Bass Pro Edition | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Feb 22, 2016
  • It's like we're outside...but inside.
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Comments • 21 525

  • nick pena
    nick pena Day ago

    What’s the song in the background called?

  • Chloe Griggs
    Chloe Griggs Day ago +1

    Hay I go to that bass pro

  • Col dog59
    Col dog59 Day ago

    Woah this was at the pyramid Bass Pro Shop

  • Eithyn Frederick
    Eithyn Frederick 3 days ago

    I’m doing this if they can I can

  • theron holliday
    theron holliday 4 days ago

    The part that looked the most fun to me was the part they were riding those box cart things.

  • Addison Mountcastle
    Addison Mountcastle 6 days ago

    sounds fun to be able to stay over night

  • Echo5562
    Echo5562 7 days ago +1

    RIP cody's goodies

  • Kurt Rhim
    Kurt Rhim 8 days ago

    “From the hot nut stand.”

  • canyon moses
    canyon moses 12 days ago

    Her: i wonder if he's thinking of me
    Me and the boys:

  • Fritz Gordon
    Fritz Gordon 14 days ago

    This building was supossed to be a nba arena
    I'm glad that it never became one

  • Michael Sewart
    Michael Sewart 15 days ago

    Notice how the scooters already have active GoPros on them. Fakeee

  • Nash Neefus
    Nash Neefus 15 days ago

    Hey this is where timotainnent went

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey 16 days ago +1

    i want to do that so bad

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey 16 days ago +1

    i am watching in 2019

  • Abraham Sanchez
    Abraham Sanchez 17 days ago

    That Looked SO Fun!!

  • Cutler Newman
    Cutler Newman 19 days ago

    If your watching in 2019 like this comment

  • EDB Outdoors
    EDB Outdoors 19 days ago

    Fishing in the fish tabk

  • GingerBreadMan :/
    GingerBreadMan :/ 19 days ago

    1:36 am I the only one who genuinely didn’t see cody

  • Gabriel Lupisan
    Gabriel Lupisan 19 days ago

    3 and a half years later, still my one of my favorite dp videos

  • Ardick k
    Ardick k 19 days ago

    Tyler:It's me..
    Me:I dont care
    Just Kidding 😂

  • Lucas Flim
    Lucas Flim 20 days ago

    That looked SO fun!!

  • Daniel Ciofu
    Daniel Ciofu 20 days ago

    evrey part

  • Channel Deleted
    Channel Deleted 20 days ago

    Stop animal abuse

  • Hyper Kaiju Gaming aka Terminator Godzilla

    I feel like the swimming with the fish would be the best

  • SoporificAlloy 1
    SoporificAlloy 1 21 day ago +4

    Drove past it on vacation made me think of DP big fan of y’all
    Ps I’m from Houston

  • Hegami
    Hegami 23 days ago

    Speak portuguese?

  • Cyrask
    Cyrask 23 days ago +1


  • Tpose Squad
    Tpose Squad 24 days ago


  • Richzo
    Richzo 24 days ago +1

    That looked SO fun (look in the desciprtion)

  • Ewan Cowan
    Ewan Cowan 25 days ago

    Who cooked the food for them

  • Laiza_Kyth Jacob
    Laiza_Kyth Jacob 26 days ago

    In the aquarium

  • Zig The Furry Gator
    Zig The Furry Gator 26 days ago

    I drive by that bass pro shop once a week in my semi...I want so bad to go there now...I wish they'd lock me in there all night

  • Shaheer
    Shaheer 26 days ago

    AYyyy I live next to that

  • Emma Oliver
    Emma Oliver 29 days ago

    At 5:33
    Cody: it’s to quite Tyler 😅

  • Josh mace
    Josh mace 29 days ago +1

    Duse anyone love the bowling ally wall hashtag love it 😍

  • Allen Thakur
    Allen Thakur 29 days ago

    Memphis pyramid shot

  • Breezy Mink
    Breezy Mink Month ago +1

    I think the video got messed up I don’t see anyone at 1:43

  • Peter Schild
    Peter Schild Month ago

    That would be awesome to be locked up on a Bass Pro shop and do whatever you want and go fishing for the fish in the ponds

  • Evil Youtuber
    Evil Youtuber Month ago +3

    I think this is the most memorable moment of their lives!!
    👇 like if ur a big fan of DP/ or if ur just a new subscriber!

    • Peter Schild
      Peter Schild Month ago

      Charlee Meme Review
      That’s sad u got 2 likes

  • Charles Galanter
    Charles Galanter Month ago +1

    me and the bois on the way to bass pro shops

  • SevenPheonix329
    SevenPheonix329 Month ago

    We are going to the bass pro shops pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Bob Thomas
    Bob Thomas Month ago

    I would pay to do this

  • deadfr0g
    deadfr0g Month ago

    The thumbnail of this video looks like a Tekken 7 screenshot.

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones Month ago

    August 2019 I wanna go to Bps

  • Jace ponder Plz sub

    Hi like rhis

  • Austin Krebs
    Austin Krebs Month ago

    the fishing was the best part

  • Got7AhgaseBtsArmy
    Got7AhgaseBtsArmy Month ago +1

    5:10 What is that? Is it real?

  • nathan kowal
    nathan kowal Month ago +11

    This might be their best video
    Like if you’re here in August 2019 or beyond...

  • aaron carterman
    aaron carterman Month ago +1

    the firkin bikes were most fun hael i need that

  • F1 Lewis HamltonFan
    F1 Lewis HamltonFan Month ago +1

    I liked when Cory caught the frisbee

  • Andrew Tilley
    Andrew Tilley Month ago

    That looked SO fun!

  • Mia Lodwig
    Mia Lodwig Month ago

    i wish i could do that

  • SNKRhead Games
    SNKRhead Games Month ago

    I enjoy(as a male) I can watch this without seeing any inappropriately dressed women, or else I wouldn’t want to watch this. They all have their spouse(I think) and they care about them enough to not show their spouse nor any other women. Nice job!

  • FireFalls 13
    FireFalls 13 Month ago

    Anyone 2020


  • Ethan D'Ornellas
    Ethan D'Ornellas Month ago +1

    Yeet can I get 1 like

  • Reeder boys 9 6 12
    Reeder boys 9 6 12 Month ago

    I like the video

  • Scott Minton
    Scott Minton Month ago

    Sub to my channel please

  • Rogue Blitz
    Rogue Blitz Month ago

    Was the lazy boy thing from baseketball

    FLICKPASS Month ago

    Water jousting with catfish looked lit

  • Baljinnym Munhbayr
    Baljinnym Munhbayr Month ago

    shotly shot