• Published on Aug 9, 2018
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    As you probably know, the most protected people on the planet are the heads of state. They have the great responsibility of governing the country, so they need good protection. Really good. In today's video, we'll talk about the most protected leaders and see what their security services are capable of

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  • Lolo Duran
    Lolo Duran 13 hours ago

    10:43 it looked like a baby dressed in KKK outfit . Sorry but it did to me .

  • Lolo Duran
    Lolo Duran 13 hours ago

    fortnite noobs are the most protected people on Earth . Pikachu is second, pika pica !!! I'm 3rd

  • Mingping Xie
    Mingping Xie 17 hours ago

    Queen Elizabeth II is not a President. The title of this is the most protected presidents. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth II can’t be on the list.

  • Anurag Arora
    Anurag Arora 20 hours ago

    Isn’t it supposed to be The Queen’s ‘Bentley’ ? I doubt if her majesty uses a Rolls Royce

  • hermany cardozo
    hermany cardozo 21 hour ago

    Someone please give me a sniper gun I will show you how is done ✅

  • Mohammad Najmi Bachok

    The way he pronounces "Abe" is so...

  • Andievo4U2
    Andievo4U2 Day ago

    Oh Gosh I should not have replied to this hack site anyway. #MindWarehouse? How much more weird and creepy could you possibly be?

  • Andievo4U2
    Andievo4U2 Day ago

    Whatever it takes, double, or even triple the current cost, is justifiable in order to protect THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

    • Andievo4U2
      Andievo4U2 9 hours ago

      Nevermind, man. I love ya and hope you see the Light down the road. I am working on your behalf. Ain't into jibber jabbin.

    • Mr Cabot
      Mr Cabot 9 hours ago

      Another troll with nothing to say.

    • Mr Cabot
      Mr Cabot 9 hours ago

      Your comment is indecipherable. Whose pants and what retort, to whom??

    • Andievo4U2
      Andievo4U2 22 hours ago

      Mr. Cabot. Top of the afternoon to ya'. Make sure you read my retort. It's a real kickback in the pants. And I said what I said out of love. Want everyone to see and prosper from it. Good day, my friend.

    • Mr Cabot
      Mr Cabot Day ago

      YES!! Cut ALL funding to schools, roads, hospitals, water supplies, coast guard, border protection, urban police, refuse services, EVERYTHING every last cent, and funnel it ALL into DT's bank account, he can decide how much protection he needs eh!! Double, triple, quadruple the US debt, whatever it takes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trevor Mckellen
    Trevor Mckellen Day ago +1

    This is the worst video pop up every 30 hell with it

  • unicorn cake
    unicorn cake Day ago

    *this is so weird*

  • Julius Akpeh - Evidence of Grace

    The video on the president of cote de voire is that of Ghana

  • Rizza Quinto
    Rizza Quinto 2 days ago

    Our president du30 dont need body guard because his the one who's protecting his people from poverty ,corrupt,crime ,illegaĺ drugs and etc...his not afraid to die to his own country!!!!

    ARUNA ABDULRASAK 3 days ago

    Allah is the only protector

    ARUNA ABDULRASAK 3 days ago

    You Tube's is educative for all the users.Praise to Allah

  • Ezix
    Ezix 4 days ago

    Shenzo Ape

  • far away
    far away 4 days ago +1

    I hate NK.

  • vatey vorn
    vatey vorn 5 days ago

    Shizo Abe. You pronounce Ah-Bay

  • Hey Akshat
    Hey Akshat 8 days ago +5

    No Modi. Ohh.. Unbelievable. Go watch out his security personnels.

  • siri m
    siri m 8 days ago +1

    KIM jung alwys top in cruel leaders list

    • Mr Cabot
      Mr Cabot Day ago

      Every one of these leaders is either a criminal or profits from crime.

  • Ivy Bugtay
    Ivy Bugtay 8 days ago

    Here in phillipines pres.#duterte nag scrolling around earlier in the morning hahaha naka taxi lng worst part sya pa nag drive hahaha walang bodyguard #proud to be a filipino

  • Ali Basabra
    Ali Basabra 9 days ago

    Nice bodyguard

  • Igamma Stufotu
    Igamma Stufotu 9 days ago +2

    Shinzo ABBEH not Abe like say Gabe without the g

  • Brijesh Ray
    Brijesh Ray 10 days ago +1

    Are u Kidding....List is incomplete without MODI !!!!

  • Arne Ragnarsson
    Arne Ragnarsson 12 days ago

    Nice protection. If the agg hits the car, it can be handgranates next time.

  • Peach Black
    Peach Black 13 days ago +28

    Here in philippines our president drive a bike through the city with a gun XD

  • Amit Gupta
    Amit Gupta 16 days ago

    Kim jong UN should travel by tum-tum

  • Anxious Clan
    Anxious Clan 17 days ago

    The pope mobile LOL

  • Übermensch Lussenhorf
    Übermensch Lussenhorf 17 days ago +1

    The pope and royal families around the world (i.e Spain, UK, Moncao, Japan, etc.) are nothing but oxygen thieves ; complete useless parasites who suck up money that could be better used for the good of the people. You can't blame decent people for wanting to kill those useless sewer rats.

  • bela katootz
    bela katootz 18 days ago

    difficult, not impossible...

  • Hammam Abdussalam alabiyyi

    Holy shit like god broh...😂😂

  • Chú Tư Râu - Miệt Dưới

    Slavies escorting

  • Harry Amos
    Harry Amos 20 days ago +1

    Massively inaccurate! The footage of the Queen protection is not in the UK (the motorcycles all have 'Poizei')

  • Kuku Riamei
    Kuku Riamei 20 days ago

    This proves that the world is full of dangerous people

  • Xamse Hussein
    Xamse Hussein 20 days ago +5

    Ordogan allah keep you ❤❤💪💪
    From somalia

  • Taetae /V
    Taetae /V 21 day ago

    Well usually if the prime minister of japan is going out sometimes they shut down the roads to be protected this is a story that my aunt told me and im in japan and sometimes its going to be sceduled so that the prime minister could go or travel safely

  • Victor love 100%
    Victor love 100% 21 day ago +3

    ♥️I will love nobody 🌍 is hungry 🙏

  • brivio12 _Gaming
    brivio12 _Gaming 22 days ago

    0:04 what movie ?

  • Enchanted Ideas
    Enchanted Ideas 23 days ago

    Any body spot the super car

    YUSUF BELLO 23 days ago +1

    And also president of Nigeria 🇳🇬 Muhammad Buhari

  • Iamgabriel
    Iamgabriel 24 days ago +2

    Make video about worlds fearless presidents

  • African queen
    African queen 24 days ago


  • Nahid Enam
    Nahid Enam 24 days ago

    no 1 shek hasina

  • JasjotSingh Malhotra
    JasjotSingh Malhotra 25 days ago

    Hitler : *Hold my beer*

  • Camille Lambert
    Camille Lambert 26 days ago +10

    "Shinzo Abe"....does NOT rhyme with 'babe'....

    • Mr Cabot
      Mr Cabot Day ago

      No, but it DOES rhyme with Klaus Barbie . . .
      Besides that, it does rhyme with babe, depends on your accent and region.

    • Mangri
      Mangri 16 days ago

      I was waiting for this comment.

  • Sy Raznis
    Sy Raznis 26 days ago


  • Alvic derequito
    Alvic derequito 27 days ago +2

    Our president is so cool i did not expect that he ride in ah public transportation thats called jeepney. people didin't know only me😂 i shooked when i saw him in my left side but he has a two body guards! He did that because he wants to finds out what's the problem of our country or if that aerea is safe or not. or that road is have a heavy traffic. I'm so sorry for my wrong grammar😅

  • Monster Bullet
    Monster Bullet 27 days ago +11

    Our President Duterte don't need bodyguards or anything

  • Gianmiguel Malait
    Gianmiguel Malait 27 days ago


  • Signal Racer
    Signal Racer 27 days ago

    Talk about Japenese being polite, they don't force the traffic to stop but lean out of windows to request other motorists to slowdown.... to please let the leader pass through..

  • not ixXac
    not ixXac 27 days ago +1

    im Turkish and ummmmm I’ve seen this on the news and he is so protetcted it’s amazing.

    • Erkan Adiyaman
      Erkan Adiyaman 22 days ago +1

      Kendi ulkesinde bu kadar korumayla gezmesi benim hoşuma gitmiyor.

  • Blaine Bugaski
    Blaine Bugaski 27 days ago

    1:41 Mosin Nagant clones?

  • David
    David 27 days ago +1

    Lol. The real protection is the protection that's not seen

  • _ Falcon
    _ Falcon 28 days ago +1

    4:40 Mclaren !!!

  • Rasika Bandara
    Rasika Bandara 28 days ago

    Japan before though he very strong after he mad fight for America then he nicele eat America hand. same now nothkoreya. nothkoreya don't know American power . because jesus with them. Christen number one in world 🌍

  • TrollingVideoz
    TrollingVideoz 28 days ago +13

    it is sad gadaffi's female bodyguards didn't even get a honorary mention.

  • Fast Bullet channel_PaulMcCLove


  • Harris Avan
    Harris Avan 28 days ago

    Thumbnail is so dumb. What a pack of men running with car would fucking protect?

  • Joel Njenga
    Joel Njenga 28 days ago


  • sharad chandra
    sharad chandra 28 days ago +11

    You missed out the prime minister of India narendra Modi who’s got the spg security

    • Ashu
      Ashu 24 days ago +1

      Ram Rahim bhi nahi tha 🤣🤣🤣

  • Long Lasting
    Long Lasting 28 days ago

    What you dont know is that kim jung un has a double car the guards running with the car is a fake one

  • k.Sameer Nandan
    k.Sameer Nandan 29 days ago +3

    So all the bodyguards are playing real life PUBG 😀😃😀😃😀😃😄😁😄😁👍👍👍👍

  • Serchhip Chelsea
    Serchhip Chelsea 29 days ago +1


  • Tim A
    Tim A 29 days ago

    4:44 McLaren is great

  • Klok Stopwatch
    Klok Stopwatch 29 days ago

    They forget one ramazan kadirov president of Tsjetsjenië

  • • P L U T O •
    • P L U T O • 29 days ago +2

    4:39 anybody notice the McLaren at the top right

  • TG
    TG 29 days ago +2

    And Chuck Norris protects remotely all those agents here in the USA...

  • gold lee
    gold lee 29 days ago +1

    Fat pig Kim of North Korea’s true trusted body guard is South Korean President Moon. Moon is spokes person for his fat pig master Kim to release UN and US sanctions to against North Korea and Kim.

  • Djoka Djokic
    Djoka Djokic 29 days ago +1

    interesanting president on China driving BMW 7!!!

  • At Aiya
    At Aiya Month ago

    Kim Jung In president of North Korea nhmmmmm

  • Bruno Klintman
    Bruno Klintman Month ago +1

    I didn’t know queen Elizabeth was a president...

  • Speedy Gonzalez
    Speedy Gonzalez Month ago

    they are not naive , they know well the CIA is always looking for the first opportunity to eliminate KIM..

  • ArcticZurite
    ArcticZurite Month ago +1

    Number 1 is mark rutte

  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid Month ago +1

    Couple of unknown shitty African countries mentioned, but no mention of Narendra Modi's security wtf

  • Bonnie & Clyde Ride
    Bonnie & Clyde Ride Month ago +5

    The name of Abe is pronounced as "Ah-bay" or "Ah-beh"..

    • siajiale
      siajiale 27 days ago

      Yea lol... Its so funny how he pronounces it. Its just not prepared

  • Muhaq_Hussain
    Muhaq_Hussain Month ago

    Lol.. Dreaming if i can be one of them bodyguard..

  • apk tricks2000
    apk tricks2000 Month ago

    Kim jong was GAY MY GHAD!

  • Suraj
    Suraj Month ago +1

    Hey where is the Modi

  • khan's kingdom
    khan's kingdom Month ago

    Who's the guy traveling on camel in starting

    • Armed Zeri
      Armed Zeri 17 days ago

      khan's kingdom idk I forgot and the name I told before it’s not also correct

    • khan's kingdom
      khan's kingdom 24 days ago

      +Armed Zeri full movie name plz

    • Armed Zeri
      Armed Zeri 25 days ago

      khan's kingdom Aladdin

    • khan's kingdom
      khan's kingdom Month ago

      +Armed Zeri which movie plz tell

    • Armed Zeri
      Armed Zeri Month ago

      It’s a clip from a movie to make the vid attractive

  • Колю Маринов

    Wow, didn't know the Pope is a president!

    • V. V
      V. V Month ago

      That is because you did not know the Vatican is a sovereign country.

  • Hassanali Kessani
    Hassanali Kessani Month ago

    No one is safe from Zionism System overshadowed the whole world, Zionism System is well run by The World’s Great Terrorists called Israelites who were created in 1946 but a year ahead in 1945 UN was created to protect all sort of Israelite Terrorism and advocating and legalising its actions on forefront or hidden like Sri Lanka and else innocent butchering.

  • Shadows Of Evil
    Shadows Of Evil Month ago +3

    the title should have been, “THE MOST PROTECTED LEADERS OF THE WORLD”.

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus Month ago +18

    The most protected people are those you never heard about.

    • Shaurya Gaur
      Shaurya Gaur 24 days ago

      Reading a lot of conspiracy novels are we?

    • Ulti
      Ulti 24 days ago +1

      +Morpheus you hit it spot on the strongest people are those who don't need protection

    • Yuri Itoh
      Yuri Itoh 25 days ago


    • Morpheus
      Morpheus Month ago

      +Bonnie & Clyde Ride funny you think that i mean same Puppets, i mean those pulling the strings.
      I read manufacturing consent and more books you have ever heard about.

    • Bonnie & Clyde Ride
      Bonnie & Clyde Ride Month ago +1

      If you've never heard of any of these leaders, you should stop watching TheXvid and READ!

  • Kyle Genaro
    Kyle Genaro Month ago

    Kim is an asshole jeez

  • Pactum Excello
    Pactum Excello Month ago

    the president of Indonesia caught on traffic jam, decided to walk 3kms from his car to the site of the armed forces birthday. He shakes hands of common people at every visits, eat commoner meals at market stalls and take selfies with the people at all time

  • Pactum Excello
    Pactum Excello Month ago

    Shintaro Abe is read Aa -Bey, not éib. I am Indonesian, and quite aware of it. What that makes you ignorant?

  • Naveed Rasheed
    Naveed Rasheed Month ago +2

    Atleast learn how to pronounce their names, abe? It's pronounced Abay!

  • Human Being
    Human Being Month ago

    Mob heavy like the pope

  • yukio shirazawa
    yukio shirazawa Month ago

    Lol! I lost it with the 'aeyb' 😂😂

  • PeSH MaRGa
    PeSH MaRGa Month ago

    Next time also talk about kurdistan's president and prime Minister

    • ILL'SIAV
      ILL'SIAV Month ago

      Bji KURD ❤️☀️

  • TN king
    TN king Month ago


  • Tamim t.
    Tamim t. Month ago +1

    In 2019 im still thinking why American people chose Donald Trump

    • xRlly
      xRlly Month ago

      Cuz they dont want black people and gypsies in their country

  • Bhavani Toram
    Bhavani Toram Month ago

    Kim is an idiot and cruel

  • Trick Carisusa
    Trick Carisusa Month ago +1

    I love the formation of police rider in protecting Queen Elizabeth II

    • Joey Mcshea
      Joey Mcshea Month ago +1

      when I saw that I was like dayum… there were like 20 pretty much piggy backing each other they were so close

  • Laura Party
    Laura Party Month ago

    15,000 personal body guards? It's no wonder there has been so many attempts. He probably doesn't even know any of there names.

  • Shënd Shyti
    Shënd Shyti Month ago

    shinzo *ape* lmao

  • YO LO
    YO LO Month ago

    Shinzo Ab..

  • Juhaina Moosa
    Juhaina Moosa Month ago

    I love Quee Elizabeth who else does leave a like please if you do

  • MCHA .73
    MCHA .73 Month ago

    What about KURDISTAN?



  • sourav pradhan
    sourav pradhan Month ago

    Have you seen Indian prime minister's security