Top 10 BIGGEST YouTubers of 2021!

  • Published on Dec 3, 2021
  • Influenced by Dexerto - TheXvid have released their official top 10 creators of 2021- including MrBeast, SSSniperwolf, Dream, TommyInnit and more. Did any of these surprise you?
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  • Influenced by DEXERTO

    Which names surprised you? Who were you expecting to appear? 😬

  • Arkyshi
    Arkyshi  +10

    TheXvid Picks Dharr Mann as 2nd place, Lives to regret it.

  • BeingKindaBored

    Technoblade literally uploads once every blue moon and he still manages to pull though

  • Cranexe
    Cranexe  +106

    Dhar Mann: We're not just telling stories, we're telling lies.

  • Mineify
    Mineify  +1

    Was expecting Jimmy to be number 1, he totally deserves it with all the good he’s done!

  • Ejay Hala
    Ejay Hala  +61

    The best thing about Cory is he’s energy he’s excitement and he’s always putting a smile on millions of peoples faces.


    Just seeing cory’s growth can make me shed a tear

  • Isshu Sugimura

    It’s surprising how Techno is even in top 10 considering he uploads approximately once every three years

  • Adirman Gaming

    I love that Cory beat dream, true legend right there

  • LeakCentral

    Be honest who else is just scrolling though shorts rn?” 🤣

  • Sid The Jovian

    Cory definitely deserves the spot, man, he's such a great person and the community too, it's full of great people, proud to also be a Samurai

  • emma king

    That "hey how you doing" always brings a smile to my

  • Noah Meijers

    Im proud of Technoblade. Ive been watching him since he had like 5k subs.

  • Daiki
    Daiki  +949

    Cory inspires people every video he makes, and yes, even his long breaks.

  • samir kedoui

    They're tripping with some of those

  • Ariyuhna Grande‹3

    I never imagine Dharr man is going ti be in this list tbh 💀

  • K Papi
    K Papi  +1

    Honestly, Cory has done a LOT. He definitely deserves to be on this list.

  • Memes Frdayz

    I remember back when cory was one of the smallest youtubers out there... kinda of annoying that hes so popular now ngl but good for him!

  • Abhiveer Birdi

    I'm so glad kris is getting the love she deserves!!

  • Keyluma
    Keyluma  +818

    Good for Kallmekris, she really deserves it with her editing and skills of acting.