The Big Bang Theory 12x23 "The Change Constant" / 12x24 "The Stockholm Syndrome" Promo Series Finale

  • Published on May 10, 2019
  • The Big Bang Theory 12x23 "The Change Constant" & 12x24 "The Stockholm Syndrome" Promo (Series Finale) - Sheldon and Amy await big news, on the series finale of THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, May 16th on CBS.
    The Big Bang Theory 12x24 "The Stockholm Syndrome" (Series Finale) - Bernadette and Wolowitz leave their kids for the first time; Penny and Leonard try to keep a secret; Sheldon and Amy stick together; and Koothrappali makes a new friend, as the gang travels together into an uncharted future, on the series finale of THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, May 16th on CBS. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on TheXvid for more The Big Bang Theory season 12 promos in HD!
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    The Big Bang Theory 12x23 "The Change Constant" & 12x24 "The Stockholm Syndrome" Promo/Preview (Series Finale)
    The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 23 & 24 Promo
    The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Series Finale Promo
    The Big Bang Theory S12E23 & S12E24 Promo (Series Finale)
    » Watch The Big Bang Theory Thursdays at 8:00pm/7:00c on CBS
    » Starring: Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg
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Comments • 454

  • katerina k
    katerina k 14 days ago

    amazing series and the series finale was so emotional! they made it just perfect!

  • Kulsoom Zaki
    Kulsoom Zaki 28 days ago

    I cant believe that a 22 sec video can make you wanna cry your heart out just like that!!??

  • LM20Luana Santos
    LM20Luana Santos Month ago

    😭😭😭😭💔I'm not prepared

  • Mr. Chrizz
    Mr. Chrizz Month ago

    Heartbreaking to see this Show ends 💔 thanks the BIG BANG Theory ❤️
    Greetings from Germany 😭

  • Jessie Dahl
    Jessie Dahl Month ago

    Look at that 2010 hair on penny 👍

  • Kerli Kaarna
    Kerli Kaarna Month ago

    omg i was four years old when this started. i feel like the actors are really old. and me.

  • Sylvie 17
    Sylvie 17 Month ago

    Sheldon's speech was just soooo amazing I cried all through but what was more painful was knowing I will have to miss all of them coming up every week...this is just heartbreaking guysssss....just like F.R.I.E.N.D.S am going to miss the fun I had watching you .............

  • Clip World
    Clip World Month ago +1

    Watch Sheldon wins Nobel 👇

  • Christel Headington

    YOU SOBs ! I thought my tear ducts could take a short break through "Young Sheldon".

  • pinksnack75
    pinksnack75 Month ago

    Anyone know the song in the middle of this promo?

  • Alexandre Malha
    Alexandre Malha Month ago

    Acaba não

  • TheLumberjack
    TheLumberjack Month ago

    I can't get it on Mobile. Ugh

  • Blub : D
    Blub : D Month ago

    Man I don't want the show to end

  • antonella iriarte zambrano

    I will like in the last episode they travel to the day they signed the arragement contract and talk with their youngest version

  • antonella iriarte zambrano

    Dude i can't litteraly watch this without crying ; i has been watching this show for the last 2 months and it really hurts i don't know how people that had been watching this show for 12 years can handle this .

  • Lowell C
    Lowell C Month ago +1

    I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t have the elevator fixed for the last episode.

    QUAD_RETURNS Month ago +2

    EDIT READ THIS FIRST IF YOUR IN THE UK: the elevator got fixed, Penny's pregnant, you see Howards kids for the first time, sheldon wins the nobel prize, and you need to rethink your life because you unironically enjoy the big bang theory.
    I'm gonna be spoiling this for the normies as soon as i find out what happens, it's gonna be great because this show airs a week later in the UK

  • Canary L.
    Canary L. Month ago

    MY FEELS. I'm going to miss them.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez Month ago

    I was in the 6th Grade when I was in Middle school when the Show air in September 2007,

  • Declan Corey
    Declan Corey Month ago

    Even though there was a missed opportunity to call the finale "The Big Bang", this is still sad. Goodbye Big Bang Theory

  • Harleen Pelia
    Harleen Pelia Month ago


  • mukuti bang
    mukuti bang Month ago

    I am going to cry man.

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson Month ago

    Brings back memories of the Mary Tyler Moore Show finale in 1977 and the M*A*S*H finale in 1983. Both of those shows were also on CBS.

  • Silver P
    Silver P Month ago

    12 years is a long time for a comedy show and it had run out of good jokes a few years ago. The gang are grown up and hopefully they'll show them all in the future. The actors are talented so fingers crossed they'll go on to more success. Good luck to Jonny with his baby due this year. TBBT, you were once a show of young nerds and a pretty dumb blonde. Now your gags have run tired as the nerds got married and aged and even Penny found her brains.

  • Tyler Gunnufson
    Tyler Gunnufson Month ago +4

    🤧😭 it was a Really good show I'm going to miss it!

  • the hankster
    the hankster Month ago +8

    I was still in school when I started watching TBBT, but now I'm in my 2nd year of college. This video really gets me emotional 😢

  • J3dininja04
    J3dininja04 Month ago

    I was 7 when I first watched Big Bang in season 3. It’s been our houses #1 show all this time and it’s gonna be soo weird to not see all the cast together on screen again

  • Injot Nijjar
    Injot Nijjar Month ago

    The elevator better be working

  • avery baxter
    avery baxter Month ago

    I was 5 when this amazing journey began now I’m seventeen, damn. This show kinda shaped who I am today I’m kinda of a nerd. Thanks Big Bang for all the laughs

  • Szilvia Horváthová

    Hi! Does anyone know the name of the song what is in the promo?

  • Michelle Fishkin
    Michelle Fishkin Month ago

    For years I've said as a joke for the series finale. They decide to fix the elevator themselves since Howard is an engineer. But when they do, it breaks.

    • Michelle Fishkin
      Michelle Fishkin Month ago

      LOL and that's the final wrap.

    • Kevin Nelson
      Kevin Nelson Month ago +1

      They get stuck in the elevator between floors after Howard repairs the damn thing.

  • O O
    O O Month ago


  • Marco _
    Marco _ Month ago

    Das Ende einer legendären Era! 😭

  • Parvathy Premlal Tiruvalla

    Am I the only one who is crying? The show is like a family.... I don't know what I will miss the most .... But I just love this show

  • Lubbylove89
    Lubbylove89 Month ago

    I guess this is this generations Friends. I remember watching the Friends finale & weeping my eyes out. Good luck to you Big Bang fans this Thursday!

  • Jenocy Aguado
    Jenocy Aguado Month ago

    This is making me feel sad 😞 I’m gonna miss this show when it ends

  • Caitlyn Standing
    Caitlyn Standing Month ago +17

    Strange to think i grew up literally with the show i was 9 years old when i started watching it when the pilot first Aired and know im nearly 23 years old safe to say i grew from a child to a teen to an Adult and it feels like im saying goodbye to old friends which i know its silly because its a show but growing up i never had friends so to me Sheldon , Leonard , Raj and Howard were friends to me (sorta) i knew i could count on them to make me laugh and smile so all i can say is see you later and thanks for the friendship and all the laughs and smiles

  • Shan Ghai
    Shan Ghai Month ago +1

    Well it time to watch all 11 seasons on Netflix

  • Richard V
    Richard V Month ago

    I would love for the show to end with all the characters catching up on the street infront of the building at 8pm in 20 years and walking away together to get dinner as per

  • kush dubey
    kush dubey Month ago

    Man this take me back
    Looks like we have to say good bye to our nerdy family once and for all

  • Comix Hub
    Comix Hub Month ago

    The good thing is they are still decently young so there is a chance of like a reboot in a decade kinda like what happened with Roseanne

  • Symon Soares
    Symon Soares Month ago +2

    I’ll miss this show, thank you for making me laugh

  • Jozef LP
    Jozef LP Month ago +3

    Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones ending in the same week.....

  • silverdath
    silverdath Month ago

    Finally this shit comes to the end

  • Paulina Nava
    Paulina Nava Month ago

    :´( , i started watching this show around the first minutes of 2008 because the nerds of my cousins and the nerd friend of one of them put the show... and i never stop watching it. Is the end of an era, of my rutine also.

    AZHAZUL AZRI Month ago

    Really hope to see Raj & Emily back together again.

    TONEY ROBINSON Month ago

    Damn time flies

  • Mauricio Enrique Guzmán Martos

    Damn this will be very hard...

  • Lucy J
    Lucy J Month ago +1

    2019 is really the year of endgames. All good things ended, such as The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Avengers, and so on. Even though I found TBBT kinda boring after season 8 or 9, I still need to admit I'm going to miss it. At least it has a spin-off.

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12 Month ago

    Ok thank you for twelve years of hard work and I'm not trying to sound all pissed after the last three years, but this final episode better rule!

  • Aditya Kulkarni
    Aditya Kulkarni Month ago +1

    Please don't stop the show...

  • Brock Maine
    Brock Maine Month ago

    Just buy all the seasons on dvd guys

  • Deadmancrawler
    Deadmancrawler Month ago

    I feel like this year is the year of an Endgame. 1st its gotham. Now big bang theory. Then arrow.... just an endgame like the avengers. Such a sad year. Im gonna miss this show 4ever

  • Ahsan Bilal
    Ahsan Bilal Month ago

    Television's #1 comedy? HAHAAHAAHA WHAT A JOKE. Try watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    • Ahsan Bilal
      Ahsan Bilal Month ago

      @Ryan Both the name of the show is based on something that is a myth lmao

    • Ryan Both
      Ryan Both Month ago

      Ahsan Bilal big bang is wayy better

  • raquel barrales camara

    I'm really gonna miss The Big Bang Theory. It has changed the geek culture and the television and has put nerds and freaks in the spotlight. This show is an important part of my life as it has teached me so many things and I always could talk about it with my friends even if we weren't at our best moment, it keeped us united. Thank y'all for this incredible journey full of laughs, love, tears, science and friendship,and I wish you the best of lucks. Because it has shown how a group or nerds and geeks can do everything they want. Thank you to the best sitcom ever. It alll started with a Big Bang❤️🖖🏻

  • Rat Singh
    Rat Singh Month ago +1

    i hate 2019 we lost iron man, avengers , and now my best show bbt😭😭

  • Vismaya Rajesh
    Vismaya Rajesh Month ago

    No matter how much TBBT has changed I never missed an episode...I'm *REALLY* gonna miss it

  • Andrés Salazar
    Andrés Salazar Month ago

    Ugh, finally!

  • Denis Gauthier
    Denis Gauthier Month ago +4

    September 24th, 2007 was the day the cast began the show and they’ve changed in the last 12 years
    they’re gonna miss it so much it makes them wanna do it all over again but sadly they can’t
    we’d like to thank them and the crew for the wonderful memories they had these past 12 seasons and we’ll miss them dearly

  • Shadow King
    Shadow King Month ago +1

    It's ending... and Howard never got closure with his father.

    • Shadow King
      Shadow King Month ago

      @Vismaya Rajesh Even so, there should be one more season, centering Howard and his father.

    • Vismaya Rajesh
      Vismaya Rajesh Month ago

      We never know what will happen in the 1hr finale. Leonard finally got closure

  • Dvorah Mariscal
    Dvorah Mariscal Month ago

    I only discovered this show about a year ago and haven’t seen all the episodes. I am so sad to see it ending. Prayers for the entire crew to find new jobs and that they can all have a wonderful future. Sad face 😢

  • blackham7
    blackham7 Month ago

    This show got shit After Season 3. Real Nerds watch Community now. That 2007 Nostalgia hit me like a truck though

  • CPD98
    CPD98 Month ago

    Should have ended years ago, when it was good and funny.

    • CPD98
      CPD98 Month ago

      @Ryan Both Nah, jokes are already dead. Characters aren't good anymore.

    • Ryan Both
      Ryan Both Month ago

      CPD98 it still is funny

  • RHF Al-otibi
    RHF Al-otibi Month ago +1

    Anyone knows the song in the promo?

  • mylife ezz99
    mylife ezz99 Month ago

    Am not crying am not😭😭😭

  • Manik Kalore
    Manik Kalore Month ago

    Sadly this season was worst of them all...

  • Vijay Mathuraiveeran

    Screw you people everyone gets to have a wife and start a family except for Raj. You morons can't stand it whenever he finds love either you mess up his character with worst writing on his female companions or screw him by making him looking like a moron or screw it up by his selfish friends who does nothing but make fun of him and his race to which he doesn't give a damn about. I must say that guy has no self-respect, no dignity, homosexual vibes and amateur Teenage girl vibe. Honestly just kill that moron in the show he's a disgrace to origin. I bet even in his funeral Howard would make fun of him that's all he's for them isn't it? You White people are so racist ! No character development whatsoever except the fact he got to talk to women without alcohol. And you people don't get your facts straight but yet you mock the ideals and heritage of our society. and its always a parts that are bad never see or even try to look for the good side. Just coz people are different than you that doesn't give you writers, producers, directors and especially actors to show off a bad script on TV. If we do the same thing to your people you'd be blazing with guns. And no don't call it, it was all a joke or part of entertainment! Coz it ain't it. If you don't see the impact that you people pull on to the next Generation through your show then there's no point in making one.

  • JJuliaSmile
    JJuliaSmile Month ago

    I'm gonna cry😥

  • Eddie Brice
    Eddie Brice Month ago

    And thus the big bang collapsed on its self

  • Sushmita Balaji
    Sushmita Balaji Month ago

    I hope the elevator will be fixed

  • Kpopguy !
    Kpopguy ! Month ago +1

    The girl or The Big Bang Theory.
    (≖︿≖ )

  • luke Dolly
    luke Dolly Month ago

    Who else is going to cry too much

  • Fluting Is In Our D.N.A

    No decent end for Raj...! 😒😒 Thats just fuckall writing..! Anu must return.

  • arthur g
    arthur g Month ago +1

    For real my physics teacher first told us about this show, he told us about the scene while teaching resolution of force when they move Penny's box through stairs so they lay the box on the stairs which is at 30 degree angle so the require only only half the force. (F2=F1*sin30)

  • arthur g
    arthur g Month ago +18

    2019 - The year of Endgames

  • MinhNhat_Meredith Nguyen

    This is literally my childhood

  • Anurag
    Anurag Month ago

    It started with penny having a small boobs and now she has fake boobs😂🤣

  • Pregi Kumary
    Pregi Kumary Month ago


  • new user
    new user Month ago

    Kinda glad that it's ending tbh. If they made another season it would be disappointment.

  • Alex Norway
    Alex Norway Month ago +2

    It ends with the elevator working again

  • Cypher NX
    Cypher NX Month ago

    I hate saying goodbye...

  • Ankit Saksena
    Ankit Saksena Month ago


  • Naroc El Ragnarok
    Naroc El Ragnarok Month ago

    I started watching the series when I was a kid at 8 years old, I admit that I did not like it very much at first, but now that I'm 19 and I understand all the references, it's a wonder.

  • Electerald
    Electerald Month ago

    The last episode of the only American show I actually enjoyed... 😔

  • PianoSlayer 15
    PianoSlayer 15 Month ago

    The Finale Episode of TBBT and Young Sheldon are like connected because of the title.

  • Lapine DZ
    Lapine DZ Month ago

    Finally this shit is over

  • TimelessFan2018
    TimelessFan2018 Month ago

    Omg I'm going to need my tissues for this!

  • Tabetha thomas
    Tabetha thomas Month ago

    Im gunna miss this show so much as I watch it everyday and now it's ending I'm gunna cry on the last two episodes

  • Raj kumar
    Raj kumar Month ago

    Im gonna cry 😭😭

  • Zailant
    Zailant Month ago +1

    Endgame, GOT, Shigeki no Kyojin and Big bang Theory... a great month.

    GOURAV RAIKWAR Month ago +1

    This show is definition of friendship, I am gonna miss that show

  • pantsuck11
    pantsuck11 Month ago

    Finally it's over. That show sucked

  • Matrix Studios
    Matrix Studios Month ago

    I'm gonna cry

  • Ece Yücel
    Ece Yücel Month ago

    They are going out with a bang

  • tibby dude
    tibby dude Month ago

    All Good Things Must Come to An End.

  • _exe
    _exe Month ago +2

    the show is going on in the background while im typing.

  • Mallory Lauve
    Mallory Lauve Month ago

    I'm gonna cry so hard at this

  • Nidhi Mathew
    Nidhi Mathew Month ago +1

    I love this show! Love the gang! Love the big bang! I am soooo gonna miss waiting every Thursday for it! Love you people! ♥️♥️♥️

  • vik saggu
    vik saggu Month ago

    I hope Raj ends up with his red headed ex

  • stanger things season 3

    The big bang theory is a great show we will all miss it