Jim Bakker Bucket Taste Test

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • Does apocalypse pizza taste as gross as the bucket it comes in looks? Find out! GMM #1327.1
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Comments • 3 151

  • SamB33
    SamB33 Day ago

    Somebody trademark that name the crapture or make a movie about it or something because that word is amazing

  • Lahoma Castile
    Lahoma Castile 2 days ago

    The ranking names.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Richard Daratony
    Richard Daratony 3 days ago

    Great video

  • Casandra Lynn
    Casandra Lynn 3 days ago

    It tastes like bad breath LMFAO whaaaaaattt 🤣😂

  • elchicko1976
    elchicko1976 3 days ago

    #ENDTIME! 😂😂

  • Kevin Langley
    Kevin Langley 4 days ago

    “we are in the apocalypse, everything’s more aggressive”
    except Link’s bite...

  • Erick G
    Erick G 4 days ago

    I am sad they didn't get that bottle that eliminates radiation in water... would have loved for them to taste that "radioationless" water.

  • EG Dolokhov
    EG Dolokhov 5 days ago

    Loved that R.E.M. intro !

  • TheBeast
    TheBeast 6 days ago

    Wow wow

  • D Finley
    D Finley 6 days ago +1

    lol, you guys are bad,,

  • R L
    R L 7 days ago

    Vic Berger and GMM together! Hilarious!

  • FindItFixIt
    FindItFixIt 9 days ago


  • Tiffany Sales
    Tiffany Sales 11 days ago

    Only Rhett and link is the only ones I like to watch NOBODY ELSE.

  • Dave Watts
    Dave Watts 12 days ago


  • carebear
    carebear 13 days ago

    the sticker on the bucket is tilted and i feel uncomfortable 💀💀

  • Señor Tequila Purr
    Señor Tequila Purr 13 days ago

    So.. Rhett thinks there's only water and an oven in a fully functioning kitchen? He clearly doesn't help at home.

  • D3ADL0CK3D ツ™
    D3ADL0CK3D ツ™ 13 days ago

    The music on 1:06 is Pierre Dutour - Deer Forest

  • Doug Reining
    Doug Reining 14 days ago

    Anyone else find it ironic that the chocolate pudding made the rank "crapture" ?

  • Blue 93
    Blue 93 18 days ago

    3:30 Coincidence... I think not!

  • Sam Labo
    Sam Labo 22 days ago

    With gayest accent
    Soy makes you gay.

  • Viviana Young
    Viviana Young 23 days ago

    ITS. SO. *cough* GOOD.

  • Lance Coleman
    Lance Coleman 24 days ago

    Jim Bakker just joined the server

  • Red Scorpian
    Red Scorpian 25 days ago

    yeah but if you had nothing else to eat?

  • Isabella Arnot
    Isabella Arnot 26 days ago

    can someone tell me when Jim Bakker did lol

  • Arthur Gebers
    Arthur Gebers 27 days ago

    Good night

  • brandon baker
    brandon baker Month ago

    this is by far one of the funniest episodes ive seen god i love you guys im crying laughing

  • Jacob jacoby
    Jacob jacoby Month ago

    Whats the song?

  • Jason .-.
    Jason .-. Month ago

    i’ve eaten expired pudding before (like from jello, a packet) and i’ll tell you it’s not great. it didn’t make me sick but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience 😂

  • NormalGorl
    NormalGorl Month ago

    This is one of my top 10 fave episodes

  • wank memes
    wank memes Month ago

    Theycdidnt even say what the dog food one was, no introduction lol

  • Andrew Diaz
    Andrew Diaz Month ago


  • The STRatigiSt
    The STRatigiSt Month ago

    he needed his ketchup

  • Sparky Robinson
    Sparky Robinson Month ago

    By far one of my favorite episodes ever.

  • dart arkana
    dart arkana Month ago

    $250.00 of rot gut

  • dart arkana
    dart arkana Month ago

    1/2 preservatives 1/2 food

  • dart arkana
    dart arkana Month ago

    But how bout the doo doo? 🤣🤣😆

  • Johnathan Sosa
    Johnathan Sosa Month ago

    Link is true to dink it and sink it

  • Sean McDonagh
    Sean McDonagh Month ago

    This is my favourite episode

  • domzdaman373
    domzdaman373 Month ago

    Jim Bakker... another shining example of religious retardation.

  • Joshua Hale
    Joshua Hale Month ago

    People like that are the reason I wake up everyday.

  • Gary Russ
    Gary Russ Month ago

    Think 4 & 5 are more like fecal impaction, constipocalypse & no-crapture with that stuff plugging up your plumbing.

  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed Month ago

    "PTL Food Bucket Ministry...Includes Luggable Loo brand 5-gallon bucket toilet seat cover to use for those lonely nights of the runs""Buckets can be used as floatation devices in the even of a hurricane" In all actuality there is a product called Luggable Loo that attaches to a 5 gallon bucket and is a toilet seat!! It turns a bucket into a toilet...which anyone who eats this nasty survival food will need!!! PTL..Pass The Loo!!!!! Pass The Loot...Pass the Laxative!!!

  • dank memes
    dank memes Month ago

    Exactly a year later

  • - Stiegosaurus -
    - Stiegosaurus - Month ago

    It always saddens me those guitars behind them clearly never get played. Waste.

  • Digitalbumpin
    Digitalbumpin Month ago

    Yeah, the funny thing is these 2 will literally kill each other for the things in this bucket when war DOES come.

  • Hugues Laliberte
    Hugues Laliberte Month ago

    I'm from Canada....I did not know these buckets existed...

  • cosmic_HAN_SOLO 1977
    cosmic_HAN_SOLO 1977 Month ago +1

    1:23 5:07 Who else loves the way Rhett laughs after the clips?

  • Poppy Harlow
    Poppy Harlow Month ago

    I'll just eat twinkies

  • Judie P
    Judie P Month ago

    If they’re all gonna get raptured why do they need buckets of food

  • Spacerox Mai
    Spacerox Mai Month ago

    ITS RAW!

  • BoZo
    BoZo 2 months ago

    8:14 looks like school lunch burgers

  • Amanda Martinson
    Amanda Martinson 2 months ago

    Seriously, Link's laugh is infectious and adorable.

  • GalaxyWolfZPX
    GalaxyWolfZPX 2 months ago

    When Rhett and Link said the same thing they froze that made me surprised and this bucket seems pretty good

  • Yee haw Cowboiz
    Yee haw Cowboiz 2 months ago

    Bakker is my last name :)

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 2 months ago

    Wait is Jim Baker is Baker based on the cheaper by the dozen

  • viv pearlman
    viv pearlman 2 months ago +3

    missed the opportunity to make the intro song “its the end of the world as we know it, TIME TO DINE”

  • Conrad Garcia
    Conrad Garcia 2 months ago

    End times! Howwooo. Official intro music of a Netflix Post apocalyptic comedy satire right there.

  • I dont know What i want to be called

    The ultimate apocalypse food: Cup noodles

  • Bennett Morrissette
    Bennett Morrissette 2 months ago

    Give it up for link 7:50 🤣🤣🤣

    AK WHITEWØLF 2 months ago

    We even got pudding wrong.

    AK WHITEWØLF 2 months ago

    If you look very carefully on the packet for stroganoff, one of the ingredients says "culture". WTF?

  • Kapitänleutnant .Thompson

    Jim Bakker pushes his food in a bucket but what he fails to tell you is water will no doubt be contaminated in the 'Apocalypse' so it will be rationed. Good luck trying to re-hydrate your survival food.

  • Chan nel
    Chan nel 2 months ago


  • Lucas Berntsen
    Lucas Berntsen 2 months ago

    Omg is that Jim Pickens

  • Alyssa Thomas
    Alyssa Thomas 2 months ago

    What you tearing down Cici’s Pizza for? That place is GOOOOOOD.

  • medic main
    medic main 2 months ago

    Join us April 27 2038 to see them throw everything up

  • Tom Banks
    Tom Banks 2 months ago

    5:08 they pause before they laugh its kinda creepy

  • Super Sonico
    Super Sonico 2 months ago

    I forgot, I hate watching people eat.

  • lani
    lani 2 months ago +3

    I was doing my biology homework and randomly sang ‘enzymes, ooooh’
    I couldn’t remember where it was from then after an hour long hunt I realised it was end times from this video 😂😂

  • covenant child Bola Balogun

    Reaches for soup link denies

  • cobfucius
    cobfucius 2 months ago

    LOL...How many preachers, or hosts, i guess in Jim's case say "Oh, Mu God!" in disgust? hahaha!! The total Phony TV God people are always hilarious...take you about 30 seconds tops to spot one that is full of....it...lol...most of them on TV....lol

  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal 2 months ago


  • Wikfork
    Wikfork 2 months ago

    Link looks like the white dude from One Day at a Time

  • Jellyblob
    Jellyblob 2 months ago

    God I love Vic Berger's edits

  • random sav
    random sav 2 months ago

    The thing I would have to have in the apocalypse is definitely ketchup.

  • Oh Snap!!!
    Oh Snap!!! 2 months ago +1

    My holy roller sister gave me one of those Jim Bakker buckets for Christmas. I couldn't stop holy shitting for 4 weeks.
    I didn't realize you have to stop eating the gravy before you start using it as a toilet.

  • Directioner315
    Directioner315 2 months ago

    Unless that bucket has bottles of water in there, you're no better off and second how are you going to cook it??

  • Kyle Evans
    Kyle Evans 2 months ago

    When link said I'd rather eat these three things then a relative I died 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nacknone
    Nacknone 2 months ago +1

    I don't know why but most of that looks way better than frozen food from the store

  • K jax
    K jax 2 months ago

    I thought all christains would go to heaven before end times??? Guess they know they aint going to heaven.

  • Elizabeth Slifka
    Elizabeth Slifka 2 months ago

    End times!!

  • Elizabeth Slifka
    Elizabeth Slifka 2 months ago

    Oooooo ! Oo ! ooooooo !

    SCBJQ 3 months ago

    The company is probably even lying about the 25 year shelf life. They're going to take the money from gullible people and won't be around if the food goes bad 5 years from now.,

  • Fast Religion Racing
    Fast Religion Racing 3 months ago

    7:49 Goodbye horses.

  • GyroMurphy
    GyroMurphy 3 months ago

    I wish Vic berger would come in an Apocalypse bucket

  • Skedich lavender 2
    Skedich lavender 2 3 months ago


    Read more

  • Syd_ Dino
    Syd_ Dino 3 months ago

    11:10 RHETTS *ELBOW*

  • Mj F
    Mj F 3 months ago

    but corn has no nutritional value...

  • Evan Weaver
    Evan Weaver 3 months ago +1

    Anyone else think that “tasty pastry” would sell better?

  • dig bick
    dig bick 3 months ago

    This is what people should receive each month instead of EBT.

  • The free market of ideas hur durr

    This reminds of the dp bit on Jim Baker

  • ERik
    ERik 3 months ago

    5:55 What a dad moment....

  • Denise Tidwell
    Denise Tidwell 3 months ago +36

    These buckets would be useless in most post apocalyptic scenario. Mix it with water. Bake. Boil water? Come on. Water reserved for drinking. MREs are the way to go.

    • Christian  Benda
      Christian Benda 24 days ago

      An mre is only good for like 5 years

    • Noodles4Anime
      Noodles4Anime Month ago +1

      I think canned and jarred food would be the way to go.
      Like mentioned MREs.. And freeze dried foods, powdered foods, etc, need water. To heat, to rehydrate certain things. Grab a can, set a fire and you cant cook it just like that. And with can foods you can choose what you get. MREs are a mix of foods.

    • pu tang
      pu tang Month ago +2

      @Denise Tidwell they need water for the heating element

    • Denise Tidwell
      Denise Tidwell Month ago

      @The Kuudere Dude only for any drink powders that may be included in the MRE.

    • The Kuudere Dude
      The Kuudere Dude Month ago

      Don't MRE's also need water?

  • Tonny Hawk21
    Tonny Hawk21 3 months ago +1

    12:41 lol wtf is that noices

  • Allen Leedy
    Allen Leedy 3 months ago

    Taste like dog food lmao I would eat it if it would the only food there was

  • mary sunshine
    mary sunshine 3 months ago

    Goodness! This just screams Con artist. Some people are so sucked into the lie.

  • wartem
    wartem 3 months ago

    Baker should sell buckets with water as well.

  • wartem
    wartem 3 months ago

    Someone got Baker to buy way too many buckets and now he needs to sell them

  • Random stuff 864
    Random stuff 864 3 months ago

    Think about it if you were in a apocalypse you whole practically eat anything and if was in a apocalypse I whole eat peanut butter and I HATE PENUT BUTTER

  • Turi Minter
    Turi Minter 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that it's just their PR team that doesn't support Jim bakker because it seems like Rhett and link love him