• Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • LET'S GOOOOO! It's finally time for FIFA 20 Career Mode, and this year the journey takes place on Tyneside with one of the biggest clubs in the country. Can we turn around Newcastle's fortunes and take them back to the top of English football?
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Comments • 866

  • ryan lipscombe
    ryan lipscombe Day ago

    Eze is a baller🔵⚪️🔵⚪️

  • Mateusz Iwanow
    Mateusz Iwanow 3 days ago

    Buy almada hes a young mid/winger and his potencial is 92

  • Freddie Bradshaw
    Freddie Bradshaw 6 days ago

    Ezeeeeeeeeeee is king

  • TucBroder
    TucBroder 9 days ago +1

    First time I've seen the face behind the voice... Never expected you to be black! (Seriously... :p )

  • Airyed
    Airyed 11 days ago +1

    How does Longstaff not got a face scan

  • Dominator
    Dominator 13 days ago +1

    You should buy donyell malen from psv.
    He is a beast

  • Jeebril Kone
    Jeebril Kone 13 days ago

    Did not know that he is light skin.

  • عاصم عوض
    عاصم عوض 13 days ago

    Szobo + Szalai = Sobosalai

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 14 days ago

    Made my day %10000 better I’m ill off school and you’ve Made my day keep up the good work

  • Bidz
    Bidz 17 days ago

    (Yes I'm late but) Niran, you are my Career Mode TheXvid'r of choice for FIFA 20! Keep up the good work!

  • Dede Raditya
    Dede Raditya 21 day ago

    You're sounding so nice! Making me interested to watch more

  • Adam Humphrey
    Adam Humphrey 22 days ago

    Tonali, CDM

  • ddawg468$
    ddawg468$ 22 days ago

    Alphonso Davies bro. Pace, Potential, Youth, Dynamite
    Bayern Munich

  • x 1
    x 1 25 days ago


  • TheGolDan95
    TheGolDan95 25 days ago

    he says "this mug" as if he's not fit as fuck

  • AdamDaProGamer
    AdamDaProGamer 25 days ago

    A good Player who you could get is Jota I guess. If you need a Midfielder you need Goretzka or Tolissio.

  • AdamDaProGamer
    AdamDaProGamer 25 days ago

    Career mode. IS. FREAKING. AWSOME.

  • Laert Gjata
    Laert Gjata 25 days ago

    Your manager looks like Michael Jackson dancing and singing "Smooth Criminal" when he's angry 🤣

    FJW FIFA 25 days ago

    Buy islama Sarr he’s a LM with great pace

  • Zomuana Sailung
    Zomuana Sailung 26 days ago

    Ashley Out at 12:45 im dead ghahahahahhahaa

  • Андрей Рудаков

    Why do you spell di silvestri man he is dE silvestri

  • Damian Smith
    Damian Smith 26 days ago

    With penalties/ free kicks you got to aim then shoot and lastly press shoot when he’s about to hit the ball to make it more accurate

  • 2322glen
    2322glen 26 days ago

    Use L2 and R2 to defend mate

  • Fabian Stevens
    Fabian Stevens 26 days ago

    Ngl, I was expecting a posh white guy 😂

  • Caleb Spicer Football
    Caleb Spicer Football 27 days ago

    love that ‘ashley out’ on the goal graphics.

  • Redwingsfan210
    Redwingsfan210 27 days ago

    Sign Alphonso Davies

  • SolidTwat 64
    SolidTwat 64 27 days ago

    I swear I’ve never seen anyone do a career mode and actually sign Kangin lee

  • Muzammil Zubair
    Muzammil Zubair 27 days ago

    12:42 song?

  • Musa_LFC 11
    Musa_LFC 11 27 days ago

    Wtf I didn't even notice in the background the song FASHION WEEK BOYS

    SBD BROS 27 days ago


  • Jérôme Wilson
    Jérôme Wilson 27 days ago

    Niran you can time pens and the light area around the circle is where it could go because of the power

  • matthew thompson
    matthew thompson 27 days ago

    you need pukki

  • BastiDaBest
    BastiDaBest 28 days ago

    Player of the episode should either get better boots or 1 week of focused training.

  • Nino Brown
    Nino Brown 28 days ago

    Jesus.. i thought niran was a spotty white fella.... wow

  • Caleb Melia
    Caleb Melia 28 days ago

    Everyone’s been saying tacklings been really difficult this year

  • Caleb Melia
    Caleb Melia 28 days ago

    Try and buy that Salzburg youngster striker

  • fotball boys
    fotball boys 28 days ago +1

    Sign Håland

  • Jerry King
    Jerry King 28 days ago

    Thorgan hazard

  • Yxng Daxi
    Yxng Daxi 28 days ago +1

    I feel like u should buy Kubo or Phil Foden instead but they would be bought in lots of other youtuber career modes so......

  • Pinky Blue
    Pinky Blue 28 days ago

    Love the face cam

  • ig - panbas.27
    ig - panbas.27 28 days ago

    Thought you’d be fat

  • Josh Scarborough
    Josh Scarborough 28 days ago

    Your manager reminds me of quadraphenia.. 😂😂😂😂

  • ErRoR 205 x
    ErRoR 205 x 28 days ago +1

    Celtic buy the shit player (lazaar) because they aren't the best team in Scotland Because that belongs to Rangers

  • ErRoR 205 x
    ErRoR 205 x 28 days ago +4

    You should sign Morelos from Rangers he's quality in the game!

  • Jesus_ 10
    Jesus_ 10 28 days ago

    Yo fortnite overtook me holy moly this is my first time watching a career mode since fifa 2017 and i have been reminded how fun fifa is am gonna grind career mode this year(getting fifa 20 on friday)🙌🏼

  • Linus Lunde Martinsen
    Linus Lunde Martinsen 28 days ago

    sign haaland

  • Patrick Nancanha Seidi

    The penalty sistem is actually horrendous, cus you have the new aiming which is really difficult and you have to perfectly time it which means you have to press the shooting button again when the timer above the player's head is green (in the center) or very close to the ball

  • Cubing Inc
    Cubing Inc 28 days ago +1

    Why aren’t Sim games counted in the hall of fame

  • Cubing Inc
    Cubing Inc 28 days ago +1

    Ki sung yueng is Japanese

  • Smile AGAIN
    Smile AGAIN 29 days ago


  • Tommy Shelby
    Tommy Shelby 29 days ago +1

    Niran looks like he’s being synchronized.

  • Matty Langford
    Matty Langford 29 days ago

    Never realised you had a nose piercing until the face cam enlarged at 12:03 😂

  • Conrad Boerner
    Conrad Boerner 29 days ago

    The voice does not match the face. British Gamer Guy Voice, Some Bro Who Takes Care Of Their Body Face. It is also close to midnight here, so my mind might also be exaggerating things.

  • DoubleW’s
    DoubleW’s 29 days ago

    Remember when niran was doing f1 2016 and 2017

  • hxrry Hc
    hxrry Hc 29 days ago

    Chambers and haaland

    PHAYA 29 days ago

    The scouts still think the Saudi Prince is coming to take over.

  • Nathan Mckeith
    Nathan Mckeith 29 days ago

    Do a fifa 20 give away like if u agree 200 likes he has to do it

  • Singular.Cell.Organism

    Same game, same graphics, a few new things..

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 29 days ago +1

    Oi niran my man
    Most peng Liverpool fan (more than 4 teeth)

  • Reno B.
    Reno B. 29 days ago

    anyone knows if player careermode has changed ?