What $20 Buys You at a Japanese STREET FOOD Market

  • Published on Feb 5, 2021
  • Japanese street food is a dream. But how far does a $20 budget go at a morning market? It's time to find out as we wander through the street market accompanied by Japan's most questionable chef.
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Comments • 3 460

  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  Year ago +3112

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Don't deny it. You wanted the chocobanana.
    If not chocobanana, then what else would you CHOOSE from our selection of six delicious dishes?
    ALSO following on from last week's video complaining about 480p video, we've upped the ante this week by releasing this video in 5K! (Whatever that is).

    • Ahmed Masoud
      Ahmed Masoud 8 months ago

      Beef bowl

    • Joel
      Joel 8 months ago

      Suigyoza with kimchee 😋

    • myfyp2
      myfyp2 9 months ago


    • RhynoBytes
      RhynoBytes 10 months ago

      I would absolutely love to try all three of those bowls at the end

    • YaBoiTroy
      YaBoiTroy 11 months ago


  • enzo queijão
    enzo queijão Year ago +2007

    Chris really went for the closest thing to a donut he could find

    • Shannon Gerry
      Shannon Gerry Month ago

      @enzo queijão it's not about longer words, it's about correct words. 👸

    • enzo queijão
      enzo queijão Month ago +1

      @Sam * I'm not from the US, just smart enough that I don't need longer words to prove so ;)

    • Sam *
      Sam * Month ago +1

      "Donut" hahha. Americans. Doughnut

    • JoelCrafter43
      JoelCrafter43 7 months ago

      Probably better than a donut really.

  • Alyse Hein
    Alyse Hein Year ago +247

    chris and all his friends (ryotaro, sharla, natsuki) are honestly just so wholesome and fun to watch, I can't wait for every video

    • Lady Mercy
      Lady Mercy 11 months ago +12

      Ryotaro is _that guy_ who knows all the best stalls to shop at, and treats it like a competitive game about bargaining. XD
      He really does know his stuff though, and is good with his hands.

  • Arthur Buglas
    Arthur Buglas 11 months ago +297

    Ryotaro looks like a great friend to be around. He'll make anything fun.

    • tiizzen
      tiizzen 9 months ago +12

      For real. Everybody should have a Ryotaro in their life. Also, sick profile pic!

  • Pocket Cherry
    Pocket Cherry Year ago +64

    This channel has great quality content. The funny dialogue, informative, interesting places, cool friends, camera shots. Not sure why I haven't clicked on the bell 🔔 after all of this time but I did now! Much love. -Minnie

  • Rebeka S
    Rebeka S Year ago +453

    I don’t know why, but Chris choosing the chocolate banana makes me happy 😂

    • Hidden Japan
      Hidden Japan 4 months ago

      Chocolate banana is the best 😂😋

    • Gewglesux
      Gewglesux Year ago +1

      @Rebeka S Actually in the morning the BAnana was probably the wise thing. It’s the closest to western diet. Dunno about the sprinkles tho.

    • Rebeka S
      Rebeka S Year ago +2

      @Gewglesux hey, I’m not British but I’d definitely choose the chocolate banana over some seafood. Especially at that time in the morning!

    • Gewglesux
      Gewglesux Year ago +1

      Actually him being a Brit this doesn’t surprise me one bit! They’re not know for their cuisine or taste! But this was enjoyable!

    • Isiah N
      Isiah N Year ago +2

      It was a very Chris thing to do.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon Year ago +26

    chris and all his friends (ryotaro, sharla, natsuki) are honestly just so wholesome and fun to watch, I can't wait for every video

  • Megane-kun
    Megane-kun Year ago +355

    "You get all your vitamin B12, your Zinc, your Copper...Nylon" absolutely killed me😂😂

    • Punk Floyd
      Punk Floyd 9 months ago +12

      I'm in desperate need of nylon supplements, due to my aversion for bananas.

  • kylelandry
    kylelandry Year ago +764


    • Dunder Mifflin
      Dunder Mifflin 5 months ago

      Even the intestine soup?

    • Cvepic 990
      Cvepic 990 10 months ago +1

      Especially the chocolate banana!!

    • TheEpicVideoGamePianist
      TheEpicVideoGamePianist 11 months ago +2

      Woah never expected to see my favorite TheXvid pianist and my favorite TheXvid vlogger in one place xD

    • stefan
      stefan Year ago

      Really?! That is so cool...

  • Gunnerblaster
    Gunnerblaster Year ago +729

    Man. This really makes me embarrassed in the US. We pay just as much money, to get lower quality, quantity and it's typically unhealthier.

    • Eula Lawrence
      Eula Lawrence Month ago

      Most food in Asia are really healthy.

    • R K
      R K 6 months ago

      @J David He was talking about the local markets, not restaurants.

    • kaikart
      kaikart 8 months ago

      @Ash three servings of soup is $3 over here

    • Ash
      Ash 8 months ago

      @kaikart it was what $5? I mean for a market like that I’m not surprised. But $10 for three servings of soup is cheap

    • Ash
      Ash 8 months ago

      @Michael Albis as an American the only “local” market within an hour of me is a small chain grocer that’s so damned expensive there’s no point

  • Sharmeleon
    Sharmeleon Year ago +10594

    Eating again I see.

    • ShadowMan
      ShadowMan 8 months ago +1

      Feeling the seaweed, absorbing the fish...

    • Lisa Y
      Lisa Y 9 months ago

      Another thing I love about Abroad in Japan video is occasionally finding Sharla’ sassy comments. It’s such a bonus delight!

    • PepperJack001
      PepperJack001 9 months ago

      I mean, it is kind of his brand.

    • Anthony Bonarrigo
      Anthony Bonarrigo 11 months ago

      A most blessed comment

    • Matthew R
      Matthew R 11 months ago

      You mean “eating chicken again.”

  • Taylor Fraser
    Taylor Fraser Year ago +39

    I know you love to point out your guests English ability during your videos and I think we'd all LOVE to see you do a whole video entirely in Japanese with Ryotoro and Natsuki pointing out your abilities as a way of "getting back", with English subs of course lol

  • Val Vino
    Val Vino 11 months ago +16

    Ryotaro is like the serious father and Chris is like the son starts with dessert for breakfast, kid-dulting because he can.

  • Zombiecane
    Zombiecane 6 months ago +15

    I burst out laughing every time I rewatch this and see the moment when Ryotaro realizes Chris rated the chocobanana higher than the karaage. That hint of a smile and chuckle, and you know he's thinking, "I'm fully about to rub this in his face."

  • Ann Miralles
    Ann Miralles Year ago +4

    Ryotaro and Natsuki are very entertaining and interesting friends to have. I love seeing you hangout with them. I wish I can go back to Japan again and enjoy all the wonderful food and sites!

  • Red Pilled
    Red Pilled Year ago +1229

    Chris and Ryotaro are the best frenemies I've ever seen.

    • Leviwosc
      Leviwosc 4 months ago +1

      Completely agree with you Red Pilled! Ryotaro is really a fantastic guy and so is Chris. They make a good team together and I like how they tease each other. If there was true hate Chris would not have invited Ryotaro any longer. But we see the opposite, we see Ryotaro being invited over and over again. I'm happy they spend time together.

    • Its Z3LUS
      Its Z3LUS Year ago

      @Astolfo Desu Well said, us aussies are the same way too

    • StromTGM
      StromTGM Year ago +1

      @B Singer deal with it

    • Laura Wilhelm
      Laura Wilhelm Year ago

      LOL ❤️ feisty

  • br_dlee
    br_dlee Year ago +14

    I'd love to see a video about Japan's street desserts!

  • Witch Sorrowful
    Witch Sorrowful Year ago +305

    Doctor : Let's have a good, nutriti-

    • Andy Kwak
      Andy Kwak 10 months ago +1

      that’s a good fusion menu

  • Amanda 335
    Amanda 335 Year ago +2

    I swear your videos are vicariously keeping me so happy!! Thank you so much for all you do! I really want to move to Japan and your videos just make it more and more concrete. 🥰

  • Baranoeda
    Baranoeda Year ago +8

    I have to say, extremely good and much food for 20 bucks. Good value for the money, as always when eating out in Japan!

  • Jordan, inside-outsider in Japan

    Gotta love these seaside Japanese markets. No scams, no haggling; just honest, friendly vendors, fresh seafood, and chocolate bananas.

    • Jordan, inside-outsider in Japan
      Jordan, inside-outsider in Japan 11 months ago

      @Kauswe Kazilimani Really?? It always kind of stressed me out. (I guess I’m just not aggressive enough. 😆)

    • Kauswe Kazilimani
      Kauswe Kazilimani 11 months ago +1

      I'd miss haggling though. One of the best things about markets for me.

    • Jordan, inside-outsider in Japan
      Jordan, inside-outsider in Japan Year ago +5

      I was thinking about what it is, exactly, that feels different about shopping in a market in Japan (especially as a tourist) vs in many other countries. It’s not just the chocolate bananas or absence of haggling. In most countries I’ve traveled in (specifically in Latin America or SE Asia) I really felt a sense of economic disparity while shopping. Like the value of money is different for the shoppers/tourists and the market vendors. Tourists are assumed to be rich and therefore inflating prices etc is ethical. But in Japan there is a sense (real or imagined) of equality. No one is scheming to rip you off of relying on your purchase for their subsistence. Things can be a little expensive. But it’s a good vibe.

    • Luiz Alex Phoenix
      Luiz Alex Phoenix Year ago +1

      As a salesperson, haggling was only a hassle when the customer got confrontational. If they asked for a discount by giving me the exact change and a smile, I am cool with it.

    • Krishnendu Mukherjee
      Krishnendu Mukherjee Year ago +1

      @Jordan, inside-outsider in Japan I live in India, and I've visited quite a lot of SEA countries, UAE and China too. What I saw was they don't haggle or scam people at food stalls. Only in shops that sell clothes or certain items that are not food.

  • Aries
    Aries Year ago +5

    With all that good, mouthwatering food, I'm getting immense food envy from my end here. I can only imagine what it's like for your cameraman. I hope he had his share behind the scenes too! 😅

  • Mari Yoon
    Mari Yoon Year ago +3

    I laughed so hard when Chris chose the chocobanana to eat first 😂 you're amazing!

  • Gary D
    Gary D Year ago +2

    Chris, you are the best in quality and the humor you add to your videos is priceless. I hope I see a tv documentary or anything else that shows others how good you actually are in producing content. Keep up the good work and I hope you make it even farther than just TheXvid and reach the world

  • Digvijay Bhosale
    Digvijay Bhosale Year ago +48

    Everyone should take inspiration from chris. By starting off with a healthy banana, he demonstrated how he lives a balanced lifestyle

    • tiizzen
      tiizzen 9 months ago +2

      Exactly, getting all those vitamins!!

  • Kelsey Schellinger
    Kelsey Schellinger Year ago +547

    I'm surprised that Chris doesn't go to morning markets more often considering his crippling fried chicken addiction.

    • Mak E Pergaulan
      Mak E Pergaulan Year ago +1

      His addiction maybe strong, but the ptsd he got from pinching is way stronger

    • Ritte
      Ritte Year ago

      It's starting to turn into a choco banana addiction now.

    • Sam
      Sam Year ago +5

      im surprised he didnt get broccoli with the chicken

    • motherurck
      motherurck Year ago +7

      He has family mart, which is way closer to him

    • Edgar Santos
      Edgar Santos Year ago +8

      Let's be real, it's farther than family mart.

  • Robert C
    Robert C Year ago +2

    Hi Chris, long time viewer/first time commenter. Watching here from Ireland and cant thank you enough for all the hard work you put into each video. Nothing better than chilling out on a rainy day inside and catching up on your videos. I get a chance with your videos to see a part of the world that I hope to someday visit. Keep up the great work. You're amazing.

  • Emma Cochrane
    Emma Cochrane Year ago +1

    Please never stop making videos Chris! You are so talented, funny & a pleasure to watch. Your videos are always entertaining and informative. Thank you!!!

  • K S
    K S 8 months ago +2

    Those outdoor grills are so cool! I wish the markets where I live would do something like that.

  • Hotaka Hayashi
    Hotaka Hayashi Year ago +1

    I really want to go there. A lot of lovely foods !

  • Easter Dave
    Easter Dave Year ago +782

    Risottoro has tried to kill Chris like 10 times and he still only gets the title of 'underwhelming Japanese villain'. The idea of what Chris considers a proper Japanese villain scares me.

    • Leo Hodges
      Leo Hodges Year ago

      A proper Japanese villain is ゴジラ!!

    • Mimi Giggles
      Mimi Giggles Year ago +1

      @Luiz Alex Phoenix he's playing the long game, true Evil Genius

    • ArxhVesper
      ArxhVesper Year ago

      One that always make you do overtime everyday for free.

    • Luiz Alex Phoenix
      Luiz Alex Phoenix Year ago +8

      Well, he hasn't done a good job of it, but he seems to keep getting Chris to eat out. He could be trying to give him an heart attack within 20 years.

  • Mylo Going Miles
    Mylo Going Miles Year ago +4

    Living vicariously through Chris and Ryotaro during this pandemic is bringing me joy. Thank you both.

  • steph7592
    steph7592 Year ago +2

    Oh boy that made me so hungry! If I ever go to Japan I would absolutely love to taste all of that, even though I know I wouldn't be able to order anything because I don't know Japanese

  • CaptainFerrari
    CaptainFerrari Year ago +1

    Chris you should do a gluten free guide to Japan it would be really helpful for me and the celiac community who are interested in going to Japan!

  • Jonathan Fitzgerald
    Jonathan Fitzgerald Year ago +2

    Funny, I just explained what umami flavor is to my wife today and coincidentally it was exactly the same. On the spectrum of salty, sweet, and savory and has the characteristic of making you want to keep eating. It can be attached to elements of sour typically from fermented foods, or salty like pork or seaweed/kelp and other ocean products, or savory from mushrooms or onions and meat, or from cooking techniques such as braised, roasted, or barbecued foods.

  • MoonBap
    MoonBap Year ago +3

    I love to see Japanese food, wow I want to travel there after the pandemic

    DAVIANO INGLESIAS 6 months ago +1

    I'm in love with Japanese food, its so nutritious and sweet

  • Frank Huynh
    Frank Huynh Year ago +1

    Love Japan when i visited! Such good food and culture

  • Rik van der Mark
    Rik van der Mark Year ago +1

    I really miss Japanese morning markets! I miss Japan in general, can’t wait to visit again and enjoy the country and it’s amazing food again! 😬

  • OrangeMango
    OrangeMango Year ago +187

    It's great seeing a father and son bonding over different food tastes.

  • Antony Brown
    Antony Brown Year ago +1

    I have heard that fresh fruit is very expensive in Japan, including such things as apples and the aforementioned strawberries. This would be an interesting topic to discuss, as I have always been pretty lucky to have great selection of local fruit from Washington State and British Columbia including all manner of apples, berries, etc.
    I have even heard that Japan imports some fruits like Washington Red Delicious apples.
    Are these prices over-inflated for any particular reason, or are the high prices reserved for special cases? Seems like there is a market for these extravagant items but is this the equivalent of designer handbags where its more about the status associated with these high cost luxury items?

    • Antony Brown
      Antony Brown Year ago

      @Jamie Thank you for the detailed reply. I watch quite a bit of Vtubers and other "living abroad" TheXvidrs, and one of them (Takanashi Kiara) mentioned just the other day that fresh fruits are expensive in Japan, so that's why I asked. Where I live I don't mind paying a little extra for my favourite apples (Honeycrisp apples) but the difference is pretty minimal, like $4 a kilo vs $3 for example.
      I realize that certain crops are probably more expensive comparatively because orchards take a lot of space.

    • Jamie
      Jamie Year ago +1

      Chris has touched on this with some of his videos in the past. This notion is very much a stereotype... Certain fruit items are seen as luxury items. But not all of them... Think about the shaped watermelon you've seen pictures of. These are novelty items and don't taste particularly great. They are grown not for flavor. It's a cute thing to have on your table when you have guests.
      Anything grown to be eaten is just like anywhere else on earth and some areas of Japan specialize in some fruits. Some farms have even perfected certain varieties of fruits and due to all the work put in, they might be more expensive. The strawberry featured in this video (which is present in another one) can be compared to the fascination with the Pink Lady apple. It's very sweet, visually pretty, and a very tasty fruit as well! But they're difficult to produce and require a lot of hard work to farm, so the price is highly justified. This goes for a lot of fruits and vegetables that need extra work in order to grow them. The taste is amazing (for people who can tell the difference) but they're not going to be cheap due to all that labor put into farming them.
      I've had Japanese strawberries before. It was not this farm's and while taste is a bit lost in transit, they were very delicately sweet and lacked the tartness I'm used to with more locally grown strawberries. I'm not sure which I liked better. They were both very delicious and it's hard to pick a winner. What I could taste was that this was a farm that cared and the price was justified.

  • ___K ___
    ___K ___ 9 months ago +1

    I'd go there every week for sure if I lived next to it. Great atmosphere, great scenery, great prices, great food. Damn, wish I was there!

  • Angela Grimsley
    Angela Grimsley Year ago +1

    I freaking love your videos so much! Thank you for assisting in helping me to overcome the oppressive depression that comes with realizing how much so much SUCKS during this pandemic.

  • Max SMoke
    Max SMoke Year ago +216

    Best opening line ever, "underwhelming Japanese villain".

    • vIPR
      vIPR 11 months ago


  • Marcela Hernandez
    Marcela Hernandez Year ago +2

    I'm definitely visiting this place!! I have been saving all quarantine and hopefully in the next 1-2 years I can go!!

  • Mitchell Gillett
    Mitchell Gillett Year ago +1

    I just thought of this and figured I might as well ask it here considering it's a video about food. I want to travel to Japan once the world returns to some semblance of normal but I'm concerned about one thing: I'm allergic to shrimp and I'd be really worried about accidentally buying food that has shrimp in it. Any advice on how best to avoid that dilemma?

  • Rohit Chakraborty
    Rohit Chakraborty Year ago +5

    Absolutely love this!!! I have recently moved to Tokyo 🗼 and am totally loving it here!!

    • S Y
      S Y Year ago +1


  • Oof Mysoul
    Oof Mysoul Year ago +1

    I get bullied and left a lot but watching abroad in Japan makes me so happy, I cant wait to live in Japan!

  • Jaydev Raol
    Jaydev Raol Year ago +996

    "Do You Feel The Seaweed?"
    - Ryotaro, Famous Japanese Philosopher

    • Srineesh Salur
      Srineesh Salur 3 months ago


    • just do it
      just do it Year ago +1

      @Vini Monteiro I guess it was a direct translation from Japanese

    • vazhendan
      vazhendan Year ago +3

      @Vini Monteiro same in Russian lol

    • Vini Monteiro
      Vini Monteiro Year ago +7

      that's so weird because in Portuguese it would make perfect sense when translated literally - and Portuguese has nothing to do with Japanese language

    • Fairytalevillain
      Fairytalevillain Year ago +6

      A true poet

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith Year ago +1

    Your videos always make me smile! Thanks for the laughs, and for the new perspective your videos give!

  • Nightwing.
    Nightwing. Year ago +1

    Love Japan, i really wanna go there.

  • NightQueen
    NightQueen Year ago +1

    Umami is deliciousness !!!

    • Hidden Japan
      Hidden Japan 4 months ago

      Needs to go to Osaka for a good vid of food .
      I just love foodie vids

  • Shay Shaboo
    Shay Shaboo Year ago +1

    ive always watched your videos and was often jealous of your trips. i myself am a linguist of Japanese, Chinese Mandarin and Korean and have always wanted to visit. please sensei, teach me how to be as successful as you so that i too can travel like you and hopefully one day have the opportunity to meet and thank you in person! (too personal isnt it?) P.S. your food always looks amazing!

  • Anmol Karki
    Anmol Karki Year ago +203

    No matter how much Chris hates every living cell on Ryotaro's body and vice versa, they always make the most entertaining food/travel videos on youtube.

    • Anmol Karki
      Anmol Karki Year ago +18

      @The other John Smith nope this hatred is as real as WWE and the easter bunny.

    • The other John Smith
      The other John Smith Year ago +13

      Or, they are such good friends that being cynical to each other doesn't hurt their friendship. And also they're only like that on camera, for sure.

    • Heavenly Creature
      Heavenly Creature Year ago +26

      Keep your friends close and your enemies closer in this way you can try to kill them at your convenience 😁

  • TokuyuuTV
    TokuyuuTV 10 months ago +6

    $10 for the three bowls is an incredible price! In Canada, I might be able to get an appetizer and a water for $10...

  • Penny G
    Penny G Year ago +2

    I love watching these videos, a great escape during the lockdown. Especially enjoy the videos with both Chris and Ryotaro, not sure about the pepto bismol coloured banana though

  • TechCrazy
    TechCrazy Year ago +1

    I have binge watched all of Chris videos and have seen the relationships develop between the various characters. I think its high time for all of them to come together and make a sitcom like Seinfeld.There is Natsuki the hilarious yet profound Kramer, Ryotaro the always cynical George, Sharla as Elaine and Chris around whom the entire thing spins!

  • KaeruJapan
    KaeruJapan Year ago +1

    Wow truly timeless, I miss that Japanese food and can't wait to get back!

  • kvasac123
    kvasac123 Year ago +33

    Being a big fish-eater, I prefer Ryotoro's choices, but everything looks great. You two also compliment each other in such a great way because you have such different food preferences and are able to present variety of food choices.

  • Kate Aye
    Kate Aye 11 months ago +1

    Chris, I would love to see how one eats in a day gluten free in Japan. Once we can travel again, Imma going straight to Japan. Just as a Coeliac, I'm nervous about how I'm going to eat.

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee Year ago +1

    A fun local market. Looks like a great way to start a weekend or morning trip

  • Jager 1420
    Jager 1420 Year ago +52

    When Japan opens and I can see my wife again, I want to take her here.

    • K D
      K D Year ago +21

      I wish you can live with your wife soon.

  • Jack Preacher
    Jack Preacher Year ago +1

    I plan on traveling Japan for a few months on a budget of less than $50 a day. This video has been very helpful to me. Thanks Chris!

    • Hidden Japan
      Hidden Japan 4 months ago

      Food wise you will have no problem.
      The problem is accomodations and trains.

  • Rahat Azim
    Rahat Azim Year ago +610

    Look it's the famous TheXvidr Ryotaro from Ryotaro's Japan. Ryotaro is so humble he brought along Chris to help his much smaller channel.

  • magic myth2
    magic myth2 Year ago +1

    i am glad there is a new video i really missed Chris and his humor also i love every video were Ryotaro and Chris are together

  • Harleen Quinzel
    Harleen Quinzel Year ago +6

    There is a good German term for "umami" : "herzhaft" ('hearty', but actually 'savoury'). A "herzhaftes Frühstück" (savoury breakfast) describes a breakfast with all the good stuff: cheese, bacon, meat, tried tomatoes. All the common ingredients and dishes that have glutamic acid.

  • PointingOutObvious
    PointingOutObvious 11 months ago +1

    That seafood BBQ tray looked fantastic! I'm craving for great seafood now.

  • Felicia
    Felicia Year ago +1

    I really missed the videos including Ryotaro. Would love to see more of them. They are always interesting and fun to watch! Thanks and be nice to each other. :)

  • ToroCharge
    ToroCharge Year ago +159

    The holy trinity of Abroad in Japan: Eating food, Reviewing traditional hotels and responding to comments. And here I am watching a man eat a chocobanana

    • Heavenly Creature
      Heavenly Creature Year ago +5

      You are forgetting Family Mart Chicken, his one true love 🥰

  • Malinda Nissley
    Malinda Nissley Year ago +1

    I just found your channel and I'm upset I've missed out on this content for so long.
    I love this!!

  • Poru Mon
    Poru Mon Year ago +2

    I love how ryotaro holds the the money like a kid with tickets at Chuck E. Cheese. The chemistry is amazing keep doing the lords work Chris

  • Jenna Little
    Jenna Little Year ago +1

    Love how descriptive Chris is 😂 " this garlic chicken - tastes like garlic... With an undertone of garlic"

  • Enoch Keoki
    Enoch Keoki Year ago +28

    My mother wanted me to put a comment for videos to do, so here I am.
    She said that Japanese employees start their day with company exercise (at the train station ) and ends the day drinking together.
    Other suggestions for potential videos:
    Shiretoko onsen
    Daisetsuzan National Park (when you hike the top of the mountain, it's completely flat, so you can keep walking across all of them.)
    The Detective Conan pilgrimage (Museum + landmarks)
    Mount Rokko cable cars
    French-Japanese Fusion food in Kobe.

  • Althemier
    Althemier Year ago +282

    If "Eating Across Japan" is not the main show this year, Im going to be so disappointed

    • Zhong Xina
      Zhong Xina Year ago

      "Eating out Japan"

    • Selene Moon
      Selene Moon Year ago +8

      I'm waiting for the "A Broad in Japan: Journey across Connor" what was conceived in the New Years Trash Taste episode, or wait...Maybe we could get Connor and Chris to do an audiobook since Connor had so much success with his last one?

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith Year ago +50

    I literally gasped a the steam coming off the gyoza when Ryotaro pulled it out of the bowl. I would kill for those right now.

  • Mark Armenta
    Mark Armenta Year ago +2

    The amount of wholesome vibes this video gives off is substantial

  • Accel erator
    Accel erator Year ago +233

    Ryotaro: healthy nutritious breakfast

  • KuariThunderclaw
    KuariThunderclaw 10 months ago +1

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