Pokémon Masters is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
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  • Anita and Tiya
    Anita and Tiya 5 days ago

    I tried but I gave up

  • Anita and Tiya
    Anita and Tiya 5 days ago

    I bet u can’t complete the level with the thugs after defeating Norman

  • joaquin sarenas
    joaquin sarenas 5 days ago

    Is that ios or Android

  • Mouel Llapitan
    Mouel Llapitan 11 days ago

    where could i play this

  • Jack Richmond
    Jack Richmond 13 days ago


  • Md Abdul momen Royal
    Md Abdul momen Royal 19 days ago

    (Dantdm) they've got caravans
    (me) those are basculans

  • david fuentespinajr
    david fuentespinajr 19 days ago

    What does dan mean bay milktanks does he mean their b bs

  • cjgamertv 14
    cjgamertv 14 27 days ago

    What is your friend code.

  • mewtwo boi
    mewtwo boi 29 days ago

    Cynthia has a garchomp and of course Rosa has a snivy thats OP

  • Gacha Aqua?
    Gacha Aqua? Month ago

    Play more!

  • Dark Boi qwq
    Dark Boi qwq Month ago

    I play this game and I’m already on chapter 3 oof ;-;

  • Millie Jones
    Millie Jones Month ago

    My nickname was ashley

  • Thessa Dumangon
    Thessa Dumangon Month ago

    Is this even free because i heard that this game needs money to paly

  • Jiaoer Chen
    Jiaoer Chen Month ago

    I’m better then u at Pokémon masters

  • Anabel Chan
    Anabel Chan Month ago

    Can you make more episodes of pokemon masters pls

  • Chayanne Js
    Chayanne Js Month ago +1

    OMG dan I’m watching this video and playing the game i got to the presents i got 200 and 6000 and 1000 and 100 and 1000

  • Minecraft Girl
    Minecraft Girl Month ago

    Aren't the two green fish pokemon in 15:43 Basculin? :P

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man Month ago

    Anybody got that glitch where if you swipe up the tab for Pokémon masters you can’t get back in and it kicks you out if you try to get back in? I need answers please

  • Ryder Funk
    Ryder Funk Month ago +1


  • Ouv Alton
    Ouv Alton Month ago

    dude,when you get a bug fix,you will get 6000 gems

  • Gino Abano
    Gino Abano Month ago

    Please let me be a fan

  • Reese Draw
    Reese Draw Month ago +1

    There will be in phone! Because I have a phone version of Pokemon master!

  • technical brother
    technical brother Month ago


  • PixelMan
    PixelMan Month ago

    make another one

  • Leonides Arevalo
    Leonides Arevalo Month ago

    I’m already in the leagues:D

  • Maddy Fouts
    Maddy Fouts Month ago


  • Suicide Reaper
    Suicide Reaper Month ago

    Please play more Dan.

  • Stephanie Manders
    Stephanie Manders Month ago

    Can you buy the last guardian it’s in the PS4 store

  • Stephanie Manders
    Stephanie Manders Month ago

    I don’t ask again please it’s in the PS4 store

  • PhilipDaMaster
    PhilipDaMaster Month ago +1


    *btw im close to 130 subscribers, any help is appreciated 💕*

  • Northern Ireland Boys Productions

    do more of this game plz

  • Tahsin Siddiqui
    Tahsin Siddiqui Month ago

    DanTDM...You got the games that Rosa is from but she is not called Rosa in the games

  • hosamani pundalik
    hosamani pundalik Month ago

    Bonjour means Hello dan!

    《AKT》 KAUAN Month ago

    oi meu povo como é que ta só BR 🇧🇷👌👌

  • Tawheed Latif
    Tawheed Latif Month ago

    This is so annoying i hav an android 7.0 and it says thats recommended but it still dosent let me download

  • Seth Watson
    Seth Watson Month ago


  • Mine Cats
    Mine Cats Month ago

    continue PLS

  • Lia Zaki
    Lia Zaki Month ago

    I cant play Pokemon Masters... 😢
    When i want to download it says its not suitable for your device...

  • Squash 737
    Squash 737 Month ago

    Are you going to do a let’s play on Pokémon sword and shield

  • Galaxy wolf
    Galaxy wolf Month ago

    Her teeth are so sharp

  • margaret inman
    margaret inman Month ago

    Sharp teeth nom nom

  • margaret inman
    margaret inman Month ago

    I'm you're biggest fan I wish I could join you but I don't have money to pay for it

  • marshmallow marshall
    marshmallow marshall 2 months ago

    i hate black people

  • Epic Aiden
    Epic Aiden 2 months ago

    I played this game before this and I love it

  • Ryan 9 lamphier
    Ryan 9 lamphier 2 months ago


  • Airor Miranda
    Airor Miranda 2 months ago

    Play Pokemon go again pls I send gifts

  • ZanderX Gamingg
    ZanderX Gamingg 2 months ago

    Nekt game Mobile legend

  • Jenee Rolov
    Jenee Rolov 2 months ago


  • Moise Picard
    Moise Picard 2 months ago

    Anything Pokémon Is Beautiful.

  • chris jones
    chris jones 2 months ago

    OMG damtdm you and dr tray have to try the daycare mod in minecraft

  • Anas Moharram
    Anas Moharram 2 months ago


  • Mobiley Yt
    Mobiley Yt 2 months ago

    I think so too!!!

  • mr skull
    mr skull 2 months ago +1

    This is the one of the ONLY times you get a phone for free

  • Alvy Sng
    Alvy Sng 2 months ago

    Play brawl stars

  • Kyla Bobo
    Kyla Bobo 2 months ago

    It’s my birthday!

  • ALxA.e.r.o
    ALxA.e.r.o 2 months ago +1

    Spoiler warning

    Brock has his own sygna suit in interlude 1

  • Kirsty Saxon
    Kirsty Saxon 2 months ago

    I downloaded the game and I got a 5 star on my 4 go it was an rock type

  • Jonathon Barclay
    Jonathon Barclay 2 months ago

    Brock is kiba from yu gi oh

  • geometrical master
    geometrical master 2 months ago

    the game is pokemon masters while the gaming category is minecraft

  • Albert PH
    Albert PH 2 months ago

    Its basculin not carvanah