Common Physics Misconceptions

  • Published on Dec 6, 2012
  • What if you thought the earth was flat? And then you found out it isn't?
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  • Robert Skitch
    Robert Skitch Day ago

    I remember back in high school biology learning that there were two kingdoms: animals and plants, but at the same time I owned a book which told me that there were five kingdoms: animals, plants, fungi, monera, and protista. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Elijah Shadbolt
    Elijah Shadbolt Day ago

    The first three English Captions are css code. This is gon' b good

  • HuragokSlayer
    HuragokSlayer Day ago

    If the sheep and train were traveling in a true straight line through air or space, wouldn't 2+2=4, then?

  • laeliaan
    laeliaan 2 days ago

    okay i get your point here but why on earth would we need to teach this to kids?? if they’re still learning basic middle school level physics and you throw this stuff and relativity on them many kids may be turned away from physics because they don’t think they can understand it. you can tell them that things are near approximations but why would they need to know that the sheep is actually moving 3.9999999999999 miles per hour instead of 4 they aren’t at that level you aren’t lying to them you’re making it understandable at their level so that it can be expanded upon later

  • tech royal
    tech royal 3 days ago

    Here comes again a crazy man with crazy concepts

    So my life lie and iam an nasa student

  • tempesttube
    tempesttube 4 days ago

    History is way worse.

  • Aldina Mapping
    Aldina Mapping 4 days ago

    Tbh I already knew most of these things so they ain’t misinforming mr

  • Faranox
    Faranox 5 days ago +1

    1:32 ((2+2)/(1+(2-2)/c²)) = 4???? What is c² and why is 2-2≠0

    • Willoughby Krenzteinburg
      Willoughby Krenzteinburg 2 days ago

      It's 2 TIMES 2; not 2 minus 2.
      c is equal to the speed of light. 299,792,458 m/s, so c² = 89,875,517,873,681,800
      So, 2+2/(1 + (2 * 2)/89,875,517,873,681,800) = 4 / (1 + (4 / 89,875,517,873,681,800)) = 4 / 1.00000000000000004, so basically 4.

  • Joseph Park
    Joseph Park 6 days ago

    No I learned it from school because if the earth is round it has different weather and different time.

  • Vyrex420
    Vyrex420 6 days ago

    Flat earth do exist tho

  • Cephalon Collisto
    Cephalon Collisto 6 days ago

    I remember back in my science classes that they purposefully lied about a lot of stuff (such as how diagrams of atoms are completely bullshit) simply because it was ‘too hard’ to explain to younger students. And then like 6 years later they turn around and go ‘by the way half of the stuff you learnt and were marked correct for on tests is now incorrect and you will be penalised for giving these answers that we spent the last 6 years of your life drilling into your head as correct.’
    Bitch what?

  • Christopher Osborne
    Christopher Osborne 7 days ago

    Frustrating as it is to learn our models are just approximations, for a layman or anyone who isn't performing very specific types of calculations where the model breaks down, the approximations are fine. Consider that using pi extended to 40 decimal places to calculate the size of the visible universe would be accurate within an error of one hydrogen atom. Sure, it's not exact, and it's worth knowing it's an approximation, but I'd say that it's good enough.

  • John Hodgson
    John Hodgson 7 days ago

    What is taught is close enough for what the average person is likely to have to deal with in a lifetime. As far as moving away from my cat, whoever says my cat is going to stay in one place doesn't own a cat :-) Since I am going to drive or walk back to my dormant cat the answer that involves tunneling in a straight line through the earth, is worthless to me. I am going to have to move 20,000 km to get back to my cat.

  • Alexander Keil
    Alexander Keil 8 days ago

    I’m majoring in engineering, and i reject the premise of this. There is no “true” theory that accurately describes everything. By definition a scientific theory is true until disproven. They are all “false”. It’s just that some of them mean more difficult concepts and calculations than others. A scientific model is just a compromise between accuracy and simplicity, and both should be appreciated. Newton’s laws are simpler than the ones that come from relativity and accurate enough mostly

    • Willoughby Krenzteinburg
      Willoughby Krenzteinburg 2 days ago

      Both are appreciated. Are you under the impression that Einstein's theories replace Newton's? Both Einstein's theories and Newton's laws are true.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 9 days ago

    I actually did know that about gravity and light. I’m not very well educated on special relativity. It never really occurred to me. I hadn’t given it much thought.

  • DH1 5
    DH1 5 9 days ago

    But I'm just learning this in school🤔

  • First Name Last Name

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  • swapnil pable
    swapnil pable 9 days ago

    Alright, lets skip Newton's nonsense and start with Relativity directly in elementary school.
    Who cares about the drop out rate anyway...

  • João Anflor
    João Anflor 9 days ago

    Where is the fucking school which teaches that the earth is flat? It must be the same kind of school that teaches imperial units.

  • Himanshu Ghadigaonkar
    Himanshu Ghadigaonkar 10 days ago +1

    The second concept of Velocities adding up is very necessary to know..

  • Abhishek Pratap Singh
    Abhishek Pratap Singh 10 days ago

    i want to experience any other world.

  • PedrivoGamer 3,14
    PedrivoGamer 3,14 10 days ago

    1:50 but if you are in Everest?

  • PedrivoGamer 3,14
    PedrivoGamer 3,14 10 days ago

    0:48 What?!

  • Ben Goldberg
    Ben Goldberg 10 days ago

    Lies to children?

  • Notthedroids Yourelookingfor

    Good approximations are exactly that: good.
    I teach fluid dynamics at a university, and I definitely have to start with strongly simplified and approximated examples and then add complexity bit by bit. I don’t think that’s the wrong approach.

    • shayan moosavi
      shayan moosavi 6 days ago

      +Notthedroids Yourelookingfor lucky you :(
      I didn't learn that this models was only approximations in school. I learned that myself by reading books and searching internet. In school they would only say : "well, the previous model is WRONG and this is the new model." (one or two of my teachers were an exception though)
      I only actually learned something more after I got a few private tutors and only then I learned that those were approximations. Also by asking questions in online forums like quora and reading books. (which I already mentioned)
      Well, also lucky me that I love science and I won't give up learning or else I would be a science denier(flat earther,moon landing denier, etc.)

    • Notthedroids Yourelookingfor
      Notthedroids Yourelookingfor 6 days ago

      +shayan moosavi Maybe I was in fact taught that way. I don't know whether it was my school or my parents, but it was always clear to me that we're using models/approximations.
      I think that's one of the first things physics teachers say: 'we're gonna disregard friction and consider an idealised situation'.
      Not more was needed for me.
      That was in middle school, and I don't think I would have needed it before then.
      I can't think of any situation in elementary school where that would have applied. Please explain.

    • shayan moosavi
      shayan moosavi 6 days ago

      +Notthedroids Yourelookingfor yes I completely agree with you but the way of teaching should also improve.
      When we have an approach like this some of the students may think that you lie to them on purpose and trying to mislead them. They don't know the reason behind it.
      That's the exact reason why we have flat earthers today. When they found out things that contradicted what they have been taught at school they became paranoid and threw science out of the window altogether.
      In my opinion it's the elementary schools' fault. They should explain more throughly about the scientific methods and when they teach something they should mention that they might not have enough time to go more deeply into those subjects.
      When I found out that the bohr's atomic model is wrong and shrödinger's model is more accurate I said to myself :"WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!? ELECTRONS DON'T ORBIT THE NUCLEUS?"
      I love science and I know the reason why schools first teach the incomplete models to make the students ready for more accurate models but not everyone know that.
      This was my point. If you don't agree with my point please explain why?

    • Notthedroids Yourelookingfor
      Notthedroids Yourelookingfor 6 days ago

      +shayan moosavi Not to the full extent. A lot of what I teach is based on Newtonian physics and I don't provide a disclaimer for its limitations. And I don't think I need to.
      Also, I have very limited time, and I need to use it as efficiently as possible. If I mention something that I can't delve into and that won't come up within one week, they'll have forgotten about it and I wasted precious time.
      So my point is that the point of the video is flawed.

    • shayan moosavi
      shayan moosavi 7 days ago

      Yes. But you should also tell your students that it's not completely true and we'll dig deeper into it later. Not stating them as facts which is exactly what schools do.
      That was the point of this video.

  • Glenn Dwyer
    Glenn Dwyer 11 days ago +1

    So true, most people have no idea hw the world works. It is complicated stuff, but they can still tell you in school that you are learning only an approximation

  • Christopher G
    Christopher G 11 days ago

    1:45 They mentioned that in Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy. Apparently during stress all being send out a psychic signal, that is stronger the farther they are from home.
    But with the distance on earth being capped, it is only noticed when Ford Perfect - a being from around Betegeuze - does this.

  • judy churley
    judy churley 12 days ago

    If object A moves at c, on an object moving at c, (in the same direction) is A moving at c? If so, reverse the direction of A, is the velocity still c?

    • Grandpawns Here
      Grandpawns Here 11 days ago

      Good question
      This is exactly why einstein came up with the relativity theory

  • Gloweye
    Gloweye 12 days ago

    Time and space dilation is somehow so.... intuitive. It makes sense to a deep level.

  • jungledyret100
    jungledyret100 12 days ago +2

    This is nothing more that nitpicking. What you are saying is basically same thing as complaining that people use 3,14 as pi's value, even though it is 3,1415926... In majority of occupations where you need to learn applied sciences, you don't need to do your calculus in the context of theory of relativity.
    And it is not a "misconception". In reality it is as big of a misconception as claiming that pi's value is 3,14.

    • Grandpawns Here
      Grandpawns Here 11 days ago

      It is okay to round up as long as you know you are rounding up.
      In the 2mph + 2mph = 4mph example, for all practical purposes you will use 4 but it is impprtant to realise that it is just rounding up and the exact amswer is slightly less than 4.

  • Kaiser Mapping
    Kaiser Mapping 12 days ago

    Checkmate flat earthers

  • Saptarshi Mitra
    Saptarshi Mitra 12 days ago +1

    Actually teaching these concepts early on makes it more difficult for children to grasp the topic properly. If a student loses his interest on a topic, say physics, saying that it's too difficult to understand for him/her at this age, probably he will score bad marks in his semesters and will never find enthusiasm to read that subject again. Thus we assume things so as to make it easy for kids.

  • alan smithee
    alan smithee 13 days ago

    I knew all the misconceptions tackled here, just not in as much detail.
    Good job

  • Spectrum
    Spectrum 17 days ago +4

    The speed of light has been observed to be 299,792,458 m/s YOU HIPPOCRAT.

  • Kreios Error
    Kreios Error 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who learnt theory of realativity, black holes, etc in high school?

  • Meischel 5
    Meischel 5 20 days ago

    That bassline is rather tasty. Did you play it?

  • Vega punk
    Vega punk 21 day ago

    This guy is the entire r/iamverysmart

  • fredhenry101
    fredhenry101 21 day ago

    Okay, but rounding is a thing. If you have 1*10^-100000000000, you just have zero, unless you are working in microphysics or chemistry or something else that exists on such a tiny scale. For most physics applications, which is all the majority of people are ever going to do (most people don't need to bother with Newton's Law of Gravitation because F = m * g works for basically all near-earth applications), the rounded number has little enough error that we can just use it and go on. Similar to how pi is irrational, but e can approximate it to 3.1415 and get a pretty accurate result.

  • SriJishnu .s pagadala
    SriJishnu .s pagadala 23 days ago

    Hmmm speed of light is 288000 metres per second

  • KJ Kohler
    KJ Kohler 23 days ago

    You seem pissed off

  • Rio Agustian
    Rio Agustian 25 days ago +1

    Honestly, i should change the video speed into 0,75×

  • Geo Detective
    Geo Detective 25 days ago

    This is Science Asylum Nerd Clone talking ...

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson 29 days ago

    *Einstein looks at this video, though now dead.*

  • Kay B83
    Kay B83 Month ago

    Oh I like and enjoy this so much right now it's my current favorite! 🤩🏅

  • YouTube Police
    YouTube Police Month ago +1

    _OK what?_

  • Sylvia Else
    Sylvia Else Month ago

    Then there's the atom, with its electrons in orbit around a nucleus. That's wrong too. But where should we start when educating people? Ask them to dive straight into general relativity and quantum mechanics (er, but not both at the same time 'cos we don't know how - sorry about that), and they'll more likely just never learn anything. Perhaps mention occasionally that what we're teaching is only a close approximation to the truth. Not sure how that would go down.

  • Albert Jackson
    Albert Jackson Month ago

    Oppenheimer once told his brother, "I need physics more than friends".

  • gender communist
    gender communist Month ago

    there is some level of merit in simplifying concepts so people can grasp the basics before moving on, but a lot of the commenters are making this critique without really getting at the point of the video. this video is not complaining about, for example, neglecting air resistance in a lesson about projectile motion for 15 year olds. These are straight up lies that don't seem to have any merit. That's *not* worth teaching.

  • Shadow Lobster
    Shadow Lobster Month ago

    WTF is with that captions
    Someone else noticed?

  • María Jesús Cid Vazquez

    Very good Mr.Burden

  • Sander Alphen
    Sander Alphen 2 months ago

    Earth is not perfectly round. Stop laying...

    • ilmu011
      ilmu011 25 days ago

      I'll lay as much eggs as I want

  • Abhishek Bhamare
    Abhishek Bhamare 2 months ago +2

    Its not a misconception. Its just half knowlege of people.not everyone is scientist .
    Brother your video will confuse people more.

  • Duane Miller
    Duane Miller 2 months ago

    Dumb question of the day, if gravity bends light then how big is the universe or even our galaxy and how old is it? How far away are the objects we see in the sky? To determine how far away a star or galaxy is we use a principle called red shift, as I recall. It has to do with the shift of light waves over great distances, but if I have the name wrong, my apologies. If so just correct the name but don’t just dismiss my point. Now that assumes a straight line, but what if the light you’re seeing is not where you think it is? Remember that if gravity bends light then it’s traveling in an arc past the source of the gravity and that if you put enough arcs together you can make a 90° turn or greater. Also the closer the light is as it passes the gravity source and how strong that gravity source is will reflect how much the light is turned or bent. Now if you’re not quite sure what I’m getting at here is a simple experiment you can do. take a piece of string about 9 inches long. Place a piece of paper on the table. make the string tight and straight on top of the paper mark where the two ends are now holding the one end with one finger take a finger up from your other hand and nudge the string about 1 inch from the end then hold that point And with the figure from the other hand nudge the string about 1 inch from that point keep doing that down the full length of the string now it doesn’t matter if you push the string One Direction or the other just nugget every inch just a little the full length and don’t let that first movement be altered by the second movement. What you’ll find is the other end of the string is now nowhere near it’s starting point. all those little nudges created arcs and as we all know an arc is longer than a straight line. Now make a mark where the new position of the end of the string is and measure between the fixed end and the two different marks and you’ll find the second Newmark for the other end is closer than the original mark for the second end. Now imagine the fixed end of your string is earth and the original point at the far end of the straight string is the perceived location of a star but in reality it’s location is that new closer point from after moving the string. So if you use red shift to determine that a star on the other side of the Milky Way is 100,000 ly away wouldn’t that star actually be closer and if so isn’t the milky way smaller than we think? And what of those galaxies we see at the far reaches of the universe? If they’re closer because the light has been bent and twisted and curved then wouldn’t that mean the universe is expanding slower than we think? One other thought. the only experiment I know of to prove gravity bends light was to look at the shift of a star during an eclipse, but did they take in account that there could be gases around the sun and that the intense heat of the sun could’ve altered, giving us the effect of refraction?
    PLEASE consider this as food for thought. I do not wish to have a massive debate here in the comment section. This is just one of the issues that I find difficult to understand in physics. The other being how gravity affects time. Personally I believe gravity affects the way we measure time but not time itself. Think about the length of the year on mercury versus when you’re on earth. Mercury being closer to the sun moves faster so a year there is shorter then here on earth. Also consider a pendulum clock will change speed depending on its altitude. at sea level it runs at one speed at the top of the mountains it will run at another. You need to change the length of the pendulum in order to get a Clock to run accurately at the two different altitudes. So here’s my thought if gravity can affect this time measuring device what else could it affect that we might use to measure time? So Einstein‘s theory that gravity changes time, which was supposedly proven, leads me to question did it change time or affect the time piece, that device we used to measure the time? Just more food for thought.

  • Exodia The Forbidden One

    Kids want the truth?

  • Sareeta Devi
    Sareeta Devi 2 months ago

    You opened my eyes👀

  • jack jack
    jack jack 2 months ago +1


  • bbsonjohn
    bbsonjohn 2 months ago

    All theories are false. Special relativity and general relativity are some low energy limit of some quantum gravity theory not yet known to mankind. What make them superior to Newton laws being an low energy effective theory? lol

  • Default Boi
    Default Boi 2 months ago

    The sun is white...

    • ilmu011
      ilmu011 25 days ago

      White privilege asshole piece of a gas giant

  • Drugged Pixel
    Drugged Pixel 2 months ago

    What if we are in the vehicle that moves 299,999,999 m/s and we start running... what will happen to the speed limit then?

  • Gallium Gamer
    Gallium Gamer 2 months ago

    See 0:00 with captions

  • azwad islam
    azwad islam 2 months ago

    1642: Galileo died to prove that earth is round

    2119: Flat earthers right movement

  • Punished Soleimani
    Punished Soleimani 2 months ago

    So, teach high school students who have not even taken introductory calculus yet, special relativity for their first intro to physics? Hurr durr

  • Caio Consoli
    Caio Consoli 2 months ago

    Imagine being thought that there is a god for the first 18 years, and than bam, someone show you that there’s none. How many would believe that? Flat earthers?

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham 2 months ago

    I just know shit that is real without all the inbetween shit like names for certain proven... Phenomenons?

  • LatekVon
    LatekVon 2 months ago

    Eeee but light got mass, very little but it's electron

  • Kevin Jia
    Kevin Jia 2 months ago

    Well that was a waste of time.

  • E las
    E las 2 months ago

    So hold on, you mean to tell me the earth is NOT flat!????

  • John Turner
    John Turner 2 months ago

    Not sure about everyone else but my teacher taught me this when learning physics. But just for the exams we had to simplify things

  • Andrés Prochnik
    Andrés Prochnik 2 months ago

    I love how he went with "Light speed is 300.000.000 m/s" when it's a bit less yet he want us to give a crap about .0000000001% difference in added velocities.

  • Bailey Jorgensen
    Bailey Jorgensen 2 months ago

    General relativity is not better for almost anything. It’s more accurate, but Newtonian physics is more than good enough for most things you would want to do. Relativity only comes in for like gps satellites.

    • Bailey Jorgensen
      Bailey Jorgensen 2 months ago

      I kind of doubt children would be able to understand relativistic concepts. It’s much easier and better to learn Newtonian physics and then relativity later. Besides, most people don’t need to know relativity.

    • Bailey Jorgensen
      Bailey Jorgensen 2 months ago

      Calling not knowing about relativity a ‘misconception’ is not like learning that the earth is round when you thought it was flat, but like learning that it’s actually an oblate spheroid instead of a perfect globe. Technically not wrong, but pretty disingenuous.

  • Airlangga Buana Pati
    Airlangga Buana Pati 2 months ago


  • Daughmenick
    Daughmenick 2 months ago +35

    Anyone else surfing the comments to find a triggered flat earther?

    • shayan moosavi
      shayan moosavi 7 days ago

      Unfortunately I didn't find any🤣🤣🤣

    • shayan moosavi
      shayan moosavi 7 days ago

      +ilPrincipe LOL how does anyone read this😂😂😂😂

    • Gianmaria Russo
      Gianmaria Russo 9 days ago +3

      ilPrincipe 😂😂😂😂😂 Thanks I needed it😉

    • ilPrincipe
      ilPrincipe Month ago +1

      hey retart earth is falt not ball u are sheep of govnerment u ownly believe wat others told u but u donnot use u r own brain u brainwashed fuk off when earth is ball theb why does my fathr beat me then i com home hmmmmmm? Balltard

      Youre welcome

    • Ξενοφώντας Σούλης
      Ξενοφώντας Σούλης 2 months ago

      Does this mean that flat earthers' origin is Diskworld by Terry Pratchett?

  • Watema 3
    Watema 3 2 months ago

    Great video but I would like to ask from which sources did you get this information from? I wouldn't want to take this as a given

    • ilmu011
      ilmu011 25 days ago

      A physics book?

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan 2 months ago

    Light has mas. It's just not Newtonian mass

  • Shayne 47
    Shayne 47 2 months ago

    You must really not like that cat

    • ilmu011
      ilmu011 25 days ago

      Ask Schrodinger holy shit

  • Anmol Jhamb
    Anmol Jhamb 2 months ago

    Says, even small things matter but uses speed of light as 3*10^8 instead of 299,792,458 m/s 😂😂 that's a huge difference right?😂

  • A Dogtor
    A Dogtor 2 months ago

    turn on subs for the first secons lmfao

  • Noodle Doodle
    Noodle Doodle 2 months ago

    0:17 I legit thought that he was going to say religion

  • H Sanjeev Kumar
    H Sanjeev Kumar 2 months ago +1

    But since earth is not spherical and as it is an elongated-along-equator shaped can that diameter thing be right?

  • Frostburn Spirit
    Frostburn Spirit 2 months ago


  • Scorn City
    Scorn City 2 months ago +1

    okay, you are in Grade 5, and learning how an apple fell on Newton's Head due to Gravity.
    Explain General Relativity to them, *No Do it. Do IT NOW*

  • 1anakin 20
    1anakin 20 2 months ago

    Could we not talk about the &@$€>|?\ dumbass flat earthers for once?

  • Thomas JR.
    Thomas JR. 2 months ago

    *This video sucks, I will stop following this channel. Yes, in a way what you're saying is somewhat right, but you're not explaining the caveats. You're creating more confusion in the heads of people and fostering conspiracy theorists. The things you claim to be wrong are not downright wrong, depends on the interpretation. And if you're going to be ridiculous, then GR is also wrong, it's not a perfect model.*

  • Crystal 959
    Crystal 959 2 months ago

    Just throwing this out there for any flat earthers:
    Humans do not feel speed. We feel change in speed. Same reason you can sit in a car and feel yourself accelerate, but feel normal once you get to a constant speed. Earth has been rotating and revolving at constant speeds so we don’t feel it. If it were to speed up or slow down, then we would.

  • Never Snows
    Never Snows 2 months ago

    I already knew the first one and the second one is just logic. Pretry pretty cool.

  • lord of mosquito
    lord of mosquito 2 months ago

    My life is a lie

  • Zoltán Kürti
    Zoltán Kürti 2 months ago

    The source of gravity isn't just momentum and energy. The pressure and sheer forces in an object are also a source of gravity.
    E=mc^2 is wrong.

    • Zoltán Kürti
      Zoltán Kürti 2 months ago

      +Matt Kowalski E=mc^2 is only right, if you use the so called "relativistic mass". I have many arguments against this notion. First, it's completely useless, as it already has a name. Energy. When you try to build up relativity from first principles and a couple assumptions, the first two equations you get in this topic are E=m*gamma*c^2 and p=gamma*m*v, or in 4-notation p_k=mu_k. Here in the theory m is just an arbitrary constant, and later when you consider interactions between fields and particles it gets a meaning and also experimental methods to determine it. The point is, that when you build up relativity, you first encounter what you would call restmass, and you can express everything with it, easily. Renaming gamma*m from the energy formula is equvivalent to saying that from now on, I call E/c^2 m. If you do this, ofc E=mc^2... But relativistic m isn't a scalar in the physical sense: it's different in different reference frames. Restamss is constant for all observers, this is also a point why it is easier to use in calculations.
      There are more reasons than this, some people try to argue with inertia being relativistic mass. That also doesn't work, inertia is a matrix in relativity, and only one of it's eigenvalues is relativistic mass, the other one is something different. The correct equation is (with restmass) E^2=m^2c^4+p^2c^2.

    • Matt Kowalski
      Matt Kowalski 2 months ago +2

      Excuse me what
      Please explain yourself saying E=mc² as wrong. Or I'm gonna think you're an absolute idiot.

  • Harsh Ranjan
    Harsh Ranjan 2 months ago

    It means I knew everything falsely.

  • Jade Jewell
    Jade Jewell 2 months ago

    It's just not practical to teach this to kids. No one really lies to them. Public schools are designed to provide a general education in each curriculum until the individual is more certain about the professional direction they want to go. Then specifics becomes necessary. You are almost guilty of a class action Strawman argument.

  • Jade Jewell
    Jade Jewell 2 months ago +1

    Regarding Newtonian classical physics and Einsteins theory of relativity (special or not), one is not better than the other.
    They are simply used for different purposes.

  • Life is Awesome
    Life is Awesome 2 months ago +1

    You are confusing physics with the world. Physics is always a morel of the world. But it is never a perfect one. That doesn't mean the model is wrong. The Earth is not flat, but it is also not round. And general relativity equations are also imperfect approximations.

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 2 months ago

    Clickbaity title. Relativity is mentioned before students enter college. I think most middle school students know what a black hole is.

    IMTHEDARKNIGHT - 3 months ago

    Sooooo basically things that just don't really matter? I mean if it isn't a big enough difference that NASA ignored it do I care at all? Also if the difference of the sheep's velocity is so small are you sure you can even measure the speed of the truck that accurately? Cause I don't think you could, at which point your error bar is greater than that measurement.

  • Jose Velarde
    Jose Velarde 3 months ago

    That NO dropped like when you ask your mom to stop for food on the way home.
    Otherwise I just wanna say why is it like this with everything? History, math, chemistry, English all go from a to b to c as you move through the stages of life. Math goes from this is a number to more numbers to letters to curves to spins to triple big S’s to spreadsheets; why can’t it be this is a number, this is a spreadsheet now go on and be a productive person?

  • Louis Thomas
    Louis Thomas 3 months ago

    I though that the heavier an object is the faster it falls

  • Azraelle
    Azraelle 3 months ago

    Kind of like when my math teacher told the class that pi was an infinitely complex number, but for the sake of ease, 3.14 was good enough to use for doing our homework.

  • Alejandro Tejeda
    Alejandro Tejeda 3 months ago

    Thats cute, as a doctor i remember all my chemistry, biology, anatomy etc, and just laugh

  • Ordinary Knife
    Ordinary Knife 3 months ago

    Could one pull the singularity of a black hole with a lot of light? I mean a lot a lot of light? Like a lot? Like a crap ton? Like so much there might not even be enough energy in the universe to produce that amount of light?

  • Kenneth Finch
    Kenneth Finch 3 months ago

    Do more misconceptions! That was awesome!

  • Orion D. Hunter
    Orion D. Hunter 3 months ago

    __italic__ --striketrough-- **bold**