Katharine McPhee SLAYS American Idol - Highlights

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
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  • Zarina Chan
    Zarina Chan 27 days ago

  • Michael Deane
    Michael Deane 28 days ago +2

    Sad there are some negative posts referring to her marriage. She has a brilliant voice, lots of personality and a great actress. You can marry who you want (disappointed it wasn't me) your private life is your business, just hope you have an amazing life together. Love and luck...

  • jgb
    jgb 28 days ago

    Yes the best congratulations on your marriage!

  • Megara Lynn
    Megara Lynn Month ago +1

    They don't sit on the floor as much as she did EVER! It seemed weird she was always rolling around on the stage floor. Anyone think of a chair or rug?

  • Josephine Fuentez
    Josephine Fuentez Month ago +5

    She probably has the best voice ever to criss American Idol stage

  • Joelle Borja
    Joelle Borja Month ago +5

    Just want scorpion back

  • Анатолий Семенов

    It is very convincing to understand that this is a talent and talent from God.

  • rejoice daud
    rejoice daud Month ago

    Please let me know the tittle of the second song..🙏🙏🙏

  • Karen Starks
    Karen Starks 2 months ago

    God hit her with the beautiful AND incredible singer stick..... wow....

  • Michael Little
    Michael Little 2 months ago +2

    Undoubtedly the best singer in the first 10 seasons. Better than KC, CU or anyone else.

  • Ronnie Stewart Jr
    Ronnie Stewart Jr 2 months ago

    idk why, but Taylor, Chris, and Elliot singing backup made me cftu

  • Mike Russell
    Mike Russell 3 months ago +1

    Like a rocket to the moon, she soars

  • buck78
    buck78 4 months ago

    She could have rivaled Jane Monheit, I guess she got lost musically throughout the years.

  • Dion Corderd
    Dion Corderd 5 months ago +5

    She’s one of the best American Idol Runner Ups.

    ROMAN PERFILOV 5 months ago


  • Derek D
    Derek D 6 months ago

    12:22 "You Have to say also, she's nice, beautiful and young" gave David Foster an idea and said Yes, I'll marry her. Katherine in it for the name and for the money with a guy who has kids older than her.

  • Cali Craig
    Cali Craig 6 months ago

    Where are so many of these Women coming from that defy Anatomy? If you put some muscles on her body she could be a Linebacker!

  • Thomas DeAngelo
    Thomas DeAngelo 9 months ago +2

    How in Heaven did a bumpkin like Tayler Hicks ever beat her? Impossible - still - to believe. He's running a bar now in bumpkinville - she is singing with Bocelli and others all over the world. Incredible talent.

    • Connie Barnes
      Connie Barnes 7 months ago

      Thomas DeAngelo,
      We wondered the same thing. With her voice and presence, she should have won.

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi 10 months ago +7

    Cannot believe she is now engaged to David Foster. Such a beautiful woman & she seems like she likes much older men. I am only 57 & feel I am to old for her. Foster has been married 4 times,68 yrs old & gave up his first child for adoption. Why is she falling for this guy?

    • Courtney Coley
      Courtney Coley Month ago


    • SRV. 123
      SRV. 123 2 months ago

      @P. Ghosh It's not just money. He has put her on stage with Bocelli and others as well as a lot of solo work with him and big orchestra backup. This makes them both look like fools. Because she is ok for this competition but she is no where near professional class. So she looks stupid and so does Foster because she is getting the gig for being his arm candy. Hes an ass, ended up like Citizen Kane and she is deluded.

    • P. Ghosh
      P. Ghosh 2 months ago

      It's sad, but the money plays a big factor. Women would lower their self esteem for that shit.

    • Rick Smith
      Rick Smith 10 months ago +1


  • N F
    N F 10 months ago +5

    She was singing this to her future husband David Foster. She needs a daddy not a husband.

  • Helen Boula
    Helen Boula 10 months ago +1

    If you say do. People just doesn't know music singers any more. What i dont understand is their so maney great singers that will never make it. And some of the singers do make it and their Worth a damn. I would not buy anything that they put out.

  • Robert Silvestri
    Robert Silvestri 10 months ago +21

    I watched the entire season. Katharine had me from her first audition and put me over the top with "Over The Rainbow". How is it that she finished second to a second rate Elvis wannabe, Taylor Hicks. SMH

  • Auto Baron
    Auto Baron 11 months ago +4

    She married a guy twice her age.....$$$$$$$$

    • Connie Barnes
      Connie Barnes 7 months ago +1

      @Helen Boula
      It can and does happen. I'm praying for their future together and, only good things coming their way.

    • Helen Boula
      Helen Boula 10 months ago

      Auto Baron no young girl loves an old man.

  • Javan Faith Agol
    Javan Faith Agol 11 months ago +1


  • Song Mozart
    Song Mozart 11 months ago +2

    She's singing Someone to Watch Over Me to David. :)

    • N F
      N F 10 months ago

      Song Mozart that’s what I said too. She had her plans to catch her rich man back then.

  • Sooner boy
    Sooner boy 11 months ago

    Katheine possesses great talant. It is wonderful see howcl she has grown.

  • Liquid bend
    Liquid bend 11 months ago +7

    God when I listen to hear its like I'm thinking she has a long lost gift that's way beyond her years. How could a 21 year old possibly be that good ?

  • Liquid bend
    Liquid bend 11 months ago +1

    wow ....brought tears to my eyes

  • Say When
    Say When Year ago +2

    She's truly beautiful!!!

  • Madd Dog
    Madd Dog Year ago +1


  • Deko Honorio
    Deko Honorio Year ago

    Era una belleza total.. Y hoy en dia esta irreconocible despues de tantas cirugias..

  • jose gesta neto gesta


    BATTLE LE GAMES Year ago

    so for me which were the best in all that this this man has seen a beautiful woman❤️😘

  • Martinianolopez C

    GRAN VOZ 🎶👍🎼🎵

  • muzarecords
    muzarecords Year ago


  • Tom Drabik
    Tom Drabik Year ago +25

    To this day... I still have McPhever! I agree with Rod Stewart... she is born to sing the standards.I still get goosebumps every time I hear her sing Over the Rainbow. LOVE her latest album and her singing Night & Day. Thanks for this video down memory lane :)

    • Jimena Pardo
      Jimena Pardo 2 months ago

      Tom Drabik I know right?!! She’s actually in Waitress London right now! She’s fantastic. 😁

  • Sabine Enibas
    Sabine Enibas Year ago +1

    Wunder voll 😍😍 ich liebe katharine Mcphee

  • Bulmaro Cruz III
    Bulmaro Cruz III Year ago +1

    GOSH, what a talent.

  • Kat Pack
    Kat Pack  Year ago +4

    What were your favorite idol performances from Kat?!

    • Flash Frozen
      Flash Frozen 5 days ago

      Her audition and Black Horse and a Cherry Tree are my favorites.