Do Teens Know 2000s Pop Punk Music? #4 (REACT: Do They Know It?)

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • Do Teens Know 2000s Pop Punk Music? Watch to find out!
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    Do Teens Know 2000s Pop Punk Music? #4 (REACT: Do They Know It?)
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Comments • 5 664

  • MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
    MysticStrike ForceSSJ3 15 hours ago

    RIP pop punk music.

  • Stelar
    Stelar 18 hours ago

    Reason why teenagers are shooting up schools is because nobody is able to vent their frustrations through punk rock music at least once in their life because of all the standards teens need to keep nowadays to avoid being bullied more.

  • song bird
    song bird Day ago

    MCR got more compliments than any other (raw voice, emotional, empowering) and were practically the only band where "they all sound the same to me" wasn't said.

  • SandwichWorld
    SandwichWorld Day ago

    I cant believe not one knew lifestyles of the rich and famous by Good Charlotte..

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez 2 days ago

    No AFI miss murder on the list grr...

  • Leslie A
    Leslie A 2 days ago

    I'm sad that they didn't know mcr lmao like god I feel so old now. I'm 21 😭 I guess it shows how different this generation is now ... Crazy...

  • Mark Joseph Velarde
    Mark Joseph Velarde 4 days ago

    What the actual fvck. I'm commenting watching just the beginning. Howd they not know thats what you get by paramore

  • zack core
    zack core 5 days ago

    open that acdc hood kid..

  • Sammie Stevens
    Sammie Stevens 5 days ago

    These kids have really easy lives now a days that's why they don't depend that much on music where us from my generation had nowhere to turn too but music like these where as too we all can relate ❤️these songs will live on inside people like me no matter how much time it goes

  • Blue Neighbourhood
    Blue Neighbourhood 6 days ago

    omg there is a kid from fresh off the boat!

  • Sean Duffy
    Sean Duffy 7 days ago

    these kids don't know anything smhhhh

  • bjf1124
    bjf1124 9 days ago

    love Jair..her facials are hilarious..LOL!!

  • Will Hobbs
    Will Hobbs 9 days ago

    I was hoping one of these would have Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Relient K in them, but alas... At least there was Yellowcard! Lol

  • L aura
    L aura 9 days ago

    No SUM41 or Simple Plan?! 😮

    • Will Hobbs
      Will Hobbs 9 days ago

      They're in the other episodes

  • Adric Coker
    Adric Coker 10 days ago

    We need some Taking Back Sunday

  • Dulcinel Nunez
    Dulcinel Nunez 11 days ago

    When each kid kept saying "I have no idea what it's called" while Gerard is yelling "I'm not okayyy" lol

  • CyberDroid -12
    CyberDroid -12 11 days ago

    Just asking where was three days grace

  • Jcool0
    Jcool0 12 days ago

    Weezer is NOT pop/punk!

  • Dave Degrasse
    Dave Degrasse 14 days ago

    Get Claudia in here she was killing it in the other pop punk reacts

  • Josias Nicolini
    Josias Nicolini 14 days ago

    Where are the Simple Plan classics on those lists? Perfect and Welcome to my life should not be out

  • stephane zhang
    stephane zhang 15 days ago

    if i was interviewed im definately gonna tear the place apart

  • Icefrost Steelwolfe
    Icefrost Steelwolfe 15 days ago

    here in asia these songs are our teenage years anthem..

  • chalicke
    chalicke 15 days ago +1

    Yes, I was in high school from 2001-2005, but I knew all of these. Easily. I was pretty surprised to hear The Starting Line tbh.

  • Amit Pery
    Amit Pery 15 days ago

    You made 4 of these pop-punk videos and only one has blink-182. I'm mildly upset

  • potatofries with ketchup

    Its paramore guys cmon. Im dying here lol

  • neekbot
    neekbot 17 days ago +1

    Who invited reviewbrah

  • Inaya Taqiyah
    Inaya Taqiyah 17 days ago


  • Tom Needham
    Tom Needham 18 days ago

    Loves weezer doesn't know hashpipe 😭

  • mycharmingromance
    mycharmingromance 18 days ago

    IT'S NOT A PHASE MOM !!!!!!

  • Juda Nana
    Juda Nana 22 days ago

    Good Charlotte and Jimmy Eat World no one ? i feel really old ATM !

  • alexa alcala
    alexa alcala 22 days ago

    dude bruh Im 27 and Im still in love with these songs. favorite genre to revisit so nostalgic

  • Emma Braidot
    Emma Braidot 23 days ago

    yeah, this one was a total wreck, just wanted to say, i love how dash might be the youngest there, and yet has grown man vibes.

  • ava !
    ava ! 23 days ago


  • Riya Naik
    Riya Naik 23 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who knew all the songs from all 4 videos? 😂

  • Aicah Sarah Flores
    Aicah Sarah Flores 25 days ago

    Oh no they need some MCR and Paramore to fully live the 2000's

  • Aicah Sarah Flores
    Aicah Sarah Flores 25 days ago

    How does one not know paramore? I mean... how's that even possible???

  • goatinstein
    goatinstein 25 days ago

    I think I just died a little inside.

  • Reese Shroyer
    Reese Shroyer 25 days ago

    I wish you did more Simple Plan!

  • Mcmillan Khonglah
    Mcmillan Khonglah 26 days ago

    Dammm man your missing quality music, thats made up by pure emotions , and not by beep beep, boop Boop, bass bass bass

  • ysabelle laxamana
    ysabelle laxamana 27 days ago +1

    they should at LEAST know MCR omg
    *disappointed but not surprised*

  • Julix Potatoe
    Julix Potatoe 28 days ago

    Im not okay after seeing this

  • Vianca Rica Umali
    Vianca Rica Umali 28 days ago +1

    wtf how can you not know mcr and paramore?

  • sydney xo
    sydney xo 28 days ago

    hi i did not know any songs but I’m not okay are you proud of me

  • Lily Michaels
    Lily Michaels 28 days ago

    Savior by Rise Against. It’s still featured Im video games and all sorts of things. Rise against is legendary in their political views and making a difference through music. They’re the best.

  • The Sleeping
    The Sleeping 29 days ago

    Life styles of the rich of the famous always reminds me of that Dune buggy episode from Drake and Josh

  • AkiBoi
    AkiBoi Month ago

    That one kid makes me think of the review of the week.

  • Winston Dejesus
    Winston Dejesus Month ago

    the bald kid is right in the end of the video.

  • Caroline Lee
    Caroline Lee Month ago

    I cant believe that no one got I'm not okay except for one person and they didnt know it was mcr, like WTF

  • Andix Ardianzyah
    Andix Ardianzyah Month ago

    different with me, only Live indonesia but knew it some

  • Laura Inez
    Laura Inez Month ago +4

    gerard way sings "i'm not okay" at least ten times
    girl: "omg i cant remember what it's called"

  • KneeSea
    KneeSea Month ago

    I didn’t know the starting line song. That’s it. It hurts watching these kids tho. I feel old.

  • xrizbira
    xrizbira Month ago

    How a Ninja Turtle know about Pop Punk

  • anthony castillo
    anthony castillo Month ago +1

    I simply can not believe that no one knew "I'm Not Okay"

  • anthony castillo
    anthony castillo Month ago

    COME ON!! HASH PIPE!?!?!?!

  • jaycee espiritu santo

    How young are these people geez

  • lily robinson
    lily robinson Month ago +9

    MCR starts playing: YESS
    Me: ??
    Me: oh, clearly you didn’t live then

  • Chris Schuler
    Chris Schuler Month ago

    Dude 90s skate punk lol offspring nofx sum 41 lagwagon rancid throw some ska in too, reel big fish aquabats lol

  • Laura Whall
    Laura Whall Month ago

    "I *liked* Weezer"

  • Laura Whall
    Laura Whall Month ago

    *LIFESYLES OF THE RICH AND THE FAMOUS!* MY favourite Good Charlotte Song

  • Brandon McCoy
    Brandon McCoy Month ago +2

    No Taking Back Sunday in a single one of the videos?! Criminally underrated back in the day and even more criminally underrated now. Best band of that era.