Conor McGregor wants 3 fights in 2020...WHO?

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
    Chael Sonnen talks Conor McGregor's 202 schedule. Who do you think he should fight?
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  • Fred Aragon
    Fred Aragon 22 hours ago

    So I heard you say you answer, I can't see how. I have a question, do you think that there is any possibility that the Conor McGregor fight was fixed. I know, I know, crazy, but it happens, and especially when hundreds of millions are on the line. It just seems to me that all the parts are there, a fighter close to the end, a big star returned, they just look to me the two perfect guys to do it. I'm not really sure it matters, a show is a show after all.

  • moneymaster
    moneymaster 2 days ago

    Not afraid to fight anyone and he picked to fight cerrone 😂😂😂 masvidal,gsp would be hilarious beat down.

  • Ted Salad
    Ted Salad 14 days ago

    Conor or George??? ..... Conor. Also, Somebody needs to tell George that over-exposure is a real thing. Masvidal is a star...but he is NOT, and never will be...a superstar...sorry ...

  • ct hoffman
    ct hoffman 20 days ago

    Chael "George Masvidal" Sonnen

  • Ian Harwick
    Ian Harwick 21 day ago

    Oh khabib never called out Conor LOL

  • Safari
    Safari 22 days ago

    Conor gassing at 155, so he's going to pack on more size? Bad decision on Conor's part.

  • dafrenchie59
    dafrenchie59 22 days ago

    Maybe he’s trying to build as much muscles as he can, along with getting his body &cardio to adapt to the added muscular mass in order to be as big as he can for the Khabib rematch.
    And doesn’t want the 155 weight cutting to interfere with his schedule to do so.
    I have no knowledge in training so could someone tell me if that could be plausible ?

  • run35110
    run35110 23 days ago

    Nate Diaz called out mcgregor

  • Thomas Mørk
    Thomas Mørk 23 days ago

    My guess is that GSP wants the BMF belt from Masvidal as he is one of the hottest names and he does not need to vacate the belt after worth. Moreover, it is in my opinion the one of the biggest names atm which is the easiest to beat. Furthermore, getting the BMF belt would open the door for a catch weight fight for the BMF title with Khabib. GSP is all about legacy and this is the best way as the BMF belt is perfect for legacy fights at any weight class.

  • Local Asbestos Removal

    I like Connor, I like him allot, I think he done amazing stuff for MMA but Jorge Masvidal he fucking Brutal that guy destroyed Diaz like Diaz was nothing, and Diaz was hardcore.

  • Bez Imena
    Bez Imena 24 days ago

    a kid!

    CCC BOXING 24 days ago

    Connor 3 fights should be against, Diaz 3 , masvidal , and gathje

  • Anmol Dhewaju
    Anmol Dhewaju 24 days ago

    He said that last year too. He destroyed lightweight which still is in shithole. 😂😂 3 fights my bu tttt

  • Steve Marshall
    Steve Marshall 25 days ago

    Conor can't beat kahbib that is why he is fighting 170lbs. Imho

  • Elevate Kombucha
    Elevate Kombucha 25 days ago

    Team Mazvidal Team Diaz fuck Conor

  • Elevate Kombucha
    Elevate Kombucha 25 days ago

    Nobody cares uness he's fighting Justin

  • Time To Thrive
    Time To Thrive 25 days ago

    Conor Vs Till - Liverpool

  • Darren Funk
    Darren Funk 25 days ago +1

    Jorge isnt even a top 5 star in the ufc in terms of audience draw. Conor, Khabib, Jones, Diaz, izzy, GSP if he fights again, DC even.

  • BrotherBoresIsBest
    BrotherBoresIsBest 26 days ago +1

    Jorge doesn't have any star power.

  • Mr.Mask Maker
    Mr.Mask Maker 26 days ago

    he's as much a man of his word as artem is a bigger reach than jones
    said he would ko nate twice
    said he would ko floyd
    said he would ko khabib
    said he would ko the 75 year old man

  • yash singh
    yash singh 26 days ago

    Conor is by far in every way greater than Jorge Masvidal. Makes no sense you even compare them.

  • Ben C
    Ben C 26 days ago +2

    I remember conor telling Aldo in the cage after the knockout that they would do it again. He isn't as much a man of his word as you think.

    • Joe Clow
      Joe Clow 22 days ago

      Aldo also refused to fight for the first year after the loss

    • Tony Gareth
      Tony Gareth 24 days ago

      If anyone deserved a rematch it’s Aldo! Conor did say he’d fight him again but it’ll never happen now. I want CM to win but still

  • Long Nguyễn
    Long Nguyễn 26 days ago

    Oh yeah ❓⁉️speaks plus.,take off y***m**th .,❓⁉️🤣😂😂

  • Cole Wegmann
    Cole Wegmann 26 days ago

    Cowboy, Jorge, title fight.

  • 2triggered 2comment
    2triggered 2comment 27 days ago

    Khabib definitely called Connor out a few times..
    Connor wants to beat cowboy and fight Mas Vidal for the BMF title and that fight would be a casuals dream right now. Honestly though if Connor looks really good his next fight then I think everyone in the MMA Community wants to see that.
    I also believe that most would all needs to fight either Tyron Woodley or Edwards before he gets a title shot. Beating till in London was a big deal but beating Nate and askren should not warrant a title shot with how the 170 division looks right now.
    If Connor were to get a title shot for beating Cowboy that would be a travesty. And Usman would eat Connor alive. It would just be silly.

  • Eugene Fr
    Eugene Fr 27 days ago


  • NYNJ Greeksausage
    NYNJ Greeksausage 27 days ago +8

    Masvidal bigger star than Conor? lol he's not even in that league, starpower wise.

    • moneymaster
      moneymaster 2 days ago

      Yeah but he would mangle mctapper

    • eeswar lion
      eeswar lion 25 days ago

      Yeah true but his is street Jesus soo's like a starpower clash

  • Brett Sylvester
    Brett Sylvester 28 days ago +1

    "This completely changes the parody"

    Uhhhh I think Tito has been giving Chael English lessons or something

  • Kent Hanna
    Kent Hanna 28 days ago

    Is Conor scheduled to lose a bunch more fights in 2020? Just kidding don't be triggered.

  • Chris
    Chris 28 days ago


  • Bryan Lawrenson
    Bryan Lawrenson 28 days ago +1


  • Richard Burns
    Richard Burns 28 days ago

    Atm its the ''hottest division'' and im with you on the masvidal fight & the diaz trilogy , If he wins the cowboy & masvidal fight a possible attempt at being a 3 weight champion ,which i dont think he would win but very interesting fights ahead obviously including khabib 'wont fight tony unless tonys the champion

  • vlugge jaapie
    vlugge jaapie Month ago

    NATE DIAZ CALLED AOUT CONNOR ?!?!?!>?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!!??!

  • Crease Mccann
    Crease Mccann Month ago +1

    Conor could have 3 fights next year...
    If he loses to Cowboy, it will be an immediate rematch...
    But if Conor wins, I do think he will look at Masvidal or GSP....

    • RealDarkFilm
      RealDarkFilm 26 days ago

      Lol where did you get GSP out of everything? Hes more likely to fight Masvidal and Nate, possiblbly Ferguson or Khabib. GSP is a fight he knows he has no chance at, why risk destroying his name by getting smashed by GSP

  • Jonny Chamorro14
    Jonny Chamorro14 Month ago +1

    Masvidal all the way it’s the year of the dog Connor was the old king

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern Month ago

    I think it's at 170 a) partly because of what Dana said about Conor being too small for Masvidal and b) simply because both agreed not to cut weight since both have fought at 170 before, making it a 155 fight minus the weight cut.

  • Storm 1987
    Storm 1987 Month ago +8

    *conor farts*
    Chael: let's talk about this

  • juleous camper
    juleous camper Month ago

    I thought it was 168 that Conor weighed in at on the Diaz fights

  • Part1
    Part1 Month ago

    If Conor loses to Cowboy we'll just strip Khabib and let McGregor fight Nate for the title Dana White

  • Parkinson1990
    Parkinson1990 Month ago

    What’s the beta they’re scheduled for 170lb but Conor and cowboy have organised both coming in at 165lb to push for a division??

  • Isha Gandhi
    Isha Gandhi Month ago +1

    When I saw the word "who" at the end of the title I was a little confused, I was like... WTF? Conor is gonna fight Leon Edwards?

  • Donger
    Donger Month ago

    Conor Wants to fight 3 times in 2020?

    Ok great.

  • M Rich
    M Rich Month ago

    If the real mystic mac is back then its gona go... COWBOY, STREET JESUS , USMAN

  • Ulisses K
    Ulisses K Month ago

    Gorge is the one

  • Jason Prime
    Jason Prime Month ago

    I think he’s coming in to the 170 lbs cause he doesn’t want that rematch with Khabib. Khabib totally destroyed him, and just ruined his whole fight persona. So I think he wants to come in at 170 cause of Khabib, and there are a few HUGE money fights at 170. If Connor is anything he’s a fighter BUT he’s also a very smart businessman.

  • j lindell
    j lindell Month ago

    chael can you talk in english please

  • Rutvik Sagathiya
    Rutvik Sagathiya Month ago +1

    1.cowboy. 2.masvidal and in the end of year 3.khabib....

  • Liam Warwick
    Liam Warwick Month ago

    Khabib Vs McGregor 2

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Month ago

    He keeps looking to the right 😂prolly gonna put his kid in a rear choke hold

  • jason johnson
    jason johnson Month ago

    Conor is so far up his own arse he believes he has the power to KO fighters at 170. He doesn't.
    But we can only find out.

  • Miz Miz
    Miz Miz Month ago +2

    He should give that old guy in the bar a rematch

    • Sean Matthew King
      Sean Matthew King Month ago

      The next old guy he beats up will be your dad. Then Conor will be your new daddy.

  • TeaBags 69
    TeaBags 69 Month ago +2

    Conor is a way bigger star than the journeyman Jorge Masvidal

    • jason johnson
      jason johnson Month ago

      Yesterday's news buddy.
      Jorge holds the belt and calls the shots.
      And he'd smoke Conor, Jorge fought and won on the streets and has a better all round game

  • Clown Around
    Clown Around Month ago

    Didn't Dana say Conor didn't want to cut weight twice in 3 months and wants to fight khabib after cowboy.

  • Sol Evans
    Sol Evans Month ago

    I think he will do cerone, khabib 2 then finish with Nate trilogy

  • Myke Smyth
    Myke Smyth Month ago

    Let me guess...Chael licking McGregor's balls.....I'll wait.

  • terrell knight
    terrell knight Month ago

    Man of his word??? How about when he told Aldo "we'll do it again", or when he said before Diaz 2 "widout a doubt, there will be a 3rd fight". Whaaaat? Help me out here

  • Box Addict
    Box Addict Month ago +1

    He wants cerrone Khabib and who cares the third probably Jorge

  • Brock Williams
    Brock Williams Month ago

    Chael going through puberty or has a cold?

  • WeGot Deebo
    WeGot Deebo Month ago

    Love watching Chael break it down !

  • Jordan Crowley
    Jordan Crowley Month ago

    Wrong, Conor was like that.