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Do Teens Know 2000s Pop Punk Music? #4 (REACT: Do They Know It?)


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  • Anthony Mosquera L.
    Anthony Mosquera L. 5 hours ago

    Creo que ellos son de Narnia xD

  • Bri Lothes
    Bri Lothes 5 hours ago

    Please have teens or someone react to Whitechapel or AFI!

  • Hyde your wife
    Hyde your wife 5 hours ago

    Adam is crying right now

  • Cliffoconda! At The My Chemical Green Day

    Being 17 and knowing all of thease songs makes me feel kinda lonely in this generation

  • mickey is scared
    mickey is scared 6 hours ago

    How do none of these guys know these songs. I'm 13 and these r my favorite songs😭😭😭😭

  • Hit That Fat NUT
    Hit That Fat NUT 6 hours ago

    *screams I'm not okay* oh I know this one but I can't remember the name

  • Emily Miles
    Emily Miles 8 hours ago

    where are my fellow 13 year olds screaming at youtube all the song titles/bands

  • Tim R
    Tim R 10 hours ago

    I see Gerard I click

  • Aiyana Levina
    Aiyana Levina 13 hours ago

    All the former emo kids are quaking rn

  • Dodi Reza
    Dodi Reza 16 hours ago

    Can you put these Awesome Songs for Next Episode?
    I'm pretty sure these Awesome Songs weren't mentioned before ;) thanks

  • Falcon Wolfe
    Falcon Wolfe 18 hours ago

    NA na na by my chemical romance and please do a teens react to Palaye Royale

  • blaga19
    blaga19 19 hours ago +1

    teens react to papa roach

  • MrDakota776
    MrDakota776 21 hour ago

    5:45 when someone says yo listen to this new song

  • TheD1amondM1ne - IceyD1amond

    im gnna miss these Pop Punk Reactions in a few years. They are so good and I love seeing if I know any of them. I knew most of these except from Starting Line. The others I knew.

  • Hristo Petev
    Hristo Petev 23 hours ago

    but those kids are clueless oh jeez...

  • kamryn haake
    kamryn haake 23 hours ago

    i uh know all these songs and i’m 13???

  • Mitchell Sidebottom
    Mitchell Sidebottom 23 hours ago

    Kind of surprised by the 0/8 on MCR.

  • Anthony Rock
    Anthony Rock 23 hours ago

    All of them uncultered

  • Jakeasaurus01
    Jakeasaurus01 Day ago

    No new found glory? All time low? Adtr? Bowling for soup?

  • lheanna games and vlogs

    im barely a teen and yet i knew every single one

  • Julianna Scully
    Julianna Scully Day ago

    Did any of these kids actually have an emo phase? 😂

  • Montana Church
    Montana Church Day ago

    *MCR plays*
    me: SCREAMING every word
    Them: I just see their fan art with like the little marching dude
    Me: you are a disgrace to our generation 😂

  • Ryan Farrugia
    Ryan Farrugia Day ago

    Have metalcore next!

  • DavieG2
    DavieG2 Day ago

    i was born in 2002 and knew ALL of these songs. its about priority kids!!!

  • DSH1904
    DSH1904 Day ago

    Do Nu Metal!

  • TheHappyxcamper1

    Just goes to show how little these bands matter in the music world...just like the crap on the radio now.

  • conlan gooch
    conlan gooch Day ago

    I know MCR are still popular!!

  • conlan gooch
    conlan gooch Day ago

    IS the kid in the brown leather jacket famous???????

  • conlan gooch
    conlan gooch Day ago

    ME... okay

  • Pj
    Pj Day ago

    I went crazy when they played Best Of Me by The Starting Line, I feel so nostalgic I just wanna go back to my childhood 😭

  • Giovanni Piccione

    Omg I been waiting so long for another 2000s punk pop!!

  • mickie Leanne
    mickie Leanne Day ago

    This is just sad

  • Melkor Mage
    Melkor Mage Day ago

    That Filipino kid is so attractive.

  • Melkor Mage
    Melkor Mage Day ago

    Sorry kid. U were born at the wrong generation.

  • Mr cs93
    Mr cs93 Day ago

    if you notice in almost every teen video where this blond girl appears she knows almost ALL bands but doesn't get any of them xD

  • GiantShouter
    GiantShouter Day ago

    Pop punk = Dear maria count me in

  • Phoebe Roose
    Phoebe Roose Day ago

    I'm not okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  • Handrian Wiguna
    Handrian Wiguna Day ago

    I'm not okay with this

  • My chemical Romance

    I’m not okay

  • Bella Marshall
    Bella Marshall Day ago +1

    “cOmE oN pEopLe tHiS iS gOoD muSiC”
    *doesn’t know one song*

  • Maddy Murderscene

    I’m 12 and Ik them all and I’m so sad that no one got mcr

  • jjroxursox
    jjroxursox Day ago

    This is just ,,,,,,,,,sad

  • Zee 115
    Zee 115 Day ago

    Lmao where the hell is new found glory? Weezer and jimmy are not even pop punk tf you guys.

  • Dj Snifflez
    Dj Snifflez Day ago

    Lol MCR is not pop punk

  • Biscuit Barbadensis

    I'm more shook that no one knew jimmy eat world or starting line

    This turned out to be a try not to sing along challenge LOL

  • daniel514ish
    daniel514ish Day ago

    Weezer is not pop punk

  • Antonio Leonardi

    None of them have heard the starting line and I still listen to them in 2019

  • The light gamer 101

    Demolition lovers by my chemical romance

  • Triatan Albrecht

    Ok now nu metal from 90s and early 2000s

  • Edward Thompson
    Edward Thompson Day ago

    Teens, college people or young adults reacting to 2010's pop punk (All Time Low, The Story So Far, Neck Deep, A Day To Rember, etc.) 😁😁😁

  • Just Another Boring Loser

    Half of these are on my playlist. I'm 14.

  • Benjamin Keller
    Benjamin Keller Day ago

    This makes me sad and want to go back in time.

  • LøcalBanditø
    LøcalBanditø 2 days ago

    as an emo kid im offended at the kid who said "kids going through emo phase" < its a lifestyle kid and the fact nobody knew the song ( Im Not Ok ) is not okay

  • Captain Crab
    Captain Crab 2 days ago

    No one got MCR... I'M DONE!!!

  • Dalløn at best
    Dalløn at best 2 days ago

    "Omg I love Weezer" ...... has never heard hash pipe

  • Captain Crab
    Captain Crab 2 days ago


  • Rae Duffield
    Rae Duffield 2 days ago

    Omg never felt younger as a teen! Only knew one lmao

  • palaye fan
    palaye fan 2 days ago

    How the heck did they not recognize My Chemical Romance???

  • Court
    Court 2 days ago

    This video physically pains me

  • Carmine Lillo
    Carmine Lillo 2 days ago

    They broke my heart without knowing the best of me by the starting line.

  • Jimmyjazz 39
    Jimmyjazz 39 2 days ago

    I knew all of them (16 btw) i should be on this show

  • LNxTCB
    LNxTCB 2 days ago +1

    I like how I have to verbally say the answer to validate that I know every single song, haha.

  • Oliver Marius Stingu


  • Jamie Sunshine
    Jamie Sunshine 2 days ago

    MCR is NOT pop punk. Redefine your categories xD

  • IssaDude
    IssaDude 2 days ago

    Expected much more bangers from this
    Honestly this isnt okay either, Gerard..

  • James Hogg
    James Hogg 2 days ago

    I’m 12 and I new all of them

  • James Hogg
    James Hogg 2 days ago +1

    “Mcr are still pretty popular”


  • Adam White
    Adam White 2 days ago

    Wow okay this was disgraceful

  • Joseph Castillo
    Joseph Castillo 2 days ago

    Do one of heavy metal

  • maxwell munan
    maxwell munan 2 days ago

    Nowadays is mumble rap era.. you know what i mean? Lol. We back then have lot of meaningful music. Pop punk is one of it

  • hack jam33
    hack jam33 2 days ago

    I could name like 1000 cos I'm a full-on punk with mohawk and everything but I'm just going to name three 😂 1 my evil ways but nearly deads 2 novacane by fit for rivals and 3 rot by lacey sturm

  • Gabby Skylit
    Gabby Skylit 2 days ago

    THROW AWAY THESE use for them.

  • shawn cypret
    shawn cypret 2 days ago

    I wonder if anybody knows that Jimmy eat world is a Christian rock band or punk band or whatever

  • Crystal Ortega
    Crystal Ortega 2 days ago

    It's all down hill after good Charlotte

  • Alex Dimaculangan
    Alex Dimaculangan 2 days ago

    Paramore and mcr are emo not pop punk hahahahah

  • Ron Michael Macias
    Ron Michael Macias 2 days ago


  • TalentZ
    TalentZ 2 days ago

    They know way more than I thought lmao

  • SomethingLame
    SomethingLame 2 days ago

    The kids won't be okay.

  • JoshBeut
    JoshBeut 2 days ago

    Welp. I'm old.

  • Kalpataru A.I
    Kalpataru A.I 2 days ago

    They just born in different generation, thats it

  • Lance Miller
    Lance Miller 2 days ago


  • RockBassTv
    RockBassTv 2 days ago

    Weezer is very violent !!! I'm 28 and feel sooo freakin old now...

  • Callum Eddy
    Callum Eddy 2 days ago

    can we all agree that mcr isn’t pop punk? there’s a big difference between blink-182 and mcr

  • destiny j
    destiny j 2 days ago

    The last song is my favorite by mcr

  • DOC -BIG
    DOC -BIG 2 days ago

    No Green Day, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco? Hello?

  • adventure failure
    adventure failure 2 days ago

    How don’t you know I’m not okay what the heck I am freaking out

  • adventure failure
    adventure failure 2 days ago

    6:18 you got to be shiting me what the hell

  • La Compañera De Risas

    "Oh god I know this, but I can't remember what it's called"
    Gerard Way: * screaming 'I'm not okay' in the distance*

  • Pintobean_13 Gaming
    Pintobean_13 Gaming 2 days ago

    MCR as POP PUNK?! No way

  • Mandogy - Games
    Mandogy - Games 2 days ago +1

    I'm not Okay is what got into MCR in 5th grade

  • Wimborneo
    Wimborneo 2 days ago

    wow didn't expect american hi-fi in this

  • Dameon A. Monsanto
    Dameon A. Monsanto 2 days ago +1

    Next Up Is Gonna Be Some Modern Pop Punk Music.

  • Corey R
    Corey R 2 days ago

    At least they knew Paramore

  • Corey R
    Corey R 2 days ago

    9:23 YES

  • Franco Burgos
    Franco Burgos 2 days ago

    I like have that necessity of kicking everyone in the face especially the one with glasses

  • Tyler Webster
    Tyler Webster 2 days ago

    If they think this stuff goes hard or violent I’d love to see them react to some heavy metal.

  • Miguel Burbano
    Miguel Burbano 2 days ago

    Feel sad for this kid

  • mygreenromanceathedisco {}[]

    Me: *sees gerard* *clicks*

  • sirgreifalot999 sirgreifalot999

    Do kids react to punk rock

  • paranovafiles
    paranovafiles 3 days ago

    I'm the kid going through the emo phase in his senior year lol