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  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
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  • Bo2fl
    Bo2fl 11 hours ago

    That lizard is a leopard gecko I have one

  • Darknight 657
    Darknight 657 12 hours ago

    12:30 is funny because it is the red white and blue American m&ms

  • Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger

    The thing you were wanting is called a Zebu dwarf cow

  • Michael Tiller
    Michael Tiller 21 hour ago

    4:11 why does he remind me of Freddy Mercury?

  • Michael Tiller
    Michael Tiller 21 hour ago

    Damien: “aw, look, he got a lil goth gf.”
    Me: “but do she have big tiddies?”
    May god have mercy on my soul. 😂😂😂😂

  • Mlg Charmander
    Mlg Charmander 22 hours ago

    Pause at 4:10 my man got that Freddie murcury mustache

  • Muffin Moxxy
    Muffin Moxxy Day ago

    Wait....the over hanging buildings and white wall and the pillars... Is that my city's urban outfitters.... I literally walk by that every day wtf. This guy who probs lives in my city is known on the internet ... Well shit.

  • Torterran Artist

    "Birds are always cute"
    Yeaahhhh... No. I grew up in the South West of England, and 90% of the birds you see are seagulls.

  • Tyler Furrison
    Tyler Furrison Day ago

    Damien it is Lil Jon eating fruity pebbles

  • xX _Niho_ Xx
    xX _Niho_ Xx Day ago

    He looks like the guy from KFC...

  • MagnetoDorito
    MagnetoDorito Day ago

    Dude, you're Shaggy impression is scarily accurate

  • Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!

    3:34 dude. My cousin auditioned to be the new blues clues guy.

  • Nemesis Hellman
    Nemesis Hellman Day ago

    i just spilled my entire tea down my shirt help

  • Nocake
    Nocake Day ago

    Mah names maurice

  • ian long
    ian long 2 days ago

    The pizza mob boss reminds me of a pizza place near my parents. It has been around four about 15 years and we have eaten there a few times and everytime was greatly disappointed by the quality of the food and the service. There is never any cars in the parking lot and they are open 7 days a week. There is another building a few miles away that has been 5 different pizza places in the same amount of time and they always had good food and great to average service but can't seem to make it.
    My family is now convinced that the first place is just a front for some crime boss. How else could a sh*t restaurant with no customers last while genuinely good places in the same area constantly fail?

  • Lmuzza1
    Lmuzza1 2 days ago

    If u go to 13:54, u can see one of the guys is wearing a Minecraft Creeper hat

  • M1st Animated
    M1st Animated 2 days ago +1

    I like EmKay because he puts low to be things into what I see for me being 13 I’ve already done some bad sh*t (Thanks Father...) but you put so much positivity into everything I see

  • Atomic Gaming
    Atomic Gaming 2 days ago

    First frame of video: *IF CHONKYBOI FITS CHONKYBOI SITS*

  • Mowlin6
    Mowlin6 2 days ago

    I too enjoy *squeezing bird c h e e k s*

  • Jona Jona
    Jona Jona 2 days ago

    Imagine the dad realizes that Minecraft players kill them

  • Daniel Dank
    Daniel Dank 2 days ago

    8:18 the story beyond the photo is actually a kid in the class has diabetes and the dog is his support dog and the dog was always with him so the class decided that the dog should have his own place in the year book

  • N4SCARfaN 77
    N4SCARfaN 77 2 days ago

    “Artists are amazing I love ‘em”
    Thanks Damien, I’m taking art in school, one of my artworks have been featured in the district building, which made me really happy.

  • N4SCARfaN 77
    N4SCARfaN 77 2 days ago

    This subreddit makes me cry

  • N4SCARfaN 77
    N4SCARfaN 77 2 days ago

    “Imagine living your entire life not being held a single birthday party”
    I never had a birthday party, no one I know lives close to me and likes racing, so there’s no point in wasting money. I just kinda eat some dessert with my family, get some presents, and that’s it.

  • am big dum dum read this it is big dum dum hah

    10:10 the fact that dogs don’t like birds makes this so much cuter. I know this as I have birds myself :3

  •  2 days ago

    my mans looking like Freddie mercury at 4:08 and i fear his power

  • christian mcnary
    christian mcnary 2 days ago

    9:01 I meant earth without art is just eh.

  • Just a Pastel Rainbow Alpaca

    Damien: "Don't care what you say, birds are cute!"
    Me, the owner of 4 budgerigars: "WAIT TILL WINTER SO YOU GET TO SEE ALL OF THEM FLUFF UP!!!"

  • ItsOniian
    ItsOniian 2 days ago

    Oml the game be where they. We’re reunited

  • Sir Meliodas
    Sir Meliodas 2 days ago

    Baby cow
    It's called a calf

  • Ember SpottedElk
    Ember SpottedElk 2 days ago


  • Dshstroyer House
    Dshstroyer House 3 days ago

    10:12 I did not realize there was a part of the world where durians don't grow

  • I Created An Account For This

    I am a thing

  • ❦ spooky keira ❦

    Person: I don’t care about your big ti-
    *I got Kiwi a little goth gf!*
    Also that Person: *Now I care about your goth gf*

  • antonio staying chill

    What's the episode he was talking about?

  • corgy king
    corgy king 3 days ago

    except birbs, those are real

  • noah reed
    noah reed 3 days ago

    My namien is Damien

  • rose-abyss
    rose-abyss 3 days ago

    you are so wholesome oh my god

  • Rose Wilson
    Rose Wilson 3 days ago


    I’m single as well and I know the pain bud.

    *I know the pain.*

  • EDM SNagwire
    EDM SNagwire 3 days ago

    I need to know the outro music, that shit slaps

  • Iwan Arkani
    Iwan Arkani 3 days ago +1

    My first plushie was a whinny the po. Till this day I still have it.Story time: there was a show of whinny the po and I would put him down on a pillow and then put a blanket and say to my family not to wake him up. I smile when I think about it😁😄😃(I was like 3 or 4)

  • A TrashieArtist
    A TrashieArtist 3 days ago +5

    Damien: **Praising artists**
    Me, sitting in my room: **happy ugly sobs**

  • bruchpilot747
    bruchpilot747 3 days ago

    it looks like that dog sells durians... If only it had been soursops...
    12:24 damien.... bruh... c'mon... soviet flag out of 'murica m'n'ms...

  • Krzysztof Wąsowski
    Krzysztof Wąsowski 3 days ago

    Hey welcome to EmKay where we react to the same pictures over and over and over again srsly at least try to throw in some original pictures

  • Logand Azure
    Logand Azure 3 days ago

    8:36 venom

  • Kel productions
    Kel productions 3 days ago

    Venom dog 8:33

  • Sallyanne Field
    Sallyanne Field 3 days ago

    Every video Damien posts involves him laughing for a minute straight

  • jon vega
    jon vega 4 days ago

    Is it me or is his impression like on point

  • Bluey gaming
    Bluey gaming 4 days ago


  • Zegop Mcer
    Zegop Mcer 4 days ago

    Heh, imagine being alone, i dont have to.

  • Indawoods
    Indawoods 4 days ago +2

    10:12 those are durians, by the way, I here they taste good, but they smell like corpses

  • Rainy
    Rainy 4 days ago


  • Bas Sedda
    Bas Sedda 4 days ago

    Full video for whoever is interested.

  • Eev Ee
    Eev Ee 4 days ago +5

    The fruit rhymes with Damien

    Answer: it’s a durian

  • Eev Ee
    Eev Ee 4 days ago

    Poyo 💗

  • ColonCapitalD _
    ColonCapitalD _ 4 days ago

    Bully: go to hell!
    Me: k den

  • Goku
    Goku 4 days ago

    "Nothing can beat a mega chessatron"
    That is, exept for golf

  • Husna Ara
    Husna Ara 4 days ago

    11:55 dosent the cop looks like powerbang, he's a gaming sensation btw ",. ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆

  • Macattack 1910
    Macattack 1910 4 days ago

    And then he realised that Peruvians dance around and slit alpacas throats and eat their organs mainly the hearts to help harvests
    Whilst wearing bagels
    Why not just eat the bagel

  • :3 Senpai
    :3 Senpai 5 days ago

    I know this is late but fun fact Cerberus means spotted or spot the dog that guards the underworld is named Spot