Amy Winehouse - accepting Record Of The Year at the 50th GRAMMY Awards | GRAMMYs

  • Published on Jul 23, 2011
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    Amy Winehouse - accepting Record Of The Year at the 50th GRAMMY Awards | GRAMMYs
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Comments • 705

  • Laura Mota da silva
    Laura Mota da silva 22 hours ago

    Que emoção cara adoro Amy Winehouse 😍😍😍😭

  • Keisha Iz Awesome

    Her reaction was everything! I hope she has found peace

  • villiam reis
    villiam reis 3 days ago

    Got goosebumps watching this.

  • leopardgeckos7
    leopardgeckos7 10 days ago

    hurts to hear her say "Blake"
    That fucker can go to hell

  • Laura Chavez
    Laura Chavez 13 days ago

    Her reaction was priceless .I love you Amy and miss you RIP.

  • daccini
    daccini 14 days ago

    Probably the most genuine and happiest moments of her short tragic life.

  • lll l
    lll l 15 days ago

    What the fudge I didn't know she was British wtttttfffffffff

  • euggri
    euggri 19 days ago

    This was the beginning of her end

  • ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    She deserved it rip Amy Jade💚 She looked just like her mummy

  • Cande Rios
    Cande Rios 20 days ago

    :') cuánto la amo

  • MizzRychcik
    MizzRychcik 22 days ago

    This makes me cry every time

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 23 days ago

    This was just such a pure moment. I wish she were still here. RIP Amy.

  • Raina Trujillo
    Raina Trujillo 24 days ago

    her face when she won was so beautiful and so real and so full of emotion

  • Worst Story
    Worst Story Month ago

    Her dad looks so fake to me

  • Its5:53 A.M
    Its5:53 A.M Month ago

    Honestly, her reaction makes winning a grammy seem like a very big deal

    UBU NOIR Month ago

    Tony announced her first Grammy win and they did that wonderful duet right before she passed. Part of me wishes Tony Bennett could have mentored her more early on in her career aside from just being one of her biggest inspirations. Amy could have used a healthier father figure in her life. One that could help her navigate fame and possibly could have helped her avoid the perils of addiction.

  • Marleni Huaman Arredondo


  • Nancy elizabet Lazaro Reyes

    Por favor traduscan en español sus comentarios x que no entiendo nada

  • Den Holden
    Den Holden Month ago

    God bless Amy,love to Janis xxx

  • Danielle Denis
    Danielle Denis Month ago

    She was so authentic....

  • Camile fofa
    Camile fofa Month ago

    Q triste cara 😢

  • Aracely Palta
    Aracely Palta Month ago

    Linda mimada la Amy heemosaaa

  • Lucy B
    Lucy B Month ago

    Oh Amy 😭 fucking hell girl 💔 your missed love 😭

  • Salim Bousekssou
    Salim Bousekssou Month ago

    She looks like gaga 🤔🤨

  • Debbie
    Debbie Month ago

    We love and miss you amy. Back to black album is still on my phone and being played regularly. RIP ♥️♥️♥️

  • Mythirdeyeisopen
    Mythirdeyeisopen Month ago

    She didn't even know she was gonna win this is so beautiful

  • Lelette
    Lelette Month ago +1

    ‘Cause Camden Town ain’t burnin down” yaaas ♥️

  • Forever Drea’ 🌸
    Forever Drea’ 🌸 Month ago +1

    She was so beautiful! Still jam to her music. Rest her soul 💛

  • Rose In the Garden
    Rose In the Garden Month ago

    So nice the hug with her Mummy :). Love her face reaction.

  • UltravioletSlave
    UltravioletSlave Month ago

    Never liked her music, but accept the fact she was genuine and very unique, fcking drugs!, fck his boyfriend at that time! When he said her name, her expression.. so beautiful...

  • Lourdes Gonzalez
    Lourdes Gonzalez Month ago

    Tan hermosa ...ya estarías ganando más premios .besos hasta el cielo

  • Unbothered
    Unbothered Month ago +1

    RIP Amy Winehouse 💜

  • Heather Sawyer
    Heather Sawyer Month ago +2

    I miss her so much :(

    INEEDUTOWAKEUP Month ago +1

    I swear Amy and her mum look so much alike... i love the picture in the thumbnail.. look at her eyes! So beautiful.

  • a z
    a z Month ago +1

    you are missed amy ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lee kev
    Lee kev Month ago +1

    She is a true artist, the legend.

  • Open Bacardi
    Open Bacardi 2 months ago

    rehab is the most legendary, iconic, honest and beautiful song ever made. the level of production and lyricism are unmatched. win more than deserved!

  • Taliana Santana
    Taliana Santana 2 months ago +1

    I think that this was the best moment in her life!! We miss u amy

  • Francismary Fagundes
    Francismary Fagundes 2 months ago

    Ela era demais pra esse mundo...
    Pra sempre Amy ❤...

  • João Marcos
    João Marcos 2 months ago

    Eu amo tanto esse video

  • Andres Altafulla
    Andres Altafulla 2 months ago

    I Love Her FOREVER

  • Virginia Maldonado
    Virginia Maldonado 2 months ago

    I miss her 💔

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 2 months ago

    Miss you, Amy...

  • RiRi
    RiRi 2 months ago

    Piango ancora oggi Única Talento inigualable ❤❤❤

  • Rosalind
    Rosalind 2 months ago

    When she goes to grab the microphone stand and totally misses because shes in shock 👍🏻

  • Renée Rimbaud
    Renée Rimbaud 2 months ago

    The best singer of the century!!! R.I.P

  • Letisia Rodriguez
    Letisia Rodriguez 2 months ago

    What a great moment!!

  • daniel lima
    daniel lima 2 months ago +3

    Julho de 2019? 💙👑💙 amy winehouse 💙

  • Eddie Turc
    Eddie Turc 2 months ago

    LOVE HER, Miss her so much

  • Cynthia Corcoran
    Cynthia Corcoran 2 months ago

    Parents might be in audience but never with us I'm pulpit.i stand alone. This woman was there for support she said.? My mother's a famous actor father to.sincerely Cynthia Corcoran opraetta 🦁

  • Cynthia Corcoran
    Cynthia Corcoran 2 months ago

    I Cynthia Corcoran opraetta 🦁🐎 Amy Winehouse pilot. I'm pulpit

  • Naraka 879
    Naraka 879 2 months ago

    Miss you Amy

  • EdunchiVEVO
    EdunchiVEVO 3 months ago +1

    When the grammy's were worth watching

  • LG
    LG 3 months ago


  • Silvani Maria
    Silvani Maria 3 months ago

    Essa mulher é foda.

  • Ruth Litia
    Ruth Litia 3 months ago

    So sad

  • Cynthia Corcoran
    Cynthia Corcoran 4 months ago


  • Denis Sulovic
    Denis Sulovic 4 months ago +1

    Her reaction is caused by the drugs! She does not look good here very slow reaction!

  • Daniii Dee
    Daniii Dee 4 months ago +1

    Her reaction made me tear!!! 😫 omg RIP BABY!!!! I’m so sorry

  • Laura Rodríguez
    Laura Rodríguez 4 months ago

    It was her best friend Lauren who said that Amy told her backstage that night that "everything is so boring without drugs". Beyond all possible additional external responsibilities on Amy's issues, I always remember one of her tunes: "I can't help you if you don't help yourself". By the way, this is my first comment ever and not a regular user so I'll take the chance to share an often disregarded piece of info from Amy herself concerning her mental health and alcohol use: on a 2006 interview (just when Back to Black was out) she was brutally honest acknowledging her struggles. She is drinking from a straw in a plastic cup (probably one of her beloved "rickstasies") while she speaks with Joe Mace at Koko in Candem, with about 30 people around. Joe asks her to tell the story of the song Rehab. Remembering the time when an Island Records representative asked her to go to rehab, she literally says "I do drink lot. I think it's symptomatic of my depression. I am a manic depressive, I said, it is symptomatic of that. I'm not an alcoholic, which sounds [her big wonderful smile suddenly shows up in her face] like an alcoholic in denial". Such a smart funny talented troubled lady... I think it's true that all we need is love.