s original plan for the city. For an endless stream of lobbyists, GOP operatives, far right media personalities, tourists, and foreign officials, the Trump International Hotel is the epicenter of the MAGA universe. The favor trading and payola may be more brazen than ever. And yet the whiff of scandal is off. Legal attempts to brand Trump’s command of the hotel as emoluments violations seem unlikely to be resolved during this term, and it’s rare to see a protest outside the hotel other than projecting phrases like “felons welcome here” across the façade. The day after the Sanders party, Playbook reported on the event like any other social gathering. (“SPOTTED...President Donald Trump (who stopped by after a fundraiser to offer a brief toast), Ivanka Trump, Energy Secretary Rick Perry...”)
    But of course, the Trump DC hotel is no regular hot spot. For the past two years, I have been staking out the Old Post Office Building, sometimes in person, often on social media, for my newsletter, 1100 Pennsylvania, in which I track who is pouring money into the president’s coffers. The night of Sanders’s send-off, for example, Spicer also posed in the lobby for a photo with a Nigerian dignitary, Dr. Christian Nwachukwu. A few days later, Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would also appear at the hotel, conducting an interview from a signature suite, following in the footsteps of the former Nigerian vice president, Atiku Abubakar, who also stopped by in the homestretch of his campaign for president. Abubakar lost, but claimed election fraud and hired U.S. lobbyists to get the Trump administration to become involved. While it hasn’t contested the results, the U.S. State Department did slap visa restrictions on unnamed Nigerian politicians ”believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining democracy.”⁠ Abubakar, in turn, said those sanctions vindicated his allegations.⁠

  • Gee Lawrence
    Gee Lawrence Month ago

    Gingrich you really should go away your effect on American politics has been detrimental. To peace and quiet and prosperity and freedom to the general public.
    You should dry up and fly away.
    You are a true dotard.

  • Tammy Montoya
    Tammy Montoya Month ago

    This show is so Left

  • Tammy Montoya
    Tammy Montoya Month ago

    Sunny I disagree with and Whoppi. I will look back on the presidency with positive thoughts

  • JeepDan777
    JeepDan777 Month ago +1

    These hags are irritating already

    ROBERT ANDERSON Month ago +1


    ROBERT ANDERSON Month ago +1


  • Cory Waters
    Cory Waters Month ago

    Well hey Whoopi. Seeing how you have so much compassion for this. And also so much money im sure youll have no problen taking a couple syrian famillies into you home right? Yeah i thought so. Until that happens your words have no validity and its mute. So either put your money where your mouth is or shut the F up! You say come to America but you wouldnt even have them in your home. Get off your high horse. Zero credibility!

  • Voula Del
    Voula Del Month ago

    Newt making The View look like the hypocritic morons they are. Finally something worth watching on this dismal show.

  • Goldie
    Goldie Month ago

    What a bunch of uneducated "people".