Common Physics Misconceptions

  • Published on Dec 6, 2012
  • What if you thought the earth was flat? And then you found out it isn't?
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  • Exodia The Forbidden One

    Kids want the truth?

  • Sareeta Devi
    Sareeta Devi 2 days ago

    You opened my eyes👀

  • jack jack
    jack jack 2 days ago +1


  • bbsonjohn
    bbsonjohn 3 days ago

    All theories are false. Special relativity and general relativity are some low energy limit of some quantum gravity theory not yet known to mankind. What make them superior to Newton laws being an low energy effective theory? lol

  • Default Boi
    Default Boi 3 days ago

    The sun is white...

  • Drugged Pixel
    Drugged Pixel 3 days ago

    What if we are in the vehicle that moves 299,999,999 m/s and we start running... what will happen to the speed limit then?

  • Gallium Gamer - RBLX

    See 0:00 with captions

  • azwad islam
    azwad islam 3 days ago

    1642: Galileo died to prove that earth is round

    2119: Flat earthers right movement

  • Punished Soleimani
    Punished Soleimani 4 days ago

    So, teach high school students who have not even taken introductory calculus yet, special relativity for their first intro to physics? Hurr durr

  • Caio Consoli
    Caio Consoli 4 days ago

    Imagine being thought that there is a god for the first 18 years, and than bam, someone show you that there’s none. How many would believe that? Flat earthers?

  • Benjamin Chen
    Benjamin Chen 5 days ago

    Too baby I like flat Earth physics

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham 5 days ago

    I just know shit that is real without all the inbetween shit like names for certain proven... Phenomenons?

  • LatekVon
    LatekVon 5 days ago

    Eeee but light got mass, very little but it's electron

  • Kevin Jia
    Kevin Jia 5 days ago

    Well that was a waste of time.

  • E las
    E las 5 days ago

    So hold on, you mean to tell me the earth is NOT flat!????

  • John Turner
    John Turner 6 days ago

    Not sure about everyone else but my teacher taught me this when learning physics. But just for the exams we had to simplify things

  • Andrés Prochnik
    Andrés Prochnik 6 days ago

    I love how he went with "Light speed is 300.000.000 m/s" when it's a bit less yet he want us to give a crap about .0000000001% difference in added velocities.

  • Bailey Jorgensen
    Bailey Jorgensen 6 days ago

    General relativity is not better for almost anything. It’s more accurate, but Newtonian physics is more than good enough for most things you would want to do. Relativity only comes in for like gps satellites.

    • Bailey Jorgensen
      Bailey Jorgensen 6 days ago

      I kind of doubt children would be able to understand relativistic concepts. It’s much easier and better to learn Newtonian physics and then relativity later. Besides, most people don’t need to know relativity.

    • Bailey Jorgensen
      Bailey Jorgensen 6 days ago

      Calling not knowing about relativity a ‘misconception’ is not like learning that the earth is round when you thought it was flat, but like learning that it’s actually an oblate spheroid instead of a perfect globe. Technically not wrong, but pretty disingenuous.

  • Airlangga Buana Pati


  • Daughmenick
    Daughmenick 6 days ago +6

    Anyone else surfing the comments to find a triggered flat earther?

  • Watema 3
    Watema 3 7 days ago

    Great video but I would like to ask from which sources did you get this information from? I wouldn't want to take this as a given

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan 7 days ago

    Light has mas. It's just not Newtonian mass

  • Shayne 47
    Shayne 47 7 days ago

    You must really not like that cat

  • Anmol Jhamb
    Anmol Jhamb 7 days ago

    Says, even small things matter but uses speed of light as 3*10^8 instead of 299,792,458 m/s 😂😂 that's a huge difference right?😂

  • A Dogtor
    A Dogtor 8 days ago

    turn on subs for the first secons lmfao

  • Noodle Doodle
    Noodle Doodle 8 days ago

    0:17 I legit thought that he was going to say religion

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 8 days ago

    But since earth is not spherical and as it is an elongated-along-equator shaped can that diameter thing be right?

  • Frostburn Spirit
    Frostburn Spirit 8 days ago


  • Scorn City
    Scorn City 8 days ago

    okay, you are in Grade 5, and learning how an apple fell on Newton's Head due to Gravity.
    Explain General Relativity to them, *No Do it. Do IT NOW*

  • 1anakin 20
    1anakin 20 8 days ago

    Could we not talk about the &@$€>|?\ dumbass flat earthers for once?

  • JR S.
    JR S. 9 days ago

    *This video sucks, I will stop following this channel. Yes, in a way what you're saying is somewhat right, but you're not explaining the caveats. You're creating more confusion in the heads of people and fostering conspiracy theorists. The things you claim to be wrong are not downright wrong, depends on the interpretation. And if you're going to be ridiculous, then GR is also wrong, it's not a perfect model.*

  • Crystal 959
    Crystal 959 9 days ago

    Just throwing this out there for any flat earthers:
    Humans do not feel speed. We feel change in speed. Same reason you can sit in a car and feel yourself accelerate, but feel normal once you get to a constant speed. Earth has been rotating and revolving at constant speeds so we don’t feel it. If it were to speed up or slow down, then we would.

  • Never Snows
    Never Snows 10 days ago

    I already knew the first one and the second one is just logic. Pretry pretty cool.

  • lord of mosquito
    lord of mosquito 11 days ago

    My life is a lie

  • Zoltán Kürti
    Zoltán Kürti 14 days ago

    The source of gravity isn't just momentum and energy. The pressure and sheer forces in an object are also a source of gravity.
    E=mc^2 is wrong.

    • Zoltán Kürti
      Zoltán Kürti 6 days ago

      +Matt Kowalski E=mc^2 is only right, if you use the so called "relativistic mass". I have many arguments against this notion. First, it's completely useless, as it already has a name. Energy. When you try to build up relativity from first principles and a couple assumptions, the first two equations you get in this topic are E=m*gamma*c^2 and p=gamma*m*v, or in 4-notation p_k=mu_k. Here in the theory m is just an arbitrary constant, and later when you consider interactions between fields and particles it gets a meaning and also experimental methods to determine it. The point is, that when you build up relativity, you first encounter what you would call restmass, and you can express everything with it, easily. Renaming gamma*m from the energy formula is equvivalent to saying that from now on, I call E/c^2 m. If you do this, ofc E=mc^2... But relativistic m isn't a scalar in the physical sense: it's different in different reference frames. Restamss is constant for all observers, this is also a point why it is easier to use in calculations.
      There are more reasons than this, some people try to argue with inertia being relativistic mass. That also doesn't work, inertia is a matrix in relativity, and only one of it's eigenvalues is relativistic mass, the other one is something different. The correct equation is (with restmass) E^2=m^2c^4+p^2c^2.

    • Matt Kowalski
      Matt Kowalski 6 days ago +1

      Excuse me what
      Please explain yourself saying E=mc² as wrong. Or I'm gonna think you're an absolute idiot.

  • Harsh Ranjan
    Harsh Ranjan 14 days ago

    It means I knew everything falsely.

  • Jade Jewell
    Jade Jewell 15 days ago

    It's just not practical to teach this to kids. No one really lies to them. Public schools are designed to provide a general education in each curriculum until the individual is more certain about the professional direction they want to go. Then specifics becomes necessary. You are almost guilty of a class action Strawman argument.

  • Jade Jewell
    Jade Jewell 15 days ago

    Regarding Newtonian classical physics and Einsteins theory of relativity (special or not), one is not better than the other.
    They are simply used for different purposes.

  • Life is Awesome
    Life is Awesome 18 days ago

    You are confusing physics with the world. Physics is always a morel of the world. But it is never a perfect one. That doesn't mean the model is wrong. The Earth is not flat, but it is also not round. And general relativity equations are also imperfect approximations.

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 22 days ago

    Clickbaity title. Relativity is mentioned before students enter college. I think most middle school students know what a black hole is.

    IMTHEDARKNIGHT - 27 days ago

    Sooooo basically things that just don't really matter? I mean if it isn't a big enough difference that NASA ignored it do I care at all? Also if the difference of the sheep's velocity is so small are you sure you can even measure the speed of the truck that accurately? Cause I don't think you could, at which point your error bar is greater than that measurement.

  • Jose Velarde
    Jose Velarde 29 days ago

    That NO dropped like when you ask your mom to stop for food on the way home.
    Otherwise I just wanna say why is it like this with everything? History, math, chemistry, English all go from a to b to c as you move through the stages of life. Math goes from this is a number to more numbers to letters to curves to spins to triple big S’s to spreadsheets; why can’t it be this is a number, this is a spreadsheet now go on and be a productive person?

  • Louis Thomas
    Louis Thomas Month ago

    I though that the heavier an object is the faster it falls

  • Azraelle
    Azraelle Month ago

    Kind of like when my math teacher told the class that pi was an infinitely complex number, but for the sake of ease, 3.14 was good enough to use for doing our homework.

  • Alejandro Tejeda
    Alejandro Tejeda Month ago

    Thats cute, as a doctor i remember all my chemistry, biology, anatomy etc, and just laugh

  • Brendan Ha
    Brendan Ha Month ago

    Could one pull the singularity of a black hole with a lot of light? I mean a lot a lot of light? Like a lot? Like a crap ton? Like so much there might not even be enough energy in the universe to produce that amount of light?

  • Kenneth Finch
    Kenneth Finch Month ago

    Do more misconceptions! That was awesome!

  • Orion D. Hunter
    Orion D. Hunter Month ago

    __italic__ --striketrough-- **bold**

  • William John
    William John Month ago

    This is why I hate applied mathematics!

  • Jason C
    Jason C Month ago

    This is stupid !

  • Sjoerd Stougie
    Sjoerd Stougie Month ago

    Who tf learns that the earth is flat??!

  • Onur Asik
    Onur Asik Month ago

    I'm a junior in Germany and actually we are doing all that stuff in advanced physics class.

  • Om Dutt Sharma
    Om Dutt Sharma Month ago

    So fast. Keep it some slow to so that it become easily understandable

  • Wasem Zahr
    Wasem Zahr Month ago

    woah look at me 12 years old and learning about physics and chemistry and astronomy and etc
    not like my class mates absolute losers playing fortnut and watching logan and jake

    yea dddooog im soooo cool,they said

  • 0bada
    0bada Month ago

    No its not called distance, its displacement. Hope you know the difference.

  • Infinity Dragon
    Infinity Dragon Month ago

    But light has mass

  • I can't come up with a good username


  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago +1

    The captions at 0:00 to 0:03

  • Anshuman Agrawal
    Anshuman Agrawal 2 months ago

    Then explain , how gravity depends on energy?

  • Bob Fischer
    Bob Fischer 2 months ago

    Yes, Minute Physics, it is reasonable to teach the Newtonian "first approximations" to young people, because for objects not traveling near the speed of light, it holds true. Likewise, Newton's gravity equation holds true to a first approximation as well, and allows young people a chance to understand planetary movements and natural phenomena around them.

    I generally like your videos, but this one is just pinheaded and stupid. If you wanted to turn people off of science, this is a great way to go about it.

  • Clem Leff
    Clem Leff 2 months ago

    Speaking of misleading and details, earth is not a sphere ^^

  • Mahesh kangude
    Mahesh kangude 2 months ago

    any flat earth retards here?

  • Bendré Van Zyl
    Bendré Van Zyl 2 months ago

    When did you go to high school? Einstein first said that light bends around objects. Cant you deduct that is because of some mystical force?

  • Dr Turtok
    Dr Turtok 2 months ago

    I learnt all of this in school, but i had Physics for 5 Yars

  • RUSapache
    RUSapache 2 months ago

    Wait, in which kinda school they tell you that world is flat? At least in Russia in elementary (and even daycare center) teachers say that the earth is (roughly) ball.

  • BlueScope819
    BlueScope819 2 months ago +1

    This is deep

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 months ago

    None of this is factual. None of this bullshit is scientific.
    All of this is theoretical math. The Earth is not a sphere so there goes your math. If you're going to use this as fact, you might want to prove curvature and motion to the Earth First. Step One in proving the Earth is a sphere is measuring the Earth and proving curvature. Unfortunately scientism has run completely out of control for a full century to where we're at this point teaching this absolute garbage to people. The next five years is going to bring a revolution to the scientific Community. Scientism will be stomped out by Logic and the scientific method.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 months ago

    The irony of you misleading children with this bullshit THEORY. This is math. Not reality.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 months ago

    How retard can a theory get. Goddamn. Does anyone actually believe this garbage. Hahahaha.
    It's time we start mocking PSEUDOSCIENCE. We have to start laughing at the nonsense they're trying to push. It's the most ridiculous shit, every time with the Scientism community.
    This is not scientific. This is Scientism.

  • XeiDaMoKa !
    XeiDaMoKa ! 3 months ago

    Too laughable ahahahha

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson 3 months ago

    Hey wait a minute. You changed the way you were measuring distance from the cat. You started by measuring distance traveled along the circumference and then changed to the diameter. Sense traveling through the earth isn't an option (since I last checked). One would have to travel back along the circumference again in order to get back to the cat, and that would be the whole 20,000km.

  • Terra
    Terra 3 months ago

    YES A COMMENT SECTION!!! Btw I am I kid so lolololol

    THE PHOTOROOK 3 months ago

    U came to know that the earth is not flat in college? WHAT THE FUCK MAN?

  • Khue minh nguyen
    Khue minh nguyen 3 months ago

    can you speak more slowly

  • Siddharth Singh
    Siddharth Singh 3 months ago

    What's the bassline that goes on in the background

  • Onur Karadagli
    Onur Karadagli 3 months ago üyeleri parmak kaldırsın :)

  • Aayush Singh
    Aayush Singh 3 months ago

    Dafuq is he talking about , normal schools tell you that earth is a sphere at the age 6😑

  • Blacklight
    Blacklight 3 months ago

    Um, captions, are you okay?

  • Rakesh Dhami
    Rakesh Dhami 3 months ago +1

    Assume two objects / particle are moving at speed of light in exactly opposite direction what will be their relative speed ? 🤔

  • Jon Bain
    Jon Bain 3 months ago

    if nothing traveling at lightspeed escapes your blackhole and gravity travels at lightspeed then the blackhole would emit no gravity. relativity is illogical and a dogmatic belief akin to medieval religion with an autocratic fascist hierarchy of petty officialdom. the subconscious aim of which is essentially mysogyny and sodomy.

  • Aditya S
    Aditya S 3 months ago

    dear sir...whatif the train moved at 'c' and sheep moved at some velocity...then what??

    • Aditya S
      Aditya S 2 months ago

      +Willoughby Krenzteinburg Thanks. You cleared my doubt!

    • Willoughby Krenzteinburg
      Willoughby Krenzteinburg 2 months ago +1

      The train could not move at 'c'. The answer to your question would be this equation though :
      u = (v + u') / (1 + (vu'/c²))
      u = the relative velocity between the sheep on the train and to you standing on the ground
      v = the relative velocity between the train and to you standing on the ground.
      u' = the relative velocity between the sheep and the train
      For example, if the train were going 99% the speed of light, and the sheep somehow managed to move at 99% the speed of light relative to the train, common intuition would suggest that the sheep should more 198% the speed of light relative to you, but that's not what happens. Plugging in these numbers in the above equation (and using 1 as the speed of light for simplicity), we get :
      u = (.99 + .99) / (1 + ((.99*.99)/1²)))
      u = 1.98 / (1 + (.9801 / 1))
      u = 1.98 / 1.9801
      u = .9999494975
      In this scenario, the sheep would move at 99.99494975% the speed of light.

  • Mature Gambino
    Mature Gambino 3 months ago

    I thought you were bout to say “well it’s actually the other way around: the earth is flat” and I was like “NO NO THEM TOO”.

  • Nathan Apolonio
    Nathan Apolonio 4 months ago

    89% pistola

  • Sylvia Green
    Sylvia Green 4 months ago

    I knew these things when I was in high school, because my teacher taught them during the last year. And guess what, after learning about relativity and quantum mechanics, I decided to study physics at university. It’s not necessary to learn them at the age of 10 (like some of you proposed), but if you don’t learn them even at the age of 18, you’ll miss a lot of beautiful things.

  • M P
    M P 4 months ago

    This is it?!

  • Wdowa94
    Wdowa94 4 months ago

    Am i dumb, or you are talking about airspeed, not a ground velocity?

    CLASS ROOM 4 months ago

    wait why i studied then?

  • jimmy alderson
    jimmy alderson 4 months ago

    What is momentum's definition?
    I thought the definition was P = mv, but since light has no mass but does have momentum, this can't possibly be the case
    So what is the basic definition of momentum that applies to all objects?

  • Mr L
    Mr L 4 months ago

    What I've been lied about is that stick figures can see on their own. Fact: they have to hold a giant eyeball with both hands in order to.

  • Maisie Summers
    Maisie Summers 4 months ago

    Come for the physics, stay for the light jazz.

  • Adriano Andrade
    Adriano Andrade 4 months ago

    There are some misconcept taught to children and teenagers at schools, but the ones listed in this video aren't practical at all. Not every students is going to study physics in college after school, only a very little fraction of them will and the "misconceptions" listed on the video are very good for everyday applications, in fact they're regular generalizations used in engineering, even on state of the art technology.

  • ruben g
    ruben g 4 months ago

    You didn't say you were taking the earth's curvature into consideration when the sheep was on the train. So no, we weren't misleading our kids. Good try though.

  • Hyper Titanic
    Hyper Titanic 4 months ago

    I grew up knowing nothing about what shape earth was, but it's no good idea to argue flat earth and round earth as I find it is a trap

  • Ayush Aripirala
    Ayush Aripirala 5 months ago

    This triggered flat-earthers

    SAFAT KHAN 5 months ago +1

    You complain about people saying 4 instead of 3.99999. Then you go on to round the speed of light to 300,000,000! Also, as you were chastising people for adding the distance they have to walk (to 20,000 km), you said that the earth has a diameter of 12750 km. Is that so? In what universe is the planet earth a perfect sphere with such a suspicious whole number for it's diameter?

  • chris warrior
    chris warrior 5 months ago

    I always knew that light was affected by gravity. why else can't we see black holes?

  • Lvcqs 311
    Lvcqs 311 5 months ago


  • Seaman1010
    Seaman1010 5 months ago

    That was damn fast

  • Usama Soomro
    Usama Soomro 5 months ago

    Imagine A object from space moving toward Earth it has some KE then as it reaches near earth it hits ISS we will think that it lost all Its KE .. its KE is zero but now Something weird happens that object starts to accelerate .. Why ? . because of gravity & it will gain velocity so it means it will also have KE ? the queation is where did that energy come from ?