Why Everyone HATES Me on Amazon Prime

  • Published on Dec 3, 2021
  • Amazon reviews aren't particularly fun to read when they involve you.
    This is the 2nd video for the 12 Days of Chrismas series! Be sure to check out the first episode over on the @Chris Abroad channel 🎄
    🎄🎄The 12 Days of CHRISMAS🎄🎄
    1) 47 Things to do in JAPAN | Ultimate Travel Guide
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    2) Why Everyone HATES Me on Amazon Prime
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    3) The Most AWKWARD Encounters I've Had with Viewers in Real Life
    🚆 thexvid.com/video/eZUo1lqXchI/video.html
    4) Reacting to My FIRST EVER TheXvid Video from 10 Years Ago
    📺 thexvid.com/video/ljYnbH9s1Zo/video.html
    5) Dinner Alone in my Japanese RAMEN SHOP
    🍜 thexvid.com/video/WkXBGQ7u7z4/video.html
    6) My Most Near DEATH Experience in Japan
    ⛷️ thexvid.com/video/m-nyGClEIRI/video.html
    7) 7 Most OVERRATED Things in Japan
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 thexvid.com/video/f5u6sXd3xUg/video.html
    8) Abroad in Japan CHRISTMAS Live Show | Opening Presents with Natsuki
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  5 months ago +1548

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: To celebrate the run-up to Christmas, I'm posting a video EVERY other day on Abroad in Japan and the Chris Abroad channel (thexvid.com/video/_9aUy56n-yI/video.html).
    Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the second channel so you don't miss any of the episodes - the first is already up on 47 THINGS to do in Japan.
    Hope you've all had a great start to the Xmas season so far!

    • Ceori
      Ceori 3 months ago

      By the way, where is Mr Snuggles?

    • Henry Ottis
      Henry Ottis 5 months ago +1

      Chris, I really think you are too hard on yourself !
      Don't beat yourself up !
      And I speak as a cat lover !
      You're a great presenter or whatever it's called.
      Stay true to yourself and don't listen to anyone who is on Amazon.
      Cheers from Pennsylvania.

    • Sofia G.
      Sofia G. 5 months ago

      You gained weight from 2018 Journey across Japan videos :P

  • Cayleigh Wales
    Cayleigh Wales 5 months ago +3699

    Man those people who go on about "disrespecting Japanese culture" are really overreacting. People are allowed to like or dislike various aspects of a culture, that doesn't automatically mean they're trying to be disrespectful. Also Chris I feel you about those cat allergies. Like cats are cute but oh boy my sinuses don't like them

    • Golvic
      Golvic Month ago

      @Abroad in Japan ain’t this the fuckin’ truth.

    • Pioneer Shark
      Pioneer Shark 4 months ago

      @eri_noemi i mean, they're usually the same ones complaining about disrespect

    • Pioneer Shark
      Pioneer Shark 4 months ago

      @Seeking The Love That God Means people who are generally described as "woke" don't think too favourably of japan and its culture, overall, it's more the weebs and Japanophiles who hardcore defend everything japan related no matter how good or bad it is

    • Dustin Watkins
      Dustin Watkins 4 months ago

      @Physika Do you mean karl pilkington?

  • Freakish Uproar
    Freakish Uproar 5 months ago +1216

    I love how foreigners suffering Last Samurai Syndrome seem to think that every bizarre niche product or eccentric marauding weirdo that just so happens to be in Japan, somehow constitutes "Japanese culture". What a high opinion these Amazon reviewers must have for an entire nation!

    • brokennoah
      brokennoah Month ago

      @Giorgi G That's a weird way to spell Tropic Thunder

    • Giorgi G
      Giorgi G Month ago +1

      @bats valorant Nah, that would be Collateral

    • Bunti B
      Bunti B Month ago +1

      @Ignorance ≠ Bliss Dont forget Magnolia.

    • JZ
      JZ 3 months ago

      Us zoomers and millenials just call them weeaboos.

    • Shinobiwan
      Shinobiwan 3 months ago +5

      @Ruby Y. I'm a Florida man myself!
      If you don't do something wild like, start your grill with the muzzle fire if your gun, then are you really a Florida man?

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 5 months ago +299

    You’re too hard on yourself, you’re a really lovely person, I’ve been watching you for years. Can’t please everyone. So many that genuinely like you for you, we love your authenticity and no bullshit personality. Happy Holidays Chris!

    • J Hawkins
      J Hawkins 4 months ago +17

      @J -You obviously do not understand or appreciate Chris's very English dry humour, of which a pretend sarcasm, pretend cynicism and self-deprecation are just three aspects. Your loss. He is actually a lovely and authentic guy with a good heart and much talent as a TheXvidr.

    • R B D
      R B D 4 months ago +7

      to be fair though.....
      he shoulda taken a cut of the sales 😂

    • Jaquaviontavious Dinglebottom Quandaleborrough
      Jaquaviontavious Dinglebottom Quandaleborrough 4 months ago +5

      @J let the man speak his mind

    • J
      J 5 months ago +2

      Every his word is spitting out his cynicism or dissatisfaction and you call it lovely? 😁😂

  • Out of Order
    Out of Order 5 months ago +145

    I'm actually very passionate about cats, but specifically because of that I would have just been ranting about the borderline animal abuse that was shown in the documentary, if they had hired me. 💀
    I think hiring someone who's not too enthusiastic about cats was a wise choice.

    • Leo MarBel
      Leo MarBel 4 months ago +9

      I guess the right thing is to hire someone who is interested in cats, not obsessed with cats. If someone is not interested in cats in the first place, they won't be knowledgeable about cats either.
      Its like being a tour guide for japan and hating japan. That person wouldn't be a good tour guide because they wont show any interest in japan and her culture. A tour guide that is overly obsessed about japan isn't good at all either.
      I think people are justified to criticise the show for that, but the reviews are always overly aggresive as they normally are.

    • Henry Ottis
      Henry Ottis 5 months ago +23

      Yeah, putting tight fitting stupid outfits on cats is definitely abuse.
      My cats would never tolerate it !

  • レイ·ライト -Raylight
    レイ·ライト -Raylight 5 months ago +235

    Watched Cat Nation, I can say that Chris is the correct choice for the presenter.
    Or maybe I've watched too much Abroad in Japan to always laugh at Chris' commentary especially the dry jokes xD

  • Toast4tw
    Toast4tw 5 months ago +2025

    I just imagine Sharla's and Rachel's faces when they saw Chris of all people got approached for a cat video. haha

    • Leo Gilbert
      Leo Gilbert 4 months ago +1

      @Fuzzira that would have been hilarious, i haven't watched the documentary though!

    • Maro Cat
      Maro Cat 5 months ago +1

      Rachel and jun, and sharla is in videos even with chris, and natsuki.

    • Wandi Lismus
      Wandi Lismus 5 months ago +1

      @Amy Just kidding. As a cat owner i really like Maro

    • Amy
      Amy 5 months ago +1

      @Wandi Lismus but..... I used to watch her channel before she got Maro... whatever was I doing?

  • Kirby Dufour
    Kirby Dufour 5 months ago +110

    The beginning of the Cat Nation documentary literally introduces Chris as a “bewildered British guy”….one could expect some dry and dare I say, bewildered humor…?

  • livingyosuke
    livingyosuke 5 months ago +129

    Hey Chris, I just want you to know that I found your channel back in 2017 and I've been a dedicated fan ever since. I got screwed out of a group vacation with some friends to Japan that year, and I was so bummed thinking I couldn't go. But after having saved up all my money and PTO, I decided to just go by myself. And I was scared. So I started looking up videos on Japanese tourist etiquette and things to do while visiting, and that's when I found your videos. They helped me with my anxiety and made the trip so much easier, because I knew what to do and what to look forward to. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the great content. I hope you know you've made a much more significant positive impact on people than the naysayers would have you believe.

    • Stelios Kontos
      Stelios Kontos 4 months ago +2

      Aww that’s awesome :) glad you enjoyed your trip. It does sound like a scary concept and I still feel the same about travelling alone but I’ve got to man up and do it

    • Daniel Whyatt
      Daniel Whyatt 5 months ago +3

      That’s really great to hear. Do you by any chance, as a person who has now gone through what so many of us wish to do eventually, have any particular advice for people visiting Japan for the first time? I wouldn’t mind checking out Tokyo but I’m more interested in the other cities in the countryside.

  • Kelsey Ordaz
    Kelsey Ordaz 2 months ago +21

    Watched Cat Nation the other day and it was by far the best documentary I've ever seen. Watched it with my sister who doesn't know you and we were both rolling! Never stop being you, Chris. Literally enjoyed it so much.

  • Judah Terry
    Judah Terry 5 months ago +14

    My sister is a massive cat lover, yet she said the best part of the documentary was you Chris! 🤣So no offense taken here. Keep up the great work! Love the videos! 👍👍

  • Agatha Ling
    Agatha Ling 5 months ago +2233

    My baby and my mum were watching this documentary literally 40 mins ago and not going to lie, I LOVED how much you didn't vibe with the cats, hilarity!

    • meelo
      meelo 4 months ago +1

      Lol. Well at least you liked it. I am the same as him. Cats make me sick. I don't have anything against them. I do like dogs more. But it really sucks when I meet a cat who's really social like a dog and I don't want to pet them. But I pet them and have fun and get sick. But for those super rare cats it is worth it. Agatha ling? Interesting name. Can I ask nationality? Well if you see this lol. Just a interesting name.

    • Orange Spoon
      Orange Spoon 5 months ago +5

      This is the mentality to watch it and enjoy it the most haha you get Chris being odd around cute cats, no more to ask for!

    • Damien Breslin
      Damien Breslin 5 months ago +9

      He is like "An idiot abroad"

    • Maulana Ali
      Maulana Ali 5 months ago +8

      @joe broadbeef he got better with the character he's developing even until now 🤣

    • joe broadbeef
      joe broadbeef 5 months ago +26

      The worse Chris behaves, the better I usually feel!!!

  • Nicholas Esakson
    Nicholas Esakson 5 months ago +16

    I'm glad you were able to learn from the experience and get the money you needed when you needed it. Just remember, people are more likely to review a bad experience than a good one. Way more people liked your work than what you see.

  • Shannon Gerry
    Shannon Gerry 2 months ago +6

    I watched Cat Nation sometime last year and thought Chris's disdain for the weird Japanese cat places was spot on.

  • Helen Woodvine
    Helen Woodvine 5 months ago +32

    I watched this over the weekend. I think it was interesting and informative. I’m willing to bet they are not many people who would have what it takes to go overseas to teach in schools, learn the language, find out about the locals and earn themselves nearly 3 million followers. You’re doing a great job.

  • M F
    M F 5 months ago +22

    I feel like the Ramen shop setting is really bringing out a lot of good energy in you and it shows in the videos. You're on a roll

  • Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central
    Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central 5 months ago +4984

    I actually really liked Cat Nation and I think you did a good job as the presenter. What were people expecting? David fucking Attenborough

    • Freddi
      Freddi 5 months ago

      Pfff, he`s not fooling me. he just wants me to watch that documentary. Ha

    • Andy
      Andy 5 months ago

      @Camo The Best I imagine it's _fairly_ unlikely that Sir David Attenborough spends his time reading TheXvid arguments. I could be wrong, of course.

    • Camo The Best
      Camo The Best 5 months ago

      Oi! Don’t curse Sir David Attenborough with the « F » word in the middle of his name!!! Shame on you!😡

    • Damien Breslin
      Damien Breslin 5 months ago

      That sounded like something Chris would say. I read the end bit with his voiceover haha

    • Anthony William Mitchell
      Anthony William Mitchell 5 months ago

      I would love to have heard his commentary in David Attenborough's voice that would be hilarious.

  • Kairon156
    Kairon156 2 months ago +16

    As someone who isn't into pets like at all I do find pet culture to be weird and creepy.
    With that said I would likely do a double take on being offered for a pet documentary that would have my name on it if there was enough money in it for me.
    How much would be worth it... it would have to be a lot.

  • Ochibawolf Collection
    Ochibawolf Collection 5 months ago +40

    Man I swear I love you. You know you've made it when you get this much hate. Keep doing you, Chris!

  • Sarah Watts
    Sarah Watts 5 months ago +9

    He's managed to make that perfectly inoffensive Christmas tree look nihlistic. Well done!

  • Pip
    Pip 5 months ago +6

    When I saw the cat stroller, I laughed my ass off. It's great to see other cultures. Your reaction shows culture too, just be yourself man, and enjoy da life.

  • Oscar Barrios
    Oscar Barrios 5 months ago +8

    C'mone Chris, you are genuinely funny, clever and very honest. Dude you really do have a lot of people that admire you and watch your vids because you are really funny and put a lot of work on this.

  • Forthright Gambitia
    Forthright Gambitia 5 months ago +17

    A middle aged man pushing a massive ball of cats around in a pram is something that might happen in a nightmare, regardless of which culture you come from.

  • Nia
    Nia 5 months ago +8

    I’ll admit. As a a huge cat-lover, I was surprised to see you on Cat Nation. To me though it was a welcome surprise and although you weren’t necessarily captivated with the cat culture, I loved hearing your perspective on it, and your usual comedic self. I thought you did a pretty good job!

  • karma Lee
    karma Lee 5 months ago +2

    I never would of found you had it not been for that documentary!! Which I loved btw, and thanks to it, My fiance and I have had hours of enjoyment with your channel and your podcast! Dont let the haters get you down, your awesome! as is everything you and your friends get up to!! ❤

  • Spiros Vsiliou
    Spiros Vsiliou 5 months ago +1141

    Lesson learned:
    No can hate you more than you already hate yourself!

    • Sillyman
      Sillyman 5 months ago +1

      @Spiros Vsiliou yasou! Don't worry about the grammar stuff so much, you will pick it up

    • Daniel Whyatt
      Daniel Whyatt 5 months ago

      He should definitely more proud of the work that he has done.

    • PanterAmetal100
      PanterAmetal100 5 months ago

      @Spiros Vsiliou Mine neither :)

    • Human Man
      Human Man 5 months ago +4

      Ill start telling myself this in front of a mirror every morning for motivation

    • Michael MacKay
      Michael MacKay 5 months ago

      What about Ryotoro?

  • Suka Nekoto
    Suka Nekoto 5 months ago +20

    To be fair, I don't think having that many cats in a stroller at the same time is good either... looks very stressful. I hope those cats have enough space to live whereever they are from.

  • iluvwonwoo
    iluvwonwoo 2 days ago

    Lmao. Time to search up Cat Nation and watch it. I, for one, LOVE cats and the snippets you showed had me excited to see the kitties, but ofc, I also find Chris hilarious. I think watching Cat Nation knowing how Chris feels about it will be interesting!

  • Francesco Ghiselli
    Francesco Ghiselli 5 months ago +12

    I imagine how amazing it is to make money out of people's hate. I love your content, but I love this kind of video even more lmao

  • Skyy 3
    Skyy 3 5 months ago +7

    Abroad In Japan is some of the best content on TheXvid! Chris is so genuine. The channel is informative, funny, well filmed. Don't be so hard on yourself Chris! You've worked so hard over the years, and many people appreciate and look forward to your videos.

  • 細川タラシャ
    細川タラシャ 5 months ago +793

    I'm a Japanese fan. I just, I just... feel sorry for Chris. I know you are worried about the audience's reaction, but I don't think you need to worry about it. I think people who send critical reviews are overreacting. I watched this documentary when I was still a young fan of Abroad in Japan, and I'm not going to lie, it was perfectly fine and I watched it with a smile the whole time. You may be worried about the thing that works that you didn't intend to make are still selling well, but I think the people who are criticizing are just exaggerated people who don't know you well. Japanese people should be grateful to Chris, and there is nothing to be criticized at all. Anyway, please don't worry about it, and keep making your wonderful works!

    • Sara J
      Sara J 5 months ago +1

      I have to agree. Watching this video I was thinking the whole time that I actually didn't think the documentary was that bad. Then again, maybe because I was a fan when I watched it I could have been a bit biased. All the things we fans love about Chris is what the reviews were complaining about. I honestly didn't really notice the strange way he was patting the cats (I love cats so I was mostly staring at them tbh XD). Overall I actually quite enjoyed it but I can see why if you didn't know who Chris was that you wouldn't like him in it.

    • Tams80
      Tams80 5 months ago +5

      There are some people who have a very unhealthy obsession with Japan (and cats too). It's recently happened to Korea to a degree as well. And they aren't Japanese (or Korean) and many have never been.

    • Spoonman
      Spoonman 5 months ago

      @Tiger Not Woods Probably. It's mostly likely people from England and America. We're not all awe-inspiring.

    • Bill Peschel
      Bill Peschel 5 months ago +6

      I doubt he really feels bad about it, and he got a great vid out of it.

    • MutterSchwein
      MutterSchwein 5 months ago +24

      @Tiger Not Woods Yep. Pretty much just turbo weebs who put Japan and its culture on a pedestal.

  • A jay
    A jay 5 months ago +5

    Chris your passion may not be with cats; however, with that said, your passion with the beauty and culture of Japan is abundantly clear!

  • Katharina Bruns
    Katharina Bruns 4 months ago +16

    As a German, I LOVE your presenting. Probably because I’m just as straightforward and sarcastic. It’s funny, it’s real and it’s honest. LOVE IT! Stay as you are!

  • Sozzzled
    Sozzzled 5 months ago +9

    Oh my lord, it hurts so much watching Chris try to pet a cat, it's fricken hilarious. I love it.

    • John Rehnald
      John Rehnald 2 months ago

      I have no other comment on this but hahahahahahahaha yes

  • Caroline Hollands
    Caroline Hollands 4 months ago +5

    This doco was literally how we found you. We love your presenting style and the vibe of Cat Nation.

  • Mary Mortem
    Mary Mortem 5 months ago +1291

    Let me inform you, a cat was folded 3000 times to fit inside that freshener bottle.
    The pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship.

    • Jes.e B.
      Jes.e B. 5 months ago

      "Only 3,000 times? I'm dissapointed Jerry.."

    • N Fels
      N Fels 5 months ago

      @Shido Kusunagi
      It's a reference to folded iron swords in Japan and the internet hoax of 'bonsai kittens'.
      Especially the last one is amazing as the bonsai kittens hoax was from somewhere like 1997.

    • Dragon Smith
      Dragon Smith 5 months ago +4

      I am a man of culture. When I saw this comment my monocle nearly fell off due to laughter. (Oh dear.)

    • B
      B 5 months ago +4

      @Shido Kusunagi The joke is related to Japanese swords and how they are praised for being folded a bunch of times during the process of creation.

    • Issatay Sissemali
      Issatay Sissemali 5 months ago

      Oh I see they decided to do the same thing they do for forging katanas. Nice

  • Roger Davis
    Roger Davis 5 months ago +1

    A colleague, knowing my interest in Japan & all things Japanese, recommended Cat Nation to me about 2 years ago. “Not for me”, I thought, until Chris mentioned it himself, & I suddenly realised it was the same programme. I can see why Chris doesn’t like it - you have to have watched some of the TheXvids and/or listened to the podcast to have an idea of who the presenter is, as the persona in the film is a little different but, making that allowance, I did enjoy it.

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith 5 months ago +4

    As per tradition for my Winesday Wednesday, I saved this for today *Wednesday* so I could drink my "few" glasses of wine while enjoying this video. To which I fully did. I never knew this existed on Amazon prime and I know what I'm going to do this weekend now so maybe I will extend my Winesday to Saturday as well. Thank you for another great video Chris!

  • Zephyraticus
    Zephyraticus 5 months ago +1

    OMG dude, that was hilarious, I love how you can talk about whats not gone too well in the past, its inspiring, and self reflection is a great skill to have IMHO - so kudos! I love your videos, and the more documentary type ones you post on your channel are amazing, but I can't deny that every time you tried to stroke a cat I laughed harder, to the point where my husband came in to see if I was alright! Ive been needing a good laugh, so thank you!

  • Symetrix
    Symetrix 5 months ago +1

    Great video as always. Massive respect for sharing a story that’s not inline with the over exaggerated fake success story trend. Regardless of the haters, I believe your British style really adds something special to the mostly boring samey videos about Japan. Happy holidays to you!

  • Morgan Qorishchi
    Morgan Qorishchi 5 months ago +418

    Japanophiles losing their mind when Japan is depicted as anything less than 100% perfect 100% of the time will always be funny to me. There is no 100% perfect country or culture, and acknowledging that reality isn't "disrespecting glorious Nippon" or whatever, it's just being realistic. Personally, I think if you've offended Japanophiles, that means you're doing everything right in life.

    • AHylianWarrior
      AHylianWarrior 5 months ago +2

      @Pattoe They don't so much has a homelessness problem as they have a problem with the homeless. They treat them like absolute trash and it's disgusting. Where's the help for them? Nowhere to be found, not even proper soup kitchens.

    • Night Chicken
      Night Chicken 5 months ago +2

      No country is 100% perfect. I do like many aspects of Japan, but then theres a slew of many things.. I do not like at all.. But thats the same I have with my own country.. theres many things I like and theres many things I dont like.
      Remember kids. Grass isnt always greener on the other side.

    • The Puppet Master
      The Puppet Master 5 months ago +2

      Those people have last samurai syndrome. They are super obnoxious and you can’t use logic with them. It best to avoid them or you will get a headache.

    • sarah tsang
      sarah tsang 5 months ago +3

      I used to call them weeaboos back when it didn't mean just coz you like anime!

  • Edward Hodakowski
    Edward Hodakowski 5 months ago +1

    Chris, I lived in Japan for four years and loved every second. I think that you completely nail the Japanese experience. Keep doing you my friend. Cat cafes are awesome.

  • Over The Pond 🦆
    Over The Pond 🦆 5 months ago +2

    So now I’ve watched cat nation I loved it. I can only assume some people don’t quite get our British sense of humour. To laugh at something serious or something that isn’t funny is a very British thing to do.

  • Cat Särkioja
    Cat Särkioja 5 months ago +2

    Love you and love cats so that documentary is pure gold! Would've been good if they'd given you some allergy medication though so you could have had a better experience and not had to worry about allergic reactions! I also agree with you that some things in that documentary is very weird even to us ailurophiles, but nitama with the hat is very cute!

  • Relaxing With LunarStar
    Relaxing With LunarStar 5 months ago +6

    You've come so far since those "basic" days Chris, you've built a great channel and a good empire and you have an amazing vision and humor that yes alot don't understand and more seriously love. Don't change who you are.

  • Corsair Carl
    Corsair Carl 5 months ago +434

    Life hack: One up your haters by hating yourself more.

    • OneFortyFour
      OneFortyFour 5 months ago +6

      This has the same energy as a hacker threatening to tell you your address and you reply with "I already know my address"

  • Vaedron
    Vaedron 5 months ago +1

    Just watched it tonight with my girlfriend and honestly we loved it. It had that British commentary charm, but I can see how people may not like it if they don't like that style or don't know who you are. Reviews are always brutal, but I'm gonna recommend it to some friends. It may not be your thing, but I wouldn't mind seeing you in more docus and specials.

  • Kyle Pretorius
    Kyle Pretorius 5 months ago +2

    #askabroad With you coming from the UK, where the live music/band culture is so amazing, I am surprised that you haven't touched on any live club bands in Japan.
    Have you seen any live bar bands, or gone to any live music venues that you can recommend? Would love to see a video on this.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  • DoctorObviously
    DoctorObviously 5 months ago +1

    For what it's worth, I specifically watch this channel for Chris' presentation. I know negativity weighs more than positivity but I'll keep watching!

  • Otaku Aviators
    Otaku Aviators 5 months ago +1

    I can watch Chris reading out loud comments the whole day, so hilarious!😂

  • Philip Bloom
    Philip Bloom 5 months ago +276

    Should have got me to do it...sarcasm but with a love of cats! :)

    • Philip Bloom
      Philip Bloom 5 months ago +29

      @Abroad in Japan I see what you did there you genius wordsmith! 😂

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  5 months ago +98

      You would have been bloody purrfect for it mate!

    • Philip Bloom
      Philip Bloom 5 months ago +12

      @Dr. Justin in Japan 🇯🇵 He knows I am hovering over unsubscribe! 😂

    • Dr. Justin in Japan 🇯🇵
      Dr. Justin in Japan 🇯🇵 5 months ago +18

      awwww, I think Chris loves them but hides it behind his sometimes cold British exterior 😂 the love is inside, I promise 😻

  • Irish974
    Irish974 5 months ago +1

    One of the best vids, I love the honesty and behind the scenes info on the Amazon doc. I'm so glad to be following Chris for a while now, looking forward to the next videos!

  • Azazel
    Azazel 4 months ago +2

    I don't know what you mean, I just read the reviews and one person sais that you're "beautiful as the sun" and a "cat maniac" and even "the heart of the documentary". The review then ends with "You HAVE to watch this awesome documentary, it will help you become a better person and finally get behind how to find everlasting peace in life!".

  • Sharizam
    Sharizam 5 months ago +5

    I love both cats and your content, i will however agree that going for a presentator that likes cats (and definitely isn't allergic to them) would have been the better choice. As a random idea: maybe do a video with some hypoallergenic cats, my best friend loves cats but is very allergic to them; so she has two of those instead. most people aren't aware of the option

  • kitkat3287
    kitkat3287 5 months ago

    You're too hard on yourself Chris! I haven't watched it (yet :P) but I'm sure you did a good job and you provided your own perspective. I am also allergic to cats so I would have been doing the same thing with a respectful distance lol. At the end of the day it was a job and it contributed to the path you are on now! :) Also I'm pretty sure having past work you cringe about is part of the content creator journey. You should have it constantly streaming on that tv in the studio as a memorial =D

  • Lord Bafford
    Lord Bafford 5 months ago +1017

    I love this chanel BECAUSE it is very honest about living in Japan. Chris is like my sarcastic polish father, bringing me back to earth by reminding me, that I will have problems buying clothes there and should get used to live in a closet there, while I'm just like: "Those cute pink cherry blossoms there!! And there is an Island full of cats!!"

    • MrDanisve
      MrDanisve 5 months ago +1

      @D U This is statistics.. Yes there are some under reporting goin on in Japan. But not to such an extent to make up for the difference.
      No americans dont have that good an work ethic. They have to work as much... Simple economics and failure by the goverment to regulate companies exploiting people.
      And yes, a few in US (The poor who needs to work 16 hours a day to get food on the table at minimum wage drags up the average alot)
      But still they do work alot. It would be highly illegal to work like that where i am from. I work at sea and work a rotation of 14 days on and 14 days off. Even i work only 11.5 hours per day... And i should work more than average when i first work since i have such long time off.
      I would say the Japanese have a way better work ethic than the americans. They take pride in their work, for the americans its just a paycheck. Very different mentalities.
      We have abit of both in Norway, people take some pride in their work. But you wont get that Japanese level costumer service of a low wage worker thats for sure.
      Efficiency of workers is a good estimate?
      Alltho worker efficiency depends alot on climate (Harder to work hard in Sahara than in Norway for obvious reasons)
      United States makes 68 dollars (2015 numbers) to the GDP for every hour worked.
      Japan makes 41.9 dollars (2015 numbers) to the GDP for every hour worked.
      Japan is more in the range of New Zealand/Canada. Than the US who is in same range as Germany/Belgium etc.
      We in Norway are at 81.3 dollars, but thats cause oil :P

    • D U
      D U 5 months ago +1

      @MrDanisve I've mentioned it in another comment but America tends to exaggerate their hours worked and brag about their 16 hour days but those hours were mostly not actually spent working. Whereas Japan tends to under-report their hours and do unpaid overtime. America is the epitome of people thinking everyone around them is busting their ass but you almost never meet these mythical creatures in the US. The ones that you do meet that actually work their ass off for crazy hours are almost always doing it out of necessity too rather than because of work culture.
      Biggest myth of the ages is that America has crazy work ethic, nah they just treat the poorest people in America like garbage.

    • Danse DeMorte
      Danse DeMorte 5 months ago

      @친남 yep, it's a great place to visit. But the work culture seems so toxic that it almost makes American work culture seem to be not so bad.

    • Opalthira
      Opalthira 5 months ago

      @Garrus Vakarian Curious about what he said
      Other than the obvious things about everything being expensive.

  • You mad bro?
    You mad bro? 4 months ago +3

    I looked at some of those comments and it seemed to me that every other amine fan who never been in Japan suddenly became an expert in Japanese history and culture.

  • Basil Fabian
    Basil Fabian 5 months ago +6

    Since my favourite part of Abroad in Japan is the sarcasm and your character... I'm definitely gonna give it a watch.

  • languagelover 94
    languagelover 94 5 months ago

    I went and watched “Cat Nation” as a result of seeing this video. For what it’s worth, Chris, I definitely enjoyed it and found your cynical/sarcastic style to be amusing and entertaining. “Enthusiastic” presenters are fine and all, but you get that in pretty much every other documentary, so I found seeing a different presenting style refreshing. 頑張りましたね!

  • Lovevideos Collection
    Lovevideos Collection 5 months ago

    You got paid to do it man. I would of done the same xD
    Duck the overly sensitive people.
    Keep doing you and dont apologize. A gigs a gig.
    Japan is crazy. Its not just the cat obsession
    But then again every country is crazy with something xD

  • Furansusan
    Furansusan 5 months ago +791

    I love the "respect the culture" from people who -certainly- don't know that much about Japan. Japan has a lot of good things just like a lot of bad things. Having realistic expectations will help a lot more than fantasizing about a perfect country.

    • QuesoGr7
      QuesoGr7 4 months ago +4

      One my friends is like that. She always wanted to go to Japan but after seeing some bad aspects of the country (that oe one would have to deal with by LIVING there) she no longer wants to even visit Japan. I think she probably put it on a pedestal and her expectations were shattered.

    • Paulo Azuela
      Paulo Azuela 5 months ago +7

      Good thing I know alot of the bad sides of Japan and still like the country. Well probably because first and foremost they invaded us and committed atrocities that time. But it's not a big deal since my country had been the first country to forgive Japan so much that Japan themselves erect a statue of our late president who started that era of good relations with Japan. That president also had his whole family massacred by the Imperial soldiers, and still had a heart to do what's best

    • Maro Cat
      Maro Cat 5 months ago +2

      @alen_css2 Or short weeb, the bad kind of weeb.

    • Furansusan
      Furansusan 5 months ago +26

      Moral of the story : don't idealize a place. Learn about the good and the bad to be prepared for it

    • Furansusan
      Furansusan 5 months ago +36

      @Lorem Ipsum Well, that's true. Just like Japan tends to idealize France and Paris. Every time there was something about France on Japanese TV, it only showed the good side.
      And even if it is not so common, it led to the Paris Syndrome, where the idealized version of Paris was so far from reality that some Japanese tourists were traumatized by reality.
      So yeah, the "Last Samurai Syndrome" is a good name for it.

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi 5 months ago +1

    My baby and my mum were watching this documentary literally 40 mins ago and not going to lie, I LOVED how much you didn't vibe with the cats, hilarity!

  • PerfectlyAnywhere
    PerfectlyAnywhere 5 months ago

    I'm in Australia and I actually watched Cat Nation on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised as I wasn't expecting to see you and Natsuki I loved the doco that I hope to go to the cat bar when I can go back to Japan

  • justrandomotaku
    justrandomotaku 5 months ago

    Watched it on a plane myself too. think Chris presented it pretty well especially since he just started out back then. These parts of the culture is really weird and if these stupid haters actually watch his content chris is actually really respectful and appreciative of Japanese culture.

  • uptown3636
    uptown3636 4 months ago +2

    Holy crap-berries, Batman! It's been a while since I watched anything on this channel, and Chris has gotten even better. Impressive work!

  • K
    K 5 months ago +1448

    I would never have seen myself, a Swedish person, as exotic. But now my world has changed to an exotic Swede, thank you Chris! For bringing out the truth for all to know about exotic Sweden and of our people.

    • P30 Jeff
      P30 Jeff 5 months ago +2

      I mean the Swedes and Nords are pretty exotic

    • Markus Möttus
      Markus Möttus 5 months ago

      Agreed, still I don't feel exotic at all, at the least not while in Sweden 😂

    • Xuěhuā
      Xuěhuā 5 months ago +1

      @Rebecca Madsen Haha, same! 😁

    • Rebecca Madsen
      Rebecca Madsen 5 months ago +1

      @Xuěhuā I would add (to also be the fun one at the party) that if a japanese person said that Sweden was exotic I probably wouldn't be as surprised but the fact that Chris, a british person, says it (albeit probably sarcastically but anyway) that's what threw me off 😅👍🏼

    • Rebecca Madsen
      Rebecca Madsen 5 months ago

      @Ela Logar the what in the what now?

  • Daniel Whyatt
    Daniel Whyatt 5 months ago

    Ooooh yes I remember this documentary. It was recommended to me just under a year ago and it’s still on my to watchlist on Amazon Prime. It definitely looks quirky but still looks like one I would enjoy. I’m glad I’ve watched your video here now before watching that documentary first. Will probably help to add a little bit more funny context to it.😆👌🏼

  • Adam Francombe
    Adam Francombe 2 months ago

    I remember watching this and have just clocked that it was you! I’ve subsequently started watching your channel and love it :)
    I liked Cat Nation because it was less curated and dull than some other docs. Oh well, can’t please em all!

  • kate brascoupé
    kate brascoupé 5 months ago

    Okay I just went and watched it! You did a fantastic job! I loved it so much!

  • FreckledThing
    FreckledThing 5 months ago

    I haven't laughed this heartily in months. You hating on yourself is comedy gold!
    That being said, lifting yourself up every once in a while is difficult but worth it. ;) Take care!

  • Kevin
    Kevin 5 months ago +806

    He is too hard on himself. He's a great presenter and always has been, he's a natural.

    • prdprdprdprdprdel
      prdprdprdprdprdel 4 months ago

      I think he just compares himself to the "traditional" TV presenters and thinks that his style doesn't work as well as theirs.. They are pretty different.. With the usual documentaries, i can just have them playing in the background as i'm doing something else, but when i watch Chris, i watch Chris and that's it.. I don't know about the wider audience, but i really enjoy his more engaging and personality based style.. It gives it a bit more oomph

    • Lo_0NaTik
      Lo_0NaTik 4 months ago

      But being British cancels that all out. So sad.

    • Noahhkun
      Noahhkun 5 months ago

      @Dawn I mean yeah that’s common in most people, it’s just basic insecurity mixed with the feeling you aren’t supposed to be where you are compared to others, I often wonder how I get where I am when sometimes others around me feel like they are much more talented with much more opportunities, feels like it comes too easy

    • Einherjar
      Einherjar 5 months ago


    • uchiha gaeshi
      uchiha gaeshi 5 months ago +1

      Wait Chris is a great presenter? Always has been.

  • Texas Horse Rescue
    Texas Horse Rescue 5 months ago +1

    Just discovered your channel. Absolutely brilliant! Our team binge watched the Fuji series while tending to horses during storm. Greatest idea EVER. We subbed & are huge fans.

  • Rico Ten
    Rico Ten Month ago +2

    Oh yes, Chris. You're hated by millions. When I watch all your TheXvid videos, my primary thought is, "I really hate this guy." That's why I keep watching your videos over and over. I love to be miserable.

  • vikingfortiesfaeroes
    vikingfortiesfaeroes 3 months ago +2

    We're talking about a site where every other 'review' is either "my grandson loved it", "arrived in pieces do not trust this seller", or "good" [5 stars]

  • Patrik Hjorth
    Patrik Hjorth 5 months ago

    I haven't watched the documentary, but I do love cats, and even I think that some aspects of the Japanese way of cat adoration is strange.
    Then again, that's why I find the Japanese culture so fascinating: It's both recognisable in many ways, _and_ completely alien at the same time.

  • Shinchan
    Shinchan 5 months ago +312

    Chris, I have followed your content for the past 8 years, you're an amazing guy and hearing you say you agree with them and hate yourself at the start of the video made me very sad, because when I was at my lowest point back in 2015 it was you and your videos that helped me through a hard time. The Abroad in Japan channel was "escapism" from my situation at first. Your humor was very uplifting, your personality was fun and fresh (even now) and your videos eventially inspired me to study Japanese and make something of myself. I even graduated and I've been to Japan three times. I even studied in Japan for six months at a university in Tokyo. I don't think I would have done any of that without you, because I really had no confidence in myself back in 2015 before I found your channel. And you know what, even the way you market your brand also motivated me to start my own small business. Crazy right? The way you started small but became one of the biggest and most authentic J-vlogger is just so admirable. You're an amazing person and mean a lot to us, you're not just some comic relief guy but you're someone we can look up to and a person who fires up our passion for Japan, so please know that those people online don't know or see you like we do on TheXvid. And their opinions shouldn't even matter to you. I just hope you learn to love yourself, because if anyone deserves it it is you.

    • HarriHaffi
      HarriHaffi 5 months ago

      @Huge Wang san So it’s more about fame than identity?

    • Huge Wang san
      Huge Wang san 5 months ago

      @HarriHaffi unfortunately they have to be given to you by youtube. You can either start to gain alot of subscribers or be someone famous and petition them

    • HarriHaffi
      HarriHaffi 5 months ago

      @Huge Wang san Okay! How do you get one?

    • Huge Wang san
      Huge Wang san 5 months ago +1

      @HarriHaffi supposed to be for people to verify who they say they are. Mostly used for more famous people.

    • HarriHaffi
      HarriHaffi 5 months ago

      @Big Richard what’s a Checkmark?

  • Christophern Rodriguez
    Christophern Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Honestly I would love to see a documentary about cat culture in japan made by Chris.

  • Straw Hat Chris
    Straw Hat Chris 5 months ago

    I appreciate your candor, fellow Chris! Also congrats on the swanky dream room 👍

  • Toni Lähdekorpi
    Toni Lähdekorpi 5 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who has found the channel through the documentary? I loved it; a bizarre, sarcastic and a bit depressed Brit talking about cats. What's not to like? As a Finn, I can relate.

  • Erika Builds
    Erika Builds 5 months ago

    I don’t really like cats that much but I love you Chris! 😁 Thanks for all the new videos this month!! ❤️

  • Otku Corner
    Otku Corner 5 months ago +163

    Honestly, I think Chris is one of the most entertaining you tubers that does Japanese content. He's brutally honest but sarcastically funny about it.

    • ZillA
      ZillA 5 months ago +3

      honestly just watch his videos for him and his personality. Its good to see someone who isnt overly hyper and positive about every aspect of Japan

    • Nourah
      Nourah 5 months ago +1

      Agreed. He’s very entertaining and puts a lot of effort into his work

    • Dr. Justin in Japan 🇯🇵
      Dr. Justin in Japan 🇯🇵 5 months ago +4

      YES!! he became popular on TheXvid for teaching Japanese people how to curse in English. he is A LEGEND!! 😁

  • Ermahgerd!
    Ermahgerd! 5 months ago

    Chill series Chris, I dig it.
    One thing I would love to see you cover is the Japanese cocktail culture, with the ice diamonds and all.

  • KillingLonliness88
    KillingLonliness88 5 months ago

    I'm so shocked but happy to see at 3:34 you were in the EXACT cat cafe that I had gone to in 2015 when I first visited Tokyo and learned there were such things as cat cafes! Thanks for bringing up those great memories!

  • DaJo Mi
    DaJo Mi 4 months ago

    I will definitely watch this TV show! I love your channel and I love cats! It will be the perfect evening entertainment for me!

  • Jade Shinu
    Jade Shinu 5 months ago

    I just watched the doc and thought you were awesome as a presenter, truly a natural. Your dry humour made the doc funny and more interesting 😅

  • nocchu
    nocchu 5 months ago +704

    All jokes aside, Chris has some of the best content out on TheXvid at this current moment. The quality of his content as well as his satirical humour just makes his videos so unique and fun to watch!! Started watching years ago for content of Japan, now I watch it mainly for Chris and co lmfaooo Love youuu

    • Arin W
      Arin W 5 months ago +1

      Professionally Presented documentaries with sarcastic narrators was something I didn't know i needed.

    • Daniel Whyatt
      Daniel Whyatt 5 months ago

      The quality of his presentation and production is so great. It really is up that along with the very best that TheXvid has to offer. Let alone on other streaming platforms. This seems to be quite consistent with a lot of channels that are linked to Japan.

    • JeaYup ila
      JeaYup ila 5 months ago

      Can't like your comment because I don't want to ruin the "555" likes, lol. I like.

    • Entasis
      Entasis 5 months ago +1

      @Temp0s better late than never.

    • Maro Cat
      Maro Cat 5 months ago +1

      Yeah, i get he appeals definitly more to touridts and gen not japanese interested, and as that he is great.

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw 5 months ago +3

    I know you probably won't see this comment Chris, but as an Aussie myself I think you did a fine job of presenting the cat doco. I imagine most people who have cat allergies not going anywhere near them. Don't be so hard on yourself. Your videos are great!

  • icositetrachoron
    icositetrachoron 5 months ago

    I find Chris hilarious. And I'd watch anything with him it.

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner 5 months ago +3

    I actually found the lack of enthusiasm quite humorous. It worked quite well in my opinion.

  • Grand Maken
    Grand Maken 5 months ago +1

    Yes Chris. That set was worth every penny. It’s a refresh for the channel 👍🏼

  • Rebekah Wahl
    Rebekah Wahl 5 months ago +557

    If you think about is chris has the personality of a cat, hear me out. a cat presenting a documentary wouldn't really be too fussed about it either. in a way it's perfect

    • Maro Cat
      Maro Cat 5 months ago +1

      Right! Pawns up!

    • Kenj Cruz
      Kenj Cruz 5 months ago +1

      @empress right!?! 😂

    • empress
      empress 5 months ago +4

      @Kenj Cruz you mean purrspective 🤧

    • FollowNRBH
      FollowNRBH 5 months ago +4

      @Huge Wang san Same here. Really wasted opportunity on the part of OP

  • Amanda Cary
    Amanda Cary 5 months ago

    Hahaha I can not believe it's taken me this long to find your channel, I legit die every video I've managed to watch .
    Can I say you are one of my new favourite TheXvidrs out there. Some how you make me laugh and put a smile on my face .
    Please don't stop I can't wait to see more lots of love from Australia

  • Inside the Cask
    Inside the Cask 4 months ago

    Thanks for the programme on Amazon Chris - that is how I found you and been watching your videos non-stop since....keep up the great work!

  • Mic M
    Mic M 5 months ago

    Ahahaha, I have Prime and I can't wait to watch it now. I love cats and I'm sure I'll enjoy your terrible presenting 😹

  • Sarah Alzaher
    Sarah Alzaher 5 months ago +1

    Can we just appreciate Chris’s Australian accent? Lmao

  • Heather Ybarra
    Heather Ybarra 5 months ago +272

    As a lover of both cats and dry British humor, I found the documentary amusing, but Sharla would have been perfect for the job 🐈‍⬛ Maybe as a co-presenter, her crazy cat lady enthusiasm could have balanced out your cynical sarcasm, making it a more palatable option for inflight entertainment~

    • Lod
      Lod 5 months ago +5

      Cat Nation 2 let's gooooo!

    • Thread Bomb
      Thread Bomb 5 months ago +3

      Yes, that's just what I was thinking! Sharla as co-presenter, or maybe Emma.

    • ザム「Zam」
      ザム「Zam」 5 months ago +12

      Crazy cat lady would be Rachael

  • HecticGlenn
    HecticGlenn 3 months ago

    Me and my partner watched the cat nation docu last night on prime, stumbled on it randomly. We're both big cat people and really enjoyed it mostly because of your presentation style and humour. We'd never watched your channel before but we've since watched a load of your videos together. We're British though and she really can't wait to visit Japan so you were pretty much preaching to the converted. Still can't believe you took the job with a cat allergy...

  • Edamnaf
    Edamnaf 5 months ago

    "It's a Cat-astrophe that you've been maligned in such a manner! I thought it was a purr-fect example of narration and had more than a whiskers length of fun and
    fact mixed together! I never hit paw-se during the whole of the fur flying presentation!" - Sherlock Bones, Ace Detective.

  • Werckle to basic
    Werckle to basic 5 months ago

    I believe that you have always had good content Chris. Honestly I would have trouble raving about cats. I have a cat and since his boyfriend died she is a lot more friendly. He said that my lamp when he can and sticks his face on whatever I am doing. It's a bit much but I don't hate her. All the rest of the time you show true enthusiasm for what you are doing. I enjoy your videos.

  • Braden Nold
    Braden Nold 5 months ago

    I’ve watched Cat Nation and I thought it was incredibly enjoyable as someone who has been a fan of Chris for years!