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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze 8 months ago +1084

    This is why its cable operated, just thought this would be a fun thing to do haha. So 8million subs special coming up but what will I do eh.............Get your Furze Mugs here btw

    • Bigjawed productions
      Bigjawed productions 22 days ago

      Dim Ka you can’t

    • Bronco Fan2017
      Bronco Fan2017 Month ago

      How does the milk stay cold?

    • Alvar Cabrera
      Alvar Cabrera Month ago

      @Dim Ka in England

    • Qlyde Fluraschneider
      Qlyde Fluraschneider Month ago +1

      @colinfurze , you really are practically a real life practical version of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, thank you for being a part of my adolescence years.

  • Michael Stempfle
    Michael Stempfle 57 minutes ago

    So at what point in the night do you set up the milk so it doesn't spoil by morning?

  • Almost Evil 665
    Almost Evil 665 21 hour ago

    1:47 I don't really understand his accent. Why does water first cause the scum?

  • dayton stigter
    dayton stigter 2 days ago

    Colin's house is probably a lot like willy wonkas chocolate factory

  • LegoTechnic MadMan
    LegoTechnic MadMan 2 days ago +1

    Make something that butters the toast from the catapult toaster

  • Eli 1639
    Eli 1639 2 days ago

    Now you need to attach rc motors and make it wireless with a controler in your room

  • TrashPanda
    TrashPanda 4 days ago +1

    Young walace

  • David Davids
    David Davids 4 days ago

    furze, you keep Wasting time, on EASY stuff.
    try to do something that is 'Supposed to be' impossible.

  • Gary Corbin
    Gary Corbin 4 days ago

    Umm didn't they have teasmades ?

  • Logicel soft
    Logicel soft 5 days ago

    Us yankys drinks sweet tie

  • ClickBate
    ClickBate 5 days ago

    If thanos had only 2 infinity stones it would be colinfurze and Elon musk

  • Aaron Coop
    Aaron Coop 6 days ago

    Now you just need to add the pulse jet kettle to the mix

    SCOTTYDP77 7 days ago

    Colin you should be called inspector gadget

  • Andy ward
    Andy ward 8 days ago

    milk first are you insane?

  • Learn Programming
    Learn Programming 8 days ago

    Why don't u use ardino and program it u can make tea in a click no wires no manual work

  • The Algonquin
    The Algonquin 8 days ago

    Have a little tea with your milk!

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams 8 days ago

    Milk is murder. Stop drinking milk.

  • RockGabrolo 29
    RockGabrolo 29 9 days ago

    Is this wallace and gromit

  • David Roy Turner
    David Roy Turner 10 days ago

    Finally something useful.

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog 10 days ago

    Mans gone full Wallace and gromit

  • Your Left Hand
    Your Left Hand 10 days ago

    This man is literally wallace from wallace and gromit.

  • WrongProgram
    WrongProgram 10 days ago

    when you ever move out to a new house or something, you should turn this one into a museum

  • No Yes
    No Yes 11 days ago

    Jokes on you i have a kitchen in my bedroom

  • defob
    defob 11 days ago

    Makes his staircase a treadmill to get more excercise but makes a lever to make a cup of tea for him

  • Wyatt Thompson
    Wyatt Thompson 11 days ago

    Do people normally put milk in tea

  • м ж
    м ж 12 days ago

    Hi, I'm from Kyrgyzstan, I adore this man. I don’t understand his words. through the translator I want to say thank you very much, and success in your work. If there are errors, I apologize.

  • Lion King138
    Lion King138 12 days ago

    Your most umbeleviable cobtraption must be your wife. Theres no woman in the world who would look at that stuff longer than a minute. Hats off

  • Batstar10
    Batstar10 13 days ago

    I feel this could be improved a lot if you programmed it perfectly, because then it’s as simple as pushing a button.

  • Linka
    Linka 15 days ago

    This is the sort of contraption that wouldn't look out of place at Wallace & Grommit's house!

  • Pelle Torstensson Tollarps Skola 8A

    insert wallace and gromit theme

    WHAMaTRON 18 days ago

    And the wife says ? 🤔

  • オザワヨシ
    オザワヨシ 19 days ago

    I live in Peterborough

  • ChanceTickell_YT
    ChanceTickell_YT 21 day ago

    I do too,

    *i sleep in the kitchen*

  • PP- PatrickSquare
    PP- PatrickSquare 23 days ago +1


  • LordOfToasters
    LordOfToasters 23 days ago

    Are you and wallace friends?

  • John M
    John M 24 days ago

    I imagine Colin's house is something similar to Wallace and Gromits. Buttons and levers everywhere, each one does something amazing and pointless at the same time. Lel.

  • cyborgGerbil
    cyborgGerbil 24 days ago

    All this for a cup of tea! 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔🤨

  • Williamg209
    Williamg209 25 days ago

    your house is turning into wallaces house

  • Lucas Thornton
    Lucas Thornton 26 days ago

    How do you take boxes down the stairs

  • Simon67316
    Simon67316 26 days ago

    Wife: OK, BUT you're not drilling holes in my walls!! I mean it Colin!!

  • tonebone
    tonebone 26 days ago

    It seems colon getting a bit bored

  • Ben Hobbs
    Ben Hobbs 26 days ago

    Just put a kettle in ur room mate

  • Crazy Vehicles
    Crazy Vehicles 28 days ago +1

    Great fan of Colin✌️... You can find some crazy designs of electric Vehicles. Please visit to my channel #crazy vehicles and hit the subscribe button.

  • Spidey Ninja
    Spidey Ninja 29 days ago

    Is this his actual house? Are these permanent fixtures in his actual house?

  • Darwin Snow
    Darwin Snow Month ago


  • Doug C
    Doug C Month ago

    Just about to comment on the milk thing but it looks like you covered it

  • Joe Ingram
    Joe Ingram Month ago

    You need a camera to watch where the cup is and so you can connect the camera to you phone

  • Andrei Mazo
    Andrei Mazo Month ago

    Your flipping welding inside the house

  • BradYeti97
    BradYeti97 Month ago

    You're uninvited from Yorkshire

  • Thomas Witter
    Thomas Witter Month ago

    The main problem is its stickiness if the track was smooth it would be perfect

  • Евгений Шабельянов

    Тот самый коммент на русском, который ты ищешь)

  • Julian Ward
    Julian Ward Month ago

    how is this dudes wife ok with this

  • Mahesh Patel
    Mahesh Patel Month ago


  • mykolas zalinkevicius

    the spifing brit never gets sponsored by joksire tee colin furze instantly gets sponsored

  • Roberto Lanante
    Roberto Lanante Month ago

    how much for one

  • Shem Mac
    Shem Mac Month ago

    true life wallace & grommit

  • The Unknown Recycler

    Colin I can teach you how to levitate objects with your mind. Email if interested

  • Kamlesh Sharma
    Kamlesh Sharma Month ago

    I love your experiment 😚😚😚soooo..soooo much

  • Admiral Icywolffe YT
    Admiral Icywolffe YT Month ago +1

    I got an add for a fire disaster defense plan. Should I be scared?

  • prabhu678 prabhu678

    Imagine this guy cooking some food😁😁😁😁😁😁😁