Melanie Martinez - Strawberry Shortcake

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Melanie Martinez performs Strawberry Shortcake on Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Democratic Debate

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    Melanie Martinez - Strawberry Shortcake
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  • Dark Dark
    Dark Dark 57 minutes ago

    **Auto tune possesed Melanie**
    Melanie: **Calls a priest**

  • Cucuzza Aurora
    Cucuzza Aurora 6 hours ago

    I’m watching this late at night and it’s taking all of me not to starts blasting out the lyrics

  • Dïnö_ Bïtës
    Dïnö_ Bïtës 9 hours ago

    Honestly Melanie proved that with patience and never giving up you too can make something great because she’s been singing for years and putting albums out there while people hate on her and now she has an album that is blowing up everywhere

  • Ha Nguyen
    Ha Nguyen 12 hours ago

    No one:

    Me: ArE ThOsE SQuiShIeS?!

  • Vanessa Luvz
    Vanessa Luvz 15 hours ago

    I love her

  • wheeze
    wheeze 16 hours ago

    who never had a problem with her since her career started but they didnt really listen to her and didnt really care about the drama

  • ASMR Gyal
    ASMR Gyal 17 hours ago

    This movie is so beastly❣

  • Angèl
    Angèl 18 hours ago

    Producer: How much do you want autotune?
    Melanie: *Never.*

  • Maria Teresa Tassone
    Maria Teresa Tassone 22 hours ago

    Melanie Martinez doesn't need auto tune 🙌

    UMA CRY BABY Day ago


  • Ariana Martinez
    Ariana Martinez Day ago

    She so disgusting but hey. I appreciate that she talking about the world and the problematic people on this earth. But I don't listen to rapist

  • The Nerdy Kitty
    The Nerdy Kitty Day ago +1

    me: wait did she even wear that in the movie?
    also me: oh right she was literally *naked*

  • ·hallucinations· official

    the middle finger at the end knocked me out my seat- melanie did t h a t .

  • Ajnas M
    Ajnas M Day ago


    ARIANA IMVU Day ago

    She is a queen

  • Denisa Ursachi
    Denisa Ursachi Day ago

    Watch the girl at 1:22 she shows her ass(the one coming out of the dress

  • Tina Nguyen
    Tina Nguyen 2 days ago


  • Victoria Nguyen
    Victoria Nguyen 2 days ago

    What was she holding?

  • Muntaz Abdulkadir
    Muntaz Abdulkadir 2 days ago

    **squeaks the floor through half of concert**

  • SPILL Tea
    SPILL Tea 2 days ago

    Auto tune, never heard of her here ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

  • Hamzh Fatani
    Hamzh Fatani 2 days ago +2

    This is boring

  • Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog

    I gotta say Melanie looks so beautiful

  • jaime ewart
    jaime ewart 3 days ago

    I teach 13 year olds to sing and write songs,. They are all 1000 times better than this Crap,. Still people think this girl is so great,. Lord Please,. If this constitutes entertainment, then any one could get up there and do it,. So much money pumped into this puppet,. Just Awful,. 👎👎👎

    • Ariana Martinez
      Ariana Martinez Day ago

      Agree but you're so stupid. There's a meaning behind this song idiot. It's not also the lyrics it's the meaning dumb idiotic person

  • Kadir Jarmon
    Kadir Jarmon 3 days ago

    is that colleen ballinger playing the harp?

  • RedPanda Gxcha
    RedPanda Gxcha 3 days ago +2

    Melanie does not use auto tune for her voice
    She uses it to cut out the echo and the background noise

  • junior dexter
    junior dexter 3 days ago +1


  • Ella The Killer
    Ella The Killer 3 days ago

    She is so sweet and beauty ❤️💗💗💗💗doll heart 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Slytherinsadie 101
    Slytherinsadie 101 3 days ago +8

    Melanie: throws up the finger

    Crowd: *cheers*

  • Sudenaz Martinez
    Sudenaz Martinez 3 days ago

    Bu kadına aşığım 😍

  • uwu
    uwu 3 days ago

    I'm so happy that Melanie is so successful, I been a fan of hers for so long and stuck by her side even when she was accused a year ago.

  • Dara &Indomie
    Dara &Indomie 3 days ago

    Not eeee make up:)

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 4 days ago

    This is how many 60 year olds were in the group judging her

    • Big Chungus
      Big Chungus 3 days ago

      Ik that’s exactly what I was saying lol

    • Michael Jackson
      Michael Jackson 3 days ago

      Big Chungus You gotta say though- 60 year old people are from a completely different generation and they have different point of views than us younger people. It's hard convincing them different because they grew up with that mentality that gays are wrong and girls are fault.
      I'm not justifying it but just stating the realistic truth.

  • Shay Baby
    Shay Baby 4 days ago

    Why did her voice sound strained?

  • Lily&Lucie xo
    Lily&Lucie xo 4 days ago

    she’s perfection

  • Nina Wood
    Nina Wood 4 days ago

    I saw he in concert in 2016

  • Stan BTS to gain braincells

    she has tattoos?? i didn't know bout that 😅😂

  • Melissa Copeland
    Melissa Copeland 5 days ago

    she is absolutely angelic. having the harp in the background of almost every song was amazing and her voice is perfect 🥰🥰🥰🥰😻😻

  • Tanisha Suman
    Tanisha Suman 5 days ago +1

    She is such an inspiration and a great singer I love her voice so dang much😄😂😍😘

  • Khai Kuma
    Khai Kuma 5 days ago

    Love the ending 👆💕

  • Jazmine Davidson
    Jazmine Davidson 5 days ago

    I saw this on my tv but my grandma asked what are you watching and she turned it off :(

  • ashly
    ashly 5 days ago

    the dancers went tf off

  • Blink Velvet
    Blink Velvet 6 days ago +1

    I remember finding out about melanie through some nightcore of dollhouse back in 2015. I thought she was the best musical artist in the world, I wanted to be just like her and now that K-12 is released, i'm so proud of her. She's a wonderful inspiration. Love you Mel!

  • namjesus loves us
    namjesus loves us 6 days ago

    Y'all mel out here hitting the woah better than I ever could lol

  • Idk what to put here

    "Cause its how I look and not what I think"

  • Smurkle God
    Smurkle God 6 days ago

    I just wish everybody knew about the storyline of crybaby before watching k-12 because some ppl don’t know that all her music videos from the crybaby era are connected 🤔

  • Mason Nganyiep
    Mason Nganyiep 6 days ago

    My sister was like " the boys like girls with a small waist well sorry I got a thicker which makes me not a strawberry shortcake but a strawberry THICKcake

  • Emily Nicole
    Emily Nicole 6 days ago

    She should really perform * Class Fight*

  • Soufou Boultif
    Soufou Boultif 6 days ago

    I love her confidence the most

  • Liah Gizycki
    Liah Gizycki 6 days ago

    A voice like an angel ❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇

  • Gacha Ari
    Gacha Ari 6 days ago

    She has a spinel tattoo 00:59

  • Phillip
    Phillip 6 days ago

    Damn girl what else gon come out that dress? Got any chicken nuggets in there?

  • ffoxymaster
    ffoxymaster 6 days ago

    “No one taught them not to grab” ... 😔😔

  • CokeTitty
    CokeTitty 7 days ago

    3:14 is so faking cuteeee

  • Zaddie NOTVEVO
    Zaddie NOTVEVO 7 days ago

    Her setlist is literally just the album in order like the Cry Baby your but I think she should at least add some songs from Cry Baby in there 😢

  • U n n a t u r a l
    U n n a t u r a l 7 days ago

    Take that Timothy heller

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 7 days ago

    Melanie’s created K-12 and the people who burned her merch are now calling themselves her fans. I’m confused. Melanie’s so good at singing they must have forgotten she doesn’t use auto tune. Like if u agree.

  • TheFoxyFNAF Lps
    TheFoxyFNAF Lps 7 days ago

    Minute 3:31 WTF, I Love Melanie Martinez... She is realy Happy😆.
    I'm from polish, mój angielski jest słaby😂 (WIEM)

  • Hey Mama
    Hey Mama 8 days ago

    When people came out from the big skirt thing I was like


  • lauren bean
    lauren bean 8 days ago +112

    “not looking like a barbie”
    **looks like a barbie cake**
    “skirt’s too short”
    **wears a skirt taller than a person standing on somebody’s shoulders**

  • watermelonlyn mark lee
    watermelonlyn mark lee 8 days ago +1

    Imagine urself dancing with baby clothes hahaha