Arsenal v West Ham Special All Gunz Blazing Podcast ft Tom Skinner (The Apprentice)

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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  • AFTV
    AFTV  Month ago +30

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    • Skidmark comedy
      Skidmark comedy Month ago

      @Gooner Hussain I agree but you can see a pattern with defenders than players in other positions. That's a small minority mate, of defenders. British are and have been one the best for decades. Spuds (not this season lol) Leicester. Trent for Liverpool. Don't rate Stones thou. But Terry, Cahill, Ferdinand etc. Yeah a few foreign defenders like Kompany come through. I just don't trust who we pick and how they're trained mate. Why do you think we ignore the most basic defending training drills?. Or do you think the players don't care? 😕💷💰🤑

    • Benoit Waffle
      Benoit Waffle Month ago +1

      Troopz putting coal in the stocking of Xhaka.
      Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football, but with Robbie and Kroenke.

    • Gooner Hussain
      Gooner Hussain Month ago +1

      @Skidmark comedy Yeah, thanks m8! I guess I know me football! Lol Anyways, I guess it don't really matter if they have never played in the PL btw! U should remember that players which are of TRUE good quality can pretty much adapt to any league without too much difficulty! A good example is Man City's Laporte, who came from Athletic Bilbao from La Liga! He quickly adapted to the PL when he was given his chances & is now City's best defender! 👌🙏

    • Skidmark comedy
      Skidmark comedy Month ago +1

      @Gooner Hussain that's a cool list mate. Do you think we need someone premier League proven thou? Just not bloody Luiz! 🙄😂

    • Gooner Hussain
      Gooner Hussain Month ago +2

      @Skidmark comedy Yes but even his replacement, the Turkish Soyoncou has been better than him this season m8! Mmm, Dunk is actually alright but yes, we need a proper quality CB that will improve us instantly! Very similar to how VVD made Liverpool a winning side! I would recommend us getting quality CB's such as Upamencano, Tah, the Uruguayan Giminez, Nacho Fernandez, Ruben Dias, Skriniar, De Vrij or Ferro from Benfica! Also don't forget we have the wonderkid Saliba coming in next season & he is said to be the French De Ligt! So we just need to spend big on at least one of the quality CB's I have just named & we should be alright! 🙏

  • ulul
    ulul Month ago

    He’s not just a toy, he’s your friend as well


    1:58 💗🔥🧡
    👇 👇💗

  • Tahmedur Rahman
    Tahmedur Rahman Month ago

    Thomas has been my favourite from the Apprentice. Really was so sad when he got fired. Even Alan Sugar was angry while firing him. He was a great guy man 😂😂😂

  • Tahmedur Rahman
    Tahmedur Rahman Month ago

    Ferguson v Wenger. Battled it match in match out. Who got the better send off? Ferguson. Just shows United are on way higher levels than Arsenal even though we have had our worst start to a season in our history 😂

  • brett davidson
    brett davidson Month ago

    fck i loved this bloke off the apprentice !

  • Adnan Kurmallee
    Adnan Kurmallee Month ago

    Dt is just a hater. No way is Leno better than De Gea. What a wolly

  • Safi Miah
    Safi Miah Month ago +1

    How tf can Leno be better than de gea wtf this arsenal page is shit my name is Safi Miah and I support Barcelona and I personally think that de gea would fit perfectly in a Barcelona system and is better than ter Stegan wtffffffffffffffffff de gea best keeper on the planet- Safi miah

  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers Month ago

    Leno better than DeGea. Jesus Christ.

  • Everything Tube
    Everything Tube Month ago +1


  • Ty Marshall
    Ty Marshall Month ago

    You’ve never been relegated because you paid to stay in the top division 🥴

  • briyan36
    briyan36 Month ago +1

    Blaming the decline solely on Wenger is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. Emery's time at Arsenal has shown that it wasn't only the manager it's the board.

  • TheGooners11
    TheGooners11 Month ago

    Tom reminds me of Bobby George the darts player. Is he his son? Lol

  • Thomas Ma
    Thomas Ma Month ago

    Leno giving us some good saves, but at the end, clean sheets count. Let that decide.

  • doombrush
    doombrush Month ago

    Whose a neutral waiting for the lads after the game ????

  • Santi Lamela
    Santi Lamela Month ago

    Really like when you guys have guests on, try and make it a more regular thing, keep up the good work

  • Julian Hoyle
    Julian Hoyle Month ago +1

    Tom is a fackin legend mateee

  • Khaled Hussain
    Khaled Hussain Month ago

    Ty: Other beers are available

  • 99Jayo
    99Jayo Month ago

    Great podcast as always👌

  • Kyle Gordon
    Kyle Gordon Month ago

    Robbie looking for business tips to multiply his millions lol

  • Chris Egan
    Chris Egan Month ago

    Great person to have on. Nice job boys, great listen

  • Faiq Ahmad
    Faiq Ahmad Month ago

    Leno is better??? United's second choice Sergio Romero is far better than him.

  • Kai Fraser
    Kai Fraser Month ago

    DT u got the blinkers on DON ROB is right , our players are not good enough !! Under/wrong investment for 10+ years. Pepe was expensive but was the wrong !!!!

  • BastognePitBull
    BastognePitBull Month ago

    Also, it ain't the pillows Robbie!! It's the spare you're carrying Bro. Situp's, crunches, and planks not PINTS.

  • daniel lance
    daniel lance Month ago

    That Tommy guy is a legend some how managed to turn this what would of been depressing podcast in to a laugh

  • Vinnie Johnson
    Vinnie Johnson Month ago

    Arsenel relegated+liverpool go unbeat=aftv prime time

  • Vinnie Johnson
    Vinnie Johnson Month ago +1

    Wenger in

  • Waqar Kayani
    Waqar Kayani Month ago

    Leno better then De Gea? DT you absolute mug!

  • Uncle Doobius
    Uncle Doobius Month ago

    Turnaround vs Nosedive

    Up to this point I thought Arsenal and United were in similar positions. I even thought you had a better transfer window in the summer. I always had faith in Ole but I figured we'd need a couple more years for it to start showing. He has surprised me by developing players like McTominay, Fred, Rashford and Martial, signing Maguire, AWB and James and promoting Williams and Greenwood. By reinstating United culture and mentality. By introducing a beautiful style of play. Clearly we're still losing games vs low blocks for a lack of magician midfielders, but we're even at the point we can probably do better than just have Pogba coming back. If we keep doing bits in the transfer windows, promoting great talent and developing our squad players, we'll find solutions left right and centre.

    Now ARSENAL, MY GOD. What a crumbling castle! The gunners look more like kids with slingshots now. The club culture has vaporised slowly in the past years, Koscielny's departure being the nail in that coffin. Now an apathetic Ozil and a fan hating XHaka are the only OGs left. The new wave of players are looking shaky and devoid of ideas. Clearly Emery was a galactico signing with no clue of Arsenal's problems, even farther off the mark than LvG and Jose were at United. Clubs in crisis attempting shortcuts back to succes are always doomed to fail. United took 6 years to learn that it needed to snap out of the sacking cycle and start a true rebuild. Arsenal isn't even close to that realisation. The fans are still yelling Allegri, Poch and Simeone who they are NEVER EVEN GOING TO GET until you get some mileage on a rebuild, which might be your blessing in disguise. Now the tragedy is, there are no club legends that actually are promising coaches, that have won any silverware anywhere. There is no heritage from the invincible days! So having to look outside, the problem becomes that there is nothing that an outside manager can learn from Arsenal. There is no one left at the club to tell them where to start. I would be praying that Vieira steps his game up, wins a trophy in a pub league somewhere and develops into a seriously talented manager to come and give you what you need.

    I for one hope to see you back at the top for some rivalry.

  • Big m
    Big m Month ago

    We need to sign Koulibaly don't know why he would come to us at the moment. Get rid of all the dead wood some many players not good enough it's a joke tbh!

  • Tommy Eels
    Tommy Eels Month ago

    Fabianski >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> leno

  • H. Gxvenchy
    H. Gxvenchy Month ago

    "Leno's better than De Gea" - Been agreeing alot with DT recently but this is pushing it too far. He's not even close!

  • Mord Clay
    Mord Clay Month ago

    The main problem of our fence (not Defence) is David Luiz

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt Month ago

    Arsenal lets sum the team up
    GK - Average.
    Defense - SHIT
    Midfield - Average
    Attack -Very good
    I mean when DT said Arsenal squad is better than spurs it really isn't Spurs haver 11 good players imo where Arsenal only have Auba, Laca, Torreira, Guendouzi, Pepe (Maybe) 5 Good players.

  • face 84
    face 84 Month ago

    To dt saying arsenals attack could reach liverpools level ... my honest opinion on that .. lacasette great goal scorer ayuba as well but you attack is not balanced right .. you are puting ayuba on the wings just so laca can play .. mane and salah are real wing forwards that can run all day they help defend .. and both can run with the ball . Pepe great talent in france but can not be speaken of in same tongue att liverpools front 3 . So yes robbie you guys are hyping your own players to much .. ayuba can score goals so he should always play up front .. you need a real winger with pace and athletism .. should have bought zaha in front of pepe .. and you could have gotten a real central defender maybe sholuld have spent money there instead of 72 on pepe and 28 on saliba . Great show guys

  • ajayi olamide
    ajayi olamide Month ago

    I agree with Mr dt mustafi won't enter dtfc 😂😂

  • Jade Nickels
    Jade Nickels Month ago

    i Agree with DT they all part of the problem and so is DT... end of

  • Dark Knight777
    Dark Knight777 Month ago +1

    AFTV OUT... Arsenal need a new fanchannel who gonna spent and care for the club to buy players along with the board of directors.. Don Robbie is just interested in his private jets and mansions in Italy

  • Danny Stunna84
    Danny Stunna84 Month ago

    Wenger should of left when we lost 8-2 to United that's embarrassing total humiliation.

  • Pah G
    Pah G Month ago

    Shambles if Arsenal lose/draw again tonight, book it though

  • muharraqawy 99
    muharraqawy 99 Month ago

    serch about bahrain team couch Portuguese dorso soza he is very smat i hope he can lead arsenal

  • PLyaCard
    PLyaCard Month ago

    Dumb..De Gea is the best stopper in the league , his not as good with his feet but id have him over leno any day

  • Steve Whitehead
    Steve Whitehead Month ago

    We needed a world class dm and cb the board never delivered any of them DT

  • nb7 9uk
    nb7 9uk Month ago

    Shit has been in decline for donkeys. It started when we were letting players like viera leave and replacing them with Arteta etc. These players wouldn't have been allowed to clean the invincibles boots, let alone be captain. It's just got worse and worse. The board is just happy to make money, they dont care about winning anything. And this is what we're left with - a bunch of players that are just happy to make money. The board and players should be embarrassed - we are not a big club by any stretch of the imagination. We are a feeder club for the Americans other ventures and the sooner they leave the better

  • DynamicgamerX Vlogie

    Every game Arsenal plays
    Robbie: we should won that game

  • Dixie Normus x
    Dixie Normus x Month ago

    This was quality 😂

  • just me
    just me Month ago

    DT: the rot set in with Arsene Wenger
    DT: the rot set in after we lost the Europa League
    The only rot is in DT's head, he doesn't have a single consistent thought.
    Other than that, very entertaining, Tom Skinner can turn his hand to anything (except business)

  • Streets IsWatching
    Streets IsWatching Month ago

    The marriage analogy 😂😂😂

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    Looks like Claude lol

  • KeithThe Cuck
    KeithThe Cuck Month ago

    Leno is better than de gea god no

  • cosminthz
    cosminthz Month ago

    Is it me or DT fake-laughs like constantly? 🤣🤣 Man should get a laughing coach.

  • WallabeeKing
    WallabeeKing Month ago

    Just threw 50 on Arsenal. We winning

  • Mr Horizon
    Mr Horizon Month ago

    that Tom geezer, so reminds me of that Darts player Bobby George in his playing days lol

  • Adair manolito
    Adair manolito Month ago

    That was a good one. Leno better than De Gea. Keep dreaming man. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Johnny Benny
    Johnny Benny Month ago

    Arsenal needs a ball winning midfielder

  • C C
    C C Month ago

    thomas, what a man

  • Andres Albarracin
    Andres Albarracin Month ago

    aftv out

  • chicken dinner
    chicken dinner Month ago +2

    this dude's voice sounds like he can power a lorry

  • Ahsan Mahmood
    Ahsan Mahmood Month ago

    Just wondering if wenger counted as a shield for the arsenal board for all those years with a team that’s much worse than our current team, doesn’t that show how much of a talented manager he is after looking at emery flop with a much better team?
    Just Imagine emery with chamak in attack 😂😂

  • Mafia Alert
    Mafia Alert Month ago

    4:36 tom let’s one rip