Billie Eilish - Getting Older (TIME ABC Performance 2021)

  • Published on Sep 19, 2021
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  • agbdavid
    agbdavid 8 months ago +942

    Fact: billie is a person who can make people's days better

  • Kel Pete
    Kel Pete 7 months ago +1751

    It's ironic, she's so young, yet somehow she has the depth and insight of someone who has had a lot of life experience.

    • Mesal Gear Solid
      Mesal Gear Solid 21 day ago

      @Joshua Shaffer The reason her music is more unique is BECAUSE it's separated from the usual pop music producers. It's her and her brother. Which people seem to not understand that a lot of music is written by more than one person.
      Not saying this is you but a big issue I have with people trying to devalue Billie Eilish as an artist is that it's totally a double standard. They most likely listen to bands made up of a group of people who all collaborate on the song writing process. Examples like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen and pretty much any other band you can think of all have songs most of the band members worked on to write (with some exception) and these people are considered royalty of music. But when it's a modern day popular artist who goes by her own name rather than a band name despite being VERY transparent about her brother's involvement, suddenly she's talentless and does none of the work. No, it's a collaborative process with varying amounts of effort from BOTH parties.

    • Ryan R.
      Ryan R. 3 months ago

      Its not just Billie, her brother Finneas is equal to his sister in that regard :)

    • Courtney C. Rich
      Courtney C. Rich 3 months ago +1

      Oh man ya I am 48 in March and this powerful woman has healed me in confidence somehow pink never reached my soul in all her years of work.
      It’s weird how I can almost find myself exiting the same story lines of her songs and find a strength and healing as her body of work is played out.
      Straight up weird at my age but she is the only female artist with this type of healing talent.
      I thank goodness for her and I believe many generations of women to come will be able to find peace sooner

    • Metroplex
      Metroplex 3 months ago

      what irony?

  • S. Danial
    S. Danial 8 months ago +887

    This song always hits me . It's very vulnerable and honest. Raw and very upfront. I cried because every verse echoes in my head. Growing up is hard, reality is hard but all we can do is just hold on to it, and promise ourselves that we'll stay sane. It'll get better and we'll be fine eventually. I know that for a fact

    • Tasneem Phalasiya
      Tasneem Phalasiya 2 months ago

      @A G. Please explain your comment. 30s... Sucidal... Pharma?

    • Eylül Çalışkan
      Eylül Çalışkan 3 months ago

      i needed that,thank you ❤

    • Johnathan Adams
      Johnathan Adams 3 months ago

      @A G. Wait you have my full attention...can you please explain how is she able make people suicidal . And for what reason does she have for doing this .. and how exactly do you know this
      Please respond to me. Can you take some time out of your day and answer my question

  • Iannelli, Gina
    Iannelli, Gina 7 months ago +822

    Truthfully, this performance just sold me on this song. Wow, wow, wow. She's incredible, Finneas is genius- but we all knew that. Finneas really seems to put himself in her shoes when he accompanies her, making the performances that much more genuine. & the way he looks at her, in awe of her growth as an artist and person. Just love the support they have for each other.

    • Davenie Falconett
      Davenie Falconett 7 months ago +11

      You are so right! That Finneas brother glance. He always supports her. And so Billie I hope.

    • richnfamous
      richnfamous 7 months ago +25

      to be honest: I don't think either would be as good without the other. it's hard to tell where Billie ends and Finneas starts in their artistry... like the Coen Brothers (filmmakers), it's as if they're one person who just happen to be two

  • Midnight The Paradise
    Midnight The Paradise 6 months ago +301

    I’ve cried since i’ve heard this song: i’m really happy that billie now is happy in her body and with her feelings❤️love u billie, we’re still growing up with you

  • Chrissy Meri
    Chrissy Meri 8 months ago +930

    This song is so beautiful and vulnerable. So honest. As if she's singing a passage directly out of her personal journal.

    • Chrissy Meri
      Chrissy Meri 4 months ago +1

      @Phillip Bashford she just turned 20 actually 🙃

    • Bloom Australia
      Bloom Australia 7 months ago +1

      @Phillip Bashford 20. And she has a lot of life experience already for someone so young.. more than most people :)

    • Phillip Bashford
      Phillip Bashford 7 months ago

      @Amy McGraw-Pate yeah my bad :-) Sorry

    • Crystal Amethyst
      Crystal Amethyst 7 months ago +5

      @Phillip Bashford I don't know if you're a billie fan, but probably not .
      If you were you would know what kind of things she went through😢
      And FYI she's turning 20 this December.

    • Phillip Bashford
      Phillip Bashford 7 months ago

      personal journey lol! she's is like 18 yers old!

  • Tadamori Yagi
    Tadamori Yagi 4 months ago +59

    As someone in their 40s, I really relate to this song(and a lot of her other songs too.) It's so amazing how much depth as an artist she has, and at such a young age. Finneas too. Both of them are so talented. The refrain to this song always gets me so emotional. It's so beautiful and captures so well the feeling of transience and enigma that comes with realizing how, through the passage of time and what you've encountered in life, you've changed as a person. And the person you've become is so much more mature but also different from how you were or how you thought you'd be.

    • Tadamori Yagi
      Tadamori Yagi 3 months ago

      @A G. whut...?

    • Tadamori Yagi
      Tadamori Yagi 4 months ago +5

      one thing I really like about the refrain, I don't know if it's intentional in the songwriting, is the way she sings "weird" and how the melody just floats in the air like a feather... The way she sings it, it sounds like she might be singing "easy"... but then it turns out she's actually singing "weird". To me, this really captures how when you're starting out in life, when you're young and "untarnished", you might think life overall is gonna be smooth sailing, maybe even easy. Like a kid's movie. But then, real shit happens and it doesn't go as expected or the results are completely sideways and don't make sense and you realize you had it all wrong before, and then it just becomes weird. I don't know if that was intentional in the composition, but if it was that's some great songwriting.

  • Salsa Arvi
    Salsa Arvi 6 months ago +543

    I'm getting older, I think I'm aging well
    I wish someone had told me I'd be doing this by myself
    There's reasons that I'm thankful, there's a lot I'm grateful for
    But it's different when a stranger's always waiting at your door
    Which is ironic 'cause the strangers seem to want me more
    Than anyone before (anyone before)
    Too bad they're usually deranged
    Last week, I realized I crave pity
    When I retell a story, I make everything sound worse
    Can't shake the feeling that I'm just bad at healing
    And maybe that's the reason every sentence sounds rehearsed
    Which is ironic because when I wasn't honest, I was still being ignored
    (Lying for attention just to get neglection)
    Now we're estranged
    Things I once enjoyed (ah-ah)
    Just keep me employed now
    Things I'm longing for
    Someday, I'll be bored of
    It's so weird
    That we care so much until we don't
    I'm getting older, I've got more on my shoulders
    But I'm getting better at admitting when I'm wrong
    I'm happier than ever, at least that's my endeavor
    To keep myself together and prioritize my pleasure
    'Cause to be honest, I just wish that what I promise
    Would depend on what I'm given (not on his permission)
    (Wasn't my decision) to be abused, mmm
    Things I once enjoyed
    Just keep me employed now
    Things I'm longing for, mmh
    Someday, I'll be bored of
    It's so weird
    That we care so much until we don't
    But next week, I hope I'm somewhere laughing
    For anybody asking, I promise I'll be fine
    I've had some trauma, did things I didn't wanna
    Was too afraid to tell ya, but now, I think it's time

    • Marina
      Marina 5 months ago +1

      thanks !

    • Sharanya Mukherji
      Sharanya Mukherji 5 months ago +14

      Things I once enjoyed,
      Are keeping me employed
      Things I'm longing for,
      Someday I'll be bored of :")
      Dude why am I crying at this 😔
      Just why I can't be a kid again? Back in my small town, roaming amidst the trees and fields, looking at clear blue skies...

    • Maria Pereira
      Maria Pereira 6 months ago +5


    • __
      __ 6 months ago +1


  • Arthur Grey
    Arthur Grey 7 months ago +159

    As a fellow survivor, this song always cuts really deep. This performance brought out more emotions than the others. As silly as it may seem, this song has helped me process all that I've gone through so far and I cannot thank you, Billie, and Finneas, nearly enough.

  • Peter John
    Peter John 5 months ago +76

    If I had teenage kids, I'd want them to listen to Billie Eilish. What a beautiful song.

    • siriuslymeva
      siriuslymeva 3 months ago +4

      @A G. you forget to take your meds?

  • Helios Deep
    Helios Deep 8 months ago +3942

    It’s incredible by how much of an inspiration she is.

    • Dylan Kai
      Dylan Kai 29 days ago

      she really is

    • Khojane Lelala
      Khojane Lelala 3 months ago

      @Robin Skull I don't think it's within your best interests to put certain artists down to try and make yourself look better, at least I *hope* not. 😂

    • nickiMj
      nickiMj 4 months ago

      @Robin Skull 😄🤡

  • Natalie Slater
    Natalie Slater Month ago +15

    I’m not one to post comments, but this was my first time listening to this song and damn the lyrics to each and every single word struck me emotionally. When I heard the verse “things I once enjoyed, just keep me employed now”, I threw my phone to floor literally and shut down crying. Billie, you have no idea how much I relate to your words. I wish I can meet you and simply give you a hug - THANK YOU

    • Kristin
      Kristin 25 days ago

      Teacher? Just a shot in the dark. ✌🏿🫀🤘🏼

  • Emily Abbey
    Emily Abbey 7 months ago +244

    Favorite song at the moment. Speaks to my soul.

  • Emma Daley
    Emma Daley 8 months ago +149

    You're a once in a generation kind of musician.. I hope you find your peace and continue to make these songs that hit us all so hard.

  • jean prophete
    jean prophete 7 months ago +114

    Man I wish I could find this version on Spotify

  • M
    M 2 months ago +18

    This song represents so well the 18-19-20 year-old-phase. Leaving high school and trying new things, I feel it

  • Emi Grierson
    Emi Grierson 3 months ago +14

    This song is wonderful in all the possible aspects, but definitely, the most inspiring element of it is the honesty it's made of. How many times we've written songs we think we could never show or sing in front of others, even though we'd like to take it all out? And there she is, 19 years old, singing this. Damn. What courage. I'm so glad she gave us this, it feels so comforting and intimate, and it surely is something many of us can relate to at a very deep level.
    Both O'Connell siblings are extremely talented. Period.

    EVERLY Month ago +5


  • Kleine Jun Ontolan
    Kleine Jun Ontolan 5 months ago +7

    if only Billie can see how swollen my eyes are right now! this songs hits all the perfect spots of pain and struggle and the burden of fighting your way through the demons caressing your insides.

  • Antisnep
    Antisnep 8 months ago +953

    This made me cry: seeing her grow since 2017, is wild. Its like "we" as her fans grew up with her. I'm so proud of you Billie from getting out dark a place and showing people we all can do that to. Much love from Canada !

    • He Is Faithful
      He Is Faithful  5 months ago

      @Rodrigo Kubrusly I think your absolutely right on that observation. With every song I have listened to, my heart is moved with compassion, for Billi, and for all who relate to that struggle, being in that dark place. I was there myself at one time. I have read, "As A Light That Shines In A Dark , Til The Dawn Breaks, And The Day Star Rises In Your Hearts." I found my Light That Shines In A Dark Place, And The Day Star Has Risen In My Heart. Thanks Jesus, And I Pray for Billie, Rodrigo, and all those that are fighting that place, that dark place, Shine Bright Day Star. In Jesus Mighty Name.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer 7 months ago

      @Rodrigo Kubrusly it might be a satire in lyrical context, but the state she was in when she created the album; is really what makes it ‘Happier Than Ever’. No deadline, no expectations and she has experiences from her *crazy younger days to pen down. A total 180 of WWAFAWDWG, where she was clueless about the industry, also depressed as fuck to finish the album and just get it out and over with.
      She might not grew out from the dark place entirely, it will always be a part of her somewhere. But it’s the growth that matters though, isn’t it? It’s a bit like watching a sister trying to find her footing in her world and finallyyyyy comfortable in her own skin. ☺️

    • Eve Clancy
      Eve Clancy 7 months ago

      @⚕️IceLily⚕️ Lovely

    • ImScott
      ImScott 7 months ago


    • Adriana Sanchez
      Adriana Sanchez 7 months ago

      @Rodrigo Kubrusly exactly what I was thinking!

  • Pat Reyes
    Pat Reyes 7 months ago +64

    This is absolutely golden. I have already overplayed the album version and this is as if I'm listening to a brand new song. Billie and Finneas make this world a better place.

  • Sike Directioner
    Sike Directioner 5 months ago +21

    This song is close to my heart. I just can’t explain how beautiful and honest this song is and I bet almost everyone can relate to this song. Love you so much Billie

  • Kenyetta lewis
    Kenyetta lewis 8 months ago +71

    This world is so brutal on our young adults and it breaks my heart. This song is beautiful!!! Grow into the beautiful butterfly you are meant to be and love who you are 😘😘😘

  • Pikachu K1
    Pikachu K1 5 months ago +7

    Happy birthday Billie! Your voice and music is truly one of a kind. I'm so proud of you. Hope you truly find the happiness that you are looking for 💕

  • ABC
    ABC 8 months ago +1486


  • Pâmela Machado
    Pâmela Machado 5 months ago +47

    You know when you're going through something difficult and things haven't been quite enjoyful for you in a while, you haven't been able to feel connected to anything or anyone or even understood by them. You're a little lost and It's like no one gets it even though they kind of do. But then you come across a song like this and you feel embraced. I couldn't be more grateful for it.

    • Alyssa Ahn
      Alyssa Ahn 4 months ago +1

      I love this comment so much- thank you Pámela. I relate so much to feeling embraced and validated by Billie's music. This is exactly why I love her music :)))

  • Stacia Baptista
    Stacia Baptista 6 months ago +5

    Her voice is so calming and peace full

  • Gina Del Vecchio
    Gina Del Vecchio 7 months ago +70

    Such a beatiful and inspiring person. I just love how Finneas looks at her. The sibling relationship is so special and they are an amazing duo. I am so in awe of the frame that he's built for her and her utter trust in him. Actually, their symbiotic trust in each other. It's really so very beautiful.

  • Rebecca Clark
    Rebecca Clark 7 months ago +107

    What a hauntingly beautiful song, I could listen to it for hours. Wishing you the best Billie Eilish.. take care of yourself ❤

  • kaytinamanatee
    kaytinamanatee 8 months ago +229

    I feel like I hear something different every time I hear this. Really hits me at 31 when I'm trying to actually find out who I am and live as that person. She's so wise for the short amount of years she's been here. And live it's got even more depth. Gawd I love her.

    • toyotasupra97
      toyotasupra97 8 months ago

      35 here…same

    • Bianca H
      Bianca H 8 months ago

      I'm 30 and I know exactly what you mean. She is very inspiring and wise

  • emir fatnassi
    emir fatnassi Month ago +2

    I don’t know why but I think that the live version is better than the recorded one
    this is incredible !!

  • Ashley Stewart
    Ashley Stewart Month ago +1

    This song speaks to me on so many levels as a 50 year old. 🥰 Love you, Billie. 😍

  • Nathália Mitsuoka
    Nathália Mitsuoka 7 months ago +40

    A voz da Billie é sensacional ❤️

  • Gàcha Thé Spoøk
    Gàcha Thé Spoøk 3 months ago +8

    this THIS IS WHAT I CALL A GOOD MUSIC I cant describe how much Iove to listen to your songs you are amazing

  • Knife Modders
    Knife Modders 8 months ago +435

    It's lovely watching her grow, watching their music evolve with them. Regardless of what people say, I have so much hope for them. I love that I have actually been following her from the beginning of her career. One day, years from now, we'll be able to look back at ocean eyes and see just how far she's come, musically and mentally.

  • Louise E.
    Louise E. 3 days ago +1

    I just noticed never forget.
    What a beautiful voice. Tender, sensitive, sweet, and natural. No messing with this voice. My soul is smitten.
    I'd sing all day with a voice like sadness about the world today has a voice now to ventilate.

  • Bellamy Eckhardt
    Bellamy Eckhardt 5 months ago +17

    Billie sings with such raw emotions it made me feel everything she was singing about. And I cannot get over how much Finneas loves Billie. You can tell by the way he looks at her how proud he is. BEA-U-TI-FUL!!!!!!!

  • ashley
    ashley 3 months ago +5

    i keep coming back to this particular version of getting older live as the raw emotion in her voice always resonates with me ☹️

  • Iván García
    Iván García Month ago

    ¡Fantástica! Sois una pareja excepcional, gracias por vuestra música. ¡Maravillosa!

  • David Emanuel Rosini
    David Emanuel Rosini 8 months ago +334

    Popular opinion: This song is definitely a MASTERPIECE

  • Marcelo Eike
    Marcelo Eike 2 months ago

    Nossa!!!! Muito lindo ver ela cantando

  • Loraine’s Bullshit
    Loraine’s Bullshit 5 months ago +10

    its so beautiful like omg this is called talent

  • M@ri@n@ 💜
    M@ri@n@ 💜 Month ago +1

    As músicas dela são tão forte

  • Liria da Silva
    Liria da Silva 2 months ago +7

    This performance is perfect and made my day.

  • thatqueerashe
    thatqueerashe 8 months ago +235

    The killer lyrics in this song though
    "i wish someone had told me i'd be doing this by myself"
    "last week, i realized i crave pity"
    "can't shake the feeling that i'm just bad at healing"
    "i just wish that what i promised would depend on what i'm giving"
    ...i can't even- they're so well-written and thought out.

    • karmachochi
      karmachochi 4 months ago

      @thatqueerashe her voice is quite possibly the voice of a generation - both in terms of being unmatched, and often in terms of what that voice is articulating! There's some other amazing female singers around (Hannah Reid and Birdy come to mind), but they don't quite quite reach the same level of raw visceral immediacy that Billie achieves.

    • thatqueerashe
      thatqueerashe 8 months ago +1

      @Andre Darius i do love the live version- she has really beautiful raw vocals

    • thatqueerashe
      thatqueerashe 8 months ago +1

      @niksutin yes this lyric too! the whole song honestly

    • gigachad
      gigachad 8 months ago +2

      talk about it. what a masterpiece. you can hear the words just through the melodies. you dont necessarily even have to listen

    • niksutin
      niksutin 8 months ago +3

      And ”when I wasn’t honest I was still being ignored.

  • Courtney Nunn
    Courtney Nunn Month ago +2

    I cried every moment of this but I couldn’t turn it off. She’s an icon, she’s a voice for our generation and I hope she’s around forever and a day ❤️‍🔥

  • M. Hil
    M. Hil 5 months ago +4

    Beautifully done !

  • no
    no 6 months ago +10

    Billie you are getting better every time this is outstanding

  • Yarnell Perez
    Yarnell Perez 4 months ago +3

    Wow just wow…Billie your voice has me in tears❤️Absolutely heart felt as you sing these words😘❤️😘❤️😘

  • Gaby eilish
    Gaby eilish 8 months ago +28

    Simplesmente perfeita 🤩

  • Brieanna Forrest
    Brieanna Forrest 7 months ago +17

    What a captivating performance. So much deep emotions behind this song. It's been such a pleasure watching you two grow together and see how Billie has gone through the process of discovering herself just like we all do, only Billie has done it in the spotlight and held back nothing. Such an amazing family.

  • Tommy G
    Tommy G 5 months ago +5

    The lyrics to this are truly amazing

  • Luna Cruz
    Luna Cruz 7 months ago +5

    Love it, sounds exactly like in the music video!

  • Arthur Zardetti
    Arthur Zardetti 7 months ago +9

    Essa musica é simplesmente algo sublime ao ponto de me levar pra realidade de um jeito que eu não sofra.

    NO BRILHO 8 months ago +40

    Amamos vc Billie Eilish ❤️‍🔥💖🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Judy Rae Keffer
    Judy Rae Keffer 8 months ago +5

    It’s amazing and wonderful how relatable this young, talented woman’s music is to all generations 🖤🖤 I just heard it for the first time, with tears, and feel like it was written just for me. Her maturity and self love are obvious and her voice compliments that.
    Personally, I have been struggling. Owning your issues with strength and dignity is difficult. I was reminded I’m not the only one 🖤 This was a lovely warm start to my day. Much love 🖤✌🏼

  • Maurício Gomes
    Maurício Gomes 7 months ago +5

    Billie 😍💌💕Seu fã da Amazônia 🇧🇷

  • Donna Crewse
    Donna Crewse Month ago +1

    I've been listening to you all day! love you're voice soooo beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Esperando o proximo natal
    Esperando o proximo natal 7 months ago +13

    Já sinto uma nostalgia muito grande ouvindo essa musica. Sei lá,a sensação é que daqui a uns tempos irei sentir falta do agora e do momento em que essa música foi lançada.

    • Johnny Mk
      Johnny Mk 6 months ago +1

      Eu sinto isso com cada uma música desse álbum novo...mas essa altamente especial melodia cativante e profunda. Amo muito a Billie. ❤💋🌹

    • Barbara Ford
      Barbara Ford 6 months ago +1


  • Lippert Music Centre Inc.
    Lippert Music Centre Inc. 7 months ago +3

    Beautiful song - can't believe how insightful you are with your lyrics while giving us a lovely melody! Keep on making great music!!

  • Michael Alexandra
    Michael Alexandra 8 months ago +8

    Te amo Billie, gracias a ti aprendí a amarme ❤️‍🩹

  • Beat Stepper
    Beat Stepper 8 months ago +6

    Tears out
    This is too beautiful 🥺

  • Jorge Guanoluisa
    Jorge Guanoluisa 4 months ago +4

    Gracias Billie por rescatar el pop, que lindo cantas. She's incredible

  • Debo Gaming
    Debo Gaming 8 months ago +451

    It’s incredible by how much of an inspiration she is.

    • JulAnPo
      JulAnPo 8 months ago

      its funny, when the original comment is right above it

    • Paige Keenor
      Paige Keenor 8 months ago

      no one likes a copycat ;)

    • 2 .1
      2 .1 8 months ago

      copycat trynna cop his replies 🙄🙄🙄

  • Valerie Hogan
    Valerie Hogan 7 months ago +8

    So intricate, so exposed, I needed this. Thank you for sharing. I mean this so much. Absolute well being to you and yours.🦋

  • Peer Langenheim Music
    Peer Langenheim Music 7 months ago +23

    This is so beautiful.
    Billie is an absolute genius. The album is literally incredible.

  • D L
    D L 6 months ago +13

    In 41 years of being on this planet, this is the most heartbreaking song I've ever heard. Yet, so very apt.

  • Chiccaboom611
    Chiccaboom611 2 months ago +2

    Love it!!! We need more of this🥰

  • Nunnaya Bidnit
    Nunnaya Bidnit 8 months ago +37

    I love how she went from a melancholic princess to an expressive queen

    • Aidan Vela
      Aidan Vela 8 months ago

      @lilyy__ she does? Where has she said that?

    • lilyy__
      lilyy__ 8 months ago +2

      she prefers to be called king instead of queen btw!

  • Taylor McDermott
    Taylor McDermott 3 months ago +5

    I’m always love this song Billie Eilish put out an album happier than ever I thought it sounded amazing and phenomenal

  • Giih
    Giih 7 months ago +3


  • f g
    f g 7 months ago +10

    Every single line of this song hit me like a sunlight! It's so good when you look back and feel you're healing! We are all together on this! It gonna pass❤️💕❤️

  • hey kay
    hey kay 5 months ago +2

    A Billie é tudo de bom

  • Angel Uriel
    Angel Uriel 8 months ago +91

    She's definitely the singer of this era, really beautiful.

  • Dorameiras
    Dorameiras 4 months ago +3

    Genial ♥️😔😭🇧🇷

  • Light Eddo
    Light Eddo 7 months ago +11

    Como é linda esta canção!🥺😍💖

    • sah
      sah 7 months ago +1


  • Jade Hudson
    Jade Hudson 6 months ago +3

    She's my everything the way she sings it like an angel picking up you and letting you free

  • Mags
    Mags 4 months ago +2

    i turned 20 this year. so this song is on repeat 😂💖

  • nattyy_bx
    nattyy_bx 8 months ago +270

    She indeed is getting older and I'm soo proud of how far shes going. U cant lie we all knew young finneas and billie knew what they were doing once they released ocean eyes, they knew their song would be a hit and they would become the next big thing!!! This whole album is just perfect idc what yall think I'm telling facts!

    ИКА ГРИН 6 months ago +2

    Pure perfection🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻♥️♥️♥️

  • Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark 20 days ago

    You guys are so talented. I love this song and your performance of it. If this song doesnt touch your heart, I dont know what will.

  • Rugilė Tolevičiūtė
    Rugilė Tolevičiūtė 5 months ago +2

    I love everything about this. The song, the lyrics, the way she sings, the way he looks at her, everything. 🖤

  • Camile Evelyn
    Camile Evelyn 2 months ago +1

    A voz dela é tão linda aí mano ela é perfeita

  • Dreamer’s Success
    Dreamer’s Success 8 months ago +240

    Fact : Billie is making everyone's day so much better with her songs 💗

  • Marilea Louise
    Marilea Louise 7 months ago +15

    Damn I love this SO MUCH more than the album version

  • Matilde Fabiola Jara
    Matilde Fabiola Jara 7 months ago +7

    i know this ENTIRELY by heart!! it's soo good! one of my favorite songs from the album 💖

  • Mari Tovar
    Mari Tovar 5 months ago +3

    Omg her voice is just so beautiful.Her voice made me cry.🥺

  • Becky Davidson
    Becky Davidson 7 months ago +10

    Beautiful and haunting. I love how close they are! My brother and I are 54 and 53 and STILL best friends who've been there through great times and horrible times. God bless siblings 🙏❤

  • Michael Spears Flores
    Michael Spears Flores 8 months ago +1144

    "Getting Older"
    I'm getting older
    I think I'm aging well
    I wish someone had told me, I'd be doing this by myself
    There's reasons that I'm thankful
    There's a lot I'm grateful for
    But it's different when a stranger's always waiting at your door
    Which is ironic
    'Cause the strangers seem to want me more than anyone before (Anyone before)
    Too bad, they're usually deranged
    Last week, I realized I crave pity, when I retell a story
    I make everything sound worse
    Can't shake the feeling that I'm just bad at healing
    And maybe that's the reason every sentence sounds rehearsed
    Which is ironic
    Because when I wasn't honest, I was still being ignored (Lying for attention just to get neglection)
    Now we're estranged
    Things I once enjoyed
    Just keep me employed now
    Things I'm longing for, someday, I'll be bored of
    It's so weird
    That we care so much, until we don't
    I'm getting older
    I've got more on my shoulders
    But I'm getting better at admitting when I'm wrong
    I'm happier than ever
    At least that's my endeavor
    To keep myself together and prioritize my pleasure
    'Cause to be honest
    I just wish that, what I promise would depend on what I'm given (Not on his permission, wasn't my decision)
    To be abused
    Things I once enjoyed
    Just keep me employed now
    Things I'm longing for, someday, I'll be bored of
    It's so weird
    That we care so much, until we don't
    But next week
    I hope I'm somewhere laughing, for anybody asking
    I promise I'll be fine
    I've had some trauma, did things I didn't wanna, was too afraid to tell ya, but now I think it's time

  • Andrea Quispe Barboza
    Andrea Quispe Barboza 7 months ago

    se me eriza la piel!!!!! love u Billie!!!

    KOSHRAIN ROGUEL 4 months ago +3

    I love this song, it makes me calm

  • Tosha Beans
    Tosha Beans 7 months ago +5

    F'ing honey in my ears. Lovely. Never stop (as long as you love it) because someone will always want to hear you guys. You make beauty.

  • Yuh
    Yuh Month ago

    I love this song sm it gives me the feeling of the actual title Getting Older and also memories in general

  • Amy Leiton
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  • Zfairy1
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    gorgeous her songs reach the soul.

  • augusto88
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    hermosa versión de está canción, es un golpe fuerte al pecho

  • Teaching in the Wild with Mr. Eckland

    This is music at its purest form, just 1 instrument with a beautiful voice belting out hauntingly sad lyrics

  • Jazmín Márquez Martínez

    Lo ame ♥️

  • David Emanuel Rosini
    David Emanuel Rosini 8 months ago +48

    Literally EVERY time I repeat this song my entire skin shows up how much feeling does this song transmite.

  • FertilityTV
    FertilityTV 7 months ago +6

    This is really an Masterpiece thanks Billie for this inspiration ;)