Attenborough: Amazing DIY Orangutans | BBC Earth

  • Published on May 18, 2009
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    If you thought the Lyre Bird was a good mimic, you're in for a treat. This clip will bring your heart to your mouth as you wonder at how close orangutan behaviour is to our own. From the BBC documentary series, Life of Mammals. Watch more high quality videos on the BBC Earth TheXvid channel here: and visit for all the latest natural history exclusives and fantastic new wildlife videos.
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  • Emmanuel Macron Ah oui oui

    1:33 my teacher when correcting my test

  • Cá Rô Chiên
    Cá Rô Chiên 12 hours ago

    they very smart, soon, about a few thousands of years, they will be able to talk by our language.

    RAHUL SHARMA 3 days ago


  • Debabrata Mandal
    Debabrata Mandal 4 days ago

    It was a bit dangerous allowing her to work with a saw and nails while holding the baby on her lap.

  • Panda King
    Panda King 4 days ago

    So lovely

  • FoodShowFan
    FoodShowFan 5 days ago

    More Tang please.

  • Naid Frick
    Naid Frick 5 days ago


  • Naid Frick
    Naid Frick 5 days ago

    Kkkkkkkk super👍

  • Aishwarya D prasad
    Aishwarya D prasad 9 days ago

    Please stop this they'll hurt themselves!!

  • Tista Bhattacharya
    Tista Bhattacharya 9 days ago

    Oh dear Lord , I need a species dumb enough to include me...they can't call me monkey anymore...

  • awayoutthere
    awayoutthere 10 days ago

    Cant believe how big is the bulge of this silver daddie.

  • Shubham Bhushan
    Shubham Bhushan 12 days ago

    We Humans should stop thinking of ourselves as special

  • Even Odd
    Even Odd 14 days ago

    3 million views? Should be 300 million

  • Alexandru
    Alexandru 15 days ago

    is still just an imitation, like parrots talking. Still cool thou.

  • BN Films
    BN Films 16 days ago

    1:26 me at work

  • 1 2
    1 2 19 days ago

    Stop consuming products made with palm oil if you want orangutans to survive. They're headed for extinction right now and deforestation driven by the palm oil industry is a leading reason why.

  • Jonas Trondsen
    Jonas Trondsen 20 days ago +1

    UH OH

  • sarika love
    sarika love 25 days ago

    Why is he so close?

  • Logika Kompleks
    Logika Kompleks 27 days ago

    Orangutan consists of 2 words
    Orang = people
    Utan = forest

  • Petani Ketjil
    Petani Ketjil 28 days ago

    Well, Asian always be number one. ✌️

  • Kenneth McBride
    Kenneth McBride 28 days ago

    dont give them sharp stuff to play with let alone young babies around

  • Lalawmpuii Khenglawt
    Lalawmpuii Khenglawt 29 days ago


  • Zeftax
    Zeftax Month ago +2

    Orangutan on a boat? this looks like the origin story for Forever :D

  • Cooldtea
    Cooldtea Month ago

    2:27 Big Brain time

  • Falckie Falcon
    Falckie Falcon Month ago

    1:37 the orangutans son is like: um hey I was using tha- you know what never mind...

  • Astro-Blu
    Astro-Blu Month ago

    Nobody else finds it a bit alarming that they gave them a SAW to play with?

  • Tee Bo
    Tee Bo Month ago

    Imagine she just turned around and smacked the lights out of this white guy and just continues to wash away lmao 😂

  • Carolyn Jones
    Carolyn Jones Month ago

    She is brilliant, RESPECT HER

  • sonicstep
    sonicstep Month ago

    I'm so gobsmacked. Where is the rest of this?? 😳

  • Ilidanna
    Ilidanna Month ago

    I couldn't help not to burst into laugh when he wa like "she loves DIY" and then she's hitting the nail lying flat :D They act like a toddles, absolutely lovely

  • Pans ID
    Pans ID Month ago +1

    Saya merasa malu ketika orang luar lebih peduli dengan orang hutan daripada putra putri bangsa ini😢...mirisss...ketika pembangunan dan penebangan yg tanpa kontrol..harus mempertaruhkan mereka dan rumah mereka(hutan)....Mari saudara kita jaga kelestarian mereka(orang utan) klau bkan kita siapa lagi..terlebih khusus kepada saudara2ku diKalimantan dan sumatra🙏🙏

  • sergio pereira
    sergio pereira Month ago

    What have we learned here???
    Lady-Orangutan can wash clothes
    Lady-Orangutan aren't good at DIY stuff.
    They are women look-alike !

    THE ANGRY MARINE Month ago

    They say in the distance you can hear Tim Allen grunts.

  • Paing moe
    Paing moe Month ago

    They know how to use tools but they have limitations with their scleton and muscle structures which are evolved to be tree climbers.

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey Month ago

    They very smart and clever learn things quick. Very good friendly orangutan very smart thank you for sharing your beautiful story very good thank you

  • munir dion
    munir dion Month ago

    Buk.. untuk anakmu ga kena palu buk

  • munir dion
    munir dion Month ago

    Dendi aku gpp lagiiih.. aku hidup baik2 aja sama anakku rasyid selama ini. Ga spt dugaanmu di vid tadi 🤣🤣🤣

  • oop oop
    oop oop Month ago

    1:28 tf2 devs

  • Anne Reilley
    Anne Reilley Month ago

    She'd be a great maid. Do my laundry in exchange for some fruit.

  • Ange Lova
    Ange Lova Month ago +1

    This is a m a z i n g. Nobody I know thinks this is great. I have no one to show this video to.. maybe my boyfriend he always cares when I care.

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith Month ago

    used tissue
    If I could get away with hunting you
    I would .... I'd easily cut all of your kind down without hesitation.
    Such amazing animals and then we have ...............YOU an insult to the human species.

  • Kevin Rustles
    Kevin Rustles Month ago

    Give it powertools

  • rational mind
    rational mind Month ago +1

    my great great great great great grand cousins of my great father who did not embrace change at the right time now left behind.

  • Nur Q
    Nur Q Month ago

    Clever animal

  • tibchy144
    tibchy144 Month ago

    30 years ago kids were taught in schools that animals can't use tools

  • Peter Petruzzi
    Peter Petruzzi Month ago

    This gave me flashbacks of middle school shop class

  • Desert Vox
    Desert Vox Month ago

    Mr. EVOLUTION - whoever and wherever he is - cannot design complexity of this kind.

  • Marilyn Willett
    Marilyn Willett Month ago

    We are not great apes, we are made in the image of God, just like and appreciate the animals don't harm them.

    • Substrata85
      Substrata85 Month ago +1

      We are humans, but also great apes. Gods are invented by man in his own image. not the other way around.

  • Jakob VanVickle
    Jakob VanVickle 2 months ago

    They'll be doing their own vlogs before we know it😂

  • Ian King.
    Ian King. 2 months ago

    Don’t give her a gun lol

  • Thom smith
    Thom smith 2 months ago

    He got a D minus in wood work

  • kinan hamasha
    kinan hamasha 2 months ago

    It turns out that orangutans are smarter than 97% of deviantart

  • Tickety Bounce
    Tickety Bounce 2 months ago +1

    Given that the video was taken over ten years ago, I'm highly surprised that some unscrupulous corporation doesn't have a massive buffoonery of orangutans working in some sweatshop.

  • Woo Bino
    Woo Bino 2 months ago

    Big deal.
    I know of an Orange Buffoon that can use twitter. 👀

  • Pibly
    Pibly 2 months ago

    This is one of my all-time favorite videos.

  • SAINT •CA•
    SAINT •CA• 2 months ago +1

    This guys voice was my childhood

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins 2 months ago

    it look like David wanted to show her how to use the handel and at which angle the saw should be held while sawing... :D

  • Jessina Gurung
    Jessina Gurung 2 months ago

    By the way I HOPE HE LIVES UNTIL 2049

  • Jessina Gurung
    Jessina Gurung 2 months ago

    Imagine seeing a orangutan washing itself and you starte at it and then it screams XD

  • blakris
    blakris 2 months ago +1

    it s all fun until they start stealing our construction jobs