Joe Rogan | The Real Reason Area 51 Was Started w/Annie Jacobsen

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1299 w/Annie Jacobsen:

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  • Jesus
    Jesus 9 hours ago

    It would be the most depressing thing ever to find out that we are alone.

  • Jesse Mceachern
    Jesse Mceachern 10 hours ago

    What a waist of 30 min..... She was hired to release disinformation garbage. If you actually believe in this crap shoot story over the UFO and alien story. I would have to say, when they were handing out brains you definitely we're short on change. In the beginning of her interview she mentioned she was sweating. Well now I know why. Telling this stupid ass story to the public....😂

  • Nemanja Vojinovic
    Nemanja Vojinovic 18 hours ago

    We also have RAKIA and Russians VODTKA, so im not writing a fiking book plus lying to my ppl about the fcking name of a basic military base or a fckng alian worshiping idiots, she wont coming in anyway xD Joe u so smart man cmon, bring the randall and graham xD

  • Nemanja Vojinovic
    Nemanja Vojinovic 18 hours ago

    Dafaq, Area51 is called for border number area 15, and im a Serbian... shes outta game xD

  • cease sp
    cease sp Day ago

    I knew a therapist/yoga teacher who spoke like her but more dramatic very like melodic and soft

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson Day ago

    Is it just me, or does Annie Jacobsen have THE Sexiest Voice on TheXvid?! 👀 I mean no disrespect. I'm pretty damn sure I ain't the only one who finds her tone and pitch simply captivating!!💖🎶👂

    • cease sp
      cease sp Day ago

      Its like one of those ASMR voices

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God Day ago

    It’s just a testing ground. Nothing more.

  • ajcook7777
    ajcook7777 2 days ago

    US spying on USSR, very simple...

  • Steven Tipton
    Steven Tipton 2 days ago

    Joe - hello where are you from
    Random lying chick- it's in my book
    Joe Rogan- well how do I get your book ?
    Random lying chick- that's also in my book
    Joe Rogan- have you ever tried DMT
    Random lying chick- that's in my book
    Joe Rogan- did you write the book on DMT
    Random lying chick- yes I did

  • Alexander Sosa
    Alexander Sosa 2 days ago +3

    Does she have a book I can read?

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 3 days ago

    She’s literally telling us everything in this book, but when the source dies she’s going to tell us everything? If our brains had ankles, guess what would be happening right now!!!?

  • Dan Vaught
    Dan Vaught 3 days ago

    I could see her doing porn... especially with that voice.

  • Gordon Doherty
    Gordon Doherty 4 days ago

    She’s really interesting, I hope she writes a book... or 8 books maybe

  • H.C. Dominik
    H.C. Dominik 4 days ago

    it seems like this book not selling it self :)

  • MrBlonday
    MrBlonday 4 days ago

    The hand scanner in Bob's story is from Close Encounters I'm pretty sure. It's fake. Hes lying.

  • d carr
    d carr 4 days ago

    This lady is BS.......100%. She dodges questions and just there to promote her Damn books.......if the guy really felt guilty he wouldn't have held back so much.....doesn't make sense to reach out to a reporter and say I'm ready to spill my guts, and then once sitting with said reporter decided to hold back so much and be very vague. Seems fishy to me!

  • jeff kennedy
    jeff kennedy 5 days ago

    Annie "read the book" Jacobsen

  • Matthew Dye
    Matthew Dye 5 days ago

    I call bs on every word she says

  • Horatio Jones
    Horatio Jones 7 days ago

    The story of the Downs Syndrome children in Soviet built flying saucers crashing in the desert is hard to believe IMO. Why didn't the Soviets crash this flying saucer in a populated area like a city to get lots of witnesses? It doesn't make sense for the Soviets to crash this thing in the desert where hardly anybody lived. They certainly made a cover up job easy for the CIA by doing that.

  • Søren Døssing
    Søren Døssing 7 days ago

    Annie "Read my book!!!" Jacobsen

  • Reed Campbell
    Reed Campbell 8 days ago +1

    She is paid to tell joe that the government has fucked (viewers) you to fuck her. Please, her voice will reverse your debt.

  • Adrian Wolfe
    Adrian Wolfe 10 days ago

    Full of horse shit. Why? Book was out 8 years ago. 2011. Youre telling me you didnt discuss Bob Lazar with your source?! Bob Lazar has been telling the same story for 30 years. Also, RiP to the source but.. 1. He's dead. 2. You already divulged he has a wing in his name at some museum. Reveal the source. Meanwhile we got Bob Lazar dropping bare inside info and names of people working there. I can't trust this woman, shes in it for the money.

  • swedgy
    swedgy 11 days ago +1

    The Source was Stan Lee

  • Teila Ivins
    Teila Ivins 11 days ago

    Yo Tom delonge said the same thing. But he actually said it was German

  • J.D. Vine
    J.D. Vine 11 days ago

    she's clearly an alien alterd to look human

  • Rev Funk
    Rev Funk 12 days ago

    Typical journalist. All tease and fluff to sell you her words. Don't come on a TALK show if you're not going to talk lmao Joe reallllly has patience.
    If ANYONE still believes the govt can keep a secret like THIS, you need to count your chromosomes again. Fucking retarded ppl

  • mesaros shawn
    mesaros shawn 12 days ago

    aliens only abduct people at night.....

  • Billy Revolution
    Billy Revolution 13 days ago

    This chick is a brat

  • Blue Lunar Monkey
    Blue Lunar Monkey 13 days ago

    She’s full of shit! Aliens are more credible than plastic surged humans,... lol!!!!

  • Kenzo Poe
    Kenzo Poe 14 days ago

    She sounds like she's full of S**T.

  • M. O.G.
    M. O.G. 17 days ago

    the Book Woman

  • Funny Business
    Funny Business 17 days ago

    Annie: my source had Q super duper secret clearance, and I believe him.
    Joe: did it ever occur to you that he was just feeding you horse shit?
    Annie: I think... uh.... oh, shit.

  • Ruby Rust Records
    Ruby Rust Records 17 days ago

    Phone Sex.
    Annie Jacobsen.

  • Steve Animal
    Steve Animal 19 days ago

    NAZI,s / SCIENTISTS RUN AMERICA, just say it . Governments are the spokesman for the FILTHY RICH FAMILY MAFIA .

  • Derpy Gaming
    Derpy Gaming 22 days ago +1

    Area 51 wasn't named after the year it was built, (It was constructed in 1942 and acquired by the USAF in 1955) but it was named after an Atomic Energy Commission grid that had numbered Groom Lake as Area 51.

  • Gabriel Carreon
    Gabriel Carreon 23 days ago

    What's the book she talking about?

  • skuxs
    skuxs 24 days ago

    if any if this was true, she would either be dead or missing, she's literally a conspiracy theorist, very interesting at the least but full of shit

  • Jake Clary
    Jake Clary 24 days ago

    Yeaaahhhh riiiiiiighhhht cause handicap children are excellent pilots.

  • xgoonzx needless
    xgoonzx needless 24 days ago

    This chick is stupid as fuck lol

  • lefthook southpaw
    lefthook southpaw 24 days ago

    Back into the kitchen biatch

  • Ferns G
    Ferns G 26 days ago

    She sweats too much.

  • Michael Rapson
    Michael Rapson 27 days ago

    I don't buy the "modified humans" claim. It seems like disinfo. Jesse Marcel junior told the truth about alien beings and alien technology. He never backed off from that position despite having a career as a doctor.

  • tara baskaran
    tara baskaran 28 days ago

    Basis lol she just wants a interesting story to sell. Yes or no? Has to be interesting.

  • tara baskaran
    tara baskaran 28 days ago

    Her biased her outcome is to sell her book.

  • tara baskaran
    tara baskaran 28 days ago

    She sell these books I bet lol she don’t know shit. No evidence. Just talk.

  • tara baskaran
    tara baskaran 28 days ago

    She talks shit

  • The CjH
    The CjH 29 days ago

    Look at what the nazis did in ww2 i think its totally possible

  • noseblunt bob
    noseblunt bob Month ago

    maybe bob is part of the misinformation brigade

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez Month ago

    She is the posterchild for disinformation. Like a female version of Dr. Steven Greer.

  • Jonathan Buckwalter

    Me: How are you?
    Her: Read my book

  • George Cisneros
    George Cisneros Month ago +1

    Joe: are u a cunt her: it's in my book

  • George Cisneros
    George Cisneros Month ago +1

    Joe " I'm a freak " rogan

  • RicRosc
    RicRosc Month ago

    Disinformation on top of disinformation.

  • zoodiac57
    zoodiac57 Month ago

    she's quite annoying . not sure why

  • Lance Davidson
    Lance Davidson Month ago

    This lady is full of shit

  • Omgitsjoetime T
    Omgitsjoetime T Month ago

    The source had to be Murray Peshkin or Warren Nyer and maybe I missed something but neither of them worked at Area 51 in the 50s so she could have just made the shit up cuz they’re both dead and were anonymous. Most scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project were not deeply involved a lot were number crunchers. The majority of the scientists who were deeply involved died many years ago. It sounds like the most likely source is Peshkin who worked at Argonne in 59-91 but that is not Area 51

  • Deepraj Tripathi
    Deepraj Tripathi Month ago

    Joe :-
    ''I don''t have a desired outcome --''....
    follows up with
    ...''-- I mean I would love it if Aliens were real!''
    lol :D :D

  • Tim Love
    Tim Love Month ago

    Her: here’s the rub ready
    Rogan pulls out his dick

  • Tim Love
    Tim Love Month ago

    Her: it’s in my book
    Rogan: what
    Her : my alien pussy

  • Audiocronic
    Audiocronic Month ago

    Her story seems so fake. She seems so self aggrandizing. She seems so unawarely ignorant. “DADERP BOB LAZAR IS A FAKR BUT I AM REALZ.”