"These Kids? A Bunch of NOBODIES!" Who Is the BEST Dancer? (Flashback MEGA-Compilation) | Dance Moms

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • The moms of the ALDC deal with intense drama and daughter-related beef in this Dance Moms flashback mega-compilation.
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    "Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
    The road has not been easy for “Dance Mom’s” star Abby Lee Miller. After completing her prison sentence last year, the famed dance instructor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But if anything, Abby has proven she is a fighter and is not ready to hang up the dance shoes. The new season of Dance Moms follows Abby as she rebuilds her dance company while battling the after-effects of cancer that has left her confined to a wheelchair. Abby is ready to get back to her life and do what she loves most…teaching students to dance! With the goal of putting her life, health and dance studio back together, Abby returns to where it all began - the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh.
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  • Dance Moms
    Dance Moms  4 months ago +261

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    • Norris nuts fan
      Norris nuts fan 2 months ago


    • Shy Williams
      Shy Williams 3 months ago

      If I was in Abby Lee studio I would tell her to get out and her daughter because I do not like them she took my sister off a team got hurt on her team so just get out Abby Lee Miller's studio so get out love you Abby

    • Clipz Boxed Youヅ
      Clipz Boxed Youヅ 3 months ago


    • Kayla Youngblood
      Kayla Youngblood 4 months ago


    • Kayla Youngblood
      Kayla Youngblood 4 months ago

      Abby need to stop yelling at kids and they moms jealous of Abby and Giana They are so rude to others girls and they moms run their number in their dance center and then group number and they are all be rude to dancers and they moms too

  • SkittyTV
    SkittyTV 4 months ago +3895

    Fun fact: when it was Chloe vs Maddie (cry, baby I) both of the girls didn’t actually go up against eachother! They went in diffrent age categories! And, they both won! :)

    • E
      E 27 days ago

      @Violet why? 💀

    • Shreya M
      Shreya M 29 days ago

      i always knew this show was highly staged/manipulated but this is wack i cant believe it

    • EpicEdits
      EpicEdits Month ago +1

      @☠️BRANDI ☠️ yeah producers manipulate

    • Paisley Stoddard
      Paisley Stoddard Month ago

      Yeah I loved both of the dnces

    • Sydney Boos 🇺🇦. Save the BBC
      Sydney Boos 🇺🇦. Save the BBC Month ago

      6:34. Apart from this part! No hate.

  • Charlotte Lee
    Charlotte Lee 4 months ago +2518

    Chloe is such a good sport, whenever she doesn’t win she still claps and has a smile on her face. you can tell she’s holding back tears but she’s still so happy for all her friends. when chloe gets first she doesn’t brag about it to everyone else she’s so amazing.

    • den 222
      den 222 2 months ago

      IKR! goalz 🥰🥰🥰

    • Mariam Jbreeta
      Mariam Jbreeta 3 months ago +1

      @Casey Hafer Yea I agree and it all happened because Abby made her get everything better than everyone else so she got used to it, and when she didn’t win, she felt as if she didn’t get a ton of attention from Abby. You can clearly see that since when she left, she didn’t get special treatment and formed into a girl with a genuine heart, not relying on special choreography and attention.

    • Casey Hafer
      Casey Hafer 3 months ago +1

      @Georgina OHara yes! Lol with her 'I'm the best' smile yet when someone else won she either covered her top teeth with her lip, looked into the audience with her ' wait, why didn't I win' look or she'd look down. I just watched the lux episode and thought it was hilarious yet kinda sad when Maddie said she was happy for the other girls too then looked down so sad

    • CiciAd2010.
      CiciAd2010. 3 months ago

      I agree. She seemed so sweet & I saw so much of Christi in her too. Like the nurturing/sensitive side of Christi lol, not the unfiltered one

    • Too sleepy
      Too sleepy 4 months ago +1

      @lily Lmaoooo

  • Three Sisters
    Three Sisters 4 months ago +2645

    Who else has a guilty pleasure when they’re binge watching dance moms?

  • megan lee
    megan lee 4 months ago +551

    Funny story...the dance studio I used to teach at went to the competition where Maddie did Cry and Chloe did Baby Mine. Chloe was in junior (9-11) and danced Friday night. Maddie was in petite (8 and under) and danced Saturday morning. They weren't against each other. Maddie won overall in petite and Chloe won overall in junior. Goes to show just how manipulated and edited this series was

    • Daria
      Daria Day ago

      That's why they weren't allowed to go to that competition again, because the people in charge publicly talked about the editing and manipulation that the show did.

    • megan lee
      megan lee Month ago

      @Jenny Medrano you’re not wrong. I worked for a dance competition and a lot of them didn’t allow filming. They made mock competitions towards the end of the series for the kids to perform at

    • Jenny Medrano
      Jenny Medrano Month ago +1

      I could be remembering wrong, but I think I read that some competitions wouldn't allow filming there because of the show's manipulations when it came to awards.

    • lauren subliminals ♡
      lauren subliminals ♡ Month ago

      So why did Christi freak out ?

    • sav☆
      sav☆ Month ago

      @megan lee ohhh ok

  • Miah
    Miah 4 months ago +1884

    Both abby and Melissa were extremely calculated in getting Maddie ahead. The other girls honestly never stood a chance. Its like the entire concept of the show was to make Maddie a star.

    • Micayla Potts
      Micayla Potts 2 months ago +1

      i saw this on reddit but apparently when dance moms was having auditions abby tried to send kelly and her kids to a different state so they wouldn’t have a chance to be on the team. and she pushed maddie hella to be picked for the competition team

    • ☠️BRANDI ☠️
      ☠️BRANDI ☠️ 2 months ago +2

      @Fantasy ALDC but I also feel she had a high winning rate was because Abby would give her great choreography,music,costume. Now I don’t know before the show but that is how it was during the show for me.

    • JimMorrison4ever
      JimMorrison4ever 2 months ago +1

      Argue on the show, argue in the TheXvid comments. And we’re all gonna have FUN!!

    • Samantha Perez
      Samantha Perez 2 months ago +1

      And ?

    • froggy waffles
      froggy waffles 4 months ago +5

      @breeeeeeee ♡ yeah melissa was willing to do anything to get her kids to stardom it was gross.

  • Taylor Hamilton
    Taylor Hamilton 4 months ago +1354

    melissa: “it’s very hard when you see your daughter cry”
    also melissa: doesn’t care when mackenzie cry and yells at her

    • sav☆
      sav☆ Month ago

      Fax. Like she wasn’t the only one who had 2 daughters on that show. Kelly has 2 kids aswell. She treated both kids the same.

    • Myla Reynolds
      Myla Reynolds 2 months ago

      @S Quarshie yes she did watch episodes of it happening

    • den 222
      den 222 2 months ago


    • louise
      louise 3 months ago +4

      @S Quarshie Mellissa shouts at kenzie and doesn’t give to craps when kenzie is upset but when it’s maddie she’s like oh my baby blah blah

    • Rene Maria
      Rene Maria 3 months ago +1

      I think that's Melissa's way of parenting

  • Megan 90
    Megan 90 4 months ago +970

    Chloe will always be my favourite, she is an absolute credit to her parents ❤️❤️ I would love a daughter with a heart like hers 🥰

    • Laloni Chester
      Laloni Chester Month ago

      Even the people in the comments don't give Nia a chance 😒

    • Alice Jinx
      Alice Jinx 2 months ago +1

      I genuinely how cristie sees this, she gets too much hate for how she parents but both her girls are nothing but greatness

    • Liam Prince
      Liam Prince 3 months ago +6

      Chloe, Paige and Brooke are my favorites honestly. Chloe and Paige were so cute and funny together and most of Brooke's interviews were so funny to me

    • Jennifer Samantha
      Jennifer Samantha 4 months ago

      YES! I looove the way she is and dance

    • Luna Moone
      Luna Moone 4 months ago


  • Alayna Perez
    Alayna Perez 4 months ago +630

    Can we just appreciate how mature Maddie is like she literally just did a French braid on herself I can’t even do it on somebody else

    • Bethany Monges
      Bethany Monges Month ago

      They learned to do a full face of makeup on themselves when they were like 6 lol

    • Toca Rolly
      Toca Rolly Month ago

      I can barely even do a braid on myself 🤣

    • Sarah Alviz
      Sarah Alviz 2 months ago


    • Lín Liú
      Lín Liú 3 months ago +5

      @Husk while i dont necessarily have an opinion, there are quite a few videos exposing the producers for editing her scenes sneakily

    • Husk
      Husk 3 months ago +6

      Uhhh that’s not mature she literally cried when she didn’t get a solo because she believes she should have one after having one every week

  • Mara Mara
    Mara Mara 4 months ago +381

    Chloe is such a good and talented kid. The fact that she never said that she was better than any other kid. She is so precious

    • Art in its Many Forms
      Art in its Many Forms 3 months ago +5

      True. Chloe turned out to be the best, kindest girl from Dance Moms.

  • Merlin | Tika Tika #3
    Merlin | Tika Tika #3 4 months ago +2103

    Melisa: Abby's gonna tell you you're doing a solo and you're NOT
    Also Melisa: i'M nOt SpEaKiNg FoR mY dAuGhTeR

    • Kayla
      Kayla 2 months ago

      @Merlin | Tika Tika #3 you do the same babe😕 you have a whole page dedicated to hating on someone.

    • den 222
      den 222 2 months ago

      LOL 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • bethany 🧁
      bethany 🧁 4 months ago

      @Michelle Mckiver no she’s not she just does her job better they edited the series to make maddie look like a brat but really she’s actually not so don’t hate on a kind person

    • Jessica Morren
      Jessica Morren 4 months ago


  • Alexia Simões
    Alexia Simões 4 months ago +405

    I think it’s silly that Abby punishes the girls for their mothers’ actions. Like Abby not giving Maddie a solo because of Melissa taking away her previous solo. Abby always expects these young girls to stand up to their own parents and it’s just not going to happen.

    • Christopher Bates
      Christopher Bates Month ago

      No she doesn’t do it so the girls talk back she does it to punish the mothers

    • Liam Prince
      Liam Prince 3 months ago +2

      Yea same. Like I get that it makes the parents start to walk on eggshells and be careful of what they say or do but a lot of what Abby did to the kids because of their parents actions is technically child abuse. Emotional and psychological abuse, because Abby couldn't come up with a better alternative or just plain didn't care

  • Soupysocks
    Soupysocks 4 months ago +253

    Holly being a queen✨ she didn’t even raise her voice when she tried to explain to Leslie 🥺

    • Bella Underwood
      Bella Underwood Month ago +1

      I mean any normal person would do the same no point in starting an argument

    • Suri♡
      Suri♡ 4 months ago +14

      cause she's a doctor and out of all the moms in dance moms shes my favorite

  • LaGomera 2702
    LaGomera 2702 4 months ago +677

    as the seasons go on...
    - the dancers get older
    - the level goes up
    - the moms and abbys own make up get better
    abbys hair gets bigger

  • emma
    emma 4 months ago +223

    kalani's solo is by far the best dance i've ever seen, it is so graceful and her lines are beautiful. im just still so confused how ava's solo (which was weak coreography) placed higher than kalani's

    • Jaybirdnifty
      Jaybirdnifty 2 days ago

      I think what is important to remember is that htese dances are edited. So most of the time we're not seeing all of the dance. It's highly likely that the show decided to show the medium-worst moments of the competitor's dancing (unless that are Cathy) and the best of the ALDC.

    • Londyn Murphy
      Londyn Murphy 28 days ago

      @Sam Page yes she is kalani is a bore and hard to watch

    • Londyn Murphy
      Londyn Murphy 28 days ago

      bc ava is better

    • aligned ring pop
      aligned ring pop Month ago

      @Cami im not im saying that bc im a trained dancer who literally has danced at san francisco ballet 😭💀 ava is a beautiful girl and extremely talented but that doesnt change what her dance looked like next to kalanis. ava had some great technique moments but in my opinion it just wasnt as strong aa her opponents. im glad you liked avas dance, dance is subjective, so i have no problem w you enjoying avas performance, but i will enjoy kalanis instead. :)

    • Cami
      Cami Month ago

      @aligned ring pop you are just saying that bc kalani is on the aldc team

  • ritesh swain
    ritesh swain 4 months ago +220

    Paige’s face was so sweet when she was watching Chloe dance. Paige’s face just showed pure joy whe she was dancing I love their relationship. It was the same for Maddie too Paige was just smiling so hard and it was so sweet. Paige is like one of the kindest and sweetest of them all she shows pure joy when she sees her friends dance

  • Aulestia, Manuela
    Aulestia, Manuela 4 months ago +285

    Also Abby - Screams at all kids all the time

    • fandom girl freak
      fandom girl freak 2 months ago +3

      For real. She's the worst

    • Kelsey 23
      Kelsey 23 2 months ago +5

      I love it when they show proof of abby lying in dance moms

    • Joel Herrera
      Joel Herrera 3 months ago +13

      Lmfao I died when Hollie said “I’m not even going to start”

  • Maria Whitlock
    Maria Whitlock 4 months ago +282

    I love how Paige watches Chloe in “cry” like a proud best friend ❤️

  • Lizzie Schwab
    Lizzie Schwab 4 months ago +166

    I felt so bad for Maddie, but I still think Abby shouldn't have gave her a solo. Yes it's sad that she doesn't have one the week everyone does, but almost every week Maddie is a soloist/ the only soloist. It would've been nice to give Paige, Nia, Kendall and Chloe a chance to shine. It would've been a nice change to see the other girls have full confidence in themselves and in my opinion would've had a lot more confidence later on in their dances. Always being compared to someone killed these girls confidence and passion.

    • Alexandria Munroe
      Alexandria Munroe 3 months ago +1

      i think that abby was right in giving her a solo this week, and the other girls should’ve gotten their chance to shine on a week that wasn’t the audition for nationals and a week that was specifically “solo week” cuz they should get a chance to shine where the focus is mostly on their solos, rather then abby&gia’s attention being split between everyone else’s dances and the upcoming national comp

    • ALDC Queens
      ALDC Queens 4 months ago +4

      But like Christi said, Abby had said that Har decision of who would get a solo at nationals was based on their solos that week, so Maddie not getting a solo is like giving everyone else the opportunity to “audition” for the solo except her, so of course she would be upset. And I’m not saying that Abby didn’t do unfair things like this to the other girls a lot of times but this situation was just so wrong, especially since she’s doing it just because Melissa didn’t want her 9 year old daughter to learn her solo the night before a competition just because Abby didn’t trust that her other students could win.

    • aligned ring pop
      aligned ring pop 4 months ago

      beep! wrong

    • Lizzie Schwab
      Lizzie Schwab 4 months ago +3

      @Mónica Rodríguez which is why I said I felt bad for Maddie. I do feel bad that she was left out and Abby was purposely doing it to make her feel bad, but in the same breath she gets solos every week and there's girls that NEVER get one. I understand she was out on a pedestal to feel that way, but you can sense the girls change when they find out she's doing one too. I just think her sitting out another week wouldn't have been a bad thing, if anything make her work harder.

  • Lululove21 S
    Lululove21 S 4 months ago +112

    Can we just talk about how every mom has a fight before a dance and these girls go out there and do amazing without letting the hate get to them

    • Ruby Harris
      Ruby Harris 4 months ago +7

      i was thinking about that too!! like how do they not have breakdowns before every single show

  • Lee Romane
    Lee Romane 3 months ago +73

    they did janette so dirty. she wanted no fight with abby and wish them good luck and be nice and abby immediately screamed at her and kalani's mom was rude to. im sure ava and her mom are good people, at least from what i saw.

    • Dannie
      Dannie Month ago +7

      @Akhiad1070 yeah that was low. But Ava is an actress on Netflix now but I haven't seen Kalani doing anything lately, as much as I love her.

    • Akhiad1070
      Akhiad1070 2 months ago +13

      Kira even made fun of Ava’s body

  • Katie Wheeler
    Katie Wheeler 4 months ago +295

    I literally hate Stacy. She is awful to all the other kids in front of them. She's straight evil. Sickening.

    • Kelsey 23
      Kelsey 23 2 months ago

      @Dance Moms Fan101 I'm sorry but no matter how nice stacey is to people in real life, she still crossed the line being a psychologist and making drama and insults based around mental illness, and just for the purpose of being famous and rich from reality tv (while her young daughter is doing all the hard work, I might add). I know that when it comes to this show not everything is the way it is in real life and that the producers force storylines and edit things to make false storylines, but it is unscripted. So stacey still said those things of her own free will. Not a respectable psychologist in the least bit. Shes not even a respectable human being.

    • dailyxjing
      dailyxjing 3 months ago


    • Dance Moms Fan101
      Dance Moms Fan101 3 months ago +1

      @Sinead Coughlin yup ik that too

    • Strawberry Lover 🇺🇦
      Strawberry Lover 🇺🇦 4 months ago

      @Dance Moms Fan101 ok sweetie agree with u and ur right, EVERYBODY not just her is nice and kind in irl

  • Alisson Chaves
    Alisson Chaves 4 months ago +221

    in the cry vs baby mine "showdown", actually chloe had also won, since maddie and her were in different categories, chloe was in the junior division (9-11 years old) and maddie in the mini division (8 and under), the aldc was actually banned from the competition because they've told the competition directors lies about the studio name and colins avenue never said the show was a drama show, mackzboss has cover a lot of this things in dance moms uncovered in case someone wants to know where this information came from xd

  • RhiannonRhianRhi
    RhiannonRhianRhi 4 months ago +119

    [28:21] when both Christi and Kelly smiled at the same time for Chloe was so heartwarming, I love those two!

  • Taylor Hamilton
    Taylor Hamilton 4 months ago +213

    ever notice how maddie always said “i deserve it” and nothing was said but whenever anyone else said that they got told “we earn things, not deserve them”

    • Itsemolyeditz
      Itsemolyeditz 21 day ago


    • 𝕴𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖎𝖈 𝓖𝓪𝔃𝔃𝓲𝓵𝔂
      𝕴𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖎𝖈 𝓖𝓪𝔃𝔃𝓲𝓵𝔂 4 months ago +9

      It was all staged. ;-; you would know that if you were a true dance mom fannn

    • Vivs B
      Vivs B 4 months ago +49

      Maddie was told to say those things so she seemed like a brat on the show, u can tell that she got better at it as she got older, when she was younger it sounded very robotic cuz she didn’t have as much experience as an actor yet

  • Danny Ramirez
    Danny Ramirez 4 months ago +116

    my heart breaks for lilly. she was too good for this show

    • Dazzling Forests
      Dazzling Forests 4 months ago +30

      Honestly all of them were. This show was a mess

  • J. Vereen
    J. Vereen 4 months ago +248

    Who else is glad that lifetime makes dance moms clips 😂

    • Ana
      Ana Month ago +1

      @Olivia Fan! yeah,bad quality.

    • Olivia Fan!
      Olivia Fan! 3 months ago +2

      Me cause the full episodes are blurry

    • Coowie
      Coowie 4 months ago +3

      Definitely me!

    • 〠 didntfeed
      〠 didntfeed 4 months ago +4


  • Suna Akin
    Suna Akin 3 months ago +17

    I Love chloe and I understand christi’s frustration. If your daughter honestly has a heart of gold and so much talent and her teacher doesn’t see that it’s unfair in the eyes of the mother.

  • adriennrerr
    adriennrerr 14 days ago +4

    Jill: “I’m not sure she pulled off the bully role very well”
    Me: *you’re right Jill, you did*

  • Freya !
    Freya ! 3 months ago +32

    I’m sorry the hypocrisy is immeasurable. ALDC goes all the way to Detroit for a competition, where Jeannette apparently lives and calls her a stalker for being at a dance competition in her home town in support of her own studio. Can’t lie Abby looks more of the stalker all things considered.
    Also Kira calling Ava a praying mantis- body shaming a literal child, ✨mother of the year✨ everybody

  • Norrisnutfans
    Norrisnutfans 4 months ago +52

    When Stacy said “ she’s gonna be a clown for the rest of her life” I was nearly dying laughing 😹

  • Ella
    Ella 4 months ago +186

    2:24 can we just appreciate she didn't just talk about only her kid

    • Rha C
      Rha C 4 months ago +9

      Also at 11:00 when she said she felt bad that Abby was punishing Maddie. I know Christi has made a lot of mistakes, many of which included projecting her frustrations onto the wrong people, (which is why people think she hated Maddie), but I truly think she really cared for her and all the rest of the girls. Whenever she stands up to Abby it’s never just “Chloe, Chloe, Chloe”, it’s “Chloe, and Nia and Maddie and Paige.” I don’t think it was jealously or hatred that Christi had because she clearly was thinking of all the kids (even Maddie) and wanted to protect them. I admire her for that.

    • Spithix
      Spithix 4 months ago +27

      Exactly, this is why I love Christi. She doesn't call out Abby for doing stuff to just her daughter, she calls out Abby for doing stuff to everyone's daughters and not just hers.

  • astanford
    astanford 3 months ago +16

    As much as people might not like Maddie, or as much as some of the others girls might be sweeter or nicer, or also fabulous dancers, you can’t deny that Maddie has that spark that the others just don’t. She truly was born to dance.

  • vannesa W
    vannesa W 3 months ago +22

    When Melissa started yelling beautiful after Maddie's dance I lost it 💀 15:09

  • Lacey Medina
    Lacey Medina 4 months ago +17

    To me, Chloe is always better because she always has something to prove and she’s passionate!!! XoxoX and of course we love mom too!!

  • Zaria2017
    Zaria2017 2 months ago +6

    The more I watch dance moms clips the more I notice how rude and disrespectful Kira is towards anyone that is not Kalani. Kalani is a sweet girl, but her mother likes to destroy other children just to bring her child up, which is wrong.

  • Art in its Many Forms
    Art in its Many Forms 3 months ago +16

    Chloe turns out to be the kindest girl ik.

  • Kashvi Srinivas
    Kashvi Srinivas 4 months ago +59

    Chloe was always there for maddie when she performed and was always happy with her victory

  • Sam Page
    Sam Page 2 months ago +17

    Some of these moms need to realize dancing isn’t completely about technique. Yes technique, difficulty and execution are all very important however dancing requires passion, emotion and finding a way to connect to the crowd and tell the story of the dance. A lot of people don’t have that skill.

  • ellie_playys !
    ellie_playys ! 4 months ago +63

    Can we just appreciate how cute Paige and Chloe are matching together in 9:21

  • Reese Edwards
    Reese Edwards 4 months ago +44

    I think it was great for Abby to not give Maddie a solo that time because she needs to learn that she can’t control everything and how her privilege with solos is good enough. In my opinion, abby shouldn’t have gave her a solo that week though just because she said she’s not getting a solo that week earlier and it’s unusual in auditions etc for people to change their mind when they’ve already cut someone.

  • GamerYT3000
    GamerYT3000 4 months ago +26

    Kira talking about a literal CHILD and making fun of the way the kid looks is so disgusting and unprofessional. I feel sorry for Ava ( or Eva ) honestly

  • Ava Boeschenstein
    Ava Boeschenstein 4 months ago +13

    I love how Paige was so supportive of maddie and Chloe her smiling and cheering for both of them was so cute!

  • Fantasy ALDC
    Fantasy ALDC 4 months ago +73

    All of those dancers are amazing in their own ways both in terms of dancing and personality! There’s no ‘best’ they’re all so amazing. ‘Best’ is subjective.

  • Harri Poke
    Harri Poke 4 months ago +41

    Did you notice how at 8.51 Chloe saw Payton crying in the corner, and picked up her hand antook her away from the situation. That’s why Chloes my fav OG.

  • Cosmicxhermione
    Cosmicxhermione 4 months ago +63

    I know Maddie almost always gets a solo when the other girls don’t, and I get that Abby is teaching Maddie a lesson, but I feel so bad that she’s the only one that doesn’t have a solo.

    • Christopher Bates
      Christopher Bates 14 days ago

      She still got a solo anyway AND she won with it

    • Ghxst X
      Ghxst X 29 days ago

      what about the other girls when they don’t have a solo but maddie always does

    • Zhiyan Williams
      Zhiyan Williams 4 months ago +3

      @Charlotte Lee see people always overlooked Maddie because she was the favorite, she’s always anxious had anxiety when Abby yells and she has so much pressure on her she said this herself and I feel bad for her because all of this was overlooked I’m not say ur wrong tho…..

    • Charlotte Lee
      Charlotte Lee 4 months ago +7

      i DONT she always gets them, always gets first, always gets special treatment and always gets privates and never yelled at. she always gets what she wants and it’s annoying.

    • Mia Mitton
      Mia Mitton 4 months ago +6

      the only reason you feel bad is because you are used to seeing her get one so its feel mean for her not to have one

  • シ︎𝘿𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙧𝙮𝘽シ︎

    I love when Queen Holly is just being innocent and not joining some Dramas, She just joined some fight if what the person saying is wrong like that's like amazing.

  • J Bolton
    J Bolton 4 months ago +15

    I love when Maddie does her solos they’re so beautiful

    • 02loud
      02loud 3 months ago +1

      Me too, she's really captivating.

  • April Bloom20
    April Bloom20 4 months ago +66

    No one is talking about how she called a 14 year old a young adult, she's FOURTEEN she's barely even a teenager

      CRTERJD 2 months ago

      @Kelsey 23 well in many different cultures, usually some children already have someone to be married off too when they’re in the womb. And sometimes they can be married off earlier than 18

      CRTERJD 3 months ago +3

      @Ester you’re right, but that’s like just after 13, 14 in no way is an adult. Some people can see the age of almost being an adult or close to it because children are married off the year after that but truly, she was still a child.

    • Ester
      Ester 4 months ago +4

      Well she is teen or am i wrong

  • RcT
    RcT 4 months ago +46

    I'm surprised she never yelled at Maddie for chewing and eating her nails constantly 😆

  • Emma Melton
    Emma Melton 2 months ago +6

    does anyone else realize how crazy it was that maddie said she was dancing 40-50 hours a week at 9 years old…

  • kim verli reyes
    kim verli reyes Month ago +2

    i love how abby and leslie are fighting and maddie is just casually just braiding her hair 😭

  • ihateyoutoobe😌
    ihateyoutoobe😌 4 months ago +20

    payton: i think i did better than everyone else
    abby: 🤬🤬👉🏻
    maddie: i think i did better than everyone else
    abby: i really admire her confidence 😍😇

  • Zoe Garcia
    Zoe Garcia 4 months ago +57

    Abby trying to get Maddie to against her mothers wishes is so sick to me.

  • paparazzi_notrlly
    paparazzi_notrlly 4 months ago +12

    i love chloe she is such an amazing dancer and a person, i wish abby treated her better

  • Laura Palmer
    Laura Palmer 4 months ago +9

    Kalani’s dancing is out of this world amazing, my gosh.

  • Uhleashuhhh
    Uhleashuhhh 4 months ago +47

    "Chloe is my biggest competitor and I think I'm a little bit better than her"
    Mack: eye roll of the century

    • Buttercup Cookies
      Buttercup Cookies 4 months ago +1

      @Amira Mellor 26:47

    • Amira Mellor
      Amira Mellor 4 months ago

      Time stamp pls

    • Corimoon
      Corimoon 4 months ago +11

      The fact that she wasn’t at the time tho. 😂
      Mackenzie was right for rolling her eyes lmao.

  • lee know knows lee way
    lee know knows lee way 4 months ago +64

    my heart sunk to the ground when maddie was comparing herself to chloe and saying "im better than her" and stuff😭😭😭😭

  • Audacious ALDC
    Audacious ALDC 4 months ago +90

    I don’t like this title, I don’t think there’s a “best” dancer/daughter at the studio! They’re all good at different things! Some girls excel at lyrical while others are amazing at acro and jazz, some have flawless technique and others have a stage presence that just blows me away. It’s all down to person preference. A person who focuses on technique would probably have Brynn or Kalani as their favorite. Someone who likes more character/acting pieces would probably prefer Nia or Maddie. Every girl who danced at the ALDC was talented and UNIQUE. I hate that people continue to compare them all even years after the show had ended. They were all amazing and talented on the show and have grown into wonderful and successful kids. No matter who your favorite is, don’t drag other dancers down just to push your favorite up (We aren’t trying to be Abby Lee Miller haha). Just celebrate your favorite girl and be respectful to the rest.

  • Chemora-Lynn Jones
    Chemora-Lynn Jones 4 months ago +49

    26:51 the way Kenzie rolled her eyes at Maddie 😂😂😂

  • nia williams
    nia williams 4 months ago +52

    Kenzie was soo cute when she rolled her eyes at Maddie. 26:51

  • trnqxn
    trnqxn 4 months ago +24

    No one:
    Not one soul:
    Jill: “the only thing that stood in my mind was Payton bc she was 8 feet taller than the others”😭😭

    • deez nuts
      deez nuts 15 days ago

      i don’t think that was right for her to say that tho. payton cant control her height🤷‍♀️

  • tessesrblx
    tessesrblx 3 months ago +2

    I love it how Kelly is so supportive of Chloe and so Christi for Brooke and Paige

  • ruby🐉
    ruby🐉 4 months ago +22

    abbie- maddie and chloe were neck and neck.
    not even ten seconds later
    abbie- of course maddie came out on top. i expect nothing less.

  • Sami Broeker
    Sami Broeker 4 months ago +19

    anyone else see the sign behind the moms at the studio that says “no sexism, just dance”? love that!

  • Drama TV Fan
    Drama TV Fan 4 months ago +4

    All these dancers are great in their own unique special way 🥰

  • kemar betty
    kemar betty 4 months ago +15

    I felt so bad for Ava such a nice girl but the kids are becoming more like there mothers and Abby .
    They literally walked pass Ava and Jeanette and the kids are getting rude they never even looked at Ava .
    And Abby is so lie she needs to mind her own business and leave Ava alone

  • kayybees
    kayybees 4 months ago +3

    chloe is such an angel. her parents should be so proud to have a daughter like her. even if she did not win, she still claps. when i go to dance competitions nobody claps for you besides the crowd. that girl is so kind. my other comment was being a dancer you should always be proud of yourself but Peyton you should NEVER say it in front of all these little dancers they’re all like 10 and she’s 14, that does not mean your better. so I agree with abby on that it was so disrespectful Payton should watch her mouth. I feel bad for her, but don’t ever say that. It’s like abby telling you you were the worst. Maybe she was better but keep it to yourself girl

  • Ri Bi
    Ri Bi 4 days ago +1

    Abby: I’m great with kids!! How does that get misconstrued??!!
    Holly: Don’t even get me started😒

  • Littlemama3296
    Littlemama3296 3 months ago +6

    My favorites are Chloe & Nia. And ofcoarse their moms too! 🥰

  • Asta Maj Halstrøm
    Asta Maj Halstrøm 4 months ago +6

    8:40 omg i love how little kenzie is just walking around💞sooo cute🐬

  • •lxnn latte•
    •lxnn latte• 4 months ago +22

    28:25 geez look at THAT! Pure talent

  • Sophie Runnicles
    Sophie Runnicles 4 months ago +43

    I feel like Payton was genuinely quite an amazing dancer but Leslie ruined that for her and Abby. Edit: Also yeah she did have the attitude but without all of that she was quite good.

    • dexy
      dexy 3 months ago

      @norah_souza literally..

    • norah_souza
      norah_souza 4 months ago

      @Corimoon yeah..? Ofc i do.

    • Corimoon
      Corimoon 4 months ago +2

      @norah_souza y’all do know that was edited and she was talking about something else right???

    • norah_souza
      norah_souza 4 months ago +1

      But she also said “I thought it was better then everyone” like don’t say that?

    • dexy
      dexy 4 months ago +1

      She was a really good dancer but that know-it-all attitude is really off putting😕

  • Gabby
    Gabby 4 months ago +24

    This is the hardest acro dance I have ever seen from the ALDC I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • kai
    kai 2 months ago

    23:11 Holly is the voice of the people HAHA because im just sitting here listening to Abby SCREAM about how much she loves kids, cuz ya know kids love to be screamed at, and Holly to the rescue for the relief.

  • Savannah Pittman
    Savannah Pittman 4 months ago +18

    did anyone else notice how abby and melissa’s relationship started deteriorating when she started sticking up for her friends and daughters? and especially when they moved to LA and she wasn’t the studio manager anymore doing abby’s bidding

  • 🍋Lxmon Roblox🍋
    🍋Lxmon Roblox🍋 4 months ago +6

    I love how Christie actually cares o much about Chloe's confidence and abby is saying she is ruining Chloes life so yeah

  • gab
    gab 3 months ago +8

    everyone calling Maddie a brat
    -she was 8, almost all 8 year olds are bratty.
    -she was given a script, which is why she sounds so robotic.

  • Mia Marie Mclean
    Mia Marie Mclean 2 months ago +2

    The fact that Peyton mom does her makeup and that Maddie’s does her own 🤣😂

  • Casey Hafer
    Casey Hafer 4 months ago +11

    Does anyone else wonder if Abby hated Chloe so much because of how closely Chloe resembled Abby's mother when she was her age?

  • Maria Christina
    Maria Christina 4 months ago +2

    Paige,Chloe and Maddie are like a trio😁

  • BiancaMR
    BiancaMR 2 months ago

    27:57 that competition was so cute i loved the costumes, dresses, music, everything

  • Yailing Guerrero
    Yailing Guerrero 4 months ago +21

    kenzie’s face at 26:51 had me wheezing

  • Corimoon
    Corimoon 4 months ago +29

    Abby to Chloe: She destroys you
    No Abby that would be YOU that destroys her. You screamed it into her face one time. Because you can’t separate parent from child and you try to destroy said child whenever the parent makes you upset like the monster you are. You’re jealous of her and you want to hurt Christi.
    Abby really acts like the moms are the ones out to hurt their own child just because they want to protect their child(ren) from her toxic/abusive ways. The delusion and projection is so strong.

  • Chan Rachel
    Chan Rachel 4 months ago +37

    I hate how they still try to make us believe "baby mine" didn't win until today 🙄

  • Laurie Diorio
    Laurie Diorio 4 months ago +2

    I remember this dance…Come on the sign was fine and was big enough to see, Abby was just picking on Peyton & Leslie. Always, Abby only used Peyton for whatever she needed her for and Abby always made Peyton & Leslie think they had a chance to be on the team. They never had a chance

  • Jasmine Mallette
    Jasmine Mallette 2 months ago +5

    8:50 the one time abby was right.

  • Caroline Connolly
    Caroline Connolly 4 months ago +36

    abby: maddie im not hurting ur feelings
    maddie:crying bc she hurt her feelings

    • Vivs B
      Vivs B 4 months ago

      Abby: Maddie I’m not hurting your feelings I’m just not letting you do a solo as punishment for your mother not letting you do a solo. Therefore you can cry, bcuz it’s only fair, it’s like 2 negatives make a positive.
      This is basically what she was saying

  • Bommy DaBidoof
    Bommy DaBidoof 4 months ago +28

    Oh my god i can't with this LMAOOO when Maddie and Chloe went head to head i guess you can say when they did their solos cry and baby mine they didn't actually go head to head they were in completely different age categories and if you look for the full rewards event you'd see that both of them won 1st in their division

  • Tessa Kimberly
    Tessa Kimberly 4 months ago +30

    I felt so bad for lily when she just wanted to show Abby her ballet

  • play.with.blossom
    play.with.blossom 4 months ago +9

    Who noticed Ava is Ava Michelle from Tall girl (the actress) 😮

    • Olivia Fan!
      Olivia Fan! 3 months ago +1

      Thats why she was picked bc of the hate she got on the show so they helped her

  • 🤍Panda Gurll💜
    🤍Panda Gurll💜 3 months ago +3

    I can’t believe that Abby knows what cringe is

  • Clato_not_Glato
    Clato_not_Glato 4 months ago +3

    Paige's face when Maddie and Chloe were dancing, it was so sweet!

  • ellxii
    ellxii 3 months ago +1

    maddy is so good , I would love to be her mom

  • Campbell Diel
    Campbell Diel 4 months ago +21

    I like how 8 year old Maddie can French braid and I can’t

  • Aza Stark
    Aza Stark 4 months ago +11

    Abby wants Maddie to brag about all her accomplishments and yet when Payten says she thought she was better (and she revealed later that the producers actually told her that she should say something like that) Abby is all dramatic about it. The hypocrisy runs deep but I don't know why I'm so surprised.

  • Braelynn Marie
    Braelynn Marie 3 months ago +2

    Peyton actually didnt say that she was better than her teammates. She said that she felt they had done better than the others competing. The directors edited it

  • Adirah Gray
    Adirah Gray 4 months ago +7

    Abby: "I LOVE KIDS" 😃
    Queen Holly: "Don't even get me started" 😒

  • Holly Dawson
    Holly Dawson 3 months ago +3

    Not many will agree with me but I feel Abby has good intentions she just doesn’t showcase them well and sometimes it’s the mums that make things 10x worse

  • NEREA's Sunny Bubble

    Paige’s smile when maddi and Chloe was on Stage💗💗💗💗💗It was soooo cute 🥰