Is Manchester United’s Lack of Success Finally Impacting Their Finances?

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • Is Manchester United’s lack of success finally impacting their finances?
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    In May 2018 Ed Woodward, Manchester United’s vice-chairman said that “Playing performance doesn't really have a meaningful impact on what we can do on the commercial side of the business."
    In the Stretford End, hardcore United fans were unimpressed with the comment at the time and no doubt Woodward is squirming after the club’s moderate start to the 2019/20 season.
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Comments • 1 184

  • Iksvomid
    Iksvomid 7 hours ago

    I'd love it if their profit drops massively. No wages for the overpaid drama queens on the pitch, and United won't be a cash cow for the jews anymore. Win-win.

  • O Plebeu
    O Plebeu 8 hours ago

    you honestly just compared money spent in 2019 and money spent in 2013

  • Spirit Keeper
    Spirit Keeper Day ago

    The only Chance to save the Club is to stop buying Tickets and Shirts.

  • Bionity
    Bionity 2 days ago

    "Is Manchester United’s Lack of Success Finally Impacting Their Finances? "
    Video Answer : "perhaps..."

  • Convicted Jon Jones
    Convicted Jon Jones 2 days ago

    I still don’t understand how a team like man utd who have such good players on their team play like absolute shit

  • anees ahmed
    anees ahmed 3 days ago

    Sacking mourinho is the cause of the most recent decline.

  • LFCzeppelin8
    LFCzeppelin8 3 days ago

    What United need is a manager to light a fire under the players' arses - to make them into determined fearless psychos whom other teams fear; and to smoke out the dead wood.

    And yes I know my username is "LFC whatever" but I'm actually any Arsenal fan.

  • peter rodrigues
    peter rodrigues 3 days ago

    to be honest united is similar to psg where psg is all about fashion and united is all about royalty and brand build up.

  • TheBen1tez
    TheBen1tez 4 days ago

    Did any one else get the feeling they were going down hill when they got the Chevy sponsorship?? I know I did lol first theming that came to my head was “ an American sponsor??? On a historic English club??? They’re fucked...”

  • ghany candra
    ghany candra 5 days ago

    Jose mourinho back

  • Meadi Chika
    Meadi Chika 6 days ago

    Please can you do a video on why Benzema is the most underrated striker? Please

  • Minhaj Nizam
    Minhaj Nizam 6 days ago

    Damn £450,000 in interest a week.

  • Tom Hamilton
    Tom Hamilton 6 days ago

    Do QPR under Mark Warburton this season and sustainable recruitment post - FFP

  • kerslarn
    kerslarn 6 days ago

    The FA have to step in and close down ManU, in this day and age when it is all about people's feelings, we can't allow so many ManU fans to go through all the mental anguish as they watch their club be relegated down the leagues until they inevitably go bust and go into liquidation.

  • Nigel Ramkellawan
    Nigel Ramkellawan 6 days ago

    Focking Woodward

  • Jack Baldwin
    Jack Baldwin 6 days ago +2

    "Moderate start" is quite generous

  • Richard Pilhofer
    Richard Pilhofer 6 days ago +2

    Manchester will be blue for a long time :)

  • Pause Forethought
    Pause Forethought 7 days ago

    This feels like a crew looting a sinking ship.

  • G 2
    G 2 7 days ago

    Could you do a video on the relationship between player wages and success of the club

  • Seramics
    Seramics 7 days ago

    Glory glory Man Utd. Still earning so much despite playing well. Hopefully they get relegated. Greatest club ever. Ggmu!

  • Randy Flores
    Randy Flores 8 days ago

    Is it November in England already or what?

  • Paul
    Paul 8 days ago

    Come on Manchester....................................City that is.

  • rzl
    rzl 8 days ago

    As far as I know ManU did not have to pay Jose 19M in lump sum amount but they have to pay it in monthly or weekly until Jose managed to be employed by other club like ManU in the past who was willing to play double bus parking counter attacking football.

  • David David
    David David 8 days ago

    Utd were decent under Fergie but that period or time was not the norm. They were shit before Fergie and now they’re back to being shit again now that he’s gone. Utd is finished.

  • Sniperking1980 Gaming

    Great video!!

  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman 8 days ago


  • KEUR Clothing
    KEUR Clothing 8 days ago

    Fuck off Glazers & Ed Woodward for destroying the club!

  • Nasron Achmadi
    Nasron Achmadi 9 days ago

    Just wait till we played in championship

  • Lf1 O76
    Lf1 O76 9 days ago

    And get Swiss Toni ... I mean ramble on both...

  • Lf1 O76
    Lf1 O76 9 days ago

    I’ve bought the athletic but to be honest you are better. If they had any sense and if you were up for it they’d buy you out

  • Martim Correia
    Martim Correia 9 days ago

    Hey Tifo it's Diogo Not Diego ok hes portuguese not Spanish

  • alvinherexD
    alvinherexD 9 days ago

    in the meantime...Manchester United expect to break world record shirt deal

  • Niklas Kihl
    Niklas Kihl 9 days ago

    Cumulative interest costs exceeds the sum originally borrowed. That sounds crazy?

  • Steady Woodward
    Steady Woodward 9 days ago

    United are well and truly finished YNWA

  • Nhlonipho Msweli
    Nhlonipho Msweli 10 days ago

    This video is so eye opening. Thank you so much, I learned a few things i ddnt know abt my club 😬.. We really are in trouble

  • Joe Curran
    Joe Curran 10 days ago

    Imagine the Gkazers trying to pitch Man United on Dragons Den.

  • Kukuh Wibisono
    Kukuh Wibisono 10 days ago

    Getting worse and worse

  • Blue Dwarf
    Blue Dwarf 10 days ago

    Man u are turning into liverpool of the 90's, looks like it might be 30 years before they win the title again

  • d p
    d p 10 days ago +1

    100%!!!.... Manchester is FLOODED with City supporters now. 10-20 years ago you wouldn’t be seen dead wearing a City kit, not unless you were die hard fans. I see the kids in the shops now and they look at The Utd kit and many kids wearing City colours. So for sure they’re losing coins.

    • Kappa Barkin
      Kappa Barkin 9 days ago

      as a DIE hard united fan since may 1999, im triggerd

  • Rohit Patel
    Rohit Patel 10 days ago +6

    Every empire has to see their fall. Everybody does. It's universal truth

  • rosmin marpaung
    rosmin marpaung 10 days ago +1

    The probelm with club MU is because the chairman, i think the chairman MU seems like liverpool chairman in era owen, torres and suares. And thats time liverpool dont have money to pay player salaries and no sponshor in thats time ( i dont remember the chairman name).

  • sayang cinta
    sayang cinta 10 days ago

    no more MU . I give up already. no hope. no future.

  • MrBillz
    MrBillz 10 days ago

    These Days Football is. A Business not a sport to enjoy

  • Raegae Robbie
    Raegae Robbie 10 days ago

    Woodward and the Glazers need to leave and never come back.

  • Drew Rankin
    Drew Rankin 11 days ago

    Haha United is so fucked I love it

  • Unnamed Shadow
    Unnamed Shadow 11 days ago

    just sack Ed Woodward. Problem fixed. They won't do it, but that fixes everything. Hell they should learn a bit from PSG and Manchester City, they have fucking former players as their sporting directors.

  • The Bel Experience
    The Bel Experience 11 days ago

    Do One on AC Milan.

  • Sharawi Aqil
    Sharawi Aqil 11 days ago

    Ed is full of shit!!

  • Bughatii
    Bughatii 11 days ago

    Can someone tell me why did we signed Fred again

  • Harvey Epstein
    Harvey Epstein 11 days ago +1

    No Man's utd financial situation is impacting their success.

  • SabretoothSnail
    SabretoothSnail 11 days ago

    Of course it would have an impact, the clueless, glory supporting kids of today support the latest team to win the league.
    That's why there were more Chelsea jerseys being sold when abramovic took over and they bought the league title.
    Past few years there has been more man city shirts with them spending £1.5b to buy the title..
    Kids don't care about a has been club that's sat in the middle of the table 😂 😂

  • N30 R
    N30 R 11 days ago

    Me: Man United sponsors...just pull the plug already!

  • M C
    M C 11 days ago +1

    Have to disagree and reject the ‘tied and tatty’ comment about Old’s over 100 years old, has tonnes of history, is bloody massive and is still far superior to any new, generic, flat pack looking stadium we always see now.

  • naknakLOVE
    naknakLOVE 11 days ago

    The court should force the Glaziers to sell the club, just like Liverpool

  • Faizal Abubaker
    Faizal Abubaker 11 days ago

    Great news....We are back on our perch! Cmon you scousers!!!

  • JokerNetworking
    JokerNetworking 11 days ago

    This video is brilliant, excellent research

  • Daniel Redpath
    Daniel Redpath 11 days ago

    Lukaku doesn't use Mino Raiola any more. He switched to RocNation a couple of seasons ago

  • Mn David
    Mn David 11 days ago

    No doubt about that! its impacting ...

  • A SP
    A SP 11 days ago +2

    This comment is for Amar

  • Dinesh Verma
    Dinesh Verma 11 days ago

    They will be relegated soon.