DIY How to: a successful data recovery from clicking hard drive. Recover your files Yourself

  • Published on Jun 10, 2014
  • In this video I explain how to recover data from a clicking hard drive. There are several types of clicks of death. This click is recoverable.
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  • Steve Thompson
    Steve Thompson 4 hours ago

    consider the pictures and data on Your Western Digital as pictures of Christopher Columbus In 1492 every year Western Digital said they fixed the crashing problem, finally Crucial came out with Solid State Drives.

  • heck B
    heck B 2 days ago

    where would a person get donor hard drives

  • 70 Roadrunner
    70 Roadrunner 5 days ago

    The controller board registers the locations of the starting points for the data so any time you change a piece doing a low level format is required.. Getting lucky and finding a board that is close enough so the data will align is like randomly spinning a combination locks last turn and finding the unlock position.. There is software that will look for the start points and build a root register but it is expensive and made for the pros..

  • Michael Cheng
    Michael Cheng 8 days ago

    The Board look like same, but the coding programmed into board are not the same. You cannot interchange the board.

  • Savas Kurt
    Savas Kurt Month ago

    You may swap the circuit boards by crossing your fingers, the board you swap will not work %95 of your attempts, the reasons are, the firmware and the version of pcb (usually named a.b.c etc) likely wont match. On your second attempt, your computer detected and recognised the hard drive's existance due to what the pcb board told your pc to recognise. However that recognition wasnt the physical, reality it was the hard drive's logical definition. Earlier in the video, you have mentioned about the pcb chips by naming them, yes that was crucial bit which you had to swap spin and actuater arm controlling chips from one another in which case although its hard to do it but the drive would work straight away. Done it many times but loved the video and your effords. Thank you

  • William Curry
    William Curry 3 months ago

    if it clicks could info be extracted ? ANYONE please and thank

  • senselocke
    senselocke 4 months ago

    How does a civilian find donor drives?

  • infiniti37G
    infiniti37G 4 months ago

    It has to be the same brand and model drive?

  • GalaxyTraveler
    GalaxyTraveler 5 months ago

    I heard that the donor drive must have the same model and firmrware, as well as same site code and same first 3 letters/digits of serial. Is this accurate, or does it not always work like that?

  • 刘慧洁
    刘慧洁 6 months ago

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  • Андрей Кузьмин

    I've tried the same shit. Didn't work. Same firmware. Same hard drive.

  • Rob
    Rob 8 months ago +2

    😱 Scared the hell out of me with that LOUD drill

  • coolhacker011
    coolhacker011 9 months ago +1

    Thanks for showing that this actually worked. From experience in the 90's and early 2000, I actually tried this method without success. I did my research to figure out why? People posted that the actual hard drive was calibrated with that board and it would be a slim chance this would work because of it. If you had the same exact revision and lot number, for example, people claimed it could possibly work with much higher success. In your case, was all the boards the same revision etc? I gave up later on trying any of this because of what I learned early on. Thanks for sharing and this might enable me to try this again. However, I have a lot more SSD drives today. ;) I posted before I saw the ending, you actually mentioned transferring the chip. However, that type of solder joints being so small, looks like a nightmare to get right.

  • Bangladesh Cricket Board
    Bangladesh Cricket Board 11 months ago

    hello sir
    my all files gone to format from hdd. please sir help me. how i do can my all data recovery. if you know any software. please give me link or name.
    thank you

  • Feed Brain
    Feed Brain 11 months ago

    Hello, thx. do you think that it is possible to recover data with software even if the reading/writing needle is lock?


    Ami harddisk thik korbo kivabe apnader thikana pabo

  • A.W Scott
    A.W Scott Year ago +5

    First and foremost (thank you ) for sharing youre skill set with me/us/the world. For the past two weeks I have been reading or watching every thing I can abought this kind of problem with hard drives. You are the first info video that drove the topic all the way home "at least 4 me.". I have struggled with learning disabilities for 40+ years, and I was able to get it on the first-round with youre demistration. Thanks again!!

  • Michael Newsome
    Michael Newsome Year ago

    The most impressive thing in this video is the widescreen CRT

  • matt simo
    matt simo Year ago

    this only works with real old dirves anything in the last ten years requires the bios chip resoldering which is not easy ......

  • Rithik Krishna
    Rithik Krishna Year ago

    I love you man as you solved my problem

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly Year ago

    Firstly not a major loss if fails data wise but would you do this first or the releasing needle trick repair?

  • jecrees mescompte

    et les ss titre en français

  • Grunt Gndgekleg
    Grunt Gndgekleg Year ago

    Don't use power tools on a hard drive. What is not mentioned is that the two controller cards have to match, and if you have to ask about this, just don't do it. Send it off and get your data back. The wrong controller can scramble your data. Personally I would recommend DriveSavers. You may only get one shot at your data, what is it worth?
    As a side note: if your unbelievably lucky and this works for you. REPLACE THE DRIVE after you get your data off of it. Died once it is extremely likely that it will happen again.

  • D King
    D King Year ago

    What device did you put together that you tested this hard drive with

  • Guillaume Ricard Svensson

    That sensual touch at 16:46

  • Centaur
    Centaur Year ago

    So if I accidentally used a 19v power adapter on a 12v external hard drive, then it's just the diode I need to replace?

    NA-ZION Year ago

    Abraham I have a quick question. My macbook pro shuts down during reboot stage. Please help me figure out what to do or direct me to the right place.
    I love your videos!

  • James Cannon
    James Cannon 2 years ago

    Thank you for this video. You helped me fix bad Western Digital 320GB (WD320AAJB). Now I will copy to SSD and have computer back.

  • lu cifer
    lu cifer 2 years ago get boards here, pcb number must match, mostly u need to swap bios chip

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W 2 years ago

    That is why you want to BACK UP your data. If a Drive crashes just get another one and restore from your backup.

  • B Sc
    B Sc 2 years ago

    Seagate 2tb barracuda and a Seagate 500mb, 11 click shutdown prob seems common. Is that the heads stuck or not finding the system sector or mount sector to mount? Almost tried the circuit board swap before wayching this vid, guessing it would freak and blow up? (Using good 500mb to unclick 2tb drive)

  • Joseph GEIS
    Joseph GEIS 2 years ago

    This is what my computer is doing. Were to find Doner boards oh boy.

  • ESS1024
    ESS1024 2 years ago

    Very unprofessional. 90% of what he said is a nonsense.

  • James Nickerson
    James Nickerson 2 years ago

    fantastic video 👍🏻👍🏻

  • gecsus
    gecsus 2 years ago

    Why didn't you clean the board contact surfaces before replacing the board to see if it was just a bad contact?

  • illmtoloko
    illmtoloko 2 years ago

    I cant find exactly the same model of my Seagate HDD, did you have success with a circuit board from a donor from the same brand but different model? maybe different year, or different storage capacity

  • nishi mandhana
    nishi mandhana 2 years ago


  • Andrew Donkin
    Andrew Donkin 2 years ago

    My needle/head goes back and forth and it looks like the disc doesn't spin at full speed. I can't read the harddrive on my PC. Any ideas? Regards Andrew.

  • deXel d3 design
    deXel d3 design 2 years ago

    Using power tools on a hdd? you must be verry lazy man !

  • Jason Messinger
    Jason Messinger 2 years ago

    I have two of these drives that are dead and one that is not, will try to cannibalize the one that works to get the ones that dont working

  • I T
    I T 2 years ago

    Hi great video. Can you tell me where you got the piece of kit that you plug the hard drive into to test it please?

  • Alvino Adriaan
    Alvino Adriaan 2 years ago

    Ek lyk ho vibo

  • mcoyid
    mcoyid 2 years ago

    Worst Thing ever shared. You should never do this pcb replacment, it will corrupt even if you keep trying diff. donor drive. Also never ever try to open your hdd. What you can try is rubbing your PCB with Eraser to clean tracks. If your data is important then send it to An Expert. Don't ever try to risk doing yourself. You will worsen the situation.

  • Peter Rasputin
    Peter Rasputin 2 years ago

    thank you for the tip friend. i did this in some harddrives but not so many board changes. i will remenber for next time

  • RobotZer0
    RobotZer0 2 years ago

    4:03 The left most chip is memory.

  • rgoidel
    rgoidel 2 years ago

    Very helpful instructional video. Thank you!

  • Mithun Pawar
    Mithun Pawar 2 years ago

    Need help !!
    It has been 7 years since I have been using my 500 Gb hard drive and now my HDD is too to slow to boot and even while opening any application or doing any work. Copy and paste goes in kbs.
    I formatted the PC couple of times but while formatting the HDD it took almost 18 to 24 hours to format and installation new Windows 7, but the problem persist. I even tried for taking backup through LAN but the reading and writing speed is too slow (in kbs).
    Please HELP asap.

  • Danny Leung
    Danny Leung 2 years ago

    Where do I so many donors?

  • Frank Scarano
    Frank Scarano 2 years ago

    this only works if one has access to many other drives to find the right match to the production version that you can interchange the right boards...

  • WV591
    WV591 2 years ago

    wish i had seen this video before i opened my HD and F*** it up for good.TU

  • Frieda Duane Ongley
    Frieda Duane Ongley 2 years ago

    Great video. Very informative.

  • FileHorse
    FileHorse 2 years ago

    Great info! Thanksss

  • urwhatueat85225
    urwhatueat85225 2 years ago

    Mine sounds just like this. Same problem. I can't get it to work

  • kamui1001
    kamui1001 2 years ago

    Yep, click of death.

  • ratos74
    ratos74 2 years ago

    If I were you I jumped directly to donor 3 because the back cover of the motor shaft are the same. they are both in bronze color. The donor 1 and 2 are the same too looks like chrome or nickel. How do you missed that they are probably not even same hw revision ...

  • Voice in the Wilderness

    Abraham - thank you for the hard drive repair videos. I have an external hard drive that I banged while it was running and afterward, it would not be recognized and made a quiet double click sound. i removed the cover and did the bad thing of running the drive w/o cover to see what was happening - the arm that passes over the platters (double platters) would run into the middle and tap against the center hub making the little clicking sounds. there were no grooves or scratches on the top of the visible platter so i am wondering if i buy the same drive new or used - is there a chance i could replace the arm and its mechanism and be able to access my files? if so, any advice how to get the read/write arms to fit onto the platters would be appreciated and any other tips you might have.

  • gophop
    gophop 3 years ago +3

    Pretty sure the Samsung chip is DRAM for the drive cache.

    • Hugo B.
      Hugo B. 2 years ago

      so am i...definetely a memory chip, this guy has no clue

  • Pol Leke
    Pol Leke 3 years ago

    Hi Abraham.
    First of all let me thank you for your great video's on this subject.
    Still got a question/problem though.
    I have a WD Elements 1TB, that made the magic clicking sound and stopt working.
    Windows still "sees" WD, but data won't show up :-(
    No when i turn on the drive, it will give a few clicks, motor starts spinning for a few seconds and then stops all together. No sounds at all!
    Please can you give some advice!
    Much appreciated.

  • Exanimus
    Exanimus 3 years ago

    If this works for you i can say that it´s a good time for you to also play on the lottery.. ALL drives need to be calibrated for the set of the disks that are mounted in that particular drive. IF you get this to work, then the drives may have been calibrated at the same time.. I have tried so many times with drives from same batches and/or serial numbers that are just right next to the other drive's serial. It's alot easier to just get the drive working, but you rarely can get any data from it since the heads doesn't know where to read for the data.

  • otaxar
    otaxar 3 years ago +1

    With the logic board #2, did you try to assign a drive letter in the Disk Management?