Manchester United vs. Liverpool analysis: VAR strikes again | Premier League

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Frank Leboeuf and Steve Nicol react to the use of VAR in Liverpool’s 1-1 draw vs. Manchester United. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp criticised the outcome of the VAR review on Marcus Rashford’s opening goal for Man United, which he says should have been overturned because of a “clear foul” on Divock Origi by Victor Lindelof.
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Comments • 703

  • Lfc legend FC
    Lfc legend FC 3 days ago

    Martin atkinson is the reason var is not working )

  • mohd hanafi09
    mohd hanafi09 15 days ago

    surely it a free kick coz if not, surely origi will get a yellow card for diving....simple...end of the story...

  • Masted 2323
    Masted 2323 17 days ago

    It was never a foul ,Mane also hand balled .deserving score is 1-1

  • James Temlong
    James Temlong 18 days ago

    "Contact" on left knee but he holds his right ankle.

  • abu bakar
    abu bakar 19 days ago

    Got knocked at left side of the leg but holding it at the right side of leg, good acting though origi, nice try liverfool

  • Steve O
    Steve O 22 days ago

    We need the referees mic’d up

  • Washim Hassen Ally
    Washim Hassen Ally 22 days ago +2

    Its clear the referee is a manu fans

  • Alexander Kvamli
    Alexander Kvamli 22 days ago

    Spot on guys !!!! 👍

  • Radeshini Pillay
    Radeshini Pillay 22 days ago

    We cime

  • Thomas SP
    Thomas SP 22 days ago +1

    Everyone who think it was a foul, you can stick your head up where the sun doesn’t shine!!!!!!!

  • Pinchedi
    Pinchedi 22 days ago

    Broadcast the damned conversations between refs!

  • Xia Pete
    Xia Pete 22 days ago

    Bad refereeing and bad VAR operators are not a good combo.Any team playing against ManU.with Atkinson Refereeing and Mr Magoo doing Hawkeye are up against it .
    It works in any other sport far better than football.

  • bob joe
    bob joe 22 days ago

    ffs how much do then guys get paid VAR cant overturn the goal as it was not a red card tackle (and they did look at it for that) , the only ones muddying the water is pundits not knowing the rules

  • Yves Khan
    Yves Khan 22 days ago +4

    Martin "MAN UTD" Atkinson was the best player United had out there today, he controlled the game for them and did everything possible for them except score himself 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Farooq Adam
    Farooq Adam 23 days ago +1

    Its time for Atkinson to retire. Apology if i got his name :-)

  • Carl Ranger
    Carl Ranger 23 days ago

    Wasn't a foul. You ABU tossers.

  • Reynaldo Villasenor
    Reynaldo Villasenor 23 days ago

    No foul

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 23 days ago

    Nice to see Nicole crying like little girl lol.

  • Prithvi
    Prithvi 23 days ago +1

    If the decision was the other way around dan dey wud hve a different opinion on Manunited.....and dey wud say negative about ManU

  • Callam OConnor
    Callam OConnor 23 days ago

    We should simply hear what the VAR and Ref are saying.

  • kwstas kwsta
    kwstas kwsta 23 days ago

    When Chelsea s goal against Liverpool was canceled then yeah VAR was fair and good. Accept the draw you red faggots.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui 23 days ago

      Atkinson a utd legend!!!! New manager for sure

  • varun gurjar
    varun gurjar 23 days ago

    Now players should down with every touch rolling on the floor.

  • BattleKid619
    BattleKid619 23 days ago +1

    By the laws of the game if you go through the back of someone, make contact with them and not the ball, that is a foul. So lets just clear that right up. And in that game Liverpool had 14 fouls given against them. 14! I am willing to bet any money that at least 4 of them had the same amount or even less contact than Origi's.
    So what does this say, well one of a few things.

    1. Atkinson had a serious bias in favour of United because 6 fouls v 14 is absolutely fucking ridiculous no matter what team it is against, and Young and Rojo should have been booked multiple times. Young in particular as their was one instance where he slid through the back of TAA and cleaned him out of it and never even got close to the ball.
    2. VAR is being maniupluated to aid a few people, be it bookies, the FA or anyone, because this season is being absolutely ruined thanks to idiot ref's and even bigger idiots behind the poxy screens and the only explanation for this level of stupidity on their behalf, is a few brown envelopes arriving at their doors.
    3. The rules are a shambolic mess and need to be ironed out big time. Craig said it as good as any pundit i have ever heard "This clear and obvious rhetoric needs to be stuck up where the sun dont shine.

  • caSSiuS ebankS
    caSSiuS ebankS 23 days ago

    The Refs are working together to sabotage the system.

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout 23 days ago

    Var like💰🥴

  • Matt Butterfield
    Matt Butterfield 23 days ago

    Origi rolling around grabbing the wrong leg...

  • Dave Clare
    Dave Clare 23 days ago

    The rugby union puts VAR to shame the way they do it.

  • Sim Stander
    Sim Stander 23 days ago

    I really think there should be a post match press conference for referees. We won’t to know what we’re they thinking

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout 23 days ago

      Did he even make fucking contact with Origi? It actually looked from most angles like he kicked between his legs. If there was contact, it was almost non-existent. Origi went

  • Samuel Mann
    Samuel Mann 23 days ago

    No annoying music... Perfect. Just beautiful.

  • The Kobster 05
    The Kobster 05 23 days ago

    The issue is Mark Riley, head of refereeing, doesn’t allow refs to go and look at the screen.
    Honestly go commit pass away

  • Luke Wakeford
    Luke Wakeford 23 days ago +1

    2018 VAR signs for Tottenham
    2019 VAR signs for Man u

  • Kats Jovan
    Kats Jovan 23 days ago

    And van dijke on james wasnt a foul? hmm

  • Johnny10gunz
    Johnny10gunz 23 days ago +1

    This is on the scale of Tyson Fury being robbed.

  • whtwht
    whtwht 23 days ago

    Craig and Frank knows..The refs are keeping quiet and back their own. The VAR operaters should be independent.

  • Crime & Justice TV
    Crime & Justice TV 23 days ago

    Football changed. Footballers became athletes. Thus the game needed an extra ref & 2 extra linesman. VAR is overkill.

  • Jim Cherian
    Jim Cherian 23 days ago +1

    Atkinson a utd legend!!!! New manager for sure

  • Michael Nakwapo
    Michael Nakwapo 23 days ago

    Liverpool 25 points. Manchester United plus ➕ Arsenal 25 points

  • T Boy
    T Boy 23 days ago

    Ole... has to defend his job

  • Cameron Hansen
    Cameron Hansen 23 days ago


  • LA vi en ros Masno
    LA vi en ros Masno 23 days ago

    Dont judge a tools, but who used that

  • Geoff Jones
    Geoff Jones 23 days ago

    Inevitablely the Premier League will be decided by VAR not how the clubs or referees perform

  • carbono tostino
    carbono tostino 23 days ago

    No chance of the obvious foul on Origi being called, Atkinson on the pitch, Moss on the sideline and a junior ref at Stockley Park!

  • Niall Kearney
    Niall Kearney 23 days ago

    do what they do in rugby. Have the conversations on audio and let the people who are reviewing the incident and let them make the decision. Its works there

  • FreeKickerz_Portland
    FreeKickerz_Portland 23 days ago

    Did he even make fucking contact with Origi? It actually looked from most angles like he kicked between his legs. If there was contact, it was almost non-existent. Origi went down quicker than Alexis Texas on a Friday. Stop trying to suggest every bit of contact is a foul nowadays. You idiots need to learn people aren't made of glass

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 23 days ago

    We shouldn't have needed VAR to beat the worst ManU team in years. We just didn't turn up and made an absolute mockery of "Our Identity is Intensity". Loudest wake-up call against one of the poorest teams in the division at present. Need to bounce back pronto! YNWA

  • Miaty Jhane
    Miaty Jhane 23 days ago +1

    Var like💰🥴

  • Mikel Cividanes Bertini

    People say the same thing in Spain haha

  • Toby
    Toby 23 days ago +2

    not even this game look at watford and spurs. clear pen for watford and nothing

    • brian bates
      brian bates 23 days ago

      Not to mention Ali clearly hit the ball with his arm (not even that close to the shoulder) and VAR didn't disallow it

  • ajw_4real
    ajw_4real 23 days ago

    THE VAR MATTERS NOW BECAUSE UNITED SCORED ON A FOUL. You all only wanted United to loose so you can have something to laugh about. But United was far superior over Liverpool. Give the credit when it’s deserved. You people sickens me to my stomach.

  • Zahin Vishnu
    Zahin Vishnu 23 days ago

    Why do I even click on these clowns.

  • Youssef Ossama
    Youssef Ossama 23 days ago

    These shitheads will say anything before admitting how fool they were for not giving united a slight chance before the game

  • bob rail
    bob rail 23 days ago

    Var a huge mistake in present form always seems to agree with referee or not clear enough to decide 💩💩💩💩

  • Andrew Bellis
    Andrew Bellis 23 days ago +1

    Lol what is this guy taking about “feeling the foul” what am idiot.

  • C52 FC
    C52 FC 23 days ago

    If you watch the game the ref waved it on, therefore overruling VAR before they can get involved, the ref called it, all that above is just nonsense. Fact

  • Dan DA little Man
    Dan DA little Man 23 days ago +1

    Martin Atkinson is Hitler brought to life!!

  • Omar Adam
    Omar Adam 23 days ago

    Man loserpool fanboi club right there!!!

  • SCBiscuit13
    SCBiscuit13 24 days ago +1

    Maybe rewind 5 minutes before the goal and disallow it. Cry me a river he was diving, no faul.

  • jevi R9
    jevi R9 24 days ago

    Woow his tos literally brush against origi leg he dive and y'all mad about it not being call. When Suarez dive y'all praise him. Idk what you get paid for.

    • Darkfloyd
      Darkfloyd 23 days ago +2

      He kicked the back of his calf, ever played football, thought not, dickhead.

  • Entertainment Expresso

    Craig hate man utd so much that he want to call lindelof’s leg shoving origi’s thigh a foul. You guy must be blind not to see it all on those advanced technology in your studio. So blunt of you guys.🤯

  • mewe1771
    mewe1771 24 days ago

    Pundits talking nonsense. Just because there is contact does not make it a foul. Maybe 6ft 2 15 stone Origi stood stand up like a man rather than fall to ground like a bundle of washing because someone brushes his calf. Whilst rolling about on the floor he was holding the wrong leg...says was a clear dive, just like Mane's against Leicester...