Italy detains 3 in seizure of MISSILES & load of weapons

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • Italian police have found an arsenal of weapons, including an air-to-air missile, 20 guns and neo-Nazi material, in a series of raids on far right groups in several cities in northern Italy on Monday.
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Comments • 999

    KEN SOLCH 3 months ago

    now, on THIS and any other stories in the future, I wonder, was this just a plant for other purposes or the real thing ? From now on there is very little news or info I can ever take at face value again knowing all I have learned from GEORGE Webb and his investigator friend ... NOTHING will ever be the same again

  • Cyborg Ninja
    Cyborg Ninja 4 months ago

    And still won't call em terrorists..

  • Night
    Night 4 months ago +1

    Super 530F is an air-to-air missile, did they have a jet to launch it with too? Fake news.

  • Zakaria ABDELKAFI
    Zakaria ABDELKAFI 4 months ago

    Produced by : Qatar Mossad Cia

  • onions
    onions 4 months ago

    The jews did this

  • SUB3ERO !!
    SUB3ERO !! 4 months ago

    Someone didn’t pay there tax for the missile...

  • Fargo_1946
    Fargo_1946 5 months ago

    Now it's time to Blame Russia 😒

  • victor v
    victor v 5 months ago

    The missile had no explosions so would be useless if fired in that state, that's why they were trying to sell it online and got caught. You can read about this.

  • skallklyve fafnesbane
    skallklyve fafnesbane 5 months ago +1

    Aw come on , who hasn't been stuck in customs with a missile at some point in their life eh ?

  • M. H.
    M. H. 5 months ago

    Its Qatari, Qatar once made mid-east ISIS and now it will back Europe Neo-nazis... Btw, Qatar is completely controlled by Israel...

  • Icy Football
    Icy Football 5 months ago +1

    But... But.... Antifa is throwing milkshakes.

  • jon henry
    jon henry 5 months ago

    WOW! Just like in the movie sum of all fears, don’t think if these fascist Nazi taliban nutcase fucks who knows no bounds could get their hands on a nuclear weapon and set it off, they wouldnt, who has a nastier track record at targeting & murdering their own along lines of differences, than radical nutcase muslims, who are just as crazy and dangerous as they are, maybe even more, ala akbar I mean hallelujah, its just that theirs more of a checks and balance democratic system in place of development, in putting them in their place, why they cant strut around all over the place in easily carrying genocides, like before. Hiel Hitler!

  • Bojan Blagojevic
    Bojan Blagojevic 5 months ago

    Just look at the size of that motherfu*ker... o.O

  • Samarth Patel
    Samarth Patel 5 months ago +1

    French sell this missile to katar
    And katar sell this missile to terrorist

  • Michael EL M
    Michael EL M 5 months ago

    They should've let them go to Jewish occupied israel, it's were they wanted to go, right.

  • Don’t Reply
    Don’t Reply 5 months ago +4

    Why did they avoid the clips where the missile said QATAR ARMED FORCES

  • Algerian Pilot
    Algerian Pilot 5 months ago

    TheXvid algorithm: *Nazi Missiles*

  • Michael1313 michael
    Michael1313 michael 5 months ago

    Who had these things?should be a little more detailed in what is going on here.

  • GManGT
    GManGT 5 months ago

    It was a surplus buy from left over 4th of July fireworks

  • Blue Falcon
    Blue Falcon 5 months ago


  • capespring
    capespring 5 months ago

    shouldn't the missile be handled by the military?

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S 5 months ago

    Why are the police there dressed like they are ready to rob someone's home

  • Righteous Shrugger
    Righteous Shrugger 5 months ago

    Mossad always have the best nazi memorabilia.

  • Alperen Atalay
    Alperen Atalay 5 months ago

    Thats V2 missel are myn and the other stuff also from myn reigh . Gived back 🤬


    You expect me to believe that white supremacist with old ass nazi memorabilia was able to get 6th generation missiles into italy????ha!for what that is a brand new type 6 missile in a factory container!!!the government's must be getting real desperate for reasons to disarm citizens uh,!!!I wonder why!!BUT YALL KNOW WHY DON'T YOU???!!AND IN A FEW MONTHS THE WHOLE FUKIN WORLD WILL TOO,BUT THEY'LL ALL BE IN THEIR SAFE LITTLE BUNKERS TO RIDE IT OUT WHILE WE'RE LEFT TO DIE .#!!ISN'T THAT RIGHT RT????

  • lordbiffington
    lordbiffington 5 months ago +1

    "trace elements of boys' foreskins recovered from missile exterior"

    Sloppy job, Mossad but keep trying.

  • Nico Montinola
    Nico Montinola 5 months ago

    Italian military corruption

  • Piru600 0
    Piru600 0 5 months ago

    Soooo will they be labeled terrorist or just a violent group? We all know what they would of been called if they were Muslim

  • ends all
    ends all 5 months ago

    Also arrest the people who sold them this weapons.

  • SlCKB0Y
    SlCKB0Y 5 months ago

    so they had an Air to Air missile ... ok, did they also had the fighter jet to launch it ? cause that's quite required for an AIR to air missile...

  • start end
    start end 5 months ago

    Nazis 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marissa Bodci
    Marissa Bodci 5 months ago +1

    This is what a false flag from the Mossad looks like.

  • Let Go
    Let Go 5 months ago


  • Swapan Zameen
    Swapan Zameen 5 months ago

    And they won't be called as terrorists.
    You know why.

  • Art of war and peace
    Art of war and peace 5 months ago

    Hmmm, I wonder if Washington knows the man whom sold missiles. No doubt a double cross.

  • Luke Henry
    Luke Henry 5 months ago

    planted weapons...obviously staged to vilify the nationalist movement in italy...which it will fail to do! italians will be one of the leaders in the saving of europe!

  • Always Watching.
    Always Watching. 5 months ago

    CIA weapons for isreal

  • Always Watching.
    Always Watching. 5 months ago

    Wtf? Lol

  • NewVideoTech3000
    NewVideoTech3000 5 months ago

    They are not terrorists they are weapons collectors (Sarcasm)

  • Shane Vanderlinde
    Shane Vanderlinde 5 months ago

    What's up with the masks ?

  • Ernest Barcella
    Ernest Barcella 5 months ago

    FALSE FLAG to cut down on rigjt wingers

  • uniformoctober
    uniformoctober 5 months ago

    but it was an air to air missile... they must have a jet fighter hidden under the basement :o

  • Muhammad medina
    Muhammad medina 5 months ago

    Please!!! Noooo not Italy..🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Mark Sofiev
    Mark Sofiev 5 months ago

    Wat r o shiting me

  • Josh Rick
    Josh Rick 5 months ago

    I have a hard time believing neo-nazis got a missle there Italy, I think all that pasta went to your brain.

  • rikardo593
    rikardo593 5 months ago

    Nice fireworks

  • Justa Ghost
    Justa Ghost 5 months ago

    Now that is something you don't see everyday

  • James Quail
    James Quail 5 months ago

    Now the far right us missiles 😂

  • Evo garage 4g63
    Evo garage 4g63 5 months ago

    That lot would put John wick to shame

  • luka bogdanovic
    luka bogdanovic 5 months ago

    Nazi symbols da faq ?!

  • Regis
    Regis 5 months ago

    Planning the next national socialist revolution I see

  • African Electron
    African Electron 5 months ago

    Those cops have absolutely no idea what they are doing unpacking those rockets.

  • Shinobu Kocho
    Shinobu Kocho 5 months ago


  • William Pilston
    William Pilston 5 months ago

    Dam that was all such beautiful stuff. We know who deserves to get sent back to the ghetto

  • Nplos Le
    Nplos Le 5 months ago

    Muslims ?

  • Fillan Taufan
    Fillan Taufan 5 months ago

    Funny how Europe ban memes instead a killing machine

  • Dowlphwin
    Dowlphwin 5 months ago +1

    LOL, I saw, thought cynically: "Probably intended for the Ukraine." and then read the article, and indeed, they fought there. Nazos stick together.

  • no name Dyrseth
    no name Dyrseth 5 months ago

    Someone killed Mikhail Tolstykh with RPO-A Shmel rocket luncher

    I Wonder who was about to Get a Matra Super 530F air-to-air missile on their head?

  • Äußerst Rot
    Äußerst Rot 5 months ago

    * IT'S A SET UP*

  • PsycheCell88
    PsycheCell88 5 months ago +1

    Ahhh my nationalist brothers (: