• Published on Aug 9, 2018
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    As you probably know, the most protected people on the planet are the heads of state. They have the great responsibility of governing the country, so they need good protection. Really good. In today's video, we'll talk about the most protected leaders and see what their security services are capable of

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  • pradip singh
    pradip singh 15 hours ago +1

    They spend people's money to protect thEM...... LoL....

  • malleboyinarakesh malleboyinarakesh

    You Forgot India.

  • Dipali Mishra
    Dipali Mishra Day ago

    You forgot India.

  • Ainsley Suk
    Ainsley Suk 3 days ago

    Kim AND Trump needs zero protection.

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 4 days ago +2

    *After the wall is built and all the Mexicans are out, I won't need protection.*

  • melvin manangan
    melvin manangan 4 days ago

    SHINZOW EEEEEEEYB??? WTF!!!! ../..

  • StarOceanSora360
    StarOceanSora360 5 days ago

    isn't xi jinping also guarded by countless shoalin monks, it be cool though

  • Seyed Saeid Mousawi
    Seyed Saeid Mousawi 6 days ago

    What’s the background music name? 0:00

    UMASAI NAMANI 7 days ago

    What about Indian security agencies

  • Raishaun Hodge
    Raishaun Hodge 9 days ago

    The Pope IS the most powerful figure in the world!!

  • Raishaun Hodge
    Raishaun Hodge 9 days ago

    Trump already has his own private army...WTF 😮😮😍

  • Lorenz Estrella
    Lorenz Estrella 9 days ago

    Aa be

  • Jojo Mathew
    Jojo Mathew 10 days ago

    3:27 LOL i cannot stop laughing

  • Youssef Hribach
    Youssef Hribach 12 days ago

    U should see Morocco

  • Clinton Boateng
    Clinton Boateng 12 days ago

    concerning the ivory coast president, it is not true. those security personnel belongs to the president of Ghana . the Ivorian president was in the capital of Ghana

  • Nana Kwame
    Nana Kwame 13 days ago

    You made a mistake with the president of ivory coast the footage was from a visit to ghana and not his usual protective detail

  • kai i
    kai i 14 days ago +1

    what about saudi arabia's king? i saw alot of black cars and eeps and police cars just driving in some street and it was the king salman

  • henk 08
    henk 08 14 days ago

    Hoorde Ik daar ook iemand kijk maar zeggen

  • seng kimtala
    seng kimtala 14 days ago

    His Save his money lol haaaa ,Kim can't afford motorcycles for his body guards !

  • shananigans08
    shananigans08 14 days ago +3

    Meanwhile, a random McLaren @ 4:39. But then again, this is England.

  • jasper finn
    jasper finn 15 days ago +1

    Imagine that child blessed by the pope grow in to a mass murderer
    What his Parent will think?

  • Andreas cool
    Andreas cool 15 days ago +1

    Wonder why the fucking cowards Americans are so fucking jealous of the world and talk shit all the time lol

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    Jude Stephenson 16 days ago

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  • Prince of arabia younes
    Prince of arabia younes 16 days ago +2

    i hope to be a PRESIDENT☹

  • Jatin Rekhya
    Jatin Rekhya 16 days ago

    Look for pm Narendra Modi's security

  • Unananimous Roddy
    Unananimous Roddy 16 days ago

    The guards are not for the ivorian president but ghana's

  • willy vlyminck
    willy vlyminck 16 days ago

    Typical with dictators

  • Reza Firdaus
    Reza Firdaus 16 days ago

    It's not how u pronounce shinzo AIB.. it's A-BAY u dimwit

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 16 days ago

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was inside that Benz with Kim : The Future Communist Socialist Dictator of the United States is making a deal with the North Korean Socialist Dictator on her proposal to "Bankrupt" and Destroy the US without a single missile being used....

  • RaisedxFist
    RaisedxFist 16 days ago

    Omg "1 Million dollars a day"
    Big whoop for a State that kills babies and allows its biggest city to be a sanctuary city for illegals.
    Please just stop NY, If Youu can waste money paying for women’s murderous abortions and hide illegal criminals from the authorities then they can well damn afford “1 Million dollars a day" since they don’t spend it wisely on anything else that’s actually worth any substance !

  • Amar Gore
    Amar Gore 16 days ago

    Where is Indian prime ministers security

  • John Keimel
    John Keimel 17 days ago

    oh, your pronunciation! :(

  • nom pov Xyooj
    nom pov Xyooj 17 days ago

    Go N Korea!!. Trump bodyguards are too lazy

  • ARJUN അർജുൻ
    ARJUN അർജുൻ 17 days ago +2

    2019 like here

  • Daniel Balazs
    Daniel Balazs 17 days ago

    Kein Wunder, sind auch zum Teil die grössten Dreckschweine ,( Nordkore Türkei )die muss mann schon beschützen.

  • denis wigan
    denis wigan 18 days ago

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  • Doug Saul
    Doug Saul 18 days ago


  • boken168
    boken168 18 days ago

    US 🇺🇸 Government just wasted money 💵 for protects Donald Trump 👎💩

  • Trishanku Verma
    Trishanku Verma 18 days ago

    Where is bin Salman? The pope looks like a creepy guy, looks like he touches those guards inappropriately lol

  • Raging Menace
    Raging Menace 18 days ago

    /Ah-Beh/ not "Ayb"
    Learn how to pronounce Shinzo Abe's name.

  • burhan jama
    burhan jama 19 days ago +1

    Erdogan is the best

  • petroniouswalker
    petroniouswalker 19 days ago

    If The Queen is 'frequently' the subject of assassination attempts, it's surprising that the press has never reported a single one. The only event that even looked like one was when a man fired blanks while she rode a horse to the annual Trooping the Colour. And the images showing The Queen with a large escort of cars and motorcycles is misleading. The police actually use minimal escorts, often just two or three cars, with outriders to clear traffic. This can be viewed on many youtube videos. In addition to that, members of the Royal Family often drive themselves, again with minimal escorts. When The Queen's husband drove into an oncoming car recently, one of the observations made by the press was that, although police cars did arrive quickly, his planned journey had not included any escort at all. And as someone else has pointed out, the Emperor of Japan is, in fact, that country's head of state.

  • Takane Takuti
    Takane Takuti 19 days ago

    Bruh its pronounced shinzo ab(ae)

  • Sanasam Sunilkanta
    Sanasam Sunilkanta 19 days ago


  • md shamshad alam
    md shamshad alam 20 days ago +1

    Thanks God u have not mentioned our Joker and tea seller illiterate PM Modi..

  • Hamza b Abubakar
    Hamza b Abubakar 20 days ago

    nice one

  • fam holly
    fam holly 21 day ago +9

    what about india

  • EmadM 74
    EmadM 74 23 days ago +1

    and the presedent of canada probably just walks to work

  • Amin Khan
    Amin Khan 23 days ago +2

    You haven’t seen the protection of Afghanistan’s president.

  • mistaken FUTUREZOID
    mistaken FUTUREZOID 23 days ago

    vladimir putin is said to be the most powerfull person in the world

  • Mr. Antipatiko
    Mr. Antipatiko 23 days ago

    ayb.? bobo its ahh beeee.

  • Avoncliffe Solutions
    Avoncliffe Solutions 23 days ago

    Those are not UK Police in the segment on Queen Elisabeth at 4:42

  • Ni Ta
    Ni Ta 24 days ago

    They are very strong

  • Kunal Kumar
    Kunal Kumar 24 days ago +6

    u forgot greatest man on earth right now Narendra Modi

    • md shamshad alam
      md shamshad alam 18 days ago

      +Kunal Kumar .. how can u applause a person who is guilty of mass murder of many innocent

    • Kunal Kumar
      Kunal Kumar 18 days ago +1

      +md shamshad alam being a muslim is it necessary that u hate the man who is doing so much to bring the lost grace and fortune of India which we had lost centuries ago!!! Stay above ur religion and dont get influenced by ur filthy maulanas and terrorist leaders to hate your own nation !! Plz!!!

    • Raging Menace
      Raging Menace 18 days ago

      This video is for the most protected Presidents.
      Let's be honest here, Modi's protection is nowhere near the protection that is depicted here in the video.

    • md shamshad alam
      md shamshad alam 20 days ago +1

      But personality of Modi is not suitable for PM post of India.. His speeches are always full of lie... Number of times he was responsible for embarassment to India.. He is PM because of hate

    • ajay marathe
      ajay marathe 20 days ago +1

      Yep, I am agree with you @kunal kumar

  • philip canete
    philip canete 25 days ago


  • Nan Zhu
    Nan Zhu 25 days ago

    I don't like this kind of youtubers who spent much time on advertising but little time on studying the pronunciation of others' names.

  • Lance The King
    Lance The King 26 days ago

    i guess the pope counts as the president...

  • Zain Jani
    Zain Jani 26 days ago

    9:08 president of niggas

  • Mick wahsingwoo
    Mick wahsingwoo 26 days ago +2

    Queen huh a pure murderer and satanic freemason member who has sacrificed so many young women and children that's the reason why so many want to kill her even exorcists around the world know whats shes done behinde closed doors i hope to god she gets killed the same way she killed those innocent girls who are kidnapped and sacrificed.

  • Olufemi Owolabi Leke
    Olufemi Owolabi Leke 27 days ago

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  • Kusasira Emma
    Kusasira Emma 27 days ago

    Haaaaaa this is amazing what about museveni

    FLAME KING 28 days ago +2

    Philippines president du30 have many guards and even the cops on the philippines are his guards around him always and the snipers are at the top of the tallest church

  • Jessie Girls
    Jessie Girls 28 days ago

    Hello Mister President Trump👏👏👍👍🌹🌹🌹

  • Abolaji Samuel
    Abolaji Samuel 29 days ago

    Elizabeth, is a woman, & she need protection

  • victor Acquah
    victor Acquah 29 days ago

    the part about cote d'voire is a lie .. the video you showed was his visit to ghana.. he was in the car with the president of ghana

  • ankit raturi
    ankit raturi 29 days ago

    Some jokers like the Pope in the list too but PM of world's largest democracy is not there.

  • Wael Alenizi
    Wael Alenizi 29 days ago

    would they really shoot somebody with a gun!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    because i would not want to mess with them

  • Amdidry Ibrahim
    Amdidry Ibrahim Month ago

    bodyguards maybe protect them against people but who protect them against bodyguards

  • Amdidry Ibrahim
    Amdidry Ibrahim Month ago

    if the president absolutely needs to be protected in his own country what us people


  • Ainembabazi Brenda
    Ainembabazi Brenda Month ago

    For sure sika money,eeeeh!my dear2run behind car moreover its fast eeeh!man that job nallaaa

  • sadrack Jean Baptiste

    The pope is God's representative on earth but God cannot protect him, that's why he needs protection. That should ring a bell for devout catholics

  • Starco is Life!!!
    Starco is Life!!! Month ago

    Pope is not a president

  • Kwee Mana
    Kwee Mana Month ago

    Nice Intro XD


    India missing

  • Aman Gupta
    Aman Gupta Month ago +5

    U have missed indian prime minister NARENDRA MODJI.

    • Hanzala Iqbal
      Hanzala Iqbal Day ago

      People don't give a sh*t and nobody knows about your 'chai wala' Modi g

  • Nasra Philip
    Nasra Philip Month ago

    Donald has to protect himself for sure a great businessman

  • Nasra Philip
    Nasra Philip Month ago

    I like queen Elizabeth the great queen ever

  • Nasra Philip
    Nasra Philip Month ago

    15,000 too mucho

  • Nasra Philip
    Nasra Philip Month ago

    Kim is too much protected president

  • yugal jailia
    yugal jailia Month ago

    narender modi ???

  • Gemechu Muleta
    Gemechu Muleta Month ago

    Keep from deeth?

  • Abdulrazaq Mohammed
    Abdulrazaq Mohammed Month ago +1

    Are they gold😊😊

  • Karaama TV
    Karaama TV Month ago +4


  • AFsal Mk
    AFsal Mk Month ago

    മോദി 😂

  • Jim Rk
    Jim Rk Month ago

    a good leader don't need bodyguards!

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan Month ago +1

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  • Bulletman7
    Bulletman7 Month ago

    some one will knock the Korean dicktator sooner or later

  • Stefano Masiero
    Stefano Masiero Month ago

    You forgot Berlusconi and all the girls..

  • Officialkzee
    Officialkzee Month ago

  • Evans Kipkogei
    Evans Kipkogei Month ago

    I like Kim's way of leadership, this man is not coward

  • Loida Tejada
    Loida Tejada Month ago

    And the president of the Philippines went to war and talk to the bad guys for negotiation ...
    He rides bike and room around the city being alone .

  • Haneen Lasloum
    Haneen Lasloum Month ago

    Sm protect them selfes and Forget to protect their Citizenes

  • joshua buesa
    joshua buesa Month ago

    9:48 yep, that’s Filipino police taking picture to pope. He’s doing his job really great

  • kickass girl
    kickass girl Month ago

    Haha i go anywhere not scare or afraid because i believed i never ever hurt anyone or any animals

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    Alfred Donald Month ago

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  • sanatan bhardwaj
    sanatan bhardwaj Month ago

    U have not included the most famous and powerful leader 🇮🇳Mr.NARENDRA MODI🇮🇳 the Indian prime minister. And that's why ur video is not perfect.but nice

  • Yai TV
    Yai TV Month ago

    OK But God he is there for them